We normally don’t report in eSports roster changes, but today is set to be a big day for Call of Duty eSports changes. The first two big teams have made their announcements. Clayster has left Team Kailber to join OpTic Gaming; their current roster is NadeShot, Ricky, and Clayster, and their fourth will be announced soon.

Scumpii has left OpTic Gaming and has joined EnVyUs. Rambo nV will now be the Coach of EnVyUs.

Seth “Scumpii” Abner started his professional  career in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2  and has since been a top performing professional player during Call of Duty eSports seasons  with teams such as Quantic Leverage, and OpTic Gaming; quickly cementing his reputation as one of the most talented players in the history of Call of Duty eSports.  Before joining OpTic Gaming, Abner had a short stint with Team Envy during the 2010-2011 season.  As he makes his return to Envy, Abner brings his talent and experience to fill the position of veteran professional Raymond “Rambo” Lussier while Lussier transitions into a coaching/management role for Envy during the 2014 Call of Duty eSports Season.

UPDATE: Parasite has joined OpTic.

  • It’s so wierd seeing these teams change like this. First Merk, then Big T and now Scump. Wierd stuff man

    • Mitch

      Scump left OpTic because of Nade:
      ”I was on OpTic for two years and id still be there if it wasnt for Nade”. He just posted that on twitter.
      EDIT: Looks like OpTic was planning for a 2nd team, H3cz tweeted this in response: ”And you’d still be here if I had said yes to your second team. Good luck Scump”.
      Honestly, it looks like Scump and Nade it one team just didn’t work and never will.

      • Josh

        Scumpii is all about winning – this wasn’t a shock. As much as everyone loves Nade he isn’t that good, Scumpii should have stayed,

        • Mitch

          It actually looks like Scumpii was dropped for a very, very good reason: he hasn’t performed, and hasn’t practiced enough. If you are on a top team like OpTic, you just can’t afford that.

          • TheDispersity

            Scump wasn’t dropped. He left because he couldn’t stand being around nadeshot and the team house wasn’t working for him.

          • Joey

            UR stupid scump wasnt dropped he left because of nade and he is one of the best CoD players to everr play the game

          • Tyler

            He is not good on ghosts though.. The last two tournaments he is consistently at the bottom of the scoreboard.

          • Sean Mitchell

            ‘top team’

          • xiSpeedy

            Top team. Haaaahaaaa

          • UsuK

            Nadeshot was the worst objective player on Optic and merk had left due to nadeshot. Nadeshot is the main money source and he will never get dropped from optic due to how much money he makes off youtube

          • XFathomX

            I think you need to watch some more of Nades Livestreams dude. hell, watch the actual tourneys on MIG. Nadeshot is consistantly 2nd place on Optic so how can you say he was worst at objective. Thats his job in Optic. Hes not the slayer like scumpy was. Scump was consistantly at the bottom of the leaderboard and he blames Nade for losing. Give me a brake. Scump is cool and all but he acts like a child when things dont go his way. Clayster, Ricky, Nade and Parasite won their first 4v4 S&D tourney without ever pracicing together, they had no call outs and no strats implemented and pulled a win. Its the most vocal and organized Optic roster since MW3 and as soon as they get enough practice in together, they are gonna be a team you dont wanna face

          • CGkillZ

            Scump was the best on the team. Nade was shit compared to him and complained and apologized to his fans. He became to bitchy. People have lives he didnt need to practice alll day instead of visiting family. I cant wait till nV goes against Optic and wins.

    • Guest

      big t aint going no ware hes the couch for optic now

      • Biggus Dickus

        “no ware”??? Dude, go to school and learn how to spell.

        • PsychOutGaming

          he also said”couch”

      • K.E.M

        “no ware”. “couch”
        I’m ashamed of your english teacher

    • Oxygen_Sunny

      If Nadeshot leaves For envy , Optic is officially done .

  • Mitch

    I’m wondering who is going to be OpTic’s 4th…

    • Vonderhaar 😀

      • No1

        Haha Optic Vahn

      • K.E.M

        Watch on BO3 when vonderhaar dies.
        “MOD! GOD MODE! BAN!”

  • Poplur33

    E sports isn’t cod news stop that shit

    • Andriziih

      errm.. yes it is

      • Poplur33

        No u nerd this comp cod for nerds needs it’s own website

        • Andriziih

          Comp is inifite times better than open lobby. OL sucks

        • exeterman2

          Surely if it is a cod competition as you say then it is, in fact, cod news. Check and Mate.

  • BotMw

    This just made both squads all the more better. Things are looking a bit spicy now.

    • Mitch

      Well, we still have to wait who’s going to be OpTic’s 4th.

      • BotMw

        There we have it, OpTic Parasite. This squad’s looking really strong.

  • Josh

    Merk left with jcapp joining…oh where is he he’s left too!Big T retires, Scumpii leaves what next? Honestly, they have really gone down hill this past year.

  • CoDforever

    After the past few tweets from numerous pros, does anyone esle thinks it seems as Nadeshot is a “bad guy” ?

  • CoDforever

    I find it funny that they release every player on optic except Nadeshot, optics worst player. #ThatYoutubeSubscriberCount #IknowthisIsntTwitterbutIdgaf

    • James K

      They know that Nadeshot is the face of Optic. He’s almost untouchable.

    • XFAthomX

      considering Nade is consistantly 1st or 2nd on the scoreboard at the end of matches and in tourneys I would safely bet that Nade is not the problem. Scump couldnt take a single ounce of blame for being the problem when everything he said he had equal say in. He acts like a child when things dont go his way

  • thinh

    Clayster joining Optic gaming? I doubt that will make a difference. I rather have him at tK than Optic. But then again I could be wrong, will just have to see…

  • thinh

    Let me guess the only reason why Nade never gets dropped because he brings in the fame and money for Optic. Man they don’t even have a sniper team anymore…

    • Tep Kok

      Good riddance

    • xiSpeedy

      They do have a sniper team dude.

      • thinh

        No dude, they’ve all been dropped.

    • bsktballmsu1

      excactly right. im always saying that on nades yt vids but those kids don’t understand

  • exeterman2

    Anyone else feel as though all pro teams aren’t as good as they used to be? I feel like I play against people just as skilled with as good teamwork in clan v clan private matches…

    • Sharpie

      Correct, I doubt a lot of top teams would even come top ten on league play but they got the ‘name’ to get in these tourneys. It’s more of a sponsored team event than skill

  • LiquidCourage311

    It’s hilarious that people actually care about this! What’s next Fantasy MLG Leagues!!! Hahahahahaha!

    • Yeah because playing Team Deathmatch by yourself all day is really fun.

    • MSTAR020

      That would be cool imo, no sarcasm.

    • AMachin5

      What’s even funnier is that jerseys of these pro gamers are made.We are now in an age when video games are considered a professional sport.

    • K.E.M

      Actually sounds kinda cool.

  • Tep Kok

    Now all Optic have to do is dump Nadeshit and they have a halfway-decent team

    • K.E.M

      Trade him for rambo.

  • Mitch

    OpTic has picked up Parasite!

  • No sarcasm when I say this. I honestly didn’t see Parasite going to OpTic. Cool stuff though.

    • Mitch

      I’m shaking my head now. Like 1 day ago, Parasite made a tweet to H3cz, apologizing for the stupid shit he has said to him in the past, and made clear he would never join OpTic. Now, he’s at OpTic. LMAO.

      • CoDforever

        Optic is irrelevent in the pro scene. They dont care about winning, they have no motivation to win. I mean who would tho, when you subscribers in the 6 digits on youtube making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just doing yt ?

        • Mitch

          That’s true, but with picking up Clayster and Parasite, they have added 2 really good players.

        • MSTAR020

          Now Clayster and Parasite aren’t gonna be looking at their YT channels raking in the cash, they want to win. You could see both of their teams placed well and Nade, i believe him, wants to win very badly. I think this new roster is very good.

  • longliveCOD

    I’m just wondering how come nobody wants pubstomperz on their team. With the right coaching, that Guy might be the best Cod player I’ve ever seen, pubs or not.

    • Derek

      You aint lyin, that guy has the best map awareness i have ever seen. I love watching him on Twitch, Beast Mode!

  • Scotty Le

    People seem to blame on Nade back and forth, but i don’t think that all the blame can be laid on Nade. If BigT has Nade in a shit-list, he wouldn’t hang with him for 4 solid years.
    Still feel bad because of the retirement from BigT, i started to follow Optic because of him.

  • Chris

    Can’t imagine Scump playing for anyone other than OpTiC… He does deserve to win though so I think it was right decision for him considering how terrible OpTiC has been this season in comparison to BO2 and previous CoDs. Good luck Scump!

  • Chris

    One other thing thats going to stop people on OpTiC is the fact that not only are they pro players but they are now Youtubers as well, it seems impossible to deliver a satisfactory performance on both fronts. You can’t spend all day vlog-ing & fucking around editing while still focusing on practicing… Its one or the other & they would rather take the consistent YT money instead ( can’t blame them for that ) of having to compete for a 1st place prize which in most cases isn’t much when you divvy it up amongst 4 players & a coach. + travel expenses & money to keep the OpTic house up & running. Anyway, the point is you can’t do both… Either be Youtuber or Pro Player, choose one!

  • ccrows

    We’ll see going forward if Scump actually practices now, or if he’s gonna still act like AI.

    “We’re talking about practice man”…

  • lumps-of-a-god

    R.I.P Optic gaming
    the old Nade
    and the sniper team

    • K.E.M

      H3cz did say,he’ll re-make the sniper team.

  • K.E.M

    Nade will never be dropped,why? his sponsors.
    Envy has.merk,rambo,scump. they need big T to have OpTic’s old comp team.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Anyone remember the old OpTic team with OpTic Rambo, OpTic BigTymer, Mr OpTic MerK and OpTic NaDeSHoT? Those were the days.

  • SkillRex

    I dont care why, but OpTiC Scumpii should have done everything to stay in OpTiC…. He’s the reason OpTiC won a lot of the MLG contests last year. In all honesty, scump was the best rusher on the team, and not just OpTiC

    • CGkillZ

      But why stay on a team that sucks? They’re two members left and picked up some shitty ones. So he needed to be on a good team.

      • SkillRex

        True, scump was really the only person on OpTic that was actually good

        • CGkillZ

          I’m watching them scrim and they seem good against tk

  • Kano

    Who is Team Kaliber gonna pick up?

  • Oxygen_Sunny

    Its Funny how OpTic Nadeshot has More subscribers than the OpTic Gaming channel

  • QuantumZ

    Are you serious? Parasite joins Optic? I’m done.

  • QuantumZ

    Of course they let go Scumpii even though he has much more gun skill than Nadeshit

  • OPisME

    signe up at http://www.ihatemucus.com to talk anout the nutsack controversy

  • chris

    optic team should be clayster , jkap, nadeshot, ricky

  • Kkghhssc

    No the reason NaDe never gets dropped is because he is never the problem. Somebody has a problem with him, and it’s not his fault. If they are supposed to be practicing and he gets on somebody for not doing it it’s not his fault.

  • oStaZa

    old optic cx

  • xDrWB SnipezZx

    The only reason they keep Nadeshot is because he brings all the viewers to OpTic. He brings all the fame.

  • FaZe Ghastly

    not trying to hate but scump should join faze because the reason scump left was nade and i got kicked out so nade could join