Activision has just announced the Call of Duty Championship 2014. The event will take place on March 28th through March 30th, and will be played on the Xbox One console.

Gamers prepare for the ultimate Call of Duty® competition where victory is determined in the blink of an eye. From Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq:ATVI), Infinity Ward and Xbox, in partnership with Major League Gaming (MLG) and other international eSports partners, the second annual Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox tournament will play host to 32 of the best Call of Duty teams from around the world as they compete for rights to the Call of Duty “World Champions” title and lion’s share of the tournament’s $1 million prize purse this March 28 — 30, in Los Angeles.

“Last year’s championship came down to the final minute of the final match with everyone holding their breath to see who would win. The skill, passion and energy brought by these teams and the crowd looking-on showed just what makes our community the best in the world,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “Call of Duty is more than a video game. It’s a pastime shared by millions. It’s exciting to play and fun to watch, and we can’t wait to see what this year’s event has in store.”

This year’s tournament will also serve as the first official competitive Call of Duty event played on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, where prize money will be awarded. Programming covering the weekend’s non-stop excitement and hard fought matches will be live streamed on the Xbox Live online entertainment network and for the world to experience.

Activision has also revealed new information how the qualifiers, which will be handled with MLG. All the qualifiers will be streamed on Qualifiers will be played on the Xbox 360; and the regional finals will be on the Xbox One.

Qualifying for the Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox will be handled through online tournaments played on the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and broadcasted on, with select live regional finals taking place late February through early March in Australia, the United Kingdom and the U.S. The live regional finals will be played on Xbox One and will also be broadcasted live on and other broadcast partners.

The event will take place in Los Angeles, CA from March 28th-30th. The entire event will be streamed on and on Xbox Live entertainment network. Activision will be revealing more information as we get closer to the event, so stay tuned.

Visit for more information on the event, and visit MLG’s website for qualifiers sign up information.

  • Hoss

    Scuf better hurry up or those players are gonna be pissed

    • Tyrone

      Now THAT is something worth reading about! 😀

  • Grant

    Hmm, Xbox one, I wonder how the pro’s will react to this.

  • Theo91

    Can you play LAN on Xbox One?

    • Shardlotte

      Of course you can. Why couldn’t you?

      • Theo91

        In the esports update article it said this:
        Investigating the addition of Xbox One LAN support.

        • exeterman2

          Then you should probably assume that it isn’t available…

        • Mitch Barnett

          It is supported on Xbox one just not on COD: ghost Xbox One edition that’s why its the game that needs to be patched

          • Theo91

            Thank you 🙂

      • Keshav Bhat

        LAN isn’t available on Xbox One version of Ghosts yet.

  • Duffnez


  • gumbie7

    So tired of the Microsoft money train running the show. I would love to see an additional tournament for Playstation. Would not be difficult to have a separate bracket for PS players.

    • ThatGuyWhoKnowsNothingButCoD

      Money isn’t the reason the past tourneys were played on XBOX 360,let’s look at Black ops 2.On PS3,the game was very glitchy,things like the headset screeching,textures not loading ect. held the playstation comp community back.Immagine sound whoring the bomb,and out of nowhere this loud screech turns you deaf,you can’t hear actually in game sound,then the bomb gets defuse because you can’t hear,then there goes he 300,000$ prize.I know this didn’t happen alot,but when theres money on the line,you don’t want to risk anything.

      If the framerate issues were fixed(not sure,I don’t follow PS patches)then I could see MLG on PS4 in the future.

      I will say that CoD Champs will never be on PS,seeing as how MS is a huge sponsor for that.

      • HenryDF

        It really is money. Microsoft have an exclusivity deal with Activision – that basically means they’ve paid ATVI a huge sum to run Xbox as their primary console at events (such as the Ghosts launch and champs) and to do all of the DLC stuff.

        Picking out on a small issue really isn’t great reasoning – we might as well say that they should do Ghosts on Xbox after the eSports glitches.

        • Tobias

          So by that logic, the fact that Microsoft has made a great move by getting a deal with IW and 3arch, they are somehow bad people? Let’s be honest. Both Sony and Microsoft make consoles for the money. So by making a deal which will obviously boost their sales, isn’t Microsoft just being smart? I’m sorry if Sony didn’t do this, but you cannot say that Microsoft is doing something wrong because they made a great move. They’re not throwing money at IW/3arch. It is all business!

          • Keshav Bhat

            Well, they aren’t throwing money at IW/3arch. They are throwing it at Activision.

          • thinh

            I totally agree. This whole business/contract deal between Microsoft and Activision/3arch/IW is a way for Microsoft to advertise and promote it’s xbox products to the market and its young audience, especially with the 1 month exclusive DLC release. However, by doing this, it comes at a huge cost for Microsoft as they sacrificing a shit load of money to the COD publishers just to keep these exclusives deals alive. Unlike Sony, who don’t even focus their marketing to the COD audience.

      • gumbie7

        You could point out plenty of flaws with the XB, but when it comes down to it it is about money just like HenryDF says…sorry, but you are wrong on this one. If they gave PS a chance you could have a PS champ and and XB champ, just sayin’.

      • exeterman2

        It is about money, cod is no better (and never has been better) on xbox, and I experience no frame rate issues on PS4.

        • ThatGuyWhoKnowsNothingButCoD

          Yes but there are issues,even if you don’t notice them.I have only noticed framerate issues once or twice on the PS4,but in a competition,lets say it’s round 11 search and destroy,1v1 situation,you spot the last guy,you start shooting,then BAM,framerate lag,he turns on you and you’re sent to the losers bracket.I know that it barely happens,but it happens.

          And I’m sorry,but you must be deaf and blind to think that the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions were equal.

          • U actually dont know

            Your wrong tho i play competitive on xbox i moved to xbox because ps3 doesnt get the backing by the actual game makers. The frame lag pr wotever your talking bout doesnt happen at lan because its not online so they could use ps3 or ps4 in theory for big money tournements its no problem they just dont because xbox brought the deal with activision. End of play xbox if you want tourneys and big money comps or play ps for fun.

      • Mitch

        Problem is, MLG are absolute money whores. Have you ever seen the streams on their site? They absolutely spam the shit out of it with ads. MS throws millions of money at Activision every year, and MS and Activision do the same with MLG.

      • Keshav Bhat

        Sorry, but some of this is incorrect. The reason why it’s Xbox is because Microsoft is willing to provide all the consoles for the event; majority of the big eSports players only play Xbox; Activision and Microsoft’s DLC deal/agreement covers a lot more than most of you even know.

        And, Activision decides that Xbox is the partner, not MLG. Championship is operated by Activision solely.

        • ThatGuyWhoKnowsNothingButCoD

          I was talking competitive CoD in general,not just CoD champs.

  • Mitch

    Qualifiers on 360, finals on XONE? Like, dafuq?

    • Mitch Barnett

      Makes sense as some people wont be able to afford XONE’s.

  • lumps-of-a-god

    evidence has been found

  • Brian

    Bullshit this is a “World Championship.” This is an “XBOX ONE” championship. They talked about making this game cross platform, why are they cutting out PC gamers? Afraid that bad things could happen? Like someone using a controller and losing? This is bullshit. PC gamers, after forking over money for this broken game, getting bullshit half-assed “patches”, now are being told that this $1 million prize is only for XBox? Fuck yourself Activision! You can’t seem to unscrew this game but you can give away a million dollars?


    There really should be more tournaments for PS3 or Microsoft should just try to implement cross-platform gaming into Call of Duty

  • Edwin Cortez

    Everytime we end up going back to the Same BS of PS and Xbox. It doesn’t matter what we say, they have deals if Sony were interested on this they would put the money to it but they just don’t do it. And also most of the pro players play on xbox why would you want to change it? And finally it’s COD, between xbox and PS the controls are basically similar you can grab a controller and get used to it quickly.

  • Condemnt

    Lets be real here. If they actually did a championship for ps players no one would go, theres no optic or complexity on ps4? The tournaments would be boring because the amount of fans would be less. And last time i heard sony was a multi billion dollar company just like microsoft, if they were smart they would of bought into activision. Now what microsoft did was realize that cod is the best selling games every year for consoles. So they bought into it. Its not microsoft throwing money at activision its pure business. Activision makes 1billion plus every year on sales and dlc they arnt thriving for money. You people are so caught up with your precious ps4’s that you think you guys are gonna get the same treatment that xbox did in the last gen.. Man you guys got another thing coming.

  • tbird

    can I get tickets to go?

  • John

    Xbox sucks i guess when the richest man in the world wants something he gets it. plus any idiot that is required to pay for online content they get coddled, why dont they have a Playstation bracket all it would take is one dedicated server for the competition but that might have real players in the tournament, which might make x box worshipers mad with how much they have put into microsoft coffers.