Beachhead Studio has confirmed that they will be implementing a roster lock to Clan Wars. The roster lock is there so that during a clan war, adding more members won’t give your clan an unfair advantage.

Beachhead has heard the community concerns and is going to put a roster lock in for the next clan war.

This means that the roster you have the day before a clan war starts will be the roster that is capable of scoring wins for your team; people who join mid-match will still be able to join and play, but their wins will not count towards progress in the war.

Beachhead Studio has not announced the date of the next Clan War; we’ll keep you posted once they do.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    That’s fair, hoping they’re adding this for the next clan war then (whenever that is, I kinda like them XP bonuses).

  • Joeldagod

    make it who ever wins the most clan vs clan battles

    • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

      Good idea thats actually fair when the eSports rules come out

    • Chris Mason

      You mean no pub stomping randoms with a full 6 man party of 8-10th prestige players who use communication and strategy?

      I can hear the sound of thunderous anger already.

      • Joeldagod

        hey it called clan wars you should be always fighting other clans not solo players

        • Chris Mason

          Its not called clan vs. clan wars, however. The objective is to build up wins in game modes to capture nodes. Wins. Period.

          Besides, if it was clan vs. clan only, can you just imagine what beachhead will have to do to stop people from dash boarding when they are losing?

          • Joeldagod

            make them lose two wins when they quit a match and besides if they quit then you just got a win, its Clan wars you should be fighting other clans it is not fair that a clan can just attack solo players

          • Chris Mason

            Two wins? Are you even in a clan? If a 6 man party wins they earn 6 points towards capturing a node. If it takes 80 wins to capture a node, one 6 man party will need 14 total games won to get it. If they dashboard or exit when they are losing it should deduct 6 wins from their total.

            Besides, solo players aren’t helpless. I have been on both sides of a group of randoms beating a 6 man party.

          • Joeldagod

            I’m in 4px, a 4 time platinum division clan wars champion clan, and why should you lose 6 wins when sometimes the party leader forces you to leave also they might have something to do so a loss of 2 wins would be better

          • Chris Mason

            Better for who? The rage quitting clan that’s getting stomped or the 6 other guys doing the stomping? I am more focused on punishing poor sportsmanship than being fair to quitters.

            Say, for example, your six man clan is facing off against another six man clan in KC. You guys are doing well. Score is at 62-50. All the sudden. Host migration. Can’t connect to a new host so it drops you back off at the MP main menu. The match doesn’t count as a win for you or a loss for them. Would you be satisfied with them just losing 2 wins and you not getting anything for your time?

            BO2 punished quitters. That’s about the only thing I personally liked about it.

  • augkash

    Should add if clans leave before a match is up they should get penalties.

    • Chris Mason

      I cannot agree with this anymore. Seriously, I tried to give more than one up vote.

    • exeterman2

      Why? You don’t get penalised for losing games. Of you’re having a bad game and losing badly then you are only speeding up the process.

      • Chris Mason

        He’s talking about clans that dashboard when they are losing. Which typically means the game is over if one of then is host. Which robs the win from another clan. Its bad sportsmanship.

    • Jackie Jormpjomp

      Absolutely. That is incredibly unfair. It’s bad enough when I play solo and end up in a lobby where clans are making “deals” to boost each other which is obviously hard to police, but bailing out just to kill the other team’s win is something easy to fix.

  • dioxity

    Why would something like this be not in place anyway? It’s constantly two steps back one step forward with anything CoD related these day’s, I’m sick of it and this crap, badly thought out, badly executed and badly made app.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Treyarch = 1 Step Forward
      Infinity Ward = 2 Steps Back

    • Chris Mason

      To be fair towards IW, this is an exploit. They didn’t for see it being an issue until players started abusing the system. I was recruited to a clan mid-clan war and have seen them through 3 wins in platinum division. However, I’m sure the invite and kick clans exist. Its people trying to take advantage of a loop hole and ruining it for others.

      Business as usual for many people, unfortunately.

      • dioxity

        I left my Clan for another Clan and realized exactly this – once Clans have all the Unlocks, everyone other than their mates are gonna get kicked. I disagree on the point you made about IW not foreseeing it, although Elite was bad in many ways, only players who were a member of the Clan at time of enlistment could contribute to the Operation/Challenge. Same principal with “roster locking”. I sometimes think they make things deliberately worse so it looks as though the Devs are seen to be “fixing” things..

        • Chris Mason

          Because making a horrible game is exactly what they want to do? They don’t get paid for fixing it.

          Now if you’d said that the short development cycle mixed with making the game for multi-gen platforms might’ve resulted in some sporadic QC issues, I’d be agreeing with you. But nobody, even Activision, wants to sign off on a broken mess intentionally.

  • Savagewolf13

    Good idea. My clan merged with another clan, curtain call ran by Nick1370, and we helped him win. He then kicked my clan out one minute before the clan war was over. We did not receive our rewards and we capped the most. SMH

    • Markdg23

      That is probably one of the most dirtbag/ scumbag things I’ve ever heard. I run a platinum clan and I did recruit during clan ops and all players recruited remain on roster unless they decide to leave, we also merged a smaller clan of 4 members which are regarded as fellow clan members now… Unfortunately, you ran into a clan with zero integrity.

  • Guest

    MW3’s clan operations were so much better..
    Skill was needed for that, this clan wars shit is just a ‘play as much as you can in 1 week’ case

    (Sorry if my English is bad)

    • golfnugget

      Why were they better? I found that cheating was more rampant in those clan ops because for example if the clan op was to collect tags in KC, you could just tac insert and let a clan mate keep killing you over and over and collect your tag.

    • Minidrago24

      It was also at a disadvantage as a lot of the clan ops times were set for the US and screwed the UK over

      • Guest

        They could make it continental right? My whole clan (including myself) are from The Netherlands and most of us didn’t really mind playing them only the ones that started at midnight were a problem sometimes though..

  • Bornitalian Iz Live

    Thats fuckin stupid

    • exeterman2

      How exactly?

  • Bornitalian Iz Live

    All people are going to do now is recruit like crazy and it will still be a unfair advantage

    • golfnugget

      why would it be an unfair advantage? The clan wars matches are based on the size of your clan – if you recruit like crazy, you will be placed in matches with similar sized clans?

  • Turd

    I would like them to also take into account time played by the players on the roster. Last war we ran into a team with 10+ members with 200+ hours each logged. My clan ave is probably around 40-60 hours per player. They ruined it for a the other clans by playing non stop all day. It was pointless to try and play with even 6 guys when they had 6+ playing at all times. I’m not saying they play too much just that it was really unfair for the other 7 clans. Seems like something that should be taken into account in a 4 day long war. I liked the old clan ops better. Those of us who can’t play hours on end day in and day out could still make time for a 4 hour tournament and have a fair chance.

  • Louis

    How about you implement a way to see is a clan is boosting. Last clan wars we had a clan with 0 wins and less players in their clan and we were at 24 out of 50 wins with about 12 players online trying to cap that node. Then ALL the sudden that 0 clan blows right passed us in a matter of a game or 2 in legit playing. Apparently you can have members in your clan stack a lobby full and have the other team quit as soon as the game starts causing a forfeit, giving that clan free 6 wins in a matter of seconds.

  • chris

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  • KingChaosX

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  • God TH

    So if a new member joins in the middle of a clan war, do they still get the achievement rewarded at the end if the clan war?

  • Mike Sandoval

    So if I join a clan mid clan war will I still get the rewards?


    Will I get rewards if I left mid clan and joined back ?


    Mid clan wars