UPDATE: Beachhead has revealed new information on some of the achievements that are part of this new clan war.

This Clan War begins on Wednesday, January 15th at 12PM PST/8PM GMT lasting through Monday, January 20th at 12PM PST/8PM GMT.

Clans looking to add to their collection of location-exclusive in-game patches can look forward to:


Welcome to the Jungle, unlocked via the Jungle Fever Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Rio de Janeiro Clan War.

Of course there’s still always the opportunity for Clans to work on some of our other challenges. If you’re looking to make the most out of in-game bonus XP, try going for the Undead Rising patch.



Undead Rising, unlocked via the Unwavering Achievement

Hold a node for 3 days.

By capturing a node and focusing your efforts on holding it for as long as possible, your Clan will reap the rewards of the bonus Multiplayer XP tied to that node’s game mode. That means you’ll enjoy faster leveling and the chance to unlock a new patch.

Beachhead Studio has announced that the next clan war for Call of Duty: Ghosts will start on Wednesday, Jan 15th at 12pm PT. The map location for this war will be Rio.

Beachhead has also announced a new Diamond Division for Clan Wars that will be launching in February. Here’s the full details from the Call of Duty App:

Starting this February, eligible Clans can participate in the new Call of Duty® Clan Wars Diamond Division. Clan Wars in the Diamond Division are played out on a separate schedule, open exclusively to Clans with at least two first place wins in the Platinum Division.

Clans that meet these requirements will have the opportunity to opt-in for Diamond Division before the next Clan War begins. From the moment you opt-in, your clan will only be able to compete in Diamond Division wars against other top Clans.

Diamond Divison Details:
Wars in the Diamond Division are played out separately from the Bronze through Platinum Division pool. Diamond Division war spans three days, Friday through Sunday, with a four-hour window of playtime each day. This means that each Diamond Division Clan War lasts for a total of 12 hours, split into 3 four-hour sessions.

To ensure the competitive field remains balanced, the Clan roster will be locked the day before the Diamond Clan War begins. Any changes to the Clan roster after this time will not count towards the Clan War.

Diamond Division introduces a leaderboard to showcase Clan performance throughout. Clans will earn Diamond Points depending on how they place in each Diamond War. A first place finish awards more Diamond Points than second, with second awarding more than third.

Beachhead has said more information on the Diamond Division will be revealed as we get closer to February.

SOURCE: Call of Duty App

  • James K

    I’m rooting for Wickedshrapnel’s clan to win bragging rights on the upcoming clan war.

  • peelz4dayz

    Sweet, now patch the hackers so people cathat have real skill can advance in divisions instead of these clans with members using hacks to win them tterritories its getting real old and relentless.

    • TheWalkingDon

      Can you provide proof of this? My clan has been wondering if this has been going on, especially during the last clan wars where it looked like the one clan was playing 24 hours a day with only a 12 man team.

      • thebosshog

        clan “campers delight” admited to boosting for wins. getting two six mans and joining the same lobby then having one team back out and forfeit resulting in very quick and effortless 6cp

      • GigoloBamBam

        They have already banned over 200 clans

        • TheWalkingDon

          interesting. I’ll have to look all of this up to share with my clan members.

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Honestly, I think the Diamond Division stuff seems a little unnecessary, I’d rather see something which effects a larger amount of the community than just the “sweats”.

    Maybe a simple clan challenge like “collaberately get 50 wins in a 24 hour period” which would be done in the gaps between each clan war. Clan wars by themselves just have too big of a gap in between, that’s all I’m really saying.

  • K.E.M

    Anyone wanna recruit me?

    • Shardlotte

      What console do you play on?

      • K.E.M


    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Check the forums, pretty good clans out there. Some are good and don’t even require a good KD, they just want more players. Ex. I joined a clan that was gold division, level 15, with 2 gold clan wars won. They didn’t care abut KD, I just messaged them and joined. They were super cool and fun to play with. There’s also plenty of pros-only clans that have a required KD, but those guys are no fun and are super competitive and serious, at least that’s my experience. I made a joke and they’re like “Concentrate on the game instead of on your jokes” and I’m just like “Wtf, what crawled up your ass and died?” Anyways, there’s my super awesome story that nobody cares about, lol. Good luck.

      • K.E.M


    • exeterman2

      If your on ps4 we only have 5 players and are level 6 but we have won 1 platinum clan war. (We have only existed since Christmas so only been around for 1 clan war)

      • Jake

        So have my clan started at the end of last clan war an now were lvl 15 if you wanna join measage me on xbox SNEAKYxWARRIOR

        • K.E.M

          cool,just give me more detail on your clan

    • chris

      UK TOPBOIS looking for members on 360 and xbox one message Messiahbrowny xbox one commander or message Numnuts1988 360 commander

    • ok Do u have ps4 dude add me. my psn is FearLess__Wolf_ clan is FearLessSquad 141

  • DMiLLZ-209

    My clan has won 3 clan wars in Platinum and 1 in Gold. We have 3 members and are level 10. Anyone who wants to join can apply by searching “Ssssk” or “DMiLLZ-209”. PS3 only please.

  • smfa3

    still there windows 8.1 app is broke..

    • Fariko Lunatik

      mine works I had to delete the app then re-download and u should be fine

      • smfa3

        i’ve done that but still i can’t click on a location on clan war map

  • zZniPeZZ_N0ob

    Anybody INV to clan? 3.72 K/D 2.18 W/L zZniPeZZ_N0ob (Zero next to N)

    • gamefan1221

      We have been in Platinum all 4 clan wars and have won 2. Apply to clan “SGBs” or add me on xbox my gamertag is gamefan1221

  • PiKiClanOfficialYoutube


  • xSupaScopa

    Does anyone still not know how clan wars work? I have no idea how they work

  • Dylan

    PSA to all potential competitors: give up now. The WIKD Elite will destroy any division thrown at them. That is all. GG.

  • 420clan.org recruiting adult members

    • Demetris Karageorgis

      what console?

      • ps3 ps4

        • we have about 95 active. and about 60 in our other clan that play chill

  • lvl 25 clan in ghosts with RED 420 tags. looking for adult beasts to replace lesser members. 420clan.org facebook.com/groups/420elite

    • zZniPeZZ_N0ob

      Tried accepting but said it was full… kick someone & reinvite?

      • sorry about that some of the other leaders must of filled that spot. will do again bros. TY

  • Pablo Hyslop

    Hopefully those 4 hours are individually based. Wih the different times zones, for some clans it would be impossibly to have the whole clan on at the same time, and if it’s a set time, for the whole world, some countries will be sleeping. What is the incentive of this too??

  • TheOLDFart

    when are u going to stop all the clans playing there same clan members so they always win ????????????

  • ItsJustMeBrett

    Im recruiting for the KR0N0S clan. Anyone can join. I am the leader of the clan and I want to grow it. Send a request and get more details. Happy clan wars!!

  • Sean

    If eny one wonts to join a clan we are level 8 but we clan wor alot but we win 8 out of 10 games the clan is called greese gang

  • pro

    xPROFESSIONALSx is recruiting the best Australian players out there. search in COD app and apply.

  • Hutch

    Add Killa Hutchinz and send me a message to join clan. K/d 1.80 w/l 1.35 Clan level 8 won 3 clan wars in platinum! Need more members

  • itchybubble

    british bulldogz – clan level 15 with 24 active members are recruiting search and rescue/destroy gamers – Location UK only and must be aged 18+ – also willing to be active during clan wars. Message me itchybubble

  • Tyler Morrow

    Orbiting Death is a PS4 only clan looking to stay small with a group of 8-10 good players. With a close knit group who knows eachothers playstyles, we will conquer the rest. Level 9. Requirements: 1.0+ K/D, 18+, Active. Message Tyler_Morrow for an invite or apply through the app (preferred).

  • II_RaVeNz_II

    My level 7 clan Prime Suspex is recruiting for next clan war, if you want in then apply or add PSN: II_RaVeNz_II

  • Cuellar360

    We in Wicked will take it 😉

  • I miss Elite 🙁

  • AlexC

    Clan Name: The Judges
    Clan Level: 10-11
    Members So Far: 9
    System: PlayStation 3
    Requirements to Join: K/D higher then 1.10 (Might Accept Lower but No Lower Then 1.0)
    Has to be Active
    Info: Has won 2 clan wars so far in Platinum division
    Wanting more members but we are not needy.
    Add KING-_-TURNER1 and message me if interested
    And remember its all about the game.!:-)

  • sm0kins0ci3ty

    Clan level 10. Placed 2nd in clan war in platinum division with only 3 players. We have 14 now but only want active players. Wanna join msg me psn – sm0kins0ci3ty

  • Vincent

    How do you actually join though? Mine just looks like ..

  • StoRmz_DEATH

    looking for sniper clan on PS3 message back if you will let me in acount : StoRmz_

  • Chavis Joe Koenig

    SoftcoreParkour needing more players in our clan. We took 1st place in 3 wars out of the 4 in platinum. Only have 3 actual players. We only got second place in one war due to only one active player at the time. Add me on xbox360 SWINExxFLU. Message me for clan invite. We just have fun and kickass most of the time. Join us!

  • OP4

    Opposition Force is recruiting in Ghosts on 360 and Xbone. We are lvl 13, clan tag is yellow [OP4], and we are competing in Platinum Division. We are looking for any good gamers that play regularly, or are totally obsessed, and will give full participation during wars. Members in our clan speak English, Spanish, and German. We are looking to create a diversified team to maximize hours of play. If interested, go to COD Ghosts app, request to join Opposition Force. Our Avatar is a red reaper. You can also leave your gamer tag here, and I will invite you. My gamer tag is xXCH1NG0Xx. We currently have 25 members, and our goal is to double in size.

    • Demetris Karageorgis

      RT Dstar

      • Demetris Karageorgis

        xbox 360

  • GeekiGizmo

    Clan GOLD!!!!

  • Ash

    Hi KeMx clan are in platinum dervison looking for good players on ps3

  • Jordan Matthew Shipman

    I can’t fucking believe that if you lose ONE war you got shot down. We were platinum and got put in Bronze.

  • xixmegxix

    Clan name : Best ever ; Clan tag : ARCE
    Clan rank : 17
    Members : 29
    Division : Platinum rank 4 as of now.
    xIx MEG xIx gamertag 360
    Clan K/D : 1.17

    Mainly wanting members to play same game mode as us when we set our primary target. Multiple clan lobbies for faster wins. No we do not go against our own clan during clan wars.

    • Demetris Karageorgis

      add me im interested in joining RT Dstar


    KD req: Pref 1.1
    Division: currently rank 2 platinum
    Rank: 9
    Members: 9

    Message xCHRONICxPuLsEx saying that u want in
    Looking for active members who are always willing to do clan wars

  • Eddie

    Richmond Elite, clan tag [RICH] is recruiting on Xbox 360. We are a level 8 clan looking to find individuals who like to have fun but also who like to win. Please send me a message at x2xGENERALx8x on xbox if interested.

  • Eider Martinez

    This is what clan wars is all about.

  • Dizmyster

    Hi all the clan wars has finished today, and we came 2nd over all , and we held 4 nodes till the end. And no achevments or patches have unlocked. Anyone help. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Check it again. It can take up to 24 hours to come through. My clan and I took first yesterday our unlocks and stuff didnt come in til a few hours ago

      • Dizmyster

        Hi yep it’s all ok now . We come 2nd. We got 8 unlocked patches and the scope lens . So guess your clan is GNRs?

    • shane

      well my clan held 3 nodes at the Rio de Janeiro Clan War and we got in the top (clan StoneColdKillerz) i think we were the first and well we only got a patch and our clan leveled up 5 times and have like a c>xp 04:00:00 think on top of the clan details but yeaa thats all

      • Dizmyster

        It’s all sorted now, my clan 12bore don’t miss come 2nd. We got 8 patches went from rank 6 to 13.

        • shane


    • naga

      takes 8 hours to get

  • Tim

    Join the TRUF clan. Gamertag: intimidatorTR . We are in platinum division level 14

  • Regal McCringle Berries

    [TBGF] “The Black G Fam” is looking for more PS3 players. Must be 17+ and have a mic with an acceptional K/D. Add/message ASAP_TEEZY if you’re interested. Level 10 clan with 8 members. We just won the clan wars in gold division today making it 2-0. If you, and someone you know is interested, please don’t hesitate. Working to make a big clan war win streak!

  • jewbass5

    RUSH gang or die level 21 just booted 26 looking for people who will throw down for war.

  • Sam

    Won our first clan war today with a total of 258cp, holding 9/10 locations by the end! Dead proud! Anyone know when the next clan war begins?

    • jay

      My clan came out on top also but we didn’t receive any achievements do you have any idea why?

      • Tony

        I’m trying to figure out the same thing. I’ve not received anything 🙁

      • Tony

        Just so you know, I got an update on my phone. Says I will get my earnings in the next 24 hours.

  • Tony

    So I won the Rio war and I still haven’t gotten achievements or even the camo. Idk if there is a post war waiting period or what. Anybody know? I won in the gold division.

  • matt

    When do clan wars start again?

  • Maor1Boii

    [King] recruiting some lieutenants.

  • jake

    So when’s the next wars from today…

  • TT TProveaux

    Spartans3 moving up in ranks and looking for new members. We recently took first place holding five territories in the Rio clan wars. Spartans3 is a level 12 clan and we work together as a team to get the most out of COD. If interested in join message me via gamer tag TT TPROVEAUX or apply through COD app.

  • TT TProveaux

    Spartans3 moving up in ranks and looking for new members. We recently took first place holding five territories in the Rio clan wars. Spartans3 is a level 12 clan and we work together as a team to get the most out of COD. If interested in joining message me via gamer tag TT TPROVEAUX or apply through COD in game find/join clan or through COD app. We’ll see you soon!


  • jusblazz3

    My clan won the rio de janiero war and i havent seen my stuff yet

  • yoshi

    Whats up all, recruiting for (WMNI) clan level 22. We took 2nd in Rio but only by 15 points due to low manpower and inactive players. We would like to add or replace with players that are reliable and down to earth no bs. Clan name is actually What My Name Is and you can apply on the app. Tell them solodolo sent you.

  • Wolfguard6

    Hey delta federation here. We recently finished 1st in rio with a total of 8 territories held. We are looking for new members to swell the ranks, the only thing is they have to devote time to this clan we are new but in four days we have gone from 4 to 12, and won our first clan war. We are a friendly clan and would love for out family to grow. Look us up. My gamer tag is -wolfgaurd6-. Delta federation is not a dictatorship we have five captains all of equal rank. We span multiple games. We treat our members like family if they have a problem we try to talk it out with tem in private. Look us up.

  • Michael


  • Michael

    PS3 Clan (BigD) are looking for more members! 10k xp till level 11 (gold tag) currently 15 members always active, playing all the time! Mesage “Merksterboy” saying you want to join and i will accept you straight away! Thanks guys! NOTE I DONT KICK MEMBERS LIKE OTHER CLANS!!! cheers =D

  • Stewarty07

    We are the 0|7 clan and we are recruiting. To join send stewarty07 a message and we will set you up a trial. We play on ps4 and have won 3 gold or higher clan wars so far.

  • Vallane

    When will be the next clan wars location ?

  • Daniel Billostas

    What’s up guys looking for a clan to join.. I’m a very active player and have over a 2 kd ratio just really want to play with a professional group as well as unlock rewards .. In game name is JonSnowNW.. Let me knw would prefer to join a high level clan who have own recent wars

  • Devilgear

    Having trouble opting in to diamonds our clan os 5 time platinum winners. Any help plz.

  • Relyt82

    We have room in our clan! Will be in diamond division. Looking for members only above 1 kd. TheRealNaguintas

  • The_Irish_Sparx

    Anyone now when the next one is?

  • CaZa295

    When is the next clan war?

  • smashxall

    Proven killerz game tag GR81..Are recruiting adult members that love to play and willing to compete in diamond clan wars. If interested my gamer tag is smashxall on ps3 or ps4.

  • smashxall

    My clan is level 20… Serious gamers only

  • SKI clan

    We are in first for London and were level 18, the SKI clan

  • Killer Panda

    With the Diamond division. Is the gameplay time consecutive once started or can you play 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. OR does the clan leader pick a time for all clan members to participate.

  • Wooshie12

    Looking for People to join my clan Anti Gaming clan we are going to diamond division next clan war if any questions please contact AnTi illuzZions on xbox

  • Roosevelt Miles


  • TLS

    Hi, we have won 2 platina divisions, and yet we didnt get an invite 4 diamond.. Anyone can help?