After the poster of Ghosts’s first DLC pack, Onslaught, was leaked yesterday, people on Reddit started posting a side by side comparison that showed how the Ignition map from Onslaught DLC looks very similar to Modern Warfare 2’s Scrapyard MP map. As of right now, this is a just a rumor. We’ll have to wait for IW’s official announcement before this is 100% confirmed.

As you can see from the image above, the two maps do look fairly identical. Both have three similar pathways, one leading up to the left, and one leading into a sort of tunnel on the right; with a fairly open pathway leading directly in the center. If you look at the number placement, both are placed in the same location on the right hand side of the one building. Ignition has the number 3, while Scrapyard has the number 2.

In the Ignition map, there appears to be truck in the center, similar to Scrapyard; the right side object – right next to the truck – has two openings in the exact same places Scrapyard does. Infinity Ward’s Joe Ceocot tweeted – a while ago – out saying that “Scrapyard was an awesome MW2 map. Small yet complex.” He didn’t confirm that it was returning, but that could be a possible hint.

We’re expecting to hear official news on DLC in the coming days. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Reddit via MP1st/@LiamFTWinter

  • British Blaze

    I would enjoy a remade map in every DLC. Nice bit of nostalgia and perhaps get some classic Competitive maps back.

    • Grigori

      Yeah, but not to much, like treyarch

    • HenryDF

      It would be a great way to make DLC more appealing for Ghosts, given that so many people loved some of IW’s past maps but hate the Ghosts maps. Scrapyard, Rust, Highrise and Terminal (again) would all be great for me, one per map pack.

  • Daniel Sims

    Oh here we go again. Paying for already made maps with a new theme slapped on and this time we don’t have Robert Bowling to save us. :/

    • Shardlotte

      I’d rather play a map I know I’ll like than take a gamble on a new IW map.

      • VAQnotVAG

        Remakes are boring and feel cheap to me. I’d much rather pay money for a NEW experience

    • CoDforever

      Yea but this time there also gonna give you a BRAND NEW weapon to compensate every map pack .. BO2 had a remake every map pack but only included a bonus weapon in the first map pack only. IW is giving bonus guns EVERY map pack.

    • aaa187

      I would actually like for IW and Treyarch to stop making new maps, look at their back catalog for older maps, and remake them for new games.

      • CoDforever

        Yea but BO2 dlc maps were very good tho (Rush, Grind, Vertigo etc) even better than vanilla maps no wayyyyy better

      • HHSince1980

        IW & Treyarch should let us all vote for 10-14 maps we would like to see remade…..I personally would spend the money for a “Nostalgia” map pack. Sure the maps would be from past games….but seeing as how weapons and killstreaks differ from games, they would play so much differently IMO

    • Keshav Bhat

      Well, the last time IW did bring back an old map, was Terminal for MW3 and that was free. Bowling was NOT at IW when that happened. It’s up to ATVI.

      • Daniel Sims

        When Activision planned on charging us for MW2 Maps Bowling tweeted about how he strongly disagreed with that shortly before he left and then shortly after that they released it for free so he had somewhat of an impact on it being free.

        • Keshav Bhat

          He could have had an impact on it, but he can’t do anything today if he was there. ATVI wouldn’t want it after what Treyarch did with BO2.

    • K.E.M

      Yeah but think about the people who want to play mw2/mw3 maps withought the hackers there,even though there on ghosts too but not as much.

    • fires

      it looks at least its not a complete copy paste, seems to be a remade with the same lines of sights and familiarity, not just a texture pack for a map, i can do that shit on pc. and its a IW maps. imo treyarch maps blow(with some obvious exceptions)

  • Mitch

    I personally really enjoyed Scrapyard, wouldn’t mind seeing it return.

  • Shardlotte

    Oh man. Now I’ll be disappointed if its NOT Scrapyard.

  • iKasai

    “Look similar” Its a tiny line of sight that has a similarly long building to the right… Doesn’t mean that it is possibly a remake… You can do that with a lot of maps that have no resemblance with each other

    • Keshav Bhat

      That’s what we said that it’s a rumor in the title. Not confirmed yet.

    • K.E.M

      like strikezone and dome. Same pathways but different…everything else

  • CoDforever

    Do you think they can bring free game modes too ? CTF and Hardpoint ? They gave us face off for free in MW3 and a lot of game modes (dropzone, Money in the denk, Infected etc)

    • Keshav Bhat

      We don’t have any news on new game modes today.

    • Shardlotte

      They can, and they have, actually. The Heavy Duty playlists, for example. It’s just a matter of if they want to incorporate them or not.

      • mile104mc

        And search and destroy.

  • javynavarro137

    ooooh yeah, i hope its true, i would be happy if everymap pack came with a mw2 remake

  • Huge Big Al

    Please do RUST! haha Loved that map!

  • Highrise would be good

    • Huge Big Al


    • James K

      Sovereign is similar to Highrise.

      • Batman

        In highrise you could climb anywhere, sovereign is the worst cod map ever

        • Aaron

          LOL I hope your kidding!

        • It plays so much different then highrise did though.

      • Grigori

        This guy is right

      • HenryDF

        That’s an awful comparison video, especially given the vertical elements of Highrise and the fact that the person in the video tried to avoid parts that were different.

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Hey, I don’t mind the thought of MW2 maps minus things like *deep breath* the noobtubers, constant harriers, OMA, commando, stopping power, Faze wannabees, secondary shotguns etcera etcera. It’s the only reason why I ain’t on MW2 now I suppose, although I do think there was better maps in MW2 (Skidrow and Favela, not you Rust :P). If this is true and then them maps return then I’m happy with getting a season pass for this game.

    • Guest

      Don’t forget Martydom!

      Glad I’m not the only one thinking the same about MW2. The maps were great but the rest just needed some little, teeny tiny tweaks. And yeah rust sucked, highrise was good for a few things aswell but skidrow and rust probs the best 2 for me on mw2

    • fires

      dude, OMA was a great idea, but they executed it wrong, it would be amazing if they had a little balancing, as in no refills of stuns, flashes, and nades, tubes. but OMA really was a great idea.

  • Alex

    I want a favela remake it’s probably my favorite map but I’ll take a scrapyard remake

  • Batman

    If its not, them I will not get that dlc, I want moar mw2 maps and ctf

  • Batman

    Scrapyard is like mw2’s firing range. I also want favela, underpass, wasteland, and quarry as well as new Mp factions

    • dat guy

      What is the point of having more Factions if you have custom soldier appareances? .-.

    • HHSince1980

      I wouldnt mind a map that takes place in a Favela (not exactly “Favela” the map itself)… that takes place in a Brazilian ghetto. It would make sense to incorporate some Southern American locations for maps…..since IMO there arent enough of them.

  • Aaron

    Pleaseeeeeee don’t be scrapyard!! Ive never liked that map… I think I’m the only person though lol

  • John

    Please remake Favela!! and Crash Site and Strike from CoD 4!

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i dont care if you hated MW3, they need to bring back one of the maps from that game, it was great

    • Mitch

      I loved Mission, wouldn’t mind seeing that!

    • Blaine

      MW3 maps were horrible. I’d take any Ghosts map over any MW3 map. MW2 had some unforgettable maps. Karachi, Favela, Afghan, Highrise were all fantastic.

    • chris

      yes I feel you they can bring resistant, seatown, hardhat etc i’m already happy with the remake of dome and I hope they make a remake of one of those mw3 maps

  • Condemnt

    I want favela back, not a remake of favela.. I want the old classic maps that everyone loved, not this new infinity ward bullshit

    • Keshav Bhat

      Lots of fans want Scrapyard back, but not many would pay for the same map. Remake is the only way to make it plausible.

  • Endbdjndbbe

    Ahhhh add crash high rise and arkaden don’t question me I loved arkaden idk y and I’ll be set

  • SoulTaker

    I wish Activision would let IW release Radiant along with the other mod tools so PC guys can make custom maps themselves but the days where PC mod support was supported are over..

  • K.E.M

    I would love to see Favela again

  • K.E.M

    I want a cod 4 remake.
    Like polish it with next gen engine and i’ll be set

  • Emre

    they should give old maps for free and just give new maps.
    Now they give old maps with another looks. you give money and they give old re-imagined maps.

  • Edwin Cortez

    Some people here in the comments they dont want a map, they want a whole new game…

  • Ryumoau

    i hope this is real. i really loved that map in mw2, along with terminal. Its sad that we have to buy dlc for small maps though. 🙁

  • Choppabro2psn

    Damn my disqus from saiyan island is connected to this shit games website….I mean cool you like the game, but damn, you can’t look forward to this tbh….all they’ll do in camp and post videos about their nice gameplay and in surmountable nostalgia they feel for the best cod there ever was…mw2

  • noobsdontlie

    Why not bring the map itself instead of a remake (not saying I hate the remakes) like MW2 did?


    I wouldn’t mind a remake of Wasteland, I loved Snipping in that map.

  • TheShadowReaper

    seriously Crapyard? really? i mean, there are so many good maps in past MW titles yet they remake Crapyard? come on IW…

  • Aaron

    Only maps I want a remake of from MW3 would be Hardhat, Resistants, Piazza, Overwatch, Boardwalk & Gulch.

  • Ed

    i’m not a fan of this way of doing maps, if this is true. i like what they did with mw3 and terminal, where it was pretty much a straight up remake of the map, and given to us. i don’t like what they did in bops2 with the over abundance of re-skinned maps and sold to us. if i am paying for a map, i want one i haven’t played yet.

    • The Flash

      3arc took a more creative approach and were smart in trying to make some money rather than just handing you the exact same map

  • Jordan

    Hey guys ive got a completely off topic question but does anyone have the same ‘problem’ in ghosts that your time taken to prestige added up with your other prestiges doesn’t equal your overall in game playing time?

  • NEON

    Crash, Bloc, Wasteland, Highrise, Underpass, Derail or Hardhat

  • some want that

  • John Lewis

    I don’t mind remade maps, but they definitely should *not* be part of paid DLC. Those should be free to all, out-of-band downloads.

  • Bmeowmix

    I’m seeing a lot of comments wanting to bring back MW/MW2/MW3 maps but I’m suprised that no one said “Shipment”…

    • Shipment was only good for one thing, and that was 1v1. The game has evolved from an arcade shooter into a competitive setting. Playing 6v6, 4v4, or even 2v2 is a friggen nightmare. Back then no one cared about the spawns. But since then the studios have been improving here and there and now it’s a retail juggernaut, and players expect more balance and ‘fairness’ than ever before. I’d like to see it return as a free DLC for private match or Face Off (If they ever bring it back) but I don’t see it happening for care games modes.

  • If they brought back any more maps I’d love to see District, Bloc, Invasion, Downpour or Favela return.

  • some1exampe1

    remake maps should be free, since almost everybody already paid for it.

    or just release a classic map pack and get it over with.

  • LegitL0s3r

    I knew it I noticed that right away. I would love to see scrapyard back and fir all the people who want to see dome back it kinda is look at some side by side comparison vids of strikezone and dome , They are the same and also what about Highrise that was a huge fan favorite!

  • OMG Its AliA

    I just love taking credit from ci and using it to make money didn’t know it was this easy

  • Shawn

    It is same map exactly lol

  • sundownder1701

    I believe that it is scrapyard, with a few extras. I used to run a pattern down on side of the map. on ignition, its from the crawler down the side, through the fire, down the middle of the hangar, back along the wall. they have added a tunnel and the southern end that wasn’t there in scrapyard. its so close that I can run the same pattern and not miss a beat. ghosts being ghosts or course, I don’t have near the same success as before.