Activision has officially announced the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught comes with 4 new MP maps, 2 new weapons, and ‘Nightfall’ for Extinction. Onslaught DLC pack will be available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Jan 28th, with other platforms to follow.

Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at IW, said:

“We know our fans have an appetite for new gameplay content all year long, and the team here is committed to delivering a full season’s worth of amazing new maps, weapons and more, starting with Onslaught in January,” said Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at Infinity Ward. “This year will see an assortment of content for players to dig into, with new, uniquely themed maps, new multiplayer weapons, and an episodic Extinction story arc that introduces new characters, new locations, and new weapons as they try to uncover the genesis of the aliens’ existence.”

Multiplayer Maps: 

  • “Fog,” is a small to medium sized map set alongside the banks of a murky lake. Every area within “Fog” is a chilling homage to classic horror films, from an eerie campsite, flickering TVs, torture chamber, and seemingly abandoned structures as players try to unlock the map’s dark secret. If a player happens to find and complete a specific Field Order, they become the embodiment of evil and don the persona of one of cinema’s most iconic horror characters, Michael Myers. Additionally, the entire soundscape changes to the eerily familiar Halloween Theme music so other players know to run for their lives.
  • “BayView,” a close-quarters map set on a coastal Californian boardwalk packed with seaside gift stores and an aquarium, offering players fast-paced run-and-gun matches. Players must also be wary of the deadly artillery strike enemies can call-in from a Naval Destroyer anchored just offshore.
  • “Containment,” transports players to a war-torn Mexican village, where the battle rages along both banks of the dried out riverbed. The action in this compact map centers on the remains of a small bridge holding a hi-jacked truck filled with leaking radioactive material. Surrounded by a myriad of abandoned bars, cafes, a church and a pool hall, “Containment” also features elevated rooftop vantage points for players who prefer longer-range engagements.
  • “Ignition,” launches players into an aging Florida space launch facility. Inspired by “Scrapyard” – the fan-favorite multiplayer map from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2, reimagined with dynamic gameplay elements – “Ignition” packs plenty of action both above and below ground amongst abandoned warehouses, flame trenches, and a massive transport crawler. As if rockets crash-landing into the map weren’t enough, the close-quarters combat is further complicated via two separate rocket test engines sites that opposing forces can trigger, sending massive fireballs into the already intense firefights, and the failed launch of a massive rocket has a dramatic effect on the combat.


  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught also arms players with a deadly new addition to the Call of Duty: Ghosts’ weapons arsenal with the “Maverick,” a dual-purpose Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle that players can choose how to use depending on their tactical needs – a first for Call of Duty. Outfitted with a lightweight wood stock this weapon can be selected in either the Assault or the Sniper Rifle class. As an Assault Rifle the weapon’s fire rate becomes fully-automatic with high damage at a decent range, and as a Sniper Rifle the “Maverick” sports an advanced scope and a semi-auto rate of fire.


  • “Episode 1: Nightfall.” Introducing a narrative driven by two new characters, and featuring two all-new alien species and an exclusive weapon, “Episode 1: Nightfall” is a fast and frenetic, action-packed continuation of the original Extinction experience in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Set in a remote facility hidden deep within the Alaskan wilderness, the shadowy Nightfall Program has been researching the origins of the newly revealed alien threat. A small recon team of elite soldiers must infiltrate the site to retrieve intel and exterminate the hordes of savage creatures, and along the way uncover a three-story tall terror unlike anything they’ve faced before.

  • Gc

    Nice lads

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Sound awesome, people like me who sound whore too much on ghosts will just love the feel when you hear that music on Fog.
    Cannot wait! Shame I’m on PS4 though 🙁

  • Shardlotte

    I can’t believe the special strike package is indeed a serial killer. I just…bahaha.

    • TheGamerBeast

      LOL I called it too and it is fucking Sick

      • Grigori

        Yesterday eveybody was joking about this xd

  • TheGamerBeast

    Damn There is a lot going on in this DLC actually Good Work IW, but fucking hate it when I know am gonna be able to play it next Month

    • HenryDF

      I find it helps because you get to see if the DLC is gonna be worth buying when it comes first on Xbox. I’m definitely gonna be getting this, but I actually nearly didn’t buy the final BO2 DLC because of the mixed reception.

      • TheShadowReaper

        well the only DLCs that i have bought were for BO1 just for the zombie maps. although i think i havent got the 2nd or the 3rd, the rest were purchased so hard.

        • HenryDF

          I bought the first three for MW3, all of them for BO2, and I’ll probably be getting them all for Ghosts. They’re nice additions to the game, and I particularly enjoyed them in MW3, and to be honest, good DLC is exactly what Ghosts needs.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah i agree, but its no good when the game isnt good as its own and it needs DLC to actually be good and fun to play. i dont like that, it seems Acti keeps milking the franchise in the worst possible ways. too bad for us that dont buy DLC.

          • HenryDF

            I always have a mix of favourite maps by the time all the DLC has been released, from both the original set and DLC set. I didn’t always feel like DLC would be necessary to enjoy the game, however later on in BO2 and now in Ghosts I can see how necessary it can be.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i’m talking about BO2 and Ghosts, yes. its really necessary in these 2 games and i’m hoping they wont do the same with the next one cause i dont want to be made to buy a dlc in order to see good maps.

    • errno

      You mean because of ‘first on Xbox’?

      If so don’t panic, it only sucks for the first map pack as you’re waiting longer for the next new experience but the time you wait between map packs is the same as you’d be waiting on Xbox so it doesn’t make any difference.

      Plus as others say, you can find out if they suck or not.

  • Battleshitter

    this is the best dlc ever!!! even better than bf 4 + bf 3 together aka the battleshit team

  • Mitch

    You can say what you want, but this looks like it may be the best CoD DLC to date.

    • HenryDF

      It’s great to see them utilising the Field Orders – I felt like they were really underused in the original maps, given the opportunities that were available. It’s also brilliant to see them used in Ignition – not only is it Scrapyard, but it has a “dynamic” event! Props to you IW.

      You can see the effort that’s been put in, and this really could help “turn” some of the Ghosts haters. IW have done everything people were asking for in this DLC; I’m already looking forward to Devastation.

      I’m not even going to talk about Fog, Extinction and the Maverick…this really could be the best DLC ever. And that’s the first time I’ve said that, ever. 😉

      • Mitch

        Agreed, the Dynamic events are one of the main let downs. For the next IW game, I would like the destruction you see in Strikezone in every map.

        • chris

          in containment when the mortar strike hits those explosive I think the bridges destroys

        • HenryDF

          I agree, I’m especially curious as to why they didn’t even attempt doing more than one.

          • Chris Mason

            Time constraints, I’d wager.

            Edit. Stone haven should have been a pristine castle with outlying village areas and the field order drops the satellite like in Whiteout. Chasm should be ripped in two, toppling part of the office area and exposing the subway. The map with the rocket strike field order should open up/ destroy the camping areas more. Prison break should have a fire break out in the jungle areas. Etc.

        • Josh

          You do realise that practically means they need to create double the amount of multiplayer maps to do that – one for original and one for destruction. This is too time consuming and hopefully with the potential 3 year cycle it will happen.

      • pessimistprime3

        All in All. Looks like one of the best DLC’s yet, obviously. The one thing I want to know is, when you play as micheal myers, are you invincible, and are people highlighted. Because in the clip that it showed, it kind of looked like they were.

        • Batman

          Hopefully he is powerful, not just a re skin of maniac

        • K.E.M

          Being invincible would be too OP,i’m guessing it’s like the maniac

          • Juicyjuice

            Or maybe a temp invincibility of 30 seconds, that would be cool

          • K.E.M

            I’d disagree. Fog would be big for 30 seconds. of invincibility. .

          • Jesse

            I agree. I’m guessing its pretty much a reskin of the Jugg Maniac.

    • TheGamerBeast

      I agree a lot going On Best DLC for COD tell now, and they took players Words and made a small to medium Maps Sizes which is great for COD and I can see the Dynamic Features in most of the maps

      • errno

        These were map before the game was released, it isn’t because everyone moaned how big some maps are.

        • HenryDF

          That’s one of the reasons I’m so impressed that IW got it right 😉

    • TheDarkWaypoint

      Highly agreed.

  • Soarnox

    IW just topped any DLC ever released CALL OF DUTY wise, GOOD JOB AND ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS GUYS!!!

    P.S SCRAPYARD IS [email protected]!!!!!

  • Mr. Potatoe Head

    TmarTn & Ali-A trailer breakdown videos inbound ” I’m super EXCITED ” man I like potatoes

    • HenryDF

      Ali-A will say that he guessed this would happen and try make himself look like an independent source, not crediting the site that he got the news from. He’ll rant on and on about how awesome something looks and describe it really slowly just so that his stupid subs can understand.

      TmarTn will just say really quickly that he’s excited and can’t wait to play, speaking about how much he wants to play on the new stuff. He’ll say how awesome it is about 10 times, slurring his words and making half of his video impossible to understand.

      That’s basically how every one of their news videos work. Every. Single. One.

      • Jared

        Tmartn and Ali gay really are the biggest fucking fraud scumbags of YouTube. Tmartn only has 12 hours played yet posts kem tips vs recruit bots, camping spots and reuploads trailers. His whole channel is fucking fake. Ali gay is just a British twat version of tmartn except he doesn’t intake cocaine before making videos. Fuck both of them.

        • exeterman2

          Woah! Calm down there a bit bro. I enjoy tmartns let’s plays and I’m pretty sure that he has more than 12 hours played. (But yh fuck AliA)

          • xSupaScopa

            TmarTn had less than 24 hours played at the end of Black Ops 2. Wtf. That is his job to play

        • errno

          To be fair, TmarTn actually tries to help people with those tip videos giving some ideal class setups, good lines of sights and jump spots that not many people know about.

          That’s helpful and giving something to people.

          Ali-A doesn’t do that, he just talks bollocks and takes, takes, takes.

          • Jared

            How can somebody with less than a day played give “tips”? Open your eyes moron!

        • KiLLaMaNiLLa

          Agreed they are overrated D-bags.And all they’re games are prob staged.

        • K.E.M

          Ali gay steals tmart’s videos

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I only watch TmarTn’s jumps and spots, those are sometimes useful.

        • James K

          If you want a more detailed jumps and spots, you should watch TheXclusiveAce’s videos on it.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Thanks, I’ll check him out.

    • Nut Eater

      Me TOO BRo!!!

    • Jesper Mølby
  • damn son, here comes the best dlc yet… radioactive missile…

  • TheGamerBeast

    Damn that Michael Mayer Song announcement is the best

    • GinsuVictim

      Everything should be scored by John Carpenter.

  • Grigori

    I hoped the Michael Myers thing was a gamemode :/ BUT ITS GEORGEOUS

    • Grigori


    • Theres one thing missing….Chucky the killer doll…

      • Grigori

        As an extra killstreak 🙂

      • K.E.M


    • Batman


  • So not only the dog will scare you,but also Mr.Myers 😀

    • Guest

      Imagine Myers with a dog following him. So fucking scary.

      • And the dog got a creepy clown face c:

        • Grigori

          New skin INBOUND

          • I wanna see a new Dog Skin that comes with Fog. It turns Riley into those Dobermans from Resident Evil,.

    • HenryDF

      The dog don’t scare me :/

      • Not even when it corner jumps you?

        • HenryDF

          I tend to hear them, but I can see them being pretty freaky on Fog with all the…fog.

          • Oh it will be scary i promise c:

          • Xecho

            Especially with the wolf skin

          • HenryDF

            No wolf skin on PS4 :/

  • fires

    wait so is the maverick 2 seperate weapons, or one weapon you can change mid game? I didnt see what it was specifically

    • HenryDF

      They didn’t say :/

      • John Blue

        Yes they did, it’s right above in the article: ” this weapon can be selected in either the Assault or the Sniper Rifle class.” So you choose the weapons class when creating a loadout.

    • Afo

      one weapon that you can change, propably before a match with attachments

    • It’s 1 weapon that shows up in the Assault rifle Category and the Sniper Category. The AR Maverick has Iron Sights and the Sniper Maverick comes with that digital scope.

  • QuarkTown

    Can’t believe people on fb still are still giving negative feedback

    • Chris Mason

      I can. Hating Ghosts makes you cool.

      • Trizay

        This guy gets it.

        • Chris Mason

          Oh the words I could use if I was head of IW or 3arc. The communitys tears would taste like candy.

  • SoulTaker

    *slowly claps* I never liked IW DLC I always thought their DLCs sucked but this one looks pretty interesting from the maps, to the field orders rewards and finally Extinction. Nice job IW.

  • FeFo


  • 3rdWorldMafia

    If I read correctly, it would seem that you select the weapon before the game, and can’t change once in game. I don’t see why this is any different from just swapping between a Lynx and AK-12, or some other two guns. Besides, people generally don’t run the same classes with Snipers and ARs.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’m gonna sh*t myself when I see Michael Myers running through the fog towards me. Well done Infinity Ward, keep up the good work when it comes to the Devastation.Map Pack.

  • bsktballmsu1

    instead of taking the time to sign out and back in due to age restriction i can always rely on charlieintel

  • Moeen

    Just hope its plays out as good as it looks. The Killing Field orders are kinda too much, why give some random person a chance to kill a bunch of players…

    • Chris Mason

      No different than a random camper earning lethal kill streaks. On Strike zone I’ve gotten dozens of KEM strikes out of hundreds of field orders (maybe 1/10 or so). Its not like its guaranteed.

      • Moeen

        There’s a huge different… You can get rid of Killstreaks or hide away, a KEM, if you do randomly get one from the order, kills everyone no matter what… I’m just saying to get the “Powerful” rewards you should have harder orders or there should be a lower chance of getting them. Having an order that only requires a headshot or humiliate and get a KEM is kinda too easy..

        • Chris Mason

          There isn’t a high chance of getting a KEM. That’s what I’m saying. Its all random. I did get a KEM for tea bagging, but I’ve also completed getting 3 non kill streak kills to be rewarded with… a SAT COM.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Maps and features look really awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t like Ghosts, just how it feels when you play feels off. For some reason this game makes me want to stop playing it after about 20 minutes, so I won’t be buying this DLC. It looks good, but the actual game isn’t fun to me.

    • K.E.M

      Try squads?

      • Siftblade of Rivia


        • K.E.M

          Squads helps alot. You can go pistol only and improve your aim and warbeast online mp that’s fun.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I didn’t say I’m bad, I just said it’s not fun.. Idk, it’s probably just me, but I just don’t have motivation to prestige, unlock camos, or do challenges. Meaning I basically have no motivation to play. Idk why, that’s just how I feel.

          • K.E.M

            Try something new. I like to use smoke grenades and confuse the heck out of people and kill them. I even tried to go knife only,it’s fun man.
            If not,then take a break from it and go back later.

  • javynavarro137

    it looks really nice, i think the field orders are underrated they are awsome

  • Ushddb

    Anyone notice the nuke on the minimap at 4:04

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    Finally a Scrapyard remake so pumped. And the Halloween movie reference is bad ass too.

  • iAmEFFeX

    I’m excited, it looks really good. Too bad I have to wait for it to drop later on PS4 🙁

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    Picking up the season pass ASAP now

  • I’d love to see a bonus DLC thrown in. The Modern Warfare Weapon Pack. a DLC which includes one weapon in each class from all 3 Modern Warfare games. It would include:
    AR: The G36C (MW3 variant) or M4A1 (MW2 variant)
    SMG: The P90 (The MW2 variant, it’s up for debate but I feel it fits the art style.)
    Sniper: The M40A3
    The WA2000 as a Marksman Rifle
    Shotgun: The M1014
    Handgun: The Desert Eagle (MW2 variant. Fixed Iron sights, and stats of CoD4’s variant.)
    7 weapons, all completely different from the stock weapons in game.

    Any thoughts anyone? Balancing issues? Integrated attachments?

    • chris

      smg: mp7

      • Fuck no. I’m not having a weapon that made every other weapon Obsolete.

        • Chris Mason

          I guess you’ve never heard of rebalancing a weapon?

          • Sorry. Suppressed Nightmares coming through. If they balanced it like they did in BO2 that would be fine. But still, the memory of MW3’s MP7 Alone will make everyone flock to it.

          • Chris Mason

            Let them. The people who bitched about it being OP would be the first ones bitching about it being garbage, too. And IW wouldn’t be able to win with the community. Again.

    • dylannn7

      sounds good actually, but instead of the g36c do the ak47 or m16 from cod4

      • Good Ideas, but like I said in the post; “7 weapons, all completely different from the stock weapons in game.” We already have a Kalashnikov Rifle in Ghosts And the Famas (I don’t care if it’s called the MSBS. It’s the god damn Famas) in turns of the M16.

        • CloudFlash

          The MSBS Radon is a Polish assault rifle. The FAMAS is a French assault rifle. So no, there is no FAMAS.

    • Xecho

      But you and me both EVERYONE knows they will never bring back old weapons.

    • Batman


  • chris

    I dunno why people say iw maps sucks they are better maps designers than 3arc…..all the maps in bo2 where too colorful

    • Chris Mason

      Too simple. Yes. Cater too much to mindless rushing. Sure, some of them. Too colorful? A bit subjective.

  • Batman

    Looks so good. Now I have to choose between bf premium and this
    Michael myers thing is either ridiculous, or bes thing ever, Im not sure

  • K.E.M

    Best dlc yet. I wonder if the next dlc will be better?

  • GamesSquadron

    The concept of Fog is really cool, not to mention that you can play as Michael Myers. So cool! And how can you not love Scrapyard? One of my favorite all time maps. Definitely a pleasant surprise to see all this interesting content coming.

  • jooker-jr

    Am I the only one how didn’t buy ghosts ?

    I didn’t buy because I try it on my ps3 and I liked it but not enough for me

    But this DLC is awesome

    • mac

      Maybe the only one on this site, which if you didn’t notice is primarily CoD.

  • NightOwl

    Well Done IW!! This may be very well be the best CoD DLC yet! I’m all excited about the maps, especially Fog and Ignition (by the way, I’ve always liked Scrapyard)! And the Field Orders really rock and I’m glad that they’re making more. I really like the Swamp Slasher killstreak, as well. The Maverick really looks something worth trying out. And I’m really happy with what they did with Extinction! Seeing all of this, I’m looking forward to Devastation.

    • alex

      The second they bring back skidrow. Is when ill put ghost back in my xbox. But scrapyard is really putting that to the test.

  • Ethan Santos

    Does anybody know if you can unlock the Michale Myers head for MP??? that would be bad ass!!!

    • Chris Mason

      Judging by the inability to use the various Juggernaut equipment (head/uniform) I’d say probably not.

  • Ethan Santos

    Cant Wait To Put On The Mask And Hold That AXE and TEAR People up!!!

  • Guest

    This game sucks. A bead of sweat fell down my character’s face the wrong way and messed up my sniper shot.

  • dt//prxz!

    This game is dead on the PC with less than 3,000 players. No mod support or dedicated servers, just pay for our content only method has killed the game. This content looks awesome but it’s laughable that all of the content that came with the original release is so bad. The maps weren’t creative or memorable. There is no doubt, this is a console port for the casual gamer.

  • BigHerrmann

    I wonder why you can’t play the casual modes on the dlc maps like in every call of duty before. I want my domination solo (including the dlc maps), – whats about infected or ffa? Seriously: untill this is patched – is this game is a dead game – the casual maps suck after playing them for months and nobody likes to be pushed to play modes they don´t like… Treyach did it right, to bring out new dlc´s – they knew that the community would be fruststraded and would go back to Black Ops 2 – a game witch allows people to choose what they want to play… All this is just so sad! 🙁