Infinity Ward and Activision has announced that the Wolf Skin for the Guard Dog is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Transform your Guard Dog into a menacing Wolf in Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer. With this character skin, every time you use the Guard Dog Killstreak in multiplayer, you will be calling in The Wolf to watch your back and take out enemy players.

It’s available for $1.99 via the in-game store or your platform’s store. You can equip the Wolf under the Character Customization screen in-game.

  • HenryDF

    Finally! FINALLY! Praise the lord…I actually thought they’d forgotten.

  • Mitch

    I wish the micro-transactions were included in the Season Pass :/. If you want ALL DLC for this game, you have to pay more than the actual game (assuming the Personalization packs will return), which is just ridiculous.

    • HenryDF

      What if they plan on releasing camos similar to as they did with BO2?

      Releasing 6 at a time at £2 each, they’d either have to bump up the Season Pass price by approximately £10 (if they wanted to maintain the “cheaper” aspect), with £10 per camo pack.

      If I recall correctly, we had 2 sets of camos released with BO2 (not including Dragon and Cyborg) resulting in an approximate increase of £20 on the Season Pass if micro-transactions were to be included – not including micro transactions such as this Wolf Skin though.

      If you’re working in dollars, it’d be around a $30 price increase (though, given the fact that micro-transactions have been cheaper in the US before, it could be $20)

      This is all assuming that Activision would want to make money from the micro-transactions through the Season Pass rather than them being free bonuses…knowing Activison, I’d be suprised if they wanted them to be free.

    • Josh

      Technically your paying for the licence to use the dlc rather than buying the product, so in that sense the dlc is free.

  • Theatre_rat

    so i bought this skin, but won’t see it in game till tomorrow?

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Go to ‘Customisations’ and go all the way down. There should be an option to toggle the Guard Dogs skin between the default and the new Wolf skin you just bought. Select the wolf skin to activate it in game…

  • Anthony

    Doesn’t work I purchased & downloaded on the ps4 and the customization thing did not come up for guard dog.

    • chiefsfan005

      Me too 🙁

    • Marvin Geovanny Sanchez

      Yoy go to cuztomize the character and when you go all the way down it says guard dog PSN dumbass

      • RatBoyBiatch

        thanks i didnt know

      • Jessica Luebbing

        Excise me, I have a question, I had bought the wolf on my ps4 under my boyfriend’s account. And when I had want too play on my account its saying it wasn’t bought, but he’s got it on his. The question I am asking is, do you gotta buy it again on my account even tho where both on the same system playing. It should already be on the system no matter what account your playing just like ps3 did.

    • Wisin2003

      I try it on the ps3 but do not show me anything please help

  • Joffrey

    It’s Stark’s wolf from GoT!

  • John

    I’m gonna buy this tomorrow (I live in EU). I really hope they will make a season pass for the next CoD that costs 10 more bucks but includes ALL DLC (Camos ,Skins ,All Customization Items ,Map packs etc.)

    • HenryDF

      I’ve done the maths, if Activision want to make a decent amount from it (which they will), it’d be more likely to be $20 more.

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    I can’t equip it. There is no option. There is no “GUARD DOG” menu on the customization page.

  • Mitch

    For people who can’t use it: you probably need to wait for a patch to put the actual skin in the game, so others can also see it. The thing you download is just an unlock, not the actual skin.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      That sucks. I was excited and i thought I could be rocking the camo today but I guess I have to wait for the update. I asked them on Twitter but I still have yet to get a reply.

      EDIT: It’s working now! There is now an option under clan tag.

    • Anthony

      1.1mb unlock code? Really..

      • Mitch

        Apparently… The actual skins and camouflages have to come in a patch, otherwise people without the DLC wouldn’t be able to see the camo in killcams or when they pick up a gun.

  • I would like to see a more menacing skin for the Dog. Something like the Dobermans from Resident Evil. Thoughts? (Since Micheal Myers in now playable in Fog, I know for a fact that this would be possible. They don’t care about the Lore anymore)

  • Cyber-Ninja

    This skin doesn’t work on the PC version either! Yet another screw up by the devs. Come on IW, Acti & Steam get ya act together!!!!!!!!!

  • abhi

    not going to pay even a single penny for this piece of garbage

  • abhi

    still not been able to unlock mw3,bo2 player background..even though i own those games and have played 900+ hours

    • John Blue

      Well, lucky you. I have not been able to unlock Free Fall OR any other bonus content from my Pre-ordered Hardened Edition. A patch and a background I can do without any day, but fuck me if I don’t get that map soon I’m gonna start asking for some refunds

      • Mitch

        What error do you get then? What console?

        • John Blue

          No error. It just does not work. Downloads 2 files but installs only one. I can actually choose the playlist with Free Fall or pick the map in custom/local games but there’s nothing but a distorted screen on loading screen (that is, seconds before crash to multiplayer menu)

  • Is anyone even buying this? :/

  • exeterman2

    A gun camo I can understand. But a kill streak skin (which you might not get if you’re having a bad game) is just a genuine waste of money. Well that’s my opinion, do with your money what you will, it’s your money so spend it however makes you happy 🙂

  • Ash

    I bought the dlc for ps3 and it was meant to carry over for ps4 but it didn’t. Anyone know why?

    • ServesYouRight

      Same thing with me 🙁

      • Ash

        Anyone know what to do? Is there anyone we can ask from either Sony or Activision/IW?

  • Yassine Labouch

    I love the game Guard Dog, i will have it for PS4

  • Rafael

    Hey can we use the wolf skin on both the ps3 and ps4 with one purchase or we have to buy one for each?

    • Keshav Bhat

      I’ve been told that it may transfer only from the PS3 to PS4. Not the other way.