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  • HenryDF

    My main issue is that I play PS4 and the rest of my clan play on PS3, so I can’t play with them at all. Slightly annoying that there’s no way round that, so I’m probably gonna join a new one.

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Thats my problem as well. This game only has until March to make any changes because once Titanfall comes out there won’t be many people playing Ghosts anyway!!

      • HenryDF

        Well, I’m on PS4 so there’s less of an impact for me 🙂

    • Chris Mason

      Thats why i kept all my Ghosts stuff on X360. I have an XBone, but most of my clan is still on the 360. Sucks, but it wont be like that forever. Best i can offer.

  • Nuclear-SJJ

    Actual useful clan information regarding leveling up a clan:

    Per player in the party you get 50 clan EXP per win.

    Let’s say you have a party of 4 people (that are all in your clan), now if you WIN a match with that party you will get 200 clan EXP.

    But if you LOSE the match you will still get clan EXP however it won’t be as much: 10 EXP per clan member.

    So if you lose with a party of 4 clan members you will still get 40 clan EXP.

    1 player: [Win = 0 EXP] [Lose = 0 EXP]
    2 players: [Win = 100 EXP] [Lose = 20 EXP]
    3 players: [Win = 150 EXP] [Lose = 30 EXP]
    4 players: [Win = 200 EXP] [Lose = 40 EXP]
    5 players: [Win = 250 EXP] [Lose = 50 EXP]
    6 players: [Win = 300 EXP] [Lose = 60 EXP]

    Exceptions that I know of:
    – Infected = Always 10 EXP per player (so no 50 EXP if you win)
    – Heavy Duty = Does not give ANY clan EXP
    – Clan wars (playlist) = [x2 clan EXP] 100 EXP per player per win & EXP 20 per lose.
    You need a party of exactly 4 players to play the ‘Clan wars’ playlist so in total it’ll give 400 clan EXP per win and 80 EXP per lose

    Hope it helped and please forgive me that my English isn’t great (I’m from The Netherlands)


    • Grigori

      Hup holland hup, bedankt voor de tips man.

      *thanks for the tips

    • bsktballmsu1

      so if you play solo you get no clan xp

      • Nuclear-SJJ


  • oitzeazy

    How do you leave a clan in game? I know you can leave via the call of duty app but it doesnt even load

  • mole62

    Hi guys. I have a Ghosts clan in the Gold Division. We have got almost 60 members, and are half a level away from a gold clan tag. We have currently won 1 clan war in the Gold division, so we have the body count gun camo. With 2 more wins, comes the awesome-looking body count mask. It is a PS3 clan with the name of XXGLITCHESXX (don’t worry if you don’t like glitches, the name was from when me and my friends did glitches in private matches back in MW3). If you want to join, I would prefer if you sent me an invite on the app, but you can message/add me on PSN – mole62. As I can’t be online all the time, you can message the second-in-command called assos instead. Just tell him that you want to join. There are not any requirements for the clan, but if you have a 1.00+ KD, then you will be able to stay in the clan much longer than those without. Once we get to 100 members, I will have to delete players with KD’s under 0.8. Please join, as we are a really friendly clan. Thank you so much for your time 🙂

  • Gurjender singh

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  • Moeen

    Ground War domination for some reason stopped counting if you win, but ground war tdm still count..? Anyone else having this happen to them or is it just me?