Infinity Ward has announced the next Double XP weekend for Call of Duty: Ghosts will start tomorrow, Jan 24th at 10am PDT and ends Jan 27th at 10am PDT. This is for all platforms.


This double XP is in celebration of the upcoming release on Onslaught DLC on Xbox this Tuesday.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard

  • GamerSam99


  • jack

    Why do they now have the 2XP before the maps drop, they used to have it after the maps dropped

    • Shardlotte

      They did this with BO2 as well. It’s nothing new.

      • jack

        That’s what I mean, why do they now have it the weekend before the maps like before BO2

        • mile104mc

          In BO2, they had it after the maps dropped too, but only double weapon XP.

          • jack

            Yes I know, but why did they start this trend, it was better when we had 2XP with the new maps and more people played on them

  • CoDforever

    Any news on the League Play update? They said it would come in the coming weeks, a few weeks ago.

    • dyt

      if you go on cods twitter they say something about it

      • CoDforever


        • dyt

          third tweet about diamond divison

    • Keshav Bhat

      They didn’t provide any accurate time frame for this update. It’s still in testing, and there’s no new news about this as of right now.

    • chris

      league play sucked

      • Psychoutgaming

        you are stupid, that was the best part of bo2. the only reason you hate it is because you aren’t good at the game and everyone in league is better than you

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        If you aren’t into Competitive COD, then you probably won’t enjoy things dealing with Competitive COD.

      • Mitch

        I think League Play was great, and I’m not even interested in playing competitive. Being able to play with people who actually want to win and aren’t utter shit was amazing.

    • Hi

      It will be with onslaught update im guessing

  • I would rather stick with normal XP in Black Ops 2…

  • CoDforever

    This is boring news charlieintel, give us some news on the next cod! Love or hate BO2, i wasnt bored of that game until like march, i was bored of ghosts in the first two weeks!

    • Shardlotte

      I’m…not entirely sure if you’re serious or not.

    • How can they do that when there are no news about the next cod

    • Keshav Bhat

      u wot m8? We report Call of Duty news. This is news. If it’s boring to you, sorry buddy. And I don’t understand how you expect us to report news on the next CoD when we don’t know anything about it.

      • Ray’

        I actually like it when you update us on upcoming double xp events, thank you, keep it up

        • Keshav Bhat

          Thank YOU <3

    • chris

      okay did we ask u haters always gonna hate so go hate somewhere else

      • CoDforever

        Love cod, hate ghosts

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Still a hater.

    • ^This_Guy_Must_Be_High

      What? ….Just..What? Please tell me that you are joking.

  • Tony Rambo

    WHY??? I have to study during these days!!!! DAMNIT!!!

  • thom

    Haters gonna hate. A lot of people still play this game. Double XP is nice for them.

  • Zarky

    So many idiots in one discussion. If you don’t like the game stop clicking on things to do with the game. STFU and go away!

  • Andres Alfonso

    Is this going to be for Wii U aswell becuse we did not get Christmas Double XP

    • Keshav Bhat

      No announcements on Wii U yet.

      • shanafan

        Nope. Activision is bold-face lying when they say “all platforms”. It’s Saturday afternoon and no double XP on Wii U. GG Activision, gg.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    idk what happened. This game was perfectly fine when it first came out. And now people are able to run around and eat full clips without taking any damage. I don’t understand how this game got worse as they tried to fix things.

    • CGkillZ

      Noooo I’m sorry but damn your stupid, you die instantly in this game.

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        *you’re. GG

        • Patrick Quiver

          Damn grammar police if you understand it why correct it? Just made because he proved a point to you.

          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            He didn’t prove a point. He’s obviously just too stupid to even attempt to understand anything I would say. So I wasn’t even going to try.

  • Sweet! Hopefully, I am close to 2nd prestige so I’ll probably try to get to 3rd as I work my way through 2nd!

  • Khoogar

    Lol infinityward gave me a birthday pressy 😀

  • skoalBandit

    So when do us psn players get the onslaught?

    • jack

      Same situation as always, a month after us XBL users get it

    • Mitch

      About a month. I’d go with February 27th, 25th or 26th if we get lucky.

    • Keshav Bhat

      I’d expect a Feb 27th launch, no official date announced yet tho.

  • harmony10

    Is it also clan double xp weekend? Or just per person?

    • Keshav Bhat

      No DXP for CLans.

  • munch

    when dose it stat in uk time?

    • ElseAndrew


      • munch


        • Mitch

          and for the future: ALL double xp weekends start at this time on friday.

  • Kyle

    When does it start for Eastern Time Zone in the US

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        • Tyler

          Ah that’s fine didn’t even realize you were on psn.

  • Ryumoau

    sigh…even with double xp i’m finding it hard to get the motivation to play again. This is the first CoD game where i don’t even know if i will get to my first prestige. 🙁

  • Jason Monroe

    double xp isn’t working on my PS4

  • shanafan

    Activision says all platforms to get double XP, but the Wii U isn’t getting double XP. Thanks Activision.. I do not know why you even bother delivering a game to a platform and then completely and utterly ignoring it. EA the worst company? Hmm, I have to second guess that now.

  • LordDeath121

    Lol double XP is still on and its Jan 30, it’s been on for weeks

    • LordDeath121

      I’m also 10th prestige