Beachhead Studio has announced that the next Clan War for Call of Duty: Ghosts will start January 29th at 12pm PT // 3pm ET. The location on the map will be Antarctica.

UPDATE: Here’s some new details on the Clan War:

Clans that place in the top 3 of their group will unlock our next location-exclusive in-game patch:




The Legend Lives, unlocked via the White Out Achievement. Finish in the top 3 of the Antarctica Clan War.

If your Clan is feeling especially ambitious, you can also go for the Eye for an Eye patch. Divide and conquer, then reap the rewards of four multiplayer game modes providing bonus Multiplayer XP.




Eye for an Eye, unlocked via the Committed Achievement. Hold 4 nodes simultaneously.

Design Update: Holding Captured Nodes

Our designers are continuing to polish the scoring system and have implemented the following changes to the Antarctica Clan War:

1) When a node is captured, its Capture Point (CP) value will go down by 2.

2) Every 2 hours after its initial capture, the node’s CP value grows by 1 and awards an additional 1 CP to the holding Clan.

3) The minimum CP value per node is 3, and the maximum is twice the initial CP value.

SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • NightOwl

    Lol Antarctica what a map for Clan Wars… I wonder what the terrirtories will be?

    • NightOwl

      And to think, this happens a day after the official release of Onslaught in XBox! Whew

    • Dylan

      “Congratulations! Your clan holds the capture point ‘Glacier’!” Lmao can’t wait to see what they come up with

      • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

        “Congratulations! Your clan holds ‘A Penguin.’!”

        • Dylan


    • Keshav Bhat

      much snow. such ice. wow.

    • MazeMatik

      Oil drilling stations, command posts, warehouses, secret facilities…

  • What about Canada! Gosh darn it so close

    • Dylan

      Canada and Antarctica are not close

      • G Jones

        LOL shows you how dumb some kid on ghost are. Hey keep going to that same spot that the guy killed you the last 4 times buddy, some kids never learn. MAVGT9

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Better have better modes this time…
    Last time they had:
    Core Search and rescue
    Hardcore Search and rescue
    Core Search and Destroy
    Hardcore Search and Destroy
    Hardcore Team deathmatch
    Hardcore Kill Confirmed

    I mean I don’t mind the occassional game of hardcore, and the occassional Search and Rescue game, but I’d much rather have modes like Blitz and Hunted than that. Or an easier solution, have all the team modes be in the clan wars.

    • me

      Yeah cause us hardcore players are already screwed on game modes as it is so why not make us play your stupid core crap.

      • Silent

        Should have equal of both, I have both hardcore and core gamers in my clan, more of a core player, but I enjoy playing hardcore when I have a team

  • bsktballmsu1

    i wonder how my clan is doing i havent played in a month

  • Shardlotte

    My clan is in desperate need of active Xbox One players. We are a Gold Division clan but we are lacking in the Xbox One department. If you’re interested please comment or apply for the DREAMCRUSHERS clan in the CoD App.

    • Trizay

      Would you consider merging with our clan. Search Pack 935 on the app. We are also and Xbox One clan and we are a level 13 Gold Division clan with 47 members at the moment. Respond to this if you are interested or you can message me since Im the clan leader. Gamertag: ShadWolf115

      • Shardlotte

        I’ll talk it over with the rest of the clan.

  • Brady

    Beachhead be like congrats you captured a fishing hole! Really? Oh boy! A fishing hole! Comon beachhead Join my clan DroppinShots 17 members, mostly ps3 but level 15 🙂

  • mclovincallofdootay

    hmmm fuck i hate clans im a huge player own them ALL!!
    Solo unless i find a 2.0 or better but hardly.

    • delboy82

      guys with 2.0 kill ratio’s on ghosts are rarely objective players take me im only 1.7 k/d ratio but my win percentage is 9.5….take a game win over a positive k/d ratio any day….guys with beastin stats tend to be sign out merchants anyway…this is for ghosts tho …black ops 2 was a different story 😉

    • skoobs-kung-fu

      hey man im looking for active people that are good. i myself have a 4.7kd wit very high win-loss ratio and so do a few others on my crew. you interested in joing us”? clan name is: Skoobs Crew

  • Connor Williams

    Clan Wars ruined this game. A bunch of 6 man clans destroying Pubs, makes it not even fun to play.

  • dylan

    when does it finish or does it only last 8 hours cos i go to school

  • Gabriel Gomes

    me and my clan have been wining all the clan wars so far no losses only wins, now we need too go streight foward and this time we will win the mask 😀

    • skoobs-kung-fu

      you wanna merge wid our clan? we are platinum and i have 4.7kd with very high win-loss. Few others on my crew are the same. im looking for good active players. clan name is: Skoobs Crew

  • skoobs-kung-fu

    Looking for active players to join my clan. we are in platinum division. i hold a very high win-loss ratio and have 4.7kd atm. A few others in my crew are the same. im really in need of sum active players. so please join us clan name: Skoobs Crew, thak you

    • andrrw

      Drewsx11is gt

  • BBG

    My clan name is BBG we are platinum on ps3 & ps4 I am the commander King_ReUp (ps3) add me if interested

  • Lewis Austin

    How do enroll in the new clan war? Its not lettin me play it :@

  • jamoney

    i can get to the clan wars on my app?

  • Amman

    I came in first in clan wars

  • Amman

    The game modes I had was domination search and rescue kill conformed cranked hardcore search and destroy and hardcore domination

  • ????

    Hey just noticed wins aren’t being counted correctly. Anyone else having this problem?

  • slowhandpoe

    Enough with clan wars already it’s pretty much ruined an otherwise Ok game. The smart thing to do would’ve been make clan vs clan the theater for clan wars and up the lobby size to twelve. If only the clowns listened to the players more I’m sure they would have less issues like this

  • Lorhelm

    when will it end?