Beachhead Studio, via the Call of Duty app, has revealed the rewards and achievements for Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan War Diamond Division.

  • War Cry Reticle (Place in Clan Wars Diamond Division)
  • War Cry Weapon Camo (Win a Clan War in Diamond Divison)
  • War Cry Assassin (Head Piece) (Win 2 Clan Wars in Diamond Division)
  • War Cry Savage (Win 3 Clan Wars in Diamond Divison)
  • War Cry Uniform (Win 4 Clan Wars in Diamond Divison)

Diamond Division registration is still open. The first Diamond War is set to start sometime in February. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

SOURCE:Β Call of Duty App

  • HenryDF

    Looks awesome, it’s just a shame I’m probably never gonna end up getting them!

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Was curious if it was called Diamond or Platinum Division. After losing a clan wars at 5th place last time in the Gold Division, my clan appeared in the Platinum Division, which really confused me how the Divisions work. Anyways snazzy gear, bet that camo would look neat on an AK12.

  • Y0UR D00M3D

    my clan kicked me out πŸ™

  • Marshall

    We should start a Charlieintel clan. We can actually work to get these. My clan has like 70 inactive people so we never win.

    • BooBee

      That’s crazy! My clan had only 15 people when we went Platinum then invited to Diamond. Now we’re trying to expand past that core to earn these perks against the very best crews in Diamond Division.

      • Dane Black

        what platform whats it called ill join

      • Tyler Ryan

        ill join i have 1.80 kd xbox add me high bcd

        • Tyler Ryan

          high cbd

      • Nick

        I’ll join, I’m a monster. GT: I Am MW2 God

      • Mobin Amanzai

        I’ll join as well. 1.76 kd, 1.02wl
        Xbox 360 GT: Tikkayyy

      • Taylor

        I’d be more than happy to join.
        2.18 kd, GT: Savage Monkey24

      • chris

        I’ll join 2.88k/d sign in id: christophherrr

      • Mike

        Aye can I get in plz add me WizKhaliiifaaa

      • BooBee

        Everyone that was interested our clan leader is recruiting for the February 21 first Diamond Division war.

    • HenryDF

      I think there is one :/

    • Dane Black

      yah what level

    • Sentrymann

      There is a clan already, but I don’t think it’s the most active. I could be wrong.

    • Adam

      There used to be a CI clan back in the days of MW3.

    • its called on app

    • K.E.M

      I’M IN

      • REN54

        Your in REAF ?

  • dylan

    if anyone on xbox 360 wants to join a clan that wants to win clan wars and work towards these unlocks. please message Apolllo aE on xbl for a clan invite. must be active players

    • Marvin Geovanny Sanchez

      Invite me: iibeast Mode HD im an actuve player 1.75 KD i dnt like the clan im with right now we have a bunch of people and they are all inactive plus i like to do clan wars and they dont do them no more

  • Charlieintel ALL DAY

    Keshav you should do a story on Woods (i think james c burns) tweeting out #blackops3 #nextcod and mention the contract treyarch and activision have. People are still worried cod 2014 isn’t treyarch lmao

    • hvtybvrcge

      it ISNT

      • Charlieintel ALL DAY

        you’re retarded if you STILL think sledgehammer’s joining the rotation. Let me give you the top 2 reasons why:
        1.Treyarch has a legal contract which requires them to make a cod in 2014
        2.Treyarch will lose money if they don’t

        Von may suck at balancing, but he isn’t dumb. You on the other hand, are. To rub salt in the burn, sledgehammer has 12 employees, and is just NOW looking for new designers? About 10 months before release? Get your no fact ass outta here

        • TheDutchGamer

          Source of the contract please.

          • Charlieintel ALL DAY

            Are you fucking kidding me?

        • TheDutchGamer

          And BTW, Sledgehammer is making a Modern Warfare Action/Adventure game since 2009 and now have over the 120 Employees, needless to say there is a big chance they will make a COD this year.
          I still hope Treyarch is going to make a COD this year.
          But we will see in 3-4 months

          • Charlieintel ALL DAY

            not with the contract

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          1. Who said Sledgehammer just now started making the game? They probably started after MW3.
          2. Why do you think Vahn is the one who decides if his company makes a game or not? Activision is the one who decides that.

          • Charlieintel ALL DAY

            Activision dropped the project

      • Charlieintel ALL DAY

        And a studio can’t make a call of duty with 12 employees nigga

  • James K

    Yeah, I will never get that set with the small clan I’m in.

    • Silent

      Each Divisions (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platnium, and I’m assuming Diamond) have separate “Divisions” among themselves so clans with few people play against clans with few members and vice versa clans with many members will face against clans with many members in the clan wars

      • James K


      • xDAxBEAZTx21x

        Not necessarily. My 6 man clan has played with 20+ member clans. It’s something that the devs should change

  • Tyrant Era

    Anyone that wants a clan, on XBOX ONE with a good KDR HMU before this starts GT: Lunar Reprisal

    • Athoris

      Just applied to your Clan- GT : Athoris

  • HitmanGaming

    for the people that still play xbox 360 cod ghosts the clan I am in has 35+ people My gamertag is H1TM4N12 and the clan name is VENOM COD

  • Jacky Liang

    Holy shit these look awesome.

  • Jextoz

    Yo everyone! we should make a clan together! Xbox one!

  • I feel like all of us that want to be in a clan, but don’t want to be like SUPER MEGA ULTRA into it, should make one together. Cause I made a clan of just me called LVL_UP.

  • Nicolas

    I would also like to join a clan. My gamertag is Balanceee πŸ™‚

  • Hotshot

    Join “Based Jesus”

  • Felipe Rios

    Hey! I’m looking for some members on Xbox one! I’ve got a clan that has been around for 3 years and is currently in reconstruction! Feel free to join! As long as you don’t have a problem with younger teens (or older teens) and you’re fun that’s great! Anyone welcome! Gt: ShutYourFace8
    Just looking for a good time! πŸ˜€

  • James

    Me and my brother are the only two people who even participate in my clan -.- We won 2 in a row, but we’re in 2nd now, we just need more people. If you have a ps4 and are active, I’d be happy to add you. If you’re interested, just search up Natural Talent, or message xXLikitySplitXx

  • Dylan

    Wicked Elite will be glad to give out second place rewards.

  • xDAxBEAZTx21x

    I’m in a 6 man clan and we’ve won every clan war since the start and we were invited to Diamond from Platinum

    • Efren

      Can I join?

    • SMKDleader

      6 man clan huh? And you’ve won every clan wars? I would suggest don’t add anymore people and just keep running with what you have. The more people you have the more harder it gets. I went from starting with 14 and dominated all the clan wars, and we expanded to 52 members during the last 2 wars, well, we got stomped both times so I kicked everyone but the original 14. Never mess with perfection, it’ll only screw you in the end.

  • Kyle

    My clan is in platinum division right now with a few members but im the only one playing we still at number one though. If u wanna join so we can be a bit more competitive send ohno itstheCoPz a message on xbox.

  • Tyrone Alvarez

    We are in diamond division looking for the best players with 1.3kd & higher.
    We on ps3
    Add me G-TOWN_KiLLa409

  • Tyrone Alvarez

    We are in diamond division with 21 members & a level 20 clan. Looking for the best of the best players with a 1.3KD & higher.

    We are on ps3

    Add me G-TOWN_KiLLa409

  • Matt Roberts

    Check out “Apex Division”. Probably one of the best clans on XBL

  • CABgamingProductions .

    Hey I need a new diamond division clan ( my leader doesn’t get on anymore) anyways anybody willing to invite me will receive the spectrum cameo as well a some secret patches. No hacking, it’s all legitimate

    • Atomolic

      I will invite you what is your gamertag

      • CABgamingProductions .

        I see you joined my party, my mic is with my 360. Do I have to leave my current clan to get any invites

        • Atomolic

          Leave your clan and join mine and also go to party chat because you can use kinect mic so join in party chat

    • Atomolic

      Hey send a message to atomolic or respond to me on this site because I will gladly invite you πŸ˜€

      • CABgamingProductions .

        Hey my gamer tag is LISCENED2C013

        • Atomolic

          Get on if you are offline

          • Atomolic

            And is the camo and patches gonna be a code?

          • CABgamingProductions .

            No license transfer, I need to be on my 360 so I can do the camo tomorrow, the cool down period for the license transfer might still be on but I can get it to you ASAP

          • Atomolic

            No i use xbox one…. and I need a code lol I dont want to be downloading off of an account -_-

          • CABgamingProductions .

            Do you have a 360? The account is the easiest way, but I can also give you codes for the monster patches and backgrounds

          • Atomolic

            Can you just give me the codes for xbox one please because yeah and can you send them now? And also I really want the spectrum camo πŸ™

          • CABgamingProductions .

            I can’t do a code, because you can’t send it that way. The monster codes are with my 360, I’ll see them tomorrow. But let me in the clan and ill get you it.

          • Atomolic

            Okay but please get me a spectrum camo because you can get them if you are best buy or microsoft or gamestop employee so ask friends or something πŸ™ I really want it
            Im going to invite you now

          • CABgamingProductions .

            I bought mine but I’m also a moderator for Xbox

          • Atomolic

            Wel then get one please πŸ™

          • CABgamingProductions .

            You still there

          • Atomolic

            Hey when can you get the codes

          • Efren

            If you are in a Diamond clan and will invite me, I can give you the Xbox One code I have one!

          • CABgamingProductions .

            I only have my Xbox one right now, I’ll be to the 360 tomorrow but I can still get on

      • Tyler Ryan

        inv me if you can i have 1.80kd gt – High CBD

  • Love-Hate relationship

    Hey if anyone wants to join our clan on the 360 we are looking for non serious gamers but can get serious when the time comes. You need to have a mic and around the age of 17-19 and your Kd must be above a 1.3. Please send a message to my Gamertag: RaPiDtRiGaFiNgA and i will do some sort of tryout and see if you are good

    • CABgamingProductions .

      My kd is not quite that high( on its way back ) due to a tv mishap, but are you diamond? I’m of age and have a mic

      • Love-Hate relationship

        1 more win in platinum and we can qualify we can win but its just basically 3 people in our clan and everyone is on at separate times and i get retard teammates. im talking below .3 ratio teammates

    • Mobin Amanzai

      I’d like to join. 1.74 kd, 1.02 wl
      GT: Tirkkayyy

  • Tony Rambo

    My clan is in the Gold division.How can we get promoted for platinum?

  • John

    Hello, looking for people with a minimum 5.00 k/d, 10 W/L, and at least 200 hours played. We’ve won all clan wars so far in platinum division. We currently have 98 members. Our clan k/d is 5.42, our w/l is 97%. Last clan war we peaked with about 80 members on. First two people who meet the requirements, post your psn Id and I’ll invite you. Oh yeah, ps3 only.

    • aYonaut

      aYonaut on PS3
      I have 10 others with me close to those requirements

      • John

        You do not meet the k/d or w/l requirements. I’m obviously going to look at your profile before I invite you.

  • DMiLLZ-209

    Won 4 clan wars in Platinum, clan level 12. Going to Diamond now. PS3 add DMiLLZ-209Or apply in the app.
    Looking for funny chill guys who play to win but dont take it too serious. Mic please.

    • DMiLLZ-209

      DMiLLZ-209 or Ssssk

  • InFamous ELiT3

    I’m a little disappointed, because I compared the two, War Cry looks just like the Body Count. Its just a color, and slight pattern change.

  • InFamous ELiT3

    Oh, and btw, the less clan members you have, the easier. Try winning Clan Wars with a 50+ clan in order to compete against real monsters. Hope to see you on the wild side.

  • exeterman2

    Dammit I’m in a clan with only 3 active members, so it’s hard for us to win as we come up against clans with 12 fully active members

    • BleedROOK

      Join my clan JokaBrotherh00d.

  • Cdm

    If anyone needs a clan feel free to join HoriZon message xxMatricidexx we can all play together and get the stuff

  • CJ

    how uninspired and unoriginal.. exact same shit, and I mean shit as body count except with a new skin???? really?? lmao

  • iBoDyBiiiTCHeS

    Lookin for ACTIVE Clan members, Name of the Clan is GodlikeAbilities, Lvl 19, Diamond Division invite…..Look it up and Apply.

    • iBoDyBiiiTCHeS

      Preferably ONLY good people.

    • ImNotPrude

      Applied… Gt:ImNotPrude

      • A Gust O Wind

        My clan is recruiting.

    • Taylor

      2.18 kd, GT: Savage Monkey24, Xbox 360, active player

      • A Gust O Wind

        You could join mine.

  • A Gust O Wind

    I’ve got a clan, that has 7 active members, and we’re always looking for more! My gamertag is A Gust O Wind
    We’re an Xbox 360 Clan, but also are willing to have an Xbox One Division.
    If anyone is interested in being the Leader of the Xbox One Division, sent me a message on XBL, and I’ll get back to you.
    Or, if you’re interested in joining Xbox 360 Division, send me a message as well, and I’ll see if you’re worthy.
    We’re all active members, and will make it to Diamond Division!

    • A Gust O Wind

      We’re currently First in Gold Division

  • Markdg23

    Well guess this is worth a try my clan has 24 members most of which are active, we have won a platinum clan war already, and currently in first place for the current clan war. Clans stats: 1.60 kdr, 61% w/l, and level 17. Were mostly on xbox1 but are willing to add other consoles since we will be joining the diamond division soon. Clan name Killin n Grillin apply on app if you would like to unlock some sweet stuff and have some fun.

  • Sanntaa

    If anybody is interested in joining our clan we have a 1.5 clan KD, were level 16 in platinum with 16 members, and have just opted in for diamond division, add Sanntaa on psn if you’re interested, we play on ps3.

    • chris

      would love to join but i play on ps4
      1.6K/D and 1.5 W/L not the best but i play mostly solo (none of my friends have a ps4

    • YourFeats on Ps3

      Hey can i join ur clan? I hve been a commander of an platnuim. And i want to join your clan i have a 1.35kd and a 1.5 w/l

    • Brandon

      Can i join i have a 1.2 KD i usually play solo but im go ham everytime now that ive actually adjusted to the game PSN:game_changer-13

  • Brew

    Undefeated Clan Wars Squad Looking For New Talent. Clan Tag is Mupp we’ll be winning diamond contests msg me for more info…

    • Mobin Amanzai

      1.76 kd, 1.02wl
      Xbox 360 GT: Tikkayyy

  • Xecho

    Gais wot if gais gais listen gais wot if wot if gais gais wot if alien skin?

  • Aurora

    If you want a good clan to join, ours is recruiting. Worst Fear has 5 people with over a 2 k/d, and over a 3 w/l. We are in Diamond Division, and are the best if we scrim. Message Tyde Aurora or lnoperable (with an “L” instead of an “I” as the first letter).

    • longliveCOD

      hit me up, 2.97 kd, no camping, GT; L The Ideal, Xbox

    • Taylor

      2.18 kd, GT: Savage Monkey24, Xbox 360

  • Brandon R

    I want to join a legit PS3 clan even though im not the best i really want to join a winning minded clan i have a 1.2 KD and i usually get on once everyday. PSN:Game_changer-13

    • bRyan

      Join Divine. We are always looking for talented and passionate players. We currently focus on ps3 but we also have a ps4 division. My gt is bunx11
      Send me a message that says clan invite. Or message me on twitter @bunx11

  • bRyan

    Join Divine clan if you are an active member. We have 3 daily players but we are looking to expand. We have a 1.5KD and we win every clan war. (Currently in gold division) message me at gt bunx11
    PS3 and PS4 clan

  • Tyrone Alvarez

    Ps3 users:

    Whats up everyone I’m currently looking for more members to join our clan TaNgO SuCCa (TS). We are a new CoD Ghost clan but been a strong gaming clan for years and looking to start a strong CoD Clan. We are level 20 with 21 members already.We keep our members up to date 24/7 in clan wars an also we are in Diamond division just waiting for it to start next week.Now if you are looking for a clan and want to join TS please have a KD of at least 1.3 & have a mic

    PSN: G-TOWN_KiLLa409

    or can leave a comment here with your gamertag then I will send a invite your way.
    Thanks for your time =)

  • Tyrone Alvarez

    Ps3 users:

    Whats up everyone I’m currently looking for more members to join our clan TaNgO SuCCa (TS). We are a new CoD Ghost clan but been a strong gaming clan for years and looking to start a strong CoD Clan. We are level 20 with 21 members already.We keep our members up to date 24/7 in clan wars an also we are in Diamond division just waiting for it to start next week.Now if you are looking for a clan and want to join TS please have a KD of at least 1.3 & have a mic

    PSN: G-TOWN_KiLLa409

    or can leave a comment here with your gamertag then I will send a invite your way.
    Thanks for your time =)

    • Brandon

      Ok PSN:Game_changer-13

    • Glen Quainoo

      Can I still join, I have a +1.3kd but I dont have a mic

  • guest

    join my new clan add welshlad1980

  • Condemnt

    GT: Condemnt

    2.6 kd, looking for solid clan.

    Mssg me on xbox live, or invt. Looking for clans with a 1.9 + kd

    2.04 win loss.

  • Zman6776

    If anyone’s looking for an xbox one clan, I’m trying to start up my clan. I have a 3 KD and looking for players with similar stats, message me on zman6776

  • oTrigganomix-

    Hey everyone, this is oTrigganomix- . Platform PS3. Im currently in zTryhardz clan. Clan tag zTry. Were a Lv. 25 clan maxxed out with red clan tags. Were in Diamond Division having won our last Platinum war with 1049 cp. Looking to expand our clan .we have players on both native platforms. The requirements of entry would be a KD 2+ win percentage of 70%+ no hacked accounts at all. Ill check your stats & review with other liutenants also. Were a highly active clan.Msg me on PSN for more details @ oTrigganomix-

  • x Beliefs

    Hey people me and a buddy just started a new clan and are looking for new members. We have a 1.45 clan k/d and a 60% w/l. We are only looking for people with at least a 1.2 kd but if you don’t have one play a few games with us and we can see if you are good enough. Our clan is Borderline Skill so if you wanna join msg x Beliefs

  • KoSz

    Any one wanna join a ps3 clan we are currently gold

  • alteredizzy1010

    i need a clan to get this stuff im really good but im tired of not having friends that play ghosts

    • kn1ghthawke

      Already signed up for diamond division…. small solid clan looking for new members…. gamertag kn1ghthawke- clan triggerhappyrebel

  • Garrett

    My clan consists of me and my friend and we are in Platinum with just the 2 of us. If anyone would like to join who is decent and wants to help with Diamond division rewards send a message to AccursedVenom (Xbox). Clans are cross platform, so PSN members can join too.

  • Fiachra

    My clan won platinum with 5 members

  • kk23w

    Right now my clan got the invite to diamond division and we only have four people. We are trying to recruit before it starts because even though we gotten that far with just four people, I don’t think it’s going to be easy without more people.

    • SMKDleader

      The more people you have you have to make sure they are active players or it’s just gonna screw you over. You get placed with clans that have around the same amount of people. I learned that the hard way.

  • K.E.M

    My jaw dropped.

  • nawazii

    We are looking for very active players! With atleast 1.3 KD and atleast 48 hrs played on ghost! We dominated every clan war and are in the diamond division!! Add me on ps3 (nawazii) or (Pak in Power)…… you will be tried out by the 3 leaders! It’s hard to get in but definitely worth it!!!!

  • fredo

    Anybody want to join a lvl 23 clan kd does not matter just have to be very active message me at Brooklyn_Kid666


    I am Chinese this game not bad but the CODOL was cool better.

  • iamAeroo

    anyone who is looking for a ps3 clan (Forbidden Exiles) add iamAero for details. must have above a 1.5 KD and active, were in Diamond Division and level 20

  • CantanoRM

    I’m looking for a high leveled clan that plays a lot, wins clan wars and is from England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France.. That area. My kd is 2,53 (TDM 2,75), I have over 11 days gameplay, prestige 8. My PSN is CantanoRM, please add me. I’m currently in a level 14 clan, but they’re from the US, so I have a bad connection when I play with them.

  • Bombaygod

    GmC Clan 10 active members we are now in Diamond Div and we are looking for 4 new members …we have never lost a clan war Xbox 360 only hit me up if it sounds like you our times are 10pm-2am est for diamond so if you can’t get online around those times don’t bother GT xFoExRUGA 1001

  • A Gust O Wind

    I’ve got a clan, that has 12 active members, and we’re always looking for more! My gamertag is A Gust O Wind
    We’re an Xbox 360 Clan, but also are willing to have an Xbox One Division.
    If anyone is interested in being the Leader of the Xbox One Division, sent me a message on XBL, and I’ll get back to you.
    Or, if you’re interested in joining Xbox 360 Division, send me a message as well, and I’ll see if you’re worthy.
    We’re all active members, and will make it to Diamond Division!
    Currently Clan Level 13, and rising.

  • WilsonSR

    We moved up quick w only 5 ppl in the clan now we have 11 if you want to join add Wyte Wayne on X1 lvl 16 platinum one more win to join diamond.

  • @TheKenny3D

    Message GT: Venom Fayde if you need a clan

  • James Cole

    Aussies on ps4 who are looking for a clan. We’re enrolled in diamond. We are pretty much all hardcore players (13 or 14 of us) so core players would be welcome for the core nodes. Last war we held every hardcore node but I think only 1 core nodes. Main rules are no ragers and no squeekers so 18+ year olds only. Acid army. Psn-wazagod . Good gaming to all.

  • kn1ghthawke

    looking for new clan members … already signed up for diamond division..
    gamertag kn1ghthawke — clan triggahappyrebel

  • PLennz

    I want to join a clan on PS3 where all members play cod Ghosts actively and that’s in Diamond Division. I have a 1.398 K/D and a mic. Please consider it. Thanks
    PSN- Sea_Punk

  • Chase

    When will the war cry camo unlock. We finished 3rd in our diamond division.

  • Jseriouslee

    Join RNS clan were platinum division add jseriouslee

    • Hashtag

      Your clan is awful it’s in gold division

  • travis

    I’m looking for a diamond division i have allot of experience with all the call of duty game from final hour to ghosts, i am just looking for a good clan my clan i am in wont play anymore if you want to add me possibly xbox 360 fr me: Colonol Cranky

    • Hashtag

      But you have a 0.57 kd ??

  • John Pepper Jr

    This is pepperspray69 im in ECK “East Coast Killers” we are recruiting the very best and ppl willing to play clan wars we have already won 2 diamond divisions with only 10 ppl if interested message me on Xbox 360 and we will test u out