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Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming game Titanfall is receiving great reception amongst the gaming community all over the world.

Titanfall re-imagines an FPS game and introduces a completely new method of moving, running, climbing – and then there’s titans which any player has the ability to use.

The big question that many people are asking is whether or not Titanfall could be the Call of Duty killer, whether it be this year or in the near future. Whilst it’s very difficult to say given the completely different approach Titanfall is taking, it’s certainly unlikely it will put a dent into the Call of Duty fanbase “for the moment”.

Imagine Call of Duty as being the Apple of the gaming scene, the Call of Duty franchise is incredibly powerful and for that reason people continue to purchase the next instalment each year, either because they want to, it’s Call of Duty, or all their friends intend on playing it.

Call of Duty is a mass market title that appeals to casual, hardcore and professional gamers – whether it be you just want something to play after school/work or you play competitively, there’s elements within Call of Duty that cater to everyone.

Casual gamers are drawn to the laid back and ‘pick up and play’ nature of Call of Duty titles and may or may not delve into technicalities such as Create-a-Class, Perks and the other configurations within Call of Duty. Then you have regular, hardcore and professional gamers who have an array of added features and configurations at their disposal in order to increase their effectiveness as a player.

As quoted by Mark Rubin from Infinity Ward, the vast majority of Call of Duty players are in fact very casual gamers, and the ‘pick up and play’ nature of Call of Duty continues to appeal to the mass market. It could be assumed that many of our readers aren’t in fact ‘casual’ gamers and therefore we may see the future of Call of Duty differently.

“We have an enormous amount of players who are more in the casual game space, but they play a lot.” – “It’s kind of a weird, ironic thing to say. They aren’t hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night. – Mark Rubin.

Call of Duty takes a very simple approach and uses a ‘proven formula’ that continues to appeal to everyone and for that reason will likely continue to sell copies in great numbers for many years to come.

With that being said, whilst Titanfall won’t take the crown overnight, it has a very bright future ahead.

Watch our video discussing the above.

  • Mitch

    To the question:
    1). It first needs to be on all platforms, easy as that.
    2). Depends how EA treats Respawn, because it wouldn’t be surprising if EA gives the game set release dates like BattleField.
    3). Innovation. What can you innovate with TitanFall 2? (I’ve read/watched some Dutch TitanFall previews, and they said ”TitanFall already seemed to have reached it’s limits”).
    4). Depends on what CoD does in the future, obviously.

    • Avery Horton

      I don’t get how people can say it’s reached its limits, it’s not even out yet! You have no idea what Respawn plans for the next game!

      • KiLLaMaNiLLa

        Because those are morons who talk shit because they have a PS4 and aren’t getting it have fun with your COD on PS4.

  • Guest

    Titanfall looks great but i dont want it to kill cod 🙁

  • TheShadowReaper

    seriously? i mean really? TItanfall, that is going to launch only on PC and Xbox that the casual gamers arent even aware of its existence, that isnt in the same sub genre as COD, that game will pose a treat to COD? i dont want to sound like an asshole but, ridiculous is ridiculous enough.

    • HenryDF

      The main reason for people buying it (and the main reason for the hype surrounding it) is the fact that it’s made by the “good” CoD devs. Except…this view, this motive for buying it, is only really going to be possessed by the people who played the older CoD games.

      It’s also only on PC and Xbox. Oh dear.

      • TheShadowReaper

        i am one of those people. those “old school” COD gamers. i play COD since COD1 and no i dont find Titanfall appealing. + West and Zampella are traitors to one of my fav franchise of all time and thats COD. ++ its a game published by EA which is an instant turn off. i dont know about the rest of “old school” COD gamers but, this one isnt anything special for this old schooler over here.

        • Avery Horton

          You might have it backwards because activision was the asshole with their big shot corporate money whores that drove away west and zampella. It also shows how much loyalty the employees have when they all follow west and zampella and have no loyalty to activision. So think about that when you say they betrayed you.

          • TheShadowReaper

            thats what everyone is saying. and what everyone is saying always a lie.

          • i♥COD

            this Shadow fellow is full of rubbish and over poster!

            old school cod devs for the win!

          • TheShadowReaper

            said the rubbish itself. old school devs my ass.

          • Well the reason West & Zamp got in a lawsuit is because they were messing around with EA, and sure enough, then end up with EA. Could be because Activision didn’t like their ‘Titanfall’ Idea back in 2010.

            So really they did cheat on Activision with EA.

          • Cheifshane

            Nope, video gaming will end when the nukes hit and then you will be using that call of duty disk because there are so many for a cutting tool for mutated animal meat.

        • Josh

          We still don’t know what sledgehammer games has installed for this year. Yes, it has COD on the packaging BUT we don’t really know what they’re up to, it could be a completely new game – not just the same old evey year. For this reason I do not think Titanfall will kill CoD. We haven’t really seen what their game style or ideas are apart from there help in MW3. I think we’ll all be shocked with what they’ve gone for this year.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          You’re just stupid. Activision didn’t pay IW when they made MW2, they’ve said that they would pay them after they’ve made the DLC. After they’ve made the DLC there was some kind of problem with the paycheck, Activision then discovered that they were talking with EA, and sued them and EA. Activision are the bad guys in this story. If there’s someone working for you, you fucking pay them! END OF STORY!

          • TheShadowReaper

            you own a business. that business is going well. you and your subordinates are famous cause of this. you promise them that you will pay them when the job is done. the job comes close to be complete then you see your subordinates conspiring behind your back with the enemy businessman. so you’re gonna let them get away with it? like nothing happened? “its ok guys! get your paycheck while you conspire behind my back for my demise!” does that sound fine to you? cause i’m pretty sure whoever it was in the place of Activision would have done the same, and they are right about this. West and Zampella are assholes. end of story, as you say.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No. Activision HAS to pay people after they finish the game. The DLC is a completely different thing. It isn’t free, is it? No, it’s not. Activision was getting money for scratching their balls while IW was working on DLC and not getting payed for it. If you make a game, you get payed, then you make the DLC and get paid again. That’s how it works. MW2 was finished, they’ve made a ton of money out of IW’s work, not theirs, and yet they still don’t pay them, that’s the max money hungry you can get, not even paying your empoyees, which made you the company that you are. No, Activision are the assholes here. Then Vince and West saw that EA would treat them right, and give them the freedom they’ve always wanted since the beggining, AND THEY WOULD PAY THEM! And yes, it sounds completely reasonable! If I was working for Activision myself, had the talent that the old IW guys have, and my fucking boss wasn’t paying me although I was the one who made him rich, I would even think 2 times, I would say Au Revoir Motherfucker and the next day I would be over at EA.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah, EA, the moneygrabbing monolith, worst gaming company of our time, the publishers that suck out the imagination and work of the developers and wont show them respect. lets face it. the only reason why EA is treating Respawn not like the rest of their developers is just to get a piece of the COD market. else we would have seen something similar to Simcity and BF as a launch. well if they didnt want to get payed thats alright, after all they could have sued Acti if the contract wasnt met but instead chose to backstab them violating any contract that they had made with Activision which screams “asshole” right away. yeah the lowest morons in gaming history, West and Zampella. nothing can change how much of assholes they are.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Activision aren’t good either. 3 years without earning what they deserve? Fuck Activision. And yes, you’re right, but you’re also wrong. EA hired the old IW guys because they want to have the CoD money, just like Activision wants (and has). But they also hired them because they know that they’re one of the best FPS developers out there. EA knows how the old IW guys work, since they started in EA, they are the creator of Medal of Honor and the creators of CoD. They’ve been around, and they are very experienced. EA isn’t stupid enough to let them get away. But, in the end of the day, most of the publishers want more money. Rockstar is an example, unfortunately. Rockstar is probaby the best publisher out there, or at least the publisher with the best, most iconic games. But they’ve introduced pay-to-win on GTA Online, which means their slowly turning to the money-grabbing publishers side. The “worst” AKA the biggest money-whores in the gaming industry are EA and Activision. But most of the publishers are still good to us. Rockstar, Sony, 2K Games, Bethesda (is slowly getting in the money-grabbing side with The Elder Scrolls Online), Bungie (which is a game publisher/developer, but has a deal with Activision) Bohemia Interactive, Ubisoft and many more. But I think EA has or is learning their lessons as the time passes by, as well as Activision. But they’ve gotta stop with the micro-transactions.

          • TheShadowReaper

            and thats why this is called a controversy. no matter which standpoint you take on it you end up being both wrong and right. i’m just iritated that many think West and Zampella are right when in reality thats not the case, they are wrong too and in my opinion morally talking, they are in the wrong cause i assume that Activision being a company and such they have no morals, yet i expect from these two to have since they two people that were making games passionately. guess i was wrong! both West and Zampella are immoral pigs and care for nothing else than to hide under a publisher, release their game then ditch this publisher, goto1. and thats why i wont support them and any of their games for years to come. if not until i stop playing games that is.

          • V

            God dude, you are ignorant. Start writing and composing thoughts like an adult; go to college, for god’s sake! You’re 23, not 13.

            Also, just because you hold one entity to a higher standard and not another doesn’t mean it is right for the one to be immoral. Morals are morals. If it is good for the one, it is for the other. Get that.

          • TheShadowReaper

            is that literature you’re trying to sell me? sorry, but i’m not into that stuff. doesnt have to do with age. being 23 or 13, as long as you understand how this world works you’re good to go. and its pretty clear that you have no idea or just a simple piece of knowledge on what a business is. the word moral isnt on their dictionary. and thats ok, else they wouldnt have succeed on what they do. thats what a business is. an immoral machine that sells you stuff. but thats fine with me as long as they are quality products.

          • V

            Using that logical, you’re immoral for buying CoD games. Not much different from those Jason and Vince guys now, eh?

            College is not about literature, but actually being able to thoroughly understand and convey thoughts logically. Obviously that is something you struggle with.

            P.S. The word moral is in the dictionary. The definitive answer of what is or isn’t moral, though, is not. You definitely need college my man. You haven’t picked up a dictionary in a long time.

          • TheShadowReaper

            ehh? you are trying too hard to play it “the ascended college student that knows all and shall aid you with his knowledge” you are actually so sad its funny.

            btw college doesnt give you anything worth mentioning knowledge wise. i can easily find that knowledge in books or electronic form via the internet if i wish to so…you’re actually dumber than a cucumber, that much is obvious judging from your words previously.

            now onto the topic. i said that moral as a word isnt in a business’ dictionary, not whatever dictionary you wanna use. are you that stupid you didnt get that? as for being immoral for buying a COD game, no i am not. i’m actually buying a game to have fun. of course there are a lot of anti-consumer practices that a publisher such as Activision can use, but they use a few and these few doesnt take away from their product so no, they are actually ok. although there are other publishers such as EA which anti-consumer practices are so malicious its ridiculous. but i’ve stopped buying from EA many years now. also i am a lot of different that those Jason and Vince guys. they are actually game developers. creators. and the first thing a creator should do is put his work before his pocket, which is a thing that they dont do thus why hate despise them and i flag them as immoral. so there you have it. you can hide in a corner to hide your shame if you want. i countered all of your points, using logic, like you college kids do up there in the heavens or wherever you study your precious books and stuff. lol…

          • V

            It has nothing with ascended college student. Simply, I am pointing out that you cannot carry a logical conversation. You can get it from books, but it seems like you don’t have the mental discipline to go it alone. I know many people who have never gone to college and they are fine. But that is due to the fact they have actually read books.

            Moral is in the business dictionary. Look it up!

            Finally, rationalization is a horrible thing. If they withhold payment from the developers, then you turn around and buy it, you are aiding in worker rights violations. I also like how you justify purchasing from a disgusting money hungry entity, but say that the people behind the actual project can’t. Guess what, Jason and Vince are also business people. Therefore, it is not immoral to put their business ventures ahead of their creative ones. They’re just like Activision, out to make money. Just because they ACTUALLY do the leg work, doesn’t mean they’re immoral.

            Have fun on CoD this weekend, that’s all you know anyway.

          • TheShadowReaper

            cannot carry a logical convo? and how can you prove that? i didnt see you trying to prove that or counter me on an argument you just continue your boring monologue making points out of your ass and talk about how books give knowledge that nobody actually needs to be logical, yet for some unknown reason you say they are. pretty interesting. i though you said i was the one not using logic in this convo…yeah.

            leg work or not, they were developers of COD MW2. they would have been paid eventually, you cant say they would have been. but is that their creative vision? a broken game with OMA noobtubes/RPGs, UMP45, G18, Striker, ridiculously OP killstreaks that stack and i could go on and on for hours? + ditching us the MW2 gamers back in the day with no further updates. yeah thats quite bad and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. ofc Activision is to get a percent of the blame but they werent the ones developing the game, IW was with the heads, West and Zampella. there are developers out there that make games with passion cause they are actually gamers. while i dont like Notch at all, he is one, Treyarch is another company with passion behind their games. Sledgehammer games former Visceral Games are quite amazing too. +++ so many more. when you are a developer that you actually make games for money as the main reason you pretty much lose all credibility for me. ofc i cant prove that but you can actually see the passion of the developer and the enthusiasm behind the game when you play one. and MW2 was all business and no enthusiasm at all.

          • V

            If what I say is a monologue, then what you’re saying is as well. You are so misinformed. You need to READ up on the whole thing. Activision was the one constantly pushing release dates. MW2 was a cluster because it was shoved into a two year window when the staff was already burned out.

            Developers that make great games aren’t forced into constant releases by publishers. They have say over what they make, how they feel about it, and when they feel its ready. IW did not have that privilege at the time. Treyarch has passion, so does Sledgehammer. But I don’t see them making anything new or exciting. Its the same basis for every single game.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Oh BTW, I AM SURE YOU ARE NO MORE THAN 16 years old. (If you say older older, you’re either lying, which doesn’t destroy your dignity and make you a pussy, AT ALL. Or, and I’m sorry to tell you this, you’re gonna have to grow the fuck up!) And you say you play CoD since CoD 1? AH, that’s funny. YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT, WHEN YOU WERE 4-6 YEARS OLD YOU WERE PLAYING COD? That’s even more funny and very easy to believe, after all, it makes fucking sense right? In 2003 TheShadowReaper was playing CoD, while his mom/dad was preparing him a bath. Please, at least try to be convincing when you lie. Please, you just made yourself look stupid.

          • TheShadowReaper

            wow, such anger and stupidity. i think all of us and by us i mean whoever read your comment knows that you are still in puberty…*sign*. btw i am 23 years old, playing COD since it started back in the day.

      • 111AlaN111

        No. I didn’t play previous CODs, but still I want Titanfall. It looks great it has big improvements and is highly rated. I don’t care who made it

      • smayo

        The main reason is that it plays just like cod, the reason cod still sells millions of copies every year is that there is no real alternative for it, TF fills that gap with its similar playstyle, it has everything what makes cod addictive (level progression, perks, tons of challenges, unlocks etc) the fact that it is a MS exclusive prevents it to become a real thread to cod for now but it sure has the potential to do it in the near future

    • Josh

      It looks like it’s going to have more competition with halo and destiny not CoD. The style seems to be more similar to them and not CoD. CoDs only completion is BF and we all now cod has more sales every year because it’s more arcade so casual gamers are drawn into it as well as it’s reputation- people just get it because it is CoD.

      • TheShadowReaper

        yeah except one thing. BF is not a simulator. its an arcade shooter with big maps and vehicles.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Battlefield isn’t an arcade shooter. But it isn’t a simulator either.

          • TheShadowReaper

            then what is it, BF fanboy? give me your description of its gameplay (which is the game that is closer to COD gameplay wise btw). i wanna hear it, tell me!

            ps: ofc its not simulator, no shit sherlock.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Damn, looks like we got a hostile son-of-a-bitch here. You abviously don’t know what “arcade” means. CoD is an “arcade shooter” because it doesn’t change it’s gameplay, they can’t, since the gameplay of CoD is so “perfect”. Battlefield had a big overhaul/change on its gameplay in Battlefield 3. So no, Battlefield is not even close of been an arcade shooter.

          • TheShadowReaper

            definition of arcade and realism/tactical shooters. lets take a look on that.

            Tactical or how we call it today, realism/simulation shooters are the shooter games that are in first person perception and concentrate on realism and simulation like gameplay like the Rainbow Six series, Operation Flashpoint and Arma series. these tend to be really close to in real life scenarios and thats why they get the sub genre “simulator”.

            Arcade shooters on the other hand are the exact opposite. ditching the simulation or keeping it at very low levels, they instead focus on gunplay, action and flashy/spectacular and non real scenario events happening in game, thus earning the sub genre “arcade”.

            BF, like COD is in the arcade sub genre of FPS games. like COD it has a small amount or realism but thats to be expected, they depict guns being shot, its only natural to have some realism on that but other than that they dont have any huge portion or simulation into them. games like Arma and RainbowSix do though and thus can be called “simulators”. another comment, another lesson. you learn something new everyday. be glad that you argue with me for that.

          • Battlefield 4 is the same, boring shit as battlefield 3 ^

          • Penguin-Kun

            BF is an arcade game. It’s not “real” or just like war.
            Plus, arcade games don’t have to be the same thing, like Mario.
            Super Mario Bros. came first then Super Mario World came like it but in a different “formula”. BF4 has the same formula as BF3, BFBC2 has the same formula as BFBC, and BFP4F (Worst FPS ever played) has the same formula as BFBC and BFP4F. Funny how you say that CoD doesn’t change it’s gameplay, but Battlefield doesn’t change too. CoD acted like the old BF, BF was mostly one year games with gamepacks, and it’s still the same.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Dude, he’s pointing out that it’s not an arcade shooter. Does that make him a fanboy? No. Calm down.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i made a comment on why BF is an arcade shooter, or why should be considered arcade. i call him BF fanboy cause he is one, he makes invalid points as to why BF isnt arcade while it is and probably thinks that calling BF arcade is an insult to the game of some sort cause when he hears “arcade” he thinks of COD and that makes him fanboying over the comment section. he’s not pointing out anything. he is just here to piss COD fans the fuck off. and dont worry i am calm, else i would have opened fire at him.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            All he said was “Battlefield isn’t an arcade shooter. But it isn’t a simulator either.” and you called him a fanboy. For what? He was pointing out that it wasn’t. You’re the one that seems pissed off. The second someone even mentions BF, you immediately get defensive. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like BF, but you’re the fanboy, not him.

          • TheShadowReaper

            well you’re using the wrong word here. i’m not a COD fanboy when i talk about BF, i’m a BF hater when i talk about it. yeah its true, DICE has made the game so bad and shitty that i actually hate this franchise. imagine that i was a huge fanboy of BF until BC2. how can you screw up your games so bad though is beyond me. so dont take it like i’m COD fanboying when i talk to him, i’m actually hating BF. and yes there is a difference in that.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, I get the difference. It still didn’t make him a BF fanboy just for saying it’s not an arcade shooter, he was just pointing something out.

      • 111AlaN111

        BF doesn’t compete with COD, talking on sales and economy.

        • lumps-of-a-god

          Everyone stop…

          • 111AlaN111

            COD best seller in December and January, in your ass

    • fires

      I wonder why everyone fights about who/what’s best… I really don’t give a shit, COD is fun, but i also like BF, and im more bummed that wont be able to play TF(ps3 player/decent pc rig)

    • i♥COD

      TitanFall will be a hit till novemeber and COD will regain control. It only has a chance this year due to GHOSTS massive failure.

      • KiLLaMaNiLLa

        Highly doubtful with sledgehammer games at the helm. I mean i hope they create something good.But after seeing what they did with MW3 we will have to wait and see.

    • yoyoyo

      After experiencing the Titanfall beta, this game will pick up a lot of steam and WILL pose a MAJOR threat to the CoD series. To think that it won’t is just ridiculous.

      #1. The game offers the crispness of old CoD, yet in completely new and unique environment.
      #2. The gun-play is very similar to the infamous CoD series.

      #3. The game runs perfect on medium-spec machines.

      People are sick of CoD. Why? Because it’s the same re-hashed crap year after year. From the PC point of view, people will start to prefer Titanfall.

      This game will spread like wildfire. Just watch. It’s 10x better than the last 4 CoD launches.

      • TheShadowReaper

        it wont pose shit to COD. it launches now cause they know they cant compete with COD on november. BF can hardly steal just a few COD sales, what makes you think that a new franchise can?

        #1 but its not COD, and that matters.

        #2 the gunplay is similar but for those who dont like mechs the game is already dead. there are a lot of us out there.

        #3 old COD games run perfect on low to medium PC systems. Ghosts is just a bad port from Raven. else all COD games run amazingly on low to medium systems. BO2 did and all COD games before Ghosts. dont take into account just an entry in the franchise. you’re being completely unfair.

        why people are sick of COD? yeah maybe its quite the same, with Ghosts that was the biggest case for me personally. why people love COD though? because its COD. period.

        better than BO1? thats the most hilarious thing i’ve ever heard. hell, this game cant even beat BO2 tbh. you’re being ridiculous.

  • I think the next games from Respawn Entertainment will pose a threat to cod

  • Guest

    If titanfall is really that good, than i guess Treyarch and Respawn will own the FPS market

  • “Whilst it’s very difficult to say given the completely different
    approach Titanfall is taking, it’s certainly unlikely it will put a dent
    into the Call of Duty fanbase “for the moment”.”

    Releasing in March I think it seriously has the ability to make a “dent” in the COD fan base given the level of unhappiness and lower sales base of COD:Ghosts. Will Titanfall have the ability to hold that fan base is the better question. It is definitely a different game but I think a lot of people are being sold on the idea that it is partially developed by previous COD developers – which is the wrong way to go because that really doesn’t mean a thing in reality.

    • HenryDF

      I think they should have put it straight up against CoD – at the moment, it’s at that point where people are starting to get bored of the CoD game released in November. March is typically when people start to play new games.

      However, Titanfall is probably gonna get boring by the time November comes around. To be specific, it doesn’t have a proper campaign or anything like Zombies or Extinction.

      It’s a decision that I doubt is gonna dent either drastically. Putting them up against eachover would have had far more potential to “make a dent” in either.v

      • Avery Horton

        Cod didn’t have zombies until the 5th installment and nobody plays the campaign, it’s integrated into titanfall, do some research

        • jordanxbrookes

          Nobody as in you don’t play the campaign.

        • HenryDF

          You don’t play the campaign. Quite a lot of other people do. Stop being so fucking ignorant.

      • Aldo

        I don’t think it was tactical I think they just wanted to make sure the game was ready. As for the longevity of Titanfall we’ll just have to wait and see. I suspect you may be right but they may have something up their sleeve.

    • TheShadowReaper

      sales reaching billion dollars in revenue (yet again!) is such a letdown right? i really cant stand uninformative people. especially the ones who have the nerve to talk about a topic they nothing about. it has the ability to do nothing to COD. especially with such a huge gap between the release of next COD and the lack of content that Titanfall has.

      • Uninformative… topic I know nothing about… sure – as if you know me at all? On the contrary I actually know quite a bit about the sales figures & player count of the series since I have been actively tracking it every game.

        Sales may be in the billions but it did not reach sales expections and it did not out-sell Black Ops 2 through launch – this is well documented. So yes I am sure this is a big letdown for both Infinity Ward & Activision. On top of that; have you seen player counts? People are losing interest in the game quickly and it is barely into DLC season. No matter what way you look at it the game did not and is not doing well.

        • TheShadowReaper

          so just because it didnt surpassed BO2 in sales it didnt reached expectations? are you for real? it earned billions as i said just like the previous COD games. it earned a little less but who cares, the sales expectations have been achieved for sure.

          seen what player counts? is there actually a way to confirm this? the game still has 500k people on its peak hours only in europe on Steam, cant imagine what is happening at old ‘Murica over there. so your counter arguments are just the ones you hear from haters with no base evidence whatsoever. gj.

          • 500K people on Steam just in Europe!?!… I’m going to disregard any other discussion on this topic due to that comment right there.

      • Aldo

        Your comment reeks of hypocrisy! How can you accuse someone of being uninformed whilst in the same sentence bash a game you know little about? Titanfall has yet to be released and until it does any comments on its content are mere speculation as are any assumptions on the loyalty of CoD’s fanbase post TF release.

        • TheShadowReaper

          i know little about? teasers, posters, trailers, actual gameplay footage videos, more gameplay from YTbers this month on Titanfall beta. yeah i know so little about the game, right? moronic idiot.

          • Aldo

            Yeah I’ve seen all that too but I still don’t know much about the content of Titanfall as very little has been released about it but I guess you do right? So why don’t you enlighten us with your inside knowledge and tell us exactly what content there is in Titanfall?

          • TheShadowReaper

            from the beta we’ve seen only 5 guns locked, 3 titans and thats pretty much it. it has some grenades options and perks and stuff but the content of those is really low in numbers. it just seems that you’ll be jumping around in various maps and game modes. the content that the game has is really not much. i didnt expected more from 70 people though, what infuriates me is that you wont admit that its content is nearly nothing when compared to other FPS games like COD and BF. is that the so called “COD killer”? meh. more bullshit for the hype train to go balls out when Titanfall is a train wreck itself and will be dead before the end of summer.

          • Aldo

            “from the beta…”? C’mon, you know as well as I do that you can’t gauge a game’s content from it’s beta! There could be a whole load of content that they’ve kept under wraps from maps, gamemodes through to weapons, equipment etc. What I’m trying to say is that none of us can accurately judge it until we have experienced the full game for ourselves. You may turn out to be right but at this stage none of us know which is why I think you’re wrong to compare it’s content with CoD, BF or any other FPS.

  • HenryDF

    Ultimately, I doubt it ever will.

    1) It’s not on PS3/PS4, therefore it’s losing out on a huge chunk of sales.
    2) It lacks longevity without being ridiculously repetitive…you can’t have WW2 or modern day Titanfall, only the era in which the Titans exist and beyond that.
    3) It’s very easy for it to not live up to its hype, or to be a one-hit-wonder.
    4) There’s the risk of Respawn breaking from EA.
    5) CoD has an established market. Titanfall doesn’t. Despite not always being hugely well recieved, CoD always just sells and sells and sells.
    6) Titanfall, as a game, lacks a reason for people to play it for a long time – it has one multiplayer, and that’s it. No proper campaign or alternate mode (Zombies, Extinction etc.)

    • Edwin Cortez

      I dont belive that this game alone is not gonna kill COD, but if they make a huge impact in Xbox and PC, is gonna be a tough life for cod on those platforms.

    • Avery Horton

      1) who plays the campaign anyways? No one
      2) did COD 1 have zombies? Not until the fifth one
      3) how long did it take COD to become a popular multiplayer game? Not until the 4th one
      4) the game isn’t out yet, so don’t judge it yet, you have no idea if it has longevity or what Respawn has planned for the future
      5) cod didn’t really have an established fan base until the 4th one, titanfall already has many people lined up to play
      6) zampella said that future games are coming to the playstation, anyways, halo was an xbox exclusive, but it was the most popular fps for a long time

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’ll have you know that I play the Call of Duty campaigns and even complete it on Veteran Difficulty. Just because you don’t play the campaign doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t. Ignorance is the term for you.

      • HenryDF

        1) who plays the campaign anyways? No one
        2) did COD 1 have zombies? Not until the fifth one
        3) how long did it take COD to become a popular multiplayer game? Not until the 4th one

        I play the campaign, and I always really enjoy them loads. Before WaW, it didn’t have Zombies, however a “side mode” has become almost vital in many games. It’s an oppurtunity for players to try something different both throughout their main experience and once they’ve completed that. CoD was still a popular game before CoD4, and it wasn’t just based on multiplayer.

        4) the game isn’t out yet, so don’t judge it yet, you have no idea if it has longevity or what Respawn has planned for the future
        5) cod didn’t really have an established fan base until the 4th one, titanfall already has many people lined up to play
        6) zampella said that future games are coming to the playstation, anyways, halo was an xbox exclusive, but it was the most popular fps for a long time

        I’m not judging it, I’m simply saying that judging by examples from practically every game ever, people gradually start to lose interest about 6 months after release, particularly in the FPS genre. I’m not saying everyone will lose interest, but the primary market typically will.

        Titanfall does not have as many people lined up to play…because it’s on PC and Xbox. You’re forgetting the 4.2 million people who play on PS4, and the 80 million on PS3. 84.2 million potential gamers is quite a large figure to overlook.

        And you’re kinda missing the point saying that future games are coming to PS…given the current status of gaming, the lack of Titanfall on PS currently is gonna make a huge difference.

      • You are full of ignorance

      • TuTKoKmoLLi

        Back than there were not as many games as there are today. Titanfall is kinda similar to Crysis (it ended quickly) . All i want to say is that today many games are released and a big part of them doesn’t succed. But I hope it will be a good game.

      • Penguin-Kun

        1) I do. It’s important when trying to know and it’s interesting.
        It’s like saying you play GTAOnline in GTAV but don’t play the story mode, my stupid cousin doesn’t play story modes, he’s dumb but not that I don’t hate him since I don’t.
        2)We won’t know if TitanFall will have sequels. Things are added in them.
        3) That’s multiplayer, though.4) Funny how everyone says that to CoD being shitty, yet they buy it which is really odd.
        5)Those people are interested in mostly multiplayer and online. CoD didn’t have online multiplayer until CoD 4:MW.
        6) He’s talking about one game not other games, which is TitanFall.

        • Avery Horton

          What are u smoking? COD has had online since the second one, do some research before you open your mouth and look like a dumbass.

          • Penguin-Kun

            Wow, you’re that mad just because of one answer being wrong? You pal, act too immature for one small answer, and I see that others are correct about your stupid “smart ass” being so mad about a reply. I didn’t say anything mean to you, and saying something wrong wouldn’t be looking like a dumbass, it’s to sound like a dumbass. I don’t care if you like it the games or not, but you don’t have to hate them hear.

            P.S. I know that you like to dislike comments whenever your wrong. Typical hater, and I’ll bet that you’ll dislike this, too. What a hater.

            When CoD 4 came out, that’s when it was in actual multiplayer when the game came more fast paced, and that was the formula of the newer CoDs. CoD 4 didn’t look “like” CoD 3 or 2 at all so it changed. Sure I forgot about it too, but I specifically mean when Multiplayer started to changed.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      1) EA CFO said that Titanfall is a “franchise will be around for a long, long time.”
      2) CoD is “ridiculously repetitive” as well. And just changing the time won’t make it less repetitive.
      3) Millions of people are awaiting for the game, + it’s the devs that made CoD the juggernaut that it is. If CoD 4/MW2 never came out, CoD wouldn’t be as big.
      5) Read “3)”
      6) The Title says “Does Titanfall pose a threat to Call of Duty?”, not “Does Titanfall pose a threat to Call of Duty: Ghosts?” which makes your point ( “6)” ) extremely invalid, since you’re comparing a game to a franchise. CoD isn’t a game, it’s a franchise. You can’t compare a game to a franchise. And since it was confirmed that there will be more Titanfall games and we know nothing about them, we can’t just assume that there won’t be campaign/Co-Op. + what you said makes no sense (this –> “lacks a reason for people to play it for a long time”) because CoD 4 and MW2 didn’t had a (good) Co-Op, no one played it, but MW2 was still been played after 2 and a half years, CoD4 is still been played today by many. OH, BATTLEFIELD 2, which has a huge ammount of players still plaing it never had a campaign, neither did it have Co-Op soo, no, you’re completely wrong.

      • HenryDF

        Point 6 – “Titanfall, as a game, lacks a reason for people to play it for a long time – it has one multiplayer, and that’s it. No proper campaign or alternate mode (Zombies, Extinction etc.)”

        A “side-mode” has been around for CoD since WaW (which was 2008, I believe). Not only are you completely ignorant to the actual content of CoD, but your CoD4, MW2 and BF2 examples are horrifically outdated.

        I’m talking about now – not 2007, 2008 or 2009. This is 2014. Modern, next-gen games are what matters. AC4, Tomb Raider, CoD:Ghosts, GTA V, Watchdogs – all these games have a “side-mode”. So please, stop throwing your dated, fanboy-hormone driven examples at me.

        Your entire response is extremely contradictory. First you say “Titanfall as a franchise will be round for a long time”, then you call it a game.

        Then you say that the title of the article has “Call of Duty” in it, which implies that the entire article is about the “Call of Duty” franchise, rather than Ghosts. And yet you accuse my point of being invalid since you can’t be arsed to read both my point and the article properly. (“the Title says “Does Titanfall pose a threat to Call of Duty?”, not “Does Titanfall pose a threat to Call of Duty: Ghosts?” which makes your point ( “6)” ) extremely invalid, since you’re comparing a game to a franchise.”).

        Congratulations. You’ve made yourself look like a twat.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          HOLY SHIT, you’re fucking stupid. Did I ever say that CoD never had Co-Op? No. I said that it didn’t had a good Co-Op (CoD 4 and MW2) and yet a huge ammount of people still play it, as well as BF2, which makes your stupid point invalid, since you said that “Titanfall, as a game, lacks a reason for people to play it for a long time”. Ye, tell me about it. And just because it’s 2014, people’s minds won’t change. If the game’s good enough, people will play it for a long time.
          And please, PLEASE, tell me where the fuck did I say refer Titanfall as a game? The only thing I said was “Millions of people are awaiting for the game” because people don’t wait for “the franchise”. You were the one comparing the game to the franchise. I didn’t even read the article, and I didn’t need to because you were pointing out why you think and not talking about the article itself. I said that the title said “blablabla” because you aren’t even referring the article. You were comparing Titanfall (game) to Call of Duty (franchise) which makes no fuking sense.

          Oh, and we’re in 2014 right? Where every game has side-modes right? InFamous: Second Son, Destiny (it isn’t called a “side-mode” since is implemented the game is Co-Op only, but you can play on you own.) almost the same thing is for Watch Dogs, The Order: 1866, The Witcher 3, and the biggest of them all – THE DIVISION! (which isn’t even releasing this month) Please, shut the fuck up, you’re making youself look stupid.

          • TheShadowReaper

            just shut up. he beat you really bad in this. he made his point and you failed to make yours. enough, go home.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            First of all, shut the fuck up, you just “walk” in a duscussion that has nothing to do with you.
            All second of all…”What you just said is the most insanelly idiotic thing I have read in awhile. At no point… in your rambling incoherent responses were you even close to anything…that can beconsidered a racional thought. Everyone that reads your comments, is now dumber…for having “listened” to it. I award you no points….and may God have mercy on your soul.”

          • TheShadowReaper

            – this is the internet. i can “walk” into a discussion whenever i feel like it.

            – “in a duscussion that has nothing to do with you” nothing to do with me? i saw you typing “COD”. after that you should be aware that has to do with anyone that plays the game and has his own opinion about it including me.

            – the last point i can really say anything. you just do random rambles which make no sense. i guess your anger got you for real.

          • RegaDega

            Seriously, dude, you always make yourself look like an idiot whenever you start an argument on this site. Give it rest, man

    • Tyrant Era

      Titanfall will dominate COD, It’s more entertaining to play. I’m pretty sure it will be a 1 year game like COD. A titanfall will come out every year. DLC will more then likely kick ass. so you HenryDF saying this stuff, isn’t really effective. Who cares if it’s not on PS3/PS4 a lot more people have the Xbox. PS4 burns peoples houses down, maybe thats why they didn’t release it on PS4, they don’t want their Amazing game in a shitty machine

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Titanfall will not come out every year, that makes no sense.

      • Kobrah

        There are more ps3/4s than there are Xbox360/ones.

  • Daniel M

    I think destiny would be more of a blow to Cod really but nothing will knock cod off just yet.

    • Avery Horton

      It’s not even the same type of game, it’s an mmo/RPG that is set in a halo-like world with magic, so it is not even remotely related to COD, plus it’s published by activision, so they wouldn’t be that stupid to take away sales from their own franchise

    • hisup

      Not even the same genre. If it even will knock anything out, that would be Halo.

    • 111AlaN111

      I don’t think of Destiny as a great deal. We still don’t know much about it. Titanfall is much more awaited and has much more awards and stuff. The only big thing for Destiny is that it will be for Xbox and PS

    • TheShadowReaper

      the only downside to Destiny is that it doesnt come out on PC. come on Bungie, wtf!

  • ccrows

    It’s gonna put a dent into the Ghosts/BO2 online numbers for the first couple weeks but that’s really it.

    ^ (We’ve seen this before with BF, GTA, ETC. Eventually people come back to playing COD after trying the new games out).

    At the end of the day TF is a “Sci-Fi FPS shooter” with mechs and jetpacks that’s not gonna appeal to the masses. On top of that, it’s excluded from the Sony fanbase.

    TBH I was more worried about BF4 and COD survived that…

    • Edwin Cortez

      Battlefield has another feel, they are FPSs but COD and BF dont look all that a like. But titanfall feels more like cod, Activision should be worried when they see the numbers if the match or pass COD Ghosts numbers on pc and xbox.

  • help me

    What do you say, should I buy an used Xbox 360 just to play titanfall? I have PS4 and PS3.. I’ll rather play on console than on PC. I can get an used Xbox 360 for 150 euros. What do you say?

    • Mitch

      Ask yourself: is one single game worth the price of an used Xbox 360, XBL and the price for the game?
      You say you can get one for €150,-, so that means if you wanna play TitanFall for 1 year, you’re gonna have to pay €150,- (Xbox) + €60 (TitanFall) + €50,- (1 year XBL Gold), meaning you have to pay €260,- for a single game, and then you can’t play it after one year unless you want to play more.

    • Chris Mason

      I don’t like mouse and keyboard either, but I’d honestly say buy a PC if you’re going to buy anything. I wouldn’t buy a console for just one game. At least with a PC it has more use than just gaming.

    • 111AlaN111

      Buy and Xbox One when it is cheaper, it has very good exclusives.

  • Noxiosus

    Titian fall is over hyped, it will die out in 2 weeks max.

    • Mitch

      I think 2 weeks is a bit hash, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a few months.

    • #hashtag

      Just like Crysis’ multiplayer.

  • I think it could steal a lot of cod players, not enough to “kill” cod… but certainly, enough to lower their sales and have a big community of players. It depends on the overall quality of the game and its gameplay. If the game is fun and competitive, it will rule all other fps.But if TF is just hype and it releases as an unpolished, buggy and boring game, it will kill the name for ever not making possible a 2nd part.

  • Jim

    “Whether it be this year or in the near future.”
    THAT is the KEY.

    Vince Zampella has already hinted that Titanfall2 will NOT be an exclusive title.

    So… With a good buzz from Titanfall, and then Titanfall 2 coming to the PS4… We could very well have a COD killer in the near future.

  • The Flash

    it may dent current COD online players

  • Ryumoau

    Titanfall looks interesting but the fact that its microsoft exclusive already seals its fate in terms of whether it will top Call of Duty sales wise. Also, i’m not sure the millions of people who enjoy CoD will just automatically jump to that series. The same way Battlefield never gained the same momentum of CoD despite so many people proclaiming it as the CoD killer when 3 came out.

    Both Battlefield and Titanfall have different playstyles to CoD. People who enjoy the fast paced arcadey nature of CoD won’t neccessarly enjoy the more team based focuses of the other two franchises. I can only speak on battlefield as far as actually playing it, but i never really cared for the extremly huge maps or the delayed respawn timers. It was frustrating have to run half way across a huge map just to be killed, wait a couple seconds to respawn, then be killed again. That just wasn’t fun at all to me.

    Titanfall looks more compelling with the mechs but i think the jumping mechanics and the heavy team coordination focus could turn people off at first. So for me personally, CoD will always be my main FPS series because i love its arcadey feel. But i’m willing to at least try Titanfall if it ever comes to playstation.

  • Caleb

    Call of Duty is the Apple of gaming? So Call of Duty sucks? I think you meant to compare it to Samsung since Samsung is the largest smartphone seller in the world. But then again we all know that the charlieintel folks are ignorant Apple fanboys.

  • Demonoid

    This game will have its fan and will be a great game but can’t see it being a cod killer seeing that its pc and xbox only…..Can see it being kinda like Gears of War…Another reason games can’t beat COD is because the seasoned COD players who are fed up with the game still go on and buy the new release every year LOL

  • Edwin Cortez

    People gotta understand that COD is not gonna die instantly, if its gonna die its going to happen slowly, like happened to a Franchise like medal of Honor. COD popularity is decreasing and mainly because of Activision, treyarc and infinity ward fault. Lets hope it doesn’t dies.

    • Mick

      Medal of Honor is not dead (if ur talking about Medal of Honor 2010) there’s lots of people still playing it and same goes for Medal of Honor warfighter.

      • Edwin Cortez

        The hype is dead theb the game is more than likely dead… Warfighter was basically a CQB BF3 and failed miserably. I think that cod4 has more active players in comparison to the last medal of honor games.

        • Mick

          Yeah that true but In MOH 2010 I still see people playing it just not as much as when the game first came out. The only reason why I like MOH games a little bit more is because they got killstreaks. And that’s something to go after. I remember calling in that last killstreak, I believe it’s the cruise missle. That shut shook the entire map once it hit the ground. And then you got 2X score after that. All in all, I think it’s really the CQB’s that drive people into the game. Same goes for the killstreaks.

  • BlueStorm017

    Despite all the flack that COD gets, its a solid game with a huge reputation and fanbase. It’s going to take time and more than one game to take down COD. That being said though, with games like Titanfall upping the game, COD has to keep up as well or it will sink over the coming years. But really, I think COD is just going to be one of those things that sticks around for a very long time. Also, I think Titanfall will be in more competition with Halo and Destiny rather than COD.

  • Josh

    We still don’t know what sledgehammer games has installed for this year. Yes, it has COD on the packaging BUT we don’t really know what they’re up to, it could be a completely new game – not just the same old evey year. For this reason I do not think Titanfall will kill CoD. We haven’t really seen what their game style or ideas are apart from there help in MW3. I think we’ll all be shocked with what they’ve gone for this year.

  • Matt

    Pose a threat not one bit can people not understand that the game is not cross platform so it will not kill it.

  • TiiK tAc ToE

    Won’t even touch it

  • Rade

    I will say this, the main deterrent for me concerning Titanfall is the community, as they harp on about it being the “COD-killer”.
    When your community is formed through the hatred of a game, then you have problems, case in point, the Battlefield franchise

  • Ed

    i think it coming out in march means that cod coming out probably 8 months after and not on all consoles sort of ensures that it won’t kill cod, in my opinion.

  • K.E.M

    Titanfall is xbox and pc,not cross platform like CoD. Titanfall has 20 ft robots,near halo future. CoD is cross platform,more casual. Trust me I played a bit of titanfall,both can co-exist in my opinion.

  • Mick

    I think Titanfall is going to be the COD killer because first off Titanfall looks 10X more amazing then ghost. Secondly, the gameplay that I have seen from Titanfall kinda has that “arcade style” that COD has lost. And the peoe that are making Titanfall are the developers that made the first COD which as a matter of a fact, they probably know an “arcade style” of play because past CODS had that fun-factor in them. (This is all just my opinion).

  • Sal

    Titanfall is basically Blacklight: Retribution + Quake. Nothing else.

  • some2example2

    it’ll at most be a halo killer, it’s on 2 platforms, and there’s destiny, bf4, call of duty, plus a new battlefront to play.

    maybe if respawn weren’t such dunces and put out a full court press on all platforms, and hype the crap out of it, it could dent call of duty because it’ll have a massive fan base.

    plus, it hasn’t even come out yet, when it does, you’ll hear “the bots are overpowered, it lags, hit markers, the anti-titan launcher needs to get nerfed etc.

    plus bots with auto aim with a few thrown in human players isn’t multiplayer. and it doesnt even have a single player campaign.

    the fanbase is going to be tiny compared to other games.

  • FeboooH

    IMO, Titanfall is way to over-hyped, it looks good, but repetetive as hell.
    I think that the first months, Titanfall will have a huge fanbase, but after that, the new COD comes out, and everyone will jump back on that.

    Titanfall has potential, but I dont think it’ll be enough to Kick COD of the throne

  • P-_-O-_-O-_-N

    Anyone remember a little game callled “Brink?” Exactly. It was supposed to be the COD killer by Bethesda. Everyone and their mother was staying that it was innovative, customizable, and fun (which it was) and that it would steal COD gamers away in perpetuity. Not the case, not even close. Where Brink faded to obscurity COD is still here. As much as people “hate” Ghosts, they still bought it, and now that it’s been a couple of months since release and the true COD community (not 3arc or IW fanboys) have gotten used to the fact that Ghosts is nothing like previous CODs, Ghosts reviews have began to be more positive. Check the forums, blogs, reddit, it speaks volumes about the difference between fans of the COD franchise and developer fanboys. Titanfall reminds me allot of the hype over Brink back when it first came out. Being an XBOX exclusive doesn’t help it either. Halo was a great series with compelling campaigns and amazing MP, but it never reached the global market like with the same impact as COD simply because COD is available on just about every medium/console at the same time. I’m sure plenty of COD fans are going to play and enjoy Titanfall, some are going to preach about how much better it is than COD (especially with hurt feelings about Ghosts), but after a couple of months, if not weeks, they’ll see how one dimensional Titanfall is, at least in its current iteration and they’ll be coming back to COD. Maybe not Ghosts, but BO2 or an older title.

  • Juicy juice

    To be honest I just have no interest in COD anymore. I mean Ghosts is as stale as a 5 year old cracker out in the desert. I still will play COD once in a while, but I just don’t have much interest in the game anymore. Titianfall is going to be a game Activision is going to have to think about, maybe not “The CoD killer”, but it will probably “dent” sales…

  • bsktballmsu1

    not unless they can produce a newgame each year, the fanbase will dry out if you wait 3 or 4 years for the next one and it must be on all platforms(at least next gen and pc)

  • Cb4S_619

    I honestly think that youtubers are “over-hyping” TF because they’re sick of CoD all the time and want to play a new FPS. And BTW TF will NOT kill CoD simply because gamers on the PS3/PS4 cannot play it, Respawn will lose millions…

  • Alex

    Alot of people are saying this is a COD killer but I dont see it that way I think it’s more of a Battlefield killer. This game caters more to battlefield players more than COD players. The game looks very strategic to me and the time to kill has been said to be almost twice as long as COD it doesnt look like a game thats easy to pick up and dominate like COD. COD is a freaking juggernaut and as much as people love to hate it they still buy it and it’ll probably be that way for a while so for the forseable future I believe that this game poses no threat to COD. That being said it looks like I will enjoy this game alot

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Titanfall may move people away from the COD Pubs scene, but it isn’t competitive to say the least. This game isn’t going to the Pro Circuit and that will detract some of the COD community. Destiny on the other hand is looking to hit the Main Stage again with another competitive shooter. I’m looking forward to seeing that game replace COD. Why do you think ACTIVISION is funding it??

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Because they are a money grubbing scumbag company that over charges for DLC. But i do agree Destiny is in my top 3 for this year.

      • Colin MacKenzie

        I don’t doubt that they like to make big bucks, but they have an insight into their own products more than anything else. They also know as well as I do that COD peaked in its sales during Black Ops 1. Sales have gone downhill since then year after year. They know COD is dying, and they know they need a Sci-Fi shooter to compete with Titanfall and that will replace COD as it slowly dies off. Thus, Destiny is born and funded well by Bungie and Activision respectively.

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    In my honest opinion this game is going to take a huge portion of the COD fanbase as it feels like COD controls and Fast pace gameplay. It’s gonna feel like COD because the guys making it are taking they’re knowledge from COD and adding something extra and this game is amazing. I Love me some COD but they really have they’re work cut out for themselves this year. If they don’t come up with a new engine or innovative or something new i have a strong feeling this game will take over.

  • jooker-jr

    I’m not gonna buy this game. Because I have a ps4 and I don’t like PC ( surprising ! )

    But congrats for xbox gamers for this game 🙂

  • Wraith

    Well, I can’t say Titanfall will kill CoD, maybe give a punch to the face. But I’ve put a considerable amount of time into the beta over the last 2 days and can definitely say it is as fun as the critics say it is. It’s actually not very competitive, ‘course it still is, just a little less. It focused around just having fun. It’s a lot less hardcore and more casual in my opinion. It’s DEFINITELY going to compete for my time over other games.

  • Frank

    Even THINK that Titanfall is a CoD killer is stupid

  • Chris Mason

    After a little over an hour on the Beta, I can safely say now Titanfall is not a CoD killer. It is a fantastic game, it is fun to play, but it isn’t CoD.

  • RegaDega

    I played a few matches of Titanfall the other day, and honestly, even though it is pretty unique, it felt rather bland. I feel its no big threat, but it’ll be neck in neck with the other big FPS games out there.

  • Willstig998

    Titanfall looks like a cool game and I’m trading in Ghosts and Battlefield 4 for it because they both suck.

  • Hek

    Of course it’s a threat. It’s something different and fresh and that’s something COD has lacked for like the past 5 years. COD is slowly dying until they come up with something new and i’ve noticed a lot of youtubers saying that Titanfall could very well be the “next big thing”