A source has sent us details regarding the new Personalization Packs coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts on February 18th, 2014. There will be new camo packs and new character packs that can be purchased. All of these are optional and will not effect gameplay.

  • Legend Pack – Price

Become Captain Price in Call of Duty®: Ghosts Multiplayer. ”Stay Frosty” as one of the most legendary Call of Duty® heroes of all-time with a classic Price Character and unique Personalization Pack featuring a Price-themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

There’s more packs coming, and we’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned.

All of these are expected to go live February 18th on Xbox Live; we don’t have an exact price yet, we’ll keep you posted once we hear more on these new packs.

*More personalization packs will be announced soon.*

  • Youcata

    More easy stuff that they can do in a couple of hours and yet we have to pay like in BO2… It´s very sad that i have bought the season pass and still have to pay for this…

    • InFamous ELiT3

      I agree, they need to pull away from just making money and sales, and regain some of their self-respect and honor, while engaged in this FPS showdown. Now its all about doing as less as possible, and charging more money for stupid stuff like skin changes, but with same old abilities, and then taking lots of time to do it. I bought season pass too, and I don’t plan on buying anymore skins. This goes for any Game Developer.

      • Sal

        Valve right now is just laughing at you.

        • InFamous ELiT3

          I might have missed your point, elaborate.

          • fires

            he talks about how successful something like tf2 being a f2p while being leagues successful in both in game purchases, and still containing their dignity(im assuming)

          • Sal

            Exactly what Fires said. TF2 is basically a money whore based on microtransations. It has even a fucking economy. And the game is still amazingly sucessful and has a clean reputation.

            I mean, what games do you see still alive after seven years?

          • VoLTz

            For your information, Halo 2 has been on the server for more than 7 years.

        • Quinton

          Because they have micro-DLC camos up for like $400 for a knife camo.

      • Shank

        It’s a micro transaction. You don’t need it. It’s there for those who want it.

      • Quinton

        Nobody said you had to buy the damn skins. It’s called optional. The season pass already gives you $10 cheaper than buying four map packs. That’s a deal you shouldn’t complain about. Just because you don’t get all the DLC including micro-DLC all combined half off. That’s ridiculous. You realise the people who make this stuff have to make money, right? Do you work free overtime for your job? I doubt it. It says “4 map packs at a discounted price.” There’s no fucking scam. If you’re willing to pay for it for what you KNOW you’re getting, then pay it. If not; don’t. It’s optional. Map packs are not required to play the game.

    • Quinton Aj Stevens

      The season pass grants you access to four map packs. If they release more, they don’t have to give them to you. They also don’t have to give you micro-DLC. The season pass isn’t your ticket to every piece of DLC. I bought the hardened edition and I’m not complaining that I’m not getting Captain Price or some stupid wolf instead of a dog I’ll never use.

      • Boooysti

        You get every dlc map pack. It says that in the details. You should get all maps coming out.

        • Quinton Aj Stevens

          Wrong. I say, and quote from the CallofDuty website itself, “Get ready for a full season of amazing content with the Call of Duty®: Ghosts Season Pass. With the Season Pass you’ll get 4 epic downloadable content packs: ONSLAUGHT, DEVASTATION, INVASION, AND NEMESIS – providing brand new multiplayer maps, bonus weapons, and a unique 4-part episodic Extinction experience for one great low price.”


        • Quinton Aj Stevens

          False. It clearly states “4 DLC Map packs” on the product page. It does not say you get ALL DLC.

    • Sal

      Season pass says: MAP PACKS ONLY. It’s on their page. It’s not a scam.

      • Shardlotte

        People think that by buying a Season Pass (which always make sure to state what is included in it) they’re automatically entitled to everything. It’s stupid that people can’t comprehend what they’re buying when they get the Season Pass.

        • Josh

          I agree. They are buying up front the 4 map packs at a discounted price and still what more.

      • Youcata

        I do know what the season pass gives us. It´s not a scam on the theory but it is on the pratic, because with 40€ i should be getting every DLC doesn´t matter if it is maps, micro-crap, etc… It´s the way the can steal from the people. I never said the season pass gives us everything. But it should! They are money whores and they always will be.

        • fires

          its optional, and has no impact on gameplay, dont complain about a skin retexture. But purchasing them can help in enjoying your experience

        • K.E.M

          It’s optional…and all 4 DLC’s combined cost around 40$

          • skucybibg

            Its $120 for all map packs combined

          • josh

            Its around
            $60. Each map pack is $14.99 plus tax so its around $60

          • mathis

            By that logic you’re not getting the map packs at a discount price with the season pass. The hardened edition was $120, and the stand alone game was $60. The season pass basically only gave you an extra patch and background, nothing more.

        • Keshav Bhat

          It states clearly here (and was stated back in August) what the Season Pass provides: http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/dlc/season-pass

          Calling a business a money whore is kinda stupid. They’re a business which needs money, so they sell things that many people buy. Black Ops 2 Micro Items were actually immensely popular. It’s how business works. It works for any company.

          • Kanuder

            call it what u want but im with youcata theyre ripping off loyal customers who have payed 110 plus dollars to play a single game by using the fine print to jip them another ten bucks thats just a dick move

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          Its optional. What world do you live in where you keep getting new stuff for free? Don’t give them your money and the satisfaction of them screwing you over!!

    • Jacky Liang

      Seriously? You have to buy this ON TOP of buying the Season Pass? That is absolutely ridiculous.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        You don’t have to buy it, it does nothing.

      • Justin MD

        The Price legend pack should have been a part of Onslaught. $110 for a Standard Ghosts game & Season pass (Predicted; 16 maps & 8 weapons) is more than enough money for everything.

        (Gears 3 DLC) Season Pass (4 packs total); $30. Each pack; $10 (RAAM’S Shadow $15). Horde Command Pack; 3 Maps, 3 character skins, 2 Weapon Skins & 4 Fortification Upgrades. Versus Booster Map Pack (free for everyone); 5 maps. RAAM’s Shadow; A new three-hour campaign, 6 Character Skins & Chocolate Weapon Skin. Fenix Rising; 5 maps, 4 character skins, 3 weapon skins, & The Re-Up System for Multiplayer (like prestiging in COD) had 3 weapon skins. Forces of Nature; 5 maps, 4 character skins, 7 weapon skins, Elemental Cleavers weapon & Guardian game mode.

        (Battlefield 3 DLC) Premium (5 packs + game); $50. Expansion; $15. BACK TO KARKAND; 4 maps, 3 vehicles, 10 weapons & Conquest Assault mode. Close Quarters; 4 maps, 10 weapons, 1 gadget, Conquest Domination & Gun master modes. Armored Kill; 4 maps, 5 new vehicles, AC130 gunship & Tank Superiority game mode. Aftermath; 4 maps, the XBOW (crossbow), Scavenger game mode & 3 vehicles. End Game; 4 maps, 3 vehicles, support dropship, Capture the Flag and Air Superiority game modes.

      • Flappy Bird Based God

        You sir, are a dumbass.

      • Dante Adurte

        When You Buy The Season Pass You Are Buying The 4 Map Packs Only For $10 Less Than Buying Them Individually. If You Want Extras You Buy Them Buy Themselves.

      • HyruleKing88

        You don’t “have” to buy this OR the Season Pass. Both are completely optional.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s not sad at all. The Season Pass stated that you get the four DLC packs. The four DLC packs, without the Season Pass, costs $60 total. With the Season Pass, it costs $50. You’re already getting a $10 discount on the DLC packs.

      • InFamous ELiT3

        What, are they paying you or something? Yeah, must be.

  • The Pope


  • The Pope

    so xbox gets map DLC and more personalisation packs before psn gets their first dlc- FRICKIN’ SELLOUTS.

    • Its not like youre going to starve…

    • Keshav Bhat

      you’ll get these in March..it’s okay dude.

      • HenryDF

        Why did you remove the other camo details (Flame, Circuit, Space Cat…)?

        • Keshav Bhat

          We were required to take those down for the time being. Sorry.

      • InFamous ELiT3

        Your always jumping to defend these major corps, I’m sure you get your game for free, unlike the rest of us who support your site, So let them rant and have their opinion, without you jumping to every little pip. And if my account is terminated, I’ll know why.

    • Adam

      It’s been like this for about 6 years. Get over it.

  • Adam

    Hooray for micro transactions.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      First time I’ve ever heard that.

  • HenryDF

    Sounds absolutely awesome, I mean…a Price weapon camo and reticle? Bring it on!

  • Captain Price customization? CoD MW4 confirmed.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I wish.

      • NoThisIsPatrick

        Correct me if I’m wrong: I’m pretty sure they did say that they were working on it. IMO MW4 would be a good title to look forward to this november. (If it is mw4, I want it to confirm about a previous character’s exit)

        • I read somewhere that the next cod will take part in 2018 and you fight in europe and asia.And Shepherd is still alive.-Just rumors so yea 😀

  • Alyssa Reid

    Sounds like another waste of money. Why spend $1.99 on this crap? That’s 2 McChicken sandwichs right there.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Spoken like a true American.

      • John

        LMAO! 😀 Murica!

        • Chris Mason

          Fuck yeah.

      • Alyssa Reid

        You can get 4 packs of chewing gum for $1.99 that would be more of a quality purchase than these micro transactions.

        • JKB98

          Pack of gum ($2.00) = Several hours (or days if you’re conservative)

          Personalization pack ($2.00) = Forever.

          I don’t have any interest in the pack. – Just giving you some perspective.

          I like your name by the way (:

  • Micro$oft

    Damn is the xbox+COD dlc first a life time deal? Not only that even xbox gets battlefield dlc first.. 2 of the biggest shooters and yet dlc goes first to a less
    superior system.

    • fires

      Its not lifetime, its renewed every time that the next title comes out ,and its sad that bf is abandoning the pc in dlc.. But its about money these days, and you have to understand that.(ps3 player heer)

      • Micro$oft

        Still tho i don’t know why CoD dlc is SO important to xbox, i mean damn you got
        > Titanfall
        > Halo
        >Gears of War
        Those games will sell your console not some CoD dlc? CoD is popular on Xbox becuase of MLG, eSports etc.. And DLC isn’t even used for eSports LOL.
        If anything the wait for dlc should be cut down to a week or something or
        come first to PSN (not that im a hater of xbox) I owned original xbox & xbox 360 since they came out and i even thought it was bullshit that PS players had to wait a month to get dlc. And yes anything Battlefield should go to PC because battlefield runs and looks best on PC.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Well, Microsoft (Xbox) pays Activision to get DLC first on their platform. Why? Because as a result of that. Call of Duty has grown alongside the Xboxes.

          The issue is that you only know the “DLC side” of the deal. The deal covers a lot more than many know: covers marketing, eSports events, pre-launch events, gameplay videos – all of these must show and be on Xbox.

          • The Pope

            gameplay doesn’t have to be on xbox, it can be on any platform

          • Micro$oft

            well maybe i did over react to this Xbox&Activision deal..Sorry for that, i’m just letting my thoughts out there.. i mean i understand micro items are a type of dlc to but waiting a month for a camo or a head model…C’mon.

  • Michelangelo

    Omg these add-ons are probably gonna take up so much space for those that have the season pass. Luckily I didn’t buy the season pass this year so I saved $49.00. And on top of that you got the maps that take up like a GB. I hope most of you guys got the big hardrives.

  • Choppabro2psn

    I can’t fathom why people would pay for this….sure it looks cool, but all in all, the gameplay is not changing and that’s the least to say. Such a terrible, horrible game.

  • The Bitch

    But what with PS3 AND PS4?

  • Edward

    this is intresting

  • ainsdog

    Really this is all stupid people saying its a scam don’t bye them I know you think u get with the season pass but u don’t start reading people

  • Conor Hayes

    Do u get them free with the season pass

  • Kenny Rader

    what exact time will it come out?