A rumor posted on NeoGAF by Pete Dodd, who has an accurate track record on leaks, says that Sledgehammer Games’s Call of Duty title for this year has big improvements graphically over Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Internally people are excited for it. It is supposedly a pretty big jump over ghosts graphically.

Activision CEO said that the title for this year is being developed for “next-gen first”, which suggests that this rumor could be in fact true, as development is focused on the next-gen graphics.

SOURCE: NeoGAF via VG247

  • fsdgasdg

    black ops 2 looks better than ghosts.

    • fsdgasdg is a fag!

      No, just no!

      • Avery Horton is Dumb For That

        You stole my thing bastard lmao

        • Avery Horton

          Haha so funny dickhead

          • Penguin-Kun

            It is.

      • Chris Mason

        He’s a cigarette? (Oblivious)

    • fsdgasdg is a morob

      Dude.. are you for real? Did you play it on next gen? If so you are blind

      • fsdgasdg is a moron

        And yes I misspelled the username

      • RdJokr

        You played Black Ops II on PC then? Ghosts could’ve used many graphical upgrades from BOII, but it didn’t. It could’ve looked better. Ghosts is just MW3 with shinier textures, really.

        • TheShadowReaper

          and thats a PC guy talking. exactly this, agreed.

        • Sal

          It doesn’t look better because BO2 has shinier, more clear colors. Ghosts is more greyed out, but the textures are MUCH better.

          • dat guy

            however CoD Ghosts on PC can have Motion Blur, HBAO+, True HDR rendering,Tessellation (at least a more complex one than bo2 since both use dx11)… but Bo2 has is beast high definition Depth of Field

  • :D

    I wish they would just announce it already.. Ghosts is pretty much dead.

    • Zarky

      IKR! We still have to wait 9 months…… Too long! Titanfall is taking its time to come out also 🙁

    • Sentrymann

      Four months into the game and you think Ghosts is dead already? I’ll admit it’s not the most interesting Call of Duty in history but that’s a little quick. They’ll be trying to amp up Ghost dlc for a while until they work on hyping the next title, it is nine months away after all.

      • amplif1er

        I moved to a free 2 play over ghosts, it’s a shame I purchased the season pass.

      • Avery Horton

        Nah it is dead, Everybody stopped playing it before the new year. It is the most boring COD ever and nobody likes it. COD is dying and Titanfall will take over especially coming out in march when COD dies down, or in Ghost’s case, already dead. People are tired over the yearly reskin and want something new.

        • Chris Mason

          Says you, anyways…

          • Avery Horton

            Well it’s pretty well thought of as the most boring COD, not many youtubers post it because it’s just boring to play. There is nowhere near the usual number of players online this time of year. CoD is dying, maybe not in the next year or too, but they have over saturated the fps genre.

            Why do you think GTA 5 sold well? Because it was 5 years between games and they really made it different and changed the gameplay drastically, instead a yearly reskin that gets old really fast

          • Chris Mason

            1) I don’t pay attention to YouTubers because they do not play games solely for their entertainment.
            2) I saw a consistent 200k+ on 360 most of the time. I’d wager between 360, PS3, XB1, PS4, PC and WiiU the average daily player count is somewhere between 600-750k. Of course, I cannot prove this – but you cannot prove yours either.
            3) The “CoD is dying” bandwagon is pretty full as it is. You really wanna jump in that group?
            4) Yearly games do not mean over saturation. See Madden, NBA 2k, etc.
            5) GTA5 sold well because its GTA. Everyone (figuratively) plays GTA.

          • TheShadowReaper

            – YTbers pretty much lie about what they do since they need views to feed of off. cant be trusted.

            – the numbers are there dont worry about that. and if they arent playing Ghosts they are playing one of the rest 6 COD games to choose from.

            – yeah the “COD is dying badwagon”, like we didnt have enough hipsters already.

            – a game every year needs balls to accomplish. COD has done that + tons of sales. they should give a medal to IW and 3arc for this…

            – GTA5 sold well cause pretty much everyone likes GTA and plays GTA. also, there was a huge gap between GTA5 and GTA4 in release time. i mean, how much time can you still keep playing a game before you are bored and then when you forgot about the franchise altogether its sequel comes out? thats business, not quality or anything like that if thats what you’re trying to prove right here.

          • Why did you compare a FPS to an open world shooter?

        • Sentrymann

          You keep using words like “everybody” and “nobody” to describe your own opinions.

          • xSupaScopa

            it is actually the opinion of many. in fact I would say the majority. I went back to BO2 and there were more people on BO2 than Ghosts. Also, people like Vanoss, KYR SP33DY, etc who have built channels out of CoD comedy stopped playing. Want to know why? Because it is not that fun. I honestly tried everything in the game for fun. It all bores me. The only remotely fun thing is Extinction. Hell I liked the campaign better than multiplayer. I have not like a campaign since BO1 (and really enjoyed a campaign since WaW). The game is an honest failure. The amount of content in BO2 was insane even at the end of its life cycle. Ghosts is just a bore for most people. I respect what you are saying about him saying “everybody” and “nobody,” but the reality is that more people enjoyed BO2. Ghosts, statistically, is worse than the other CoDs.

          • Sal

            They didn’t stop playing CoD. They stopped making videos of it because people just want “LOL GTA V GRIEFING LULZ” videos. It’s funny? Yep, but it’s becoming REALLY stale. I prefer their Gmod videos.

            They’re just putting GTA V videos out for the views. The people watching their channels are just plain retarded.

          • xSupaScopa

            But also, when GTA 5 first came out, those famous YouTubers still played Black Ops 2. With ghosts, they dont play it at all.

        • TheShadowReaper

          Titanfall is a fly to be squashed by COD. especially in terms of sales i’m sure Titanfall wont score more than 1/3 of COD Ghosts sales which will say a lot to me personally. Ghosts may suck as a game, it loses the point of being a COD game – yes, buts its still COD and people recognize COD as a brand right now more than any other game out there. Titanfall is not even widely known yet. so use your brain a little bit before talking. you may know Titanfall cause you play FPS games as me and many others being hardcore and stuff but the casual audience hasnt got a single clue what Titanfall is.

          • Avery Horton

            Well that’s a revalation, thanks captain obvious. I think any reasonable person would come to that same conclusion, because it is a new IP and it’s not coming to the play station at all, so duh. Anyways, that’s not what Titianfall is trying to do. Respawn is hoping that people like their. It’s their first game as an independent studio and nobody excepts them break and sales record, but more importantly, they will probably have great customer satisfaction, meaning the game is fun and does not get boring after 2 months like COD

          • TheShadowReaper

            and thats the point. some reviewers that played beta said that ‘TitanFall already seemed to have reached it’s limits” which means its gonna be the second repetitive COD game if it reaches COD level and makes a sequel. its gonna die out in about 3 to 4 months calling it now.

          • Daniel M

            Exactly theres hardly anything you can do with FPS games like COD and titanfall why do people expect an entire whole new game engine with 20+ brand new features never seen before every single year? honestly i don’t see what titanfall could bring as other installments.

          • TheShadowReaper

            thnx. thats my point too.

          • Avery Horton

            Why don’t see first instead being pessimistic just because you’re a cod fan. Respawn has watched COD after they left to see what they have done wrong, so they might learn from COD’s mistakes. I don’t think that people expect an entirely different game, but some variety would actually be nice for once from a COD game.

            Plus there’s plenty of things you can do with fps games, look at how many different ones there are. There’s battlefield. COD, Titanfall, hundreds of different free to plays, games like halo, etc….. I think you get the point

          • jordanxbrookes

            This is a COD fan site. Don’t like it, you know where the Titanfall Blog site is.

          • xSupaScopa

            I am pretty sure a large amount of people know what Titanfall is. I hear a lot of my peers (most of which are casual or less-than-casual gamers) talking about Titanfall. It will be fun based on the gameplay I have seen. CoD is not bad. I have hope for SHGames. I really do. They have the ability to bring back the dying series.

        • Daniel M

          Lol nice one, i like cod because it’s the same every year been playing since cod4 and still loving it yeah i might not play as much mainly due to many other games to play but theres nothing wrong with a FPS thats reskined every year theres nothing that much they can add or do lol its a fps

          • Avery Horton

            I completely disagree because you pay $60 every year for the same thing. But you are for sure in the minority for liking being ripped off every year. The reason people are excited for titans all is because it is something different and not bloated like COD. Titianfall is made by the people who made COD 4 and MW2, and this game is where COD would be today if activision wasn’t a corporate money whore. So yah it’s nice to have a little variety in the games.

          • jordanxbrookes

            You say that yet look at EA, biggest money whores on the planet.

          • Aldo

            How exactly is he being ripped off? He pays his $60 then plays the game and enjoys doing so, so as far as I can see he’s getting his monies worth. Not everyone shares your opinion on CoD and what’s with calling Activision ‘corporate money whores’? How many bandwagons are you trying to jump on? Activision are the same as EVERY business in the world in that it’s prime objective is to be as profitable as possible!

          • Same thing every year? Yeah, because it is fun! It is the fast paced action of cod that brings in money and popularity so if they took a battlefield sort of approach they would kill the franchise, go home to the titanfall blog and stop hating on a game that pretty much setup titanfall!

            (damn, only a beta and fanboys appear :O)

        • jordanxbrookes

          Titanfall fanboy. Please f*ck off. That is all.

        • SharpShooter

          i would have to agree and say its the least played COD ever. Lacks the addictivenss, the slow gameplay and instant deaths ruined it. And wheres the 1000 headshot challenges and kill streak challenges!

      • :D

        Well maybe i should have explained “dead” a little bit better. I mean on average theres only about 300 – 600 people in Ground War on PS4. The only game mode thats playable as to finding a match is TDM. Everything else takes like a half hour just to get into a match because no one else is playing anything besides TDM. IDK if it’s any different then Xbox one, 360, PS3 etc.. And it isn’t just me that finds Ghosts dead a lot of the community does for real lol Black ops 2, MW3 has more people playing than Ghosts.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Has it ever occurred to you that not many people have bought a next-gen console. I’m not saying that’s the only reason, but it’s one of the reasons there’re less people playing the game.

        • Mitch

          That’s also because it’s a next-gen console.

        • Felipe Rios

          Xbox one is pretty speedy, although playing game modes that aren’t TDM are kind of sluggish, they aren’t horrible wait times by any means.

      • paul jones

        Mate I played 40days of mw3 and 39days of black ops 2. By now I woulda normally played at least 11days of ghosts where as I have played 4. It is dead, boring and the game has been rushed. Im not sayin that as a bad player I have a 3.03 kd. Theres just no excitement!

        • aYonaut

          Same days here. I do have 11 days played in Ghosts but the game is dying now.

    • Tony Rambo

      Yeah but this won’t happen because Ghosts has 9 more months for DLC and etc

    • lemonkeyface


    • Fetterlein

      maybe that’s why its called ghosts. #ijustsolvedthemystery

      • Cacamofo

        50,000 people used to live here…

        • Aldo

          Ah yes that brings back fond memories!

        • exeterman2

          I had to read this while on holiday, I need to play cod 4 now!

  • Sentrymann

    Maybe Sledge hammer has been working on a new engine all this time?

    • brutedawg

      lol. y-ok.

    • Chris Mason

      Not likely. The new engine is probably still a few years away – if we get one at all. I wouldn’t mind being wrong, but I’m probably right.

      • jordanxbrookes

        It takes a few years to make a game engine, but Sledgehammer have had about 4/5 years so you never know.

        • Chris Mason

          True. Its best to err on the side of cynicism and be surprised.

  • Howard

    Last week I bought some new shoes!

  • RdJokr

    I’ll wait till I actually see it.
    Although it could be accurate. Considering that IW worked on Ghosts for all platforms equally, while this one is focused on next-gen only, we might see some actual improvements.

    • Chris Mason

      To be honest, IW working on Ghosts across 6 platforms at the same time was a big, brave move on their part. Unfortunately the fruits of their labor didn’t turn out as well as they probably hoped.

      To say there were no improvements in Ghosts, however, is incorrect.

      • RdJokr

        Technically, only 5. Treyarch handled the Wii U porting as usual.
        Ghosts has some good improvements graphically, but the overall package doesn’t look very good compared to Black Ops II, which provided much better options (albeit only on PC).

        • Chris Mason

          I don’t mean improvements in just a graphical context. I feel there are a lot of thing about Ghosts that are steps up from BO2.

  • Mick

    So the game is being made on next gen first, then being transferred to the current gen system?

    • Yup.

      • Mick

        You probably don’t know but do you think it would come out to current gen months after the games release or days after the release of the game?

        • Chris Mason

          Depends on who is doing the PS3/X360 port.

        • A few days and max 2 weeks.
          Although it’s not up to me.

  • Chris Mason

    I’m pleased to see rumors already surfacing, but its a little early to jump on the hype train. Still have 3 DLC drops for Ghosts and I’m still enjoying Ghosts on XBone.

  • Interesting, thay said same thing before Ghosts release 😀 I´m now expecting something similar to this ActvisionRnD project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6R6N4Vy0nE

    • Mitch

      Yeah, what happened with this?
      On the other hand, I can see why IW used a modified version of the old engine for PS4/XB1/PC, since the biggest target group was PS3/X360

  • Antal120

    Only if they use a new engine.

  • CoDforever

    It better be. Ghosts is the worst looking triple A title on next gen, i think everyone can agree with me on that. Look at all the other games (Killzone, Battlefield, forza etc)

  • Jacky Liang

    They said the same about Ghosts before it was released, telling us “new engine,” “entire overhaul,” “graphically stunning.” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’ll be the judge of the graphics and game play.

    • Sal

      This one Sledgehammer CoD will be made first on next gen so I’m sure it will look a lot better.

      • Goten

        Agreed. They’ll have had 3 years to develop the game, by the time of it’s release date. That’s ample time to up the ante in the Graphics Department. I’m not expecting a new engine, as ‘next-gen’s’ life has just started, but maybe Treyarch may be introducing a new engine in 2015, or even Infinity Ward in 2016. I can’t be sure, though. Please take what I say with a grain of salt! Sometimes even I don’t know whether my predictions are complete bollocks or not!

        • I want a new engine by treyarch for “BO3” because look at what they have done for cod, amazing WW2 story, cold war, zombies, bringing the competitive scene fully into cod, taken death threats, and made a shit game that has more people on at any given time than the latest title (on 360 anyway).

          IW on the other hand… well… um, made the first title, eh… oh the modern warfare series, oh yeah and massacres…!

  • Tep Kok

    So this time it’ll have graphics equivalent to a 2010 game instead of a 2007 one?

  • MichiganerE

    Not believing this rumor is true until I see game footage for myself. After seeing how Ghosts’ “new” engine turned out, I’m just sticking to waiting and seeing for now on.

  • Ryumoau

    really hope this is true. The fact that they said it was developed primarly for next generation gives me alot of hope. 🙂

  • K.E.M

    I hope they reveal more…ghosts is getting a little boring.

  • How about work on balance and gameplay!

  • Adfor1

    The thing is that ghosts looked like shit and that it wont be very hard to be a “pretty big jump” over ghosts graphically

  • Franco

    Ghosts isnt dead, the thing is that the ghosts content (maps, gameplay, the fact that the weapons are alreday unlock, no much gamemodes as allways) is getting old, now whit the new content coming to ghosts pepole are going to come back. The same thing happend whit BO2, i remember when BO2 was recently out i played BO1, and there where 300.000 pepole playing, and only Revolution was out. The same thing is happening whit Ghosts and BO2