Infinity Ward has officially announced that Ghosts will have doubleXP weekend for all platforms from Feb 21st through Feb 24th. According to the Steam page for Call of Duty: Ghosts, they’re having a 50% off weekend for Ghosts on PC for the weekend to celebrate the Double XP & Ghosts MP is free for this weekend.

February’s the shortest month of the year, so you’d better make the most of the limited time to earn your next Prestige. Luckily, we’re turning on Double XP this weekend for all platforms! From Friday, February 21st to Monday, February 24th, earn twice as much XP on all of your Multiplayer and Squads accomplishments.

For those PC players eager to prestige, now’s the perfect time to enlist in some front line action. PC users can try out Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer for free on Steam right now until Sunday, February 23rd (1pm/PST). If you want to come back for more after the trial ends, we’re also slashing the price of Call of Duty: Ghosts on Steam by 50% until Monday, 10am/PST.

UPDATE: @A_Trey_U has confirmed that Wii U players will also have Double XP this weekend.

SOURCE: Steam and Infinity Ward

  • Young and Dope

    Awwww Yeeeaaah

  • shanafan

    After reading the article about the new patch hitting all platforms (expect Wii U, per my comment) – I can’t decide if Charlie Intel’s website means Wii U is included as “all platforms”

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I still don’t understand why people still bother buying COD for Wii U. You know before you buy it that it’s going to be a worse version with no DLC, so why still do it?

      • shanafan

        Unlike you, I own Ghosts on both Wii U and Xbox One and can say, in my opinion of course, Ghosts is a much better experience on the Wii U. It just runs better. No DLC? Eh, the current maps are still pretty enjoyable and I can always go back to Xbox One to try out the new ones. Bottom line, not having DLC (or having DLC) doesn’t make a game better or worse

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          DLC doesn’t make a game better or worse, it lengthens the longevity of a game. I can tell you that playing on the same maps all the time gets old. Look at GTA, people are getting bored because they ran out of thinks to do, now they’re waiting for Heist DLC. Ghosts might run better on Wii U, but Activision gives very little support to Wii U, wether it’s patches or no DLC. Why buy it on Wii U when the consoles have much more? If you have it on both Wii U and Xbox, I can somewhat understand. Just saying, if I had to buy COD, buying it on Wii U would be my last choice.

  • GinsuVictim

    Half off on Steam, which is appropriate, since it’s half finished for PC.

    • Sal

      There’s already VAC and FOV changer… It’s not like other games didn’t had crappy ports.

      • RdJokr

        True, but this was the first COD on next-gen. People had some form of expectation. Especially with the whole “easy porting from next-gen to PC” thing going on.

    • CGkillZ

      You can get the game cheap since no one really likes it anyway.

  • Its also free to play this weekend

  • Sal

    It’s already the third place on top selling titles for today. Hopefully this will recover a part of the player count. I believe most people were waiting for a free weekend so they could judge the game for themselves.

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, every double XP event revolving around Ghosts has been when I’ve been working. I know what you’re thinking: sucks to be you, yes trust me I know… Just a thought, but in a perfect world It would be great if they would let you choose which days to activate the double XP. I know they do it for promotion and all, maybe just a few times let us choose it would really benefit everyone.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Knowing this community, they would find some way to exploit it.