Check out these new customization options now available for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Personalization Packs: Fight in style with the Ducky, Space Cats, Inferno and Circuit Personalization Packs.

Special Characters: Intimidate your enemies as one of the Ghosts. Choose from Keegan, Merrick, Hesh and Elias.

Captain Price Legend Pack: Become one of the most legendary Call of Duty heroes of all time with the Capt. Price Special Character and themed Personalization Pack.

Extra Slots Pack: Increase the number of Create-a-Soldier loadout slots from 6 to 10 for each character.

Visit the in-game store to find out more.

  • TheGamerBeast

    i like the Micro items and specially captain price but sorry to say the duck and cat space camos Looks really weird LOL

  • TheShadowReaper

    the space cat looks hilarious. i love cats and if i was still playing Ghosts i would have bought it for sure. call me whatever you wish, a 10 year old? although i dont really understand why having different tastes in camos makes me a 10 year old. also the Legend pack is cool. Captain Price and stuff…

    • chris

      ur a troll if u don’t play ghost then why are u here

      • fires

        he likes cod

      • TheShadowReaper

        because i’m a fan of COD in general and pretty much play every COD except Ghosts? in your face asshole. my god, wtf is wrong with people these days.

        • chris

          are u a fan of mw3 coz I am and I was just messing around

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah, like anyone could tell u were messing around. go figure.

            and no, i dont like MW3 nor Ghosts. they are like the worst titles in the franchise imo. my fav is BO1 and COD4. BO2 is cool. WaW tends to be forgotten but i enjoyed.

  • y9ungc4p

    For a minute I Thought Inferno and Circuit are going to be Glowing/Animated Camo, but I hope that happen in near future

    • Lorhelm

      Incase you don’t know (not implying you do or don’t) but they had that in Black Ops 2

      • y9ungc4p

        Cyborg and Dragon, I really don’t like those Camo because of the Color Scheme and design, but I hope IW come up something better

    • batman

      Animated camos sucks its for kids

    • chris

      just like dragon and cyborg from bo2

      • y9ungc4p

        yep, but something orginal of maybe simlar to Pack-a-Punch Camo in Orgins

  • richard gere

    ducks and cats wtf infinity ward special pack for the kids

  • richard gere

    wtf infinity ward??? ducks and cats kids r really happy w this crap

    • y9ungc4p

      probilly IW wants to go creative, some people find these Camo cool some of them find this childish

      • TheShadowReaper

        childish or not (which isnt of course) its something new. we have seen so many camos and pretty much all feel like a clone of another one or really close. ducks and cats are a ridiculous idea but its ok, its something new, its creative. and there is always the option NOT to buy them. all the butthurt people in the comments about cats and ducks are morons.

  • Grigori

    I didn’t know your emblem was on your uniform. Cool trailer by the way. Gonna get the price pack, cirquit and the slots.

    • jordanxbrookes

      That’s why it’s called a player patch. Price was first pack I bought 🙂

  • Don’t read the IGN comment section for this video… It will give you cancer
    Also probably kill a couple brain cells.

    • jordanxbrookes

      IGN comment section is the worst place to be when a new Call of Duty post is up. That’s why we stick with Charlie Intel.

    • Sal

      IGN is where the people from /v/ go to circlejerk when they’re bored.

  • Batman

    The inferno camo is the only good camo, the rest is just killing call of duty

    • jordanxbrookes

      Batman, I saw you in The Lego Movie 😀

  • AcePhoenix007

    Okay, the Space Cats pack is really retarded. Other than that, they’re all pretty good. Circuit’s probably the best one out of the four.

  • chris

    keegan looks badass

  • henry

    when release on ps3

  • Guest

    Don’t worry everyone! In 2015, the Treyarch Master Race will Call of Duty once again!


  • RdJokr

    The Price pack looks really cool, but I wish they’d put in all of Price’s outfits in all MW games, not just his MW3 outfit.

  • Fading Lee

    I hate to say it but these are some of the laziest camo’s I’ve ever seen…
    P.s. anyone who buys these is just telling activision this kind of bullshit is not only okay but encouraged

  • PFC van Dyk

    CATS! <3

  • HenryDF

    A quick Maverick KEM I did on PS4 😉

    • jordanxbrookes

      Awesome man, could you please check out my Call of Duty: Ghosts Weapon Guides over on my channel: P.S. I also like to cover the weapon in real life 🙂

      • HenryDF

        Of course, I’ll take a look now!

        • jordanxbrookes

          Thanks man, much appreciated

    • OldBrazy on PS4

      fucking bots, lol.
      I was wondering why the game was so slow for tdm

      • HenryDF

        It’s the only way to play with the Maverick on PS4 :/