UPDATE: Diamond Division start times have been postponed 24 hours due to hardware failures. Stay tuned for updates.

Beachhead Studio has just posted the official rules for the Diamond Division Clan Wars, which is set to start February 21st, if your clan has opted into it.

For those clans involved in the upcoming Diamond Division Clan War in Cairo, here are all the rules you need to be aware of.

  • Each division will start with 7 real Clans and one “fake” Federation Clan.
  • Every Node will start out owned by the Federation Clan.
  • CPs for capturing Nodes will degrade in the same way it does in Bronze-Platinum Clan Wars, at 2 points per capture.
  • There will not be any bonus for holding a Node during the round.
  • Before the second and third round (Saturday and Sunday) every Node’s CP value will be reset to its starting value. The Clan who owns the Node at that time will be awarded the full CP value.
  • Matches must end between the start and end time of each round.
  • Matches may continue to post results after the round ends, since win processing continues until all matches are counted.
  • The roster lock will allow each clan to have members up to the maximum value of their bracket.  For example, a 50 player Clan adds members up to the max of their bracket, which would be 54. The roster lock limits the number of Clan members who can contribute wins to your Clan War, it does not prevent further recruiting.
  • If a clan adds more members than the maximum of their bracket, existing members who score wins later than new members risk having their wins not count. In an extreme example, if a Clan of 10 recruits 90 more members after the roster lock it will still only be the first 10 members to record a win who count for the duration of the Clan War.
  • Any match that has Clan members on opposing sides of the battle will not count.
  • Any Clan that is found to be cheating, boosting or otherwise violating the Terms of Service will be penalised.
  • Penalties will vary based on behavior but may include having CP reset, Diamond Division qualification revoked, or other Clan Wars entitlements revoked.

When opting in to Clan Wars, your Clan Leader will have selected a region to play in. Those regions are:

Europe: Clan War starts 7PM GMT/8PM CET. Clan War ends 11PM GMT/12AM CET.

Eastern: Clan War starts 7PM EST. Clan War ends 11PM EST.

Pacific: Clan War starts 7PM PST. Clan War ends 11PM PST.

War Cry entitlements will be awarded to Clans finishing in the top 3 places in Diamond Division.

SOURCE: Call of Duty: Forums 

  • mp

    how do i opt in?

    • KenTadeo

      Your clan leader has to opt the clan in at the clan wars section of the cod app to qualify your clan has to aleast place 1st in 2 platinum wars
      Hipes this helps

  • MichiganerE

    Oh my… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • HitmanGaming

    I am in this with my clan we have not lost a match in 25 games

    • KillerzNaction #KIA

      that’s it? Ha we my party went on a 87 game win streak #StepyagameUp

      • Oh really

        I’m on a 3380 win streak with my clan #tryagain #thisisnteventwitter

  • Drillz

    This shit sounds way too complicating.

  • matt

    It’s not complicated as such but it’s enough for me to lose interest at rule number 5. Bring back a simpler concept like Elite, just not Elite itself. I enjoyed the Challenge of trying to get Throwing Knife kills and using equipment I wouldn’t normally use like C4’s. This whole roleplaying idea of capturing some imaginary Lighthouse or Oil Refinery is just stupid.

    • Exorcist

      Agree, Elite was way better than CW.

  • Millerlite

    @matt i would suggest you not play then? leave the big boy games to the real men!

    • Spas Tik

      Diamond division team recruiting for Ps4 and ps3 only. Must have at least 1.5 kd and play the objectives. Must be able to play clan scheduled hours of 7-11pm pacific time (10pm-2am eastern) on clan war mites of Friday Saturday and Sunday. Message clan leader “spas-tik-” on psn if interested. Also must be at least 18, have a mic and be willing to party up with teammates and play during clan wars.

  • leuge

    kids are here like omg 87 winstreak cmon me and my clanmates are having and 315 winstreak…

    • K.E.M

      lol proof?

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Bring back Elite but not half halfheartedly like before. Elite had potential!

  • Joe

    Dam my clans win streak was at most 113 n I only lost cuz I ran by myself one day

  • Joe

    But I do agree with millerlite, the rules are simple, but definitely not for little kids. Go back to black ops 2 if u want to play with the rest of the noobs in one big noob herd.

  • TheCervixPounder69

    man I’ve been applying to clans like crazy and i haven’t been able to get in. Anyone willing to pick me up? Ive got a 1.4 kd and I play the objective hard. Haha any takers?

    • Plasma_ballz

      Join 8 legged wrath (8leg) if u like. Diamond division, Small clan, (10 players) 1.3 av. K/d, 66% W/L. all use mics and most play every day.

    • ii Mr Creationz

      We’d be glad! Sykotic 2014(Syko) has a 1.79 K/D and a 59% W/L. We have about 55 members. We play on the 360. [Mic is required].

      • rickclark

        Come join us k4tp were on ps4 though

    • Estebi Por Tu Cu

      send me a request i have my own clan we starting but we doing well am looking members want enjoy? sen it to WE SMOKE YOU no rules no kick outs.

      • rickclark

        Come join Us K4TP

  • John

    hi! I play on ps4 ,my k/d is 2.14 i just want a clan (diamond division or 20+ level platinum division) if you have or know a clan please tell me!

  • Brian

    The clan that owns a node when that night ends should NOT be awarded the CP – that is just ridiculous and makes no sense. What if not many people can get on the first day? Their clan is screwed. Playing during a particular time is crap as well. Each clan should be allotted “x” amount of hours to clock in from day a to day b. This would allow maximum flexibility…

    • Exorcist

      Yeah, specially when it is not 7PM where you live, it is 12AM and you have to stay awake like a zombie just to have a little chance of earning some gear.

  • Dominic Dixon


  • CantanoRM

    My clan won our first Diamond division clan war easily. We’re waiting for our war cry camo now.


    PS4 Clan “Step Your Aim Up” (SYAU) 1.3 clan k/d with 60% W/L 90+ (ACTIVE) members.. Message me and play in our party for a few matches as a means to introduce ourselves and familiarize then we can talk ‘clan invite’

    psn = MJ-FAME


    PS4 Clan “Step Your Aim Up” (SYAU) 1.3 clan k/d
    with 60% W/L 90+
    (ACTIVE) members..

    Won last 4 platinum matches in a row against a few undefeated clans & we also earned War cry last week in DD.

    Message me and play in our party for a few matches as
    a means to introduce ourselves and familiarize then we can talk ‘clan

  • Frank H.

    Can anyone confirm that it’s sufficient ranking in the top 3 places to take the camos and the other things? Please answer me, thanks!

    • Matthew B.

      I really wish that I could answer your question, but it really isn’t clear whether the top three clans take the war cry camo or just the top clan. I’ve heard from you tubers that you have to win 1st place in diamond division in order to receive the war cry camo, but here it is saying that the top three clans win the war cry camo. Can somebody from Charlie Intel please answer our question? If not, we will be finding out over the next 24-36 hours. Hopefully somebody can help before the clan war resumes because my clan is in 3rd place in Diamond Division currently.

    • Estebi Por Tu Cu

      you need to win 2 games in gold thats what we do. and we win a camo,

  • Darkspace78

    I just wonder how many clans out there actually speak or know the people they add to there clan or how many clans out there that have actually had the same members in there clan since day one a clan is something to build up through time of gaming not just adding people for the sake of adding people if players were to actually get to know there members the game would probably play better instead of the majority of players that add people just because they hack or boost just like the gamer that says he had 3380 win streak I wonder how he got that. I’ve been FEAR since day one from the first call of duty maid we have never changed clan and still have the same players in it since the start when we play a game we play as a complete unit not as a individual. Using the microphones how they are designed to be used I wonder how many clans actually play the game mode how it is designed to be played teamdeath match As team search and rescue as. A rescue game. Search and destroy and so on so on. How many gamers on a search get the bomb and sit at the back of the map until there’s 10 sec. Left on the round that is the clans that either don’t understand the game mode or a clan that don’t know there own players KIND REGARDS. One of the fear members.

  • Matthew B.

    NEED CLARIFICATION SOON!!!!! Please let me know if it’s a clan win or a top 3 performance that is required to get war cry camo. I’ve heard from you tubers like ALiA and TmarTn that you have to win a clan war. HELP NEED ANSWER!!! My clan is in 3rd place right now

  • Olster33

    I’m in a small clan on Xbox at the moment we have about four members we have won 1 platinum clan war so far but need more members to progress really. Message:
    x Spiek x for an invite

  • Estebi Por Tu Cu

    am looking for members any body can join we are level 15 i start the clan recently we unlock the yellow clan tag no kicks no tricks we going up and we have like a month so we are grow real quick, send your request to my clan: WE SMOKE YOU. everybody is welcome.

    • Estebi Por Tu Cu

      only xbox 360

  • alex

    Anyone looking for a clan my clan is Fatal Esports accepting new members.