A reddit user, zhrooms, has posted some screenshots of what Call of Duty: Ghosts would look like in a 3K resolution.

Here’s the imgur album with 22 images of Call of Duty: Ghosts at 3K resolution.

How does he do it? Zhrooms posted on reddit stating:

I have to fly around the map and with each shot try to get a good angle, then it’s a lot of work for each picture in photoshop, I have to sharpen it up because I am then scaling it down to 1920×1080, and before I scale it I have to manually crop it to not get the “Spectator” text in the picture, so I am taking the picture at 2880×1620 but actually what you see is only about 2500×1400, so it’s slightly zoomed to avoid the text, then scaling it down. So imagine that process for all maps, over a hundred pictures, that’s half a days work. But I will try to take at least 4-5 pictures of the maps I think look good, because it truly is one of the best looking games out there right now, it’s blows away Battlefield 4 honestly, as I stated before because of the smaller maps the detail is considerably higher.

SOURCE: Reddit user Zhrooms

  • Duffnez

    amazing :O

  • Roadripper55

    Looks pretty damn awesome

  • Goten

    This looks so nice … props to zhrooms for these beautiful images!

  • Tayler

    Looks the same..

    • AcePhoenix007

      Go to a doctor.

  • Sal

    Most of those are awesome wallpaper material, holy shit.

    So much for “lol it’s the same graphics as before”, right?

    • HenryDF

      Your point is kinda invalid, given that practically nobody plays Ghosts in 3K.

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  • Michael

    That looks pretty impressive, but I think he should have taken the screenshots on a different map with fire and smoke like that. Like Warhawk or maybe Freefall. I wish the games were released with this type of graphic phadelity.

    • PsychOutGaming

      That wouldn’t be possible for an average player’s internet. This would probably absorb most of you’re internet if you play online with this. Not even getting started on how long it would take to load the map in the first place. Also, There is not enough disk space for that.

      • Michael

        I didn’t really think about it that way. Your definitely right about that.

    • Jacky Liang

      This is actually what’s on the PC — all 25 GB of it. Most computers are absolutely unable to play it in this graphic fidelity, however, as this game just isn’t very well optimized. I have a GTX 670 and in order to preserve a 100+ FPS I have everything but Image Quality and Resolution set to the lowest.

  • RdJokr

    Somebody has a lot of free time in their hands… But this definitely shows some real graphical improvements. Shame that not a lot of people know this…

  • Zarky

    Can’t even load the images….. my internet is so poop wtf :X

  • Yeezus

    Looks the same as PS4

    • gymv

      Peasant, get your eyes checked.

  • TheShadowReaper

    i run Ghosts in 1080p 60 framerate and the Zhrooms images look a little better. although it doesnt matter. Ghosts is really good graphically wise and has some of the most detailed maps we have ever seen in a FPS game blowing BF4 out of the water anyday. about time a big reddit user came out and said that cause a lot of BF fanboys may have woken up from their Frostbite slumber that they had going all this time.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel


      EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ObSPvZ9EEA –> Ghosts wins. There’s no need for a comparison,

      • TheShadowReaper

        you know i’ll give the Frostbite engine that it has amazing lighting effects. in the top 5 if not the best out there as far as i’m concerned. but the Frostbite engine loses from pretty much any other engine out there when it comes to map detail etc. also it gets its ass kicked by CryEngine and Unreal Engine when it comes to shadow effects. it has a lot going for it, the Frostbite Engine. but for a group of people that have been making game engines since they were bought by EA, yes i’m talking about DICE here, i was expecting more. they disappoint.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          That’s exactly what’s wrong with CoD. Map detail. Battlefield has a lot of map detail, that’s why it is one of the best games in terms of graphics. And of course CryENGINE and Unreal Engine beat Frostbite’s ass, but they’re both comercial/public engines, they HAVE to be that good. Unreal Engine doesn’t surprise that much, since the guys that make/work on that engine just do that, and not games. But CryENGINE suprises me, A LOT, because Crytek works/worked on (probably) the best engine out there and still had time and the strength/movitation to make games. I know that Frostbite isn’t the best engine out there, but it is, without a doubt, one of the best. My top ten game engines are: CryENGINE 3, Frostbite 3, Naughty Dog Game Engine, Unreal Engine 3, RAGE Engine, Anvil Engine. (Source doesn’t make to this list because it is quite outdated, and Unreal Engine 3 is not the 2nd one because it’s outdated aswell, even though it still looks good). Some engines are not on this list because they’re not out yet. For example Snow Drop Engine (been used on ‘The Division’) or Unreal Engine 4.

          EDIT: DICE made their own engine not long ago (2007/2008)

          • TheShadowReaper

            BF having map detail is a fanboying overstatement imo. thats what COD has been good at in its last games. in BF every city looks the same and has the same details.

            anyways. we will see alot of amazing engines now with PS4 and XboxOne. including my fav, Unreal Engine 4.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Map detail = good textures and/or variety. I know what your talking about. But when you go to a city, the only thing you see is pretty much the same thing. GREY, everywhere. Caspian Border, Flood Zone, Bandar Desert, Alborz Mountains, Operation Metro, Wake Island, Zavod 311, Operation 912, Kiasar Railroad and so on have a lot of map detail, but DICE doesn’t have the freedom that IW, Treyarch and now Sledgehammer have. CoD maps aren’t based on real places, which let’s them put all the color they want on every map. For example, Nuketown. It’s is, imo, one of the most Eyecandy maps on CoD, but if we really think about it, it’s kinda innacurate, but the thing is, CoD can be innacurate, because CoD doesn’t have that “realistic” layer on top of it. Of course that it doesn’t “deny the laws of physics”, but it doesn’t follow reality that much. CoD has maps that look the same aswell. Ambush, Backlot, Crossfire, Bog, Crash, Invasion, Afghan, Derail, Sub Base, Aftermath, Slums, Turbine, Yemen.
            I can say that in terms of variety in maps Modern Warfare 3 was the worst and Black Ops was the best, by far, because no map felt or looked the same. And some Black Ops 2 maps come in this list as well. But CoD always had a problem, and that problem is map layout. Highrise, Nuketown, Hijacked, etc, all have the same playout, and I wanted more variety, but they’er great maps, non the less.
            Also, a thing that you have to understand is that Battlefield maps are huge, and DICE doesn’t have the time to do different objects/textures, etc for different maps, like CoD does. Each flag in Battlefield could be a CoD map. I understand what you’re talking about, Battlefield doesn’t have the collor pallet and/or object variety that CoD does, it will never have, because CoD maps are tiny and they don’t have time to do different textures and objects for each map.

          • TheShadowReaper

            and thats my point. everything is grey. EVERYTHING. there’s no way a whole district in a town is only this color. and lets say BF tries to “realism” some irl places and towns. in Afghanistan the color that should be most utilized is brown of the sands. still if you see a map in BF based in a irl town of Afghanistan the color that will be most used is guess what! GREY! and that shouldnt be the case. i understand that the game has or needs to keep a certain theme but when that certain theme harms your game then you toss it into a trass can not use it more than you should.

            while the “3 lane system” which is the way to make COD is not quite into the realistic part of a town or place being depicted in a game thats just how COD works. trying to change that it would hurt the game. (as we’ve seen in Ghosts). it also keeps a certain level of familiarity for the fans that tune into a COD game expecting how a map will be due to previous installments.

            and last, no, DICE could have easily made the details into every map. but i guess the problem here is a publisher by the name EA. also, every BF map is close to being twice as big or little more than a COD map not a COD map being a flag in a BF map. stop being stupid. another thing is that COD has a better thematic to use in order to make its maps. BF has just a pallete with 50 shades of grey to choose from. its not that COD maps are small and can be colored more easily. its that BF never had a strong thematic to use.

          • Articular Rivers


          • Hek

            “twice as big or little more than a COD map” I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Have you even played BF? One map in BF is like 4 or 5 times the size of 1 COD map. COD has small maps so you can run around like a headless chickens and not have to aim your weapon style. Plus COD maps look like a group of 8 year olds all got a bunch of crayons and scribbled of a sheet of paper, just like they’re gun camos and how they have Hello Kitty all over the guns. BF maps look like a true warzone.

          • TheShadowReaper

            started playing BF with BF Vietnam. but i guess you have no idea what that is right? all you know is that pieces of shit BF3 and BF4. meh. you were still an infant when i was playing BF. so i believe my opinion is twice or more legit than yours is. grow up.

          • Hek

            I started playing BF with BF 1942 so I think I know what i’m going on about, pal. You’re one of these COD kids that think they’re a true gamer so your opinion isn’t that legit.

          • TheShadowReaper

            said the “true” BF gamer. and i’m using quotations for a reason. you’re one of these pieces of trash that gives money to EA when every EA franchise including BF suck more and more with every release. you disgust me. nuff said.

          • jordanxbrookes

            “BF maps look like a true warzone”. You’ve clearly not played ARMA have you?

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            ArmA maps don’t really look like a war zone. It’s just towns and more towns, but that depends on the map aswell.

          • K.E.M

            ” CoD maps aren’t based on real places”
            Black Ops 2 easter egg,look at the coordinance of the tac insert and look it up on google maps,it’s on there.
            Hijacked is based on an actual area. Cove is an actual island. Except for nuketown sort of,it’s located on a military base itself.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            “Hijacked is based on an actual area.” You have to be fucking kidding me. It’s in the middle of the fucking Ocean.
            Nuketown. It’s a test site. There are millions of test sites around the world. They’ve just picked the idea of a test site map. And every map on CoD as it’s location, but they aren’t actually based on Cities and such. In Battlefield, for example, Rogue Transmission is based on an actual place, in Puerto Rico, it’s the Arecibo Observatory, called SETI. Dawnbreaker is based on Victoria Harbor, in China. Golmud Railway is base on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, in Golmud (China), as the name of the map suggest, Hainan Resort is based on the Hainan Island (China), Zavod 311 is based on the abandoned Malyshev Factory, Paracel Storm is based on the Paracel Islands, in China. Lancang Dam is based on the Xiaowan Dam, in China, and Siege of Shanghai, as the name suggest, it’s in Shanghai and on the background of the map you can even see the Shanghai Tower.

          • jordanxbrookes

            It’s ‘site’ not ‘sight’.

      • Hek

        Have you lost your glasses? As ShadowReaper said Frostbite is not the best engine out there but it beats the old and dated COD engine by far,

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          ??? I know what I read and wrote.

      • TheMostManlyMan

        Do…..Do the modern CoD fans even think? Look at 1:40 and tell me that BF4 is so much grayer than Ghosties, I dare you.

        Go to 21 seconds in and tell me that the Ghosties character models are better.

        How on earth can you not see that Ghosties is by far the grayest CoD ever? It might have decent graphics if everything wasn’t a weird gray and/or green.

        After completing those tasks, go to the nearest eye doctor.

        Yes, BF3 did have allot of maps with allot of gray, and that bothered me, but many of the mentioned maps that supposedly have so much gray (specifically Alborz Mountain) have WAY more color than other maps that you didn’t mention.


        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Yo idiot. I was deffending BF4…

  • Gon

    See this is what ps4 cod should look like instead of the shiity excuse for graphics and textures we have atm

  • Hek

    This is what the game should of looked like but instead we get the same old crappy looking graphics. Even then this still dosen’t look “next gen”.

  • BSOG

    I really think Stonehaven looks really good, even on Last Gen, so imagine what it would like if it were upscaled like this.

  • als

    it sucks

  • thebulky1cometh

    3 days without news…what’s going on here?!