Activision’s Community Manager has tweeted out stating that there’s currently no Call of Duty games in developement for the PlayStation Vita or the Nintendo 3DS.

The last Call of Duty game for the PS Vita was Black Ops Declassified. That game didn’t get the best reviews, and the studio behind the game now works on digital only things for Activision. No Call of Duty games have ever been made for the 3DS, the last Nintendo portable game was Call of Duty: MW3 Defiance for the original DS, which was developed by nSpace.

If anything changes, we’ll keep you up to date.

SOURCE: OneOfSwords

  • Brad

    That’s annoying for Vita, Was really hoping for one this year instead of using remote play. Seems thats all it’s really good for now with 3rd parties practically giving up and every game coming to the system is pretty much a PS4 port. 🙁 I really hope they develop a small game, or a remake/port of something like COD4 . Shouldnt take as long to make if its a port (think Wii U’s Zelda Windwaker was done in under 6 months)

    • Crazy

      You cannot compare a simple Gamecube-Port (well its a Remake, to be precise), which relies on only 1 CPU-core- and which needs no multi-threading at all- with an complex PS4-Port. Even PS Vita has 4 cpu cores- where the games can use 3 of them- so yeah, that means its much more work than a simple WiiU-Remake of Zelda WW. The games on PS Vita makes use of 3 Cpu cores- and thus its much more work- e.g. – the program has to be multi-threaded (3 cpu cores means at least 1 cpu core for physics, 1 for AI, 1 for sound and environmen effects and misc).

      • cheeselick74

        They should be able to port it in 7.5 months max.

      • Black Eagle

        Correction, Ps vita has 3 cores

  • Guest

    Who cares lol

  • jordanxbrookes

    Well that’s 2 devices that aren’t getting in the way of my next-gen Call of Duty games.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I didn’t even know thy developed COD for the 3DS. All this means to me is that next COD’s aren’t going to be held back as much.


      Last sentence. “No Call of Duty games have ever been made for the 3DS, the last Nintendo portable game was Call of Duty: MW3 Defiance for the original DS, which was developed by nSpace.”

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Oh, okay, awesome. Thanks man.

      • saiyan god

        they should make Mw3 for vita at least rite

      • cheeselick74

        Ur mom was developed inspace!!!

  • chiefsfan005

    I want a Vita COD game please

  • George

    And that sucks, because the original DS had HORRIBLE graphical capabilities and it STILL got a bunch of Call of Duty games. Now that legitimately powerful portable systems are able to handle Call of Duty titles, they WON’T put them on there? It should be the other way around. On top of that, the 3DS STILL doesn’t have a first-person shooter title on it! Sure a couple have been announced, but they’re single-player focused and their quality wouldn’t be anywhere close to optimized Call of Duty titles. You could rule a market Activision, COME ON!!!

    • VINCE

      Thy should at least made black op 2 for the vita if thy wouldve done that they wouldve made alot of sales but sony aint smart like tht at least they tried with borderlands 2……… Any way JUST STICK WTH A XBOX

  • If it meant it was going to be anything like the previous COD on the Vita I would say they could keep it anyway. But, a proper COD experience would be nice. You’ve seen what Killzone can do on the Vita, there’s no excuse that COD couldn’t be as equally good.

  • Ryumoau

    I think Activision really made a poor decision rushing the first Vita CoD game out and choosing the terrible developer they did. They had a chance to take their time and deliver a great handheld CoD experience that would have boosted the Vita sales, but instead ruined it just to get it out beside black ops 2. 🙁

  • Manny Onuoha

    Single player campaign terrible multiple player was fun to me I hope they make another on but take more time with it

  • saiyan god

    they should at least make black ops2 or modern warfare 3 for the vita an also god of war 3 or accession they shud make it look like the same way how it wud look on the vita in remote play form

    which activition should have done long time ago same way they make these game remote play on the vita is the same way they should have release these game fast an make some good ratings an money

  • Matthew

    In my opinion you should make a new call of duty for the psvita and it should be advanced warfare