Treyarch has announced that 4 new personalization packs are coming to Black Ops 2 for $1.99 each on March 4th on Xbox 360.

Here’s descriptions of each, courtesy of OneOfSwords:

  • Beast, which is “inspired by nature’s most lethal predators”;
  • Dead Man’s Hand, influenced by Old West gunslingers and card players;
  • Octane, which aims to please racing fans; and
  • Weaponized 115, based on the Treyarchโ€™s epic Zombies experience, Origins

We were just sent the images for all the new camos:

These camos will be available first on Xbox LIVE on March 4th, with other platforms to follow.

SOURCE:ย OneOfSwords

  • John


  • Birchy

    Wait… What?

  • iSwedishVirus

    Oh Treyarch take all my money!!<3

    • fluttershy742

      treyarch is not ghost they are in waw and bo so these guys are mw3 dumb

      • jordanxbrookes

        Oh dear, your grammar is terrible in so many ways.

        • It’s a Brony, grammar is something they don’t have

          • xTheWarlord

            Oi! Some of us know how the English language works.

  • Sentrymann

    They’re still adding content for Black Ops 2? Strange.

    • ElseAndrew

      More people play BO2 than Ghosts, they will more than likely make more money than the Ghosts Micro-DLC does.

      • Sentrymann

        I didn’t realize that! Crazy!

      • Bigi345

        I’m wondering how much players are actually in ghosts right now in 360+1 or PS3+4 vs people in BO2 in PS3 or 360?

      • Haitian Jack

        they dont. the lobbies on BLOPS 2 are almost empty. Maybe 50,000 at any given time. MW2 didnt drop to those numbers until MW3 came out. Dont get me wrong, Ghosts is boring as fuck and I wish more people would play both the black ops.

        • ElseAndrew

          PS3 generally has 30k+ more players than Ghosts does, I was also watching ThunderStucks recent video and he said Black Ops 2 has more players than Ghosts.

          • Haitian Jack

            Hopefully this brings more people back to the older CODs.

          • Bigi345

            You’re gonna need to add PS4’s numbers too with PS3 to make it fair

          • ElseAndrew

            Black Ops 2 isn’t out on PS4…

          • ElseAndrew

            And I just realized you mean for Ghosts, yeah those numbers need to be taken into account.

        • Paok99

          lol I live in europe and play on the xbox and when it is morning for us it is usually 30k playing but on weekends at night it can be over 100k playing

        • PaleWaffle

          That would be full for PC, when I play it’s usually like 10k max D:

      • Bigi345

        how many people are playing ghosts on Ps3+4 at max or 360+1 at max vs BO2 at 360 or PS3 at max?

        • Paul

          There are more people playing BO2 and MW3 on PS3 than there are playing Ghosts by 20k

  • bsktballmsu1

    they have nothing to do since sledgehammer is making the next cod i guess

    • Haitian Jack

      i honestly think this is the most logically answer.

  • Batman


  • Shardlotte

    This gives me hope that they’ll re-release the old Zombie maps.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Treyarch has 2 years to create the next COD game, I’m sure they can spend a couple of those months remastering the old maps. It’s not that hard to do, and so many people will switch back to BO2.

  • lol. Can’t make enough money on Ghosts with the lack of players so now pushing sales for content in the previous game. This is sales history in the making right here!

    • Fraggz99

      lol you do realise that ghosts was made by infinity ward and bo2 was treyarch? So infinity ward make no money from what treyarch sell

      • Laurin Emmerich

        But Activision does…

      • But both are made by Activision. Although I don’t agree with him, his statement was correct.

        • The Flash

          *Published by Activision, not made

        • 111AlaN111

          Activision has a contract with both IW and Treyarch, and the contract doesn’t include this

      • Daniel Sims

        Regardless, Activision is in charge of the money and executive decisions so his statement is correct.

      • KoolAidMan

        Actually Activision make most of the money they are the publisher for both 3arch and IW and now Sledgehammer games so Activision send money where it is needed most be it IW 3arch or SH

    • Aj

      They Had To Drop Hardened Edition Of Ghosts (All Plats) To $79.99 And Prestige Editions To $99.99 At My Local Gamestop To Sell XD

      • Aj

        This Was Recently Btw…LMFAOOOO!!!

    • huehue

      i hope you do realize that treyarch is the one who created and launched the map packs. activision doesn’t really do that much for the game anyways. The creators are treyarch, Infinity ward, and now joining the team, sledge hammer.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I would still buy more maps for this game. I think I am about to start playing it again since Ghosts is so horrible.

    • epicninja3

      yeah you won’t regret it trust me! I didn’t!

      • Smith N Wesson

        Yeah, I didn’t regret you going back to BO2 either, its better that way for both of us. Yeah, I’m winning a lot more due to the fact that I’m not playing with bumbs who lack the skills to play the game,

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          If you’re not playing with people who “lack the skills to play the game,” you’d technically be doing worse, since you’ll be matched against better players than you.

          • Smith N Wesson

            Yeah, but with you gone, that’s one less bumb to worry about

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            You should be happy when noobs play, they overall help you in the end, even if they are annoying.

    • Eric Mandzuk

      Stop complaining bitch!

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Or what? This is my opinion nothing more. Why are you taking this personally? Did you make the fucking game?

        • TheShadowReaper

          ignore him. i have been his victim as of lately. he just spams nonsense and tries to tick you off while sounding like a 5 year old.

          • Paul Thomas

            Yea although I think I’ve met 5 year olds who could form more coherent sentences then him.

    • Smith N Wesson

      yeah go to BO2, I’m tired of being matched-up with noob bumbs that cost me the game, even though I go 30-5.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        How is the weather up there on your pedestal? You realize its just a game right?

        • fires

          some people play competitively. To each there own. I get my $60+ bucks outta it just hanging with my friends and effing around in snd. If you talk like that, god forbid you see some of the shit some TF2 players act when they lose on pub server.

        • Smith N Wesson

          You right im sorry, I shouldn’t have never flipped out like that, i just thought you were one of those people that like to blame game for their inadequacy, I really do apologize. I’m a firm believer in freedom of speech, that includes opinions.

  • The_Vortex

    YES TREYARCH KEEP THE DLC COMING HOPEFULLY MAP PACKS!! (Old zombie maps) This is great news for CoD in general

    • SwiggitySwaggityMyName’sBradle

      I think if they make a black ops 3, they should put in a black ops 1 map and a black ops 2 map in every dlc. That would be cool. Or maybe the fan favorite maps would get put in.

      • The_Vortex

        I agree completely with you but you know there will always be haters. Haters that will be all upset about how whether it be 3arc or IW just copy and paste their old maps into the game. I for one am not a hater ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • fuknigGaz

          That would be good if they added in the old good maps to the newer cods. I don’t know why people would hate that

          • J.Lee

            they just want complete new maps not same old boring maps on almost every cods..

          • Osheaa da Don

            I completly agree

      • I am Chris

        i would like to the see the actual map comeback instead of a remake.

    • Boom boom pow

      They should because they first did camos then map packs!!!! I HOPE WE DO

    • Daniel Sims

      I wonder if a new Map Pack would go to Season Pass holders…

      • The_Vortex

        I honestly would doubt it because it said 4 DLC packs for 50$ but hopefully if there ever is a DLC5, DLC6, ..etc. it could possibly be a season pass exclusive. I hope there is a DLC5 though. I enjoy blops 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

        • derpymcderpinson

          bring back the old maps but they would also have to put the easter eggs so idk how that would work

          • Mark

            Well now that I think about it, there was that DLC 5 in the coding leak, maybe it is planned….

        • Dylan


      • jhon

        Treyrach co worker ya their is its called deadsea has this new wepon called tx-50 a sniper and maps have all this dynamic stuff and yes their is a zombie expirence that takes it back to this city were evil came good and good came evil. thats all i can tell you.

        • dylano

          for a Treyarch co worker you have one of the worst grammar ever -_- there are too many fake people on the internet

          • faget

            You have one of the worst grammar ever. That’s ironit

    • Reso

      lets hope they will depatch the snipers… dsr is almost unuseable…

      • Cf1234

        are you serious? I hope they nerf the hell out of them so they’re like black ops 1 snipers. Snipers (or quickscopers as most of you are) are the most annoying and OP thing about the game.

        • coil

          Says kids like you that run around with the fucking AK extended mags + silencer. Fuck kid leave the corners and quit being a little bitch

          • PaleWaffle

            Wait wait wait, 1st off, it’s AN and suppressor. 2nd off, ‘run around’ and ‘leave the corners’ completely contradict each other. Do you even BO2?

          • ByFlawZ

            At least we have the skill to trickshot and quickscope…. after the nerf…… so STFU you little tryhard…..

          • XxAKRSxxJack

            dont be gay just because you go negative

          • Superman64

            Said the quickscoper who needs to use an exploit to get easy kills.

          • Mohoe

            Have u ever watched a sniper gameplay they usually get less kills than everyone how is that an exploit

          • Pro1313

            Yea I agree

        • Sassquach

          I find shot guns more annoying

      • PlantDaBomb

        The snipers are over powered with the patch

    • GamingMan

      If they released another map pack, I would be very surprised but it really would be awesome to see. I like Black Ops 2, I am glad to see Treyarch keeping the game active despite CoD Ghosts being out. I hope they keep bringing new things.

    • Dylan

      I AGREE!

  • jordanxbrookes


    • I want a camo in bo2 that is just vahns face and the calling card is his #VonderhaarMasterRace on a black background, I would totally buy!

  • If they want to make a butt load of money, they need to do a COD Anniversary. Remaster The classic Cods and keep everything the same except certain glitches and other game exploits.

    • Celest1ne

      You see everyone in the community realizes this. Eventually it’ll come but it needs to be on the next gen consoles.

      • Cookie Dough Monsta

        actually it should be out on play station 3/4 and Xbox 360/one because the people that make cod games are all good compassionate companys, they know that not everyone can fork out nearly ยฃ500 for a games console.

        • Celest1ne

          Yea it probly will be on the old consoles as well. The thing is those games are all available on the 360/Ps3. The whole point would be to upgrade them and make them available on the new ones.

          • Cookie Dough Monsta

            yeah, it will be like a multi disk package too, i think if they made an anniversary edition and made it strictly new get it would ruin the cod franchise and make activision,3arc etc look like a load of cunts

        • ChewHigh

          Why would they put them on the old consoles at all they are already there, and they couldn’t update the graphics too much on the old consoles either because of the limitations

    • If they do it, the first thing you’ll read aboutit in every gaming news site is “lolol they ran uot off ideas”

  • Grigori

    Please bring micro dlc zombiemaps!

  • Xecho

    Makes since I mean keep on releasing patches and dlc. I’d buy it ;l

  • Grigori

    Must have that origins camo btw

  • PandaMan

    … I done goofed.

  • ElseAndrew

    I’d buy another map pack if they put it out there, I wasn’t disappointing with any of the DLC Treyarch put out for BO2.

    • The Flash

      i was, but id still buy another map pack if there was more zombies

    • Cf1234

      I was kinda dissapointed with #4, zombies was awesome, but pod, dig, takeoff and whatever the last one was weren’t very good.

  • MrHotShot118

    Please treyarch do us all a favor release a remastered zombie map pack from black ops 1 and waw.

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    What about the comic book camo? Treyarch should really release that.

    • James K

      I was disappointed that the fans didn’t vote that camo to win. The playercard animation stood out for me.

    • Kenneh

      And paladin! It looked like crap in the trailers, but was amazing in game

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Just port BO2 to the next gen consoles and make it $10 to upgrade. Do it, Treyarch.

    • Mkondrak

      Upgrade the graphics and that would convince me to buy a PS4 just for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Blaine

    uh… this is random.

  • It’s good they are still doing stuff for boII but please, please do what you said you would do and release an all zombies dlc, with (My favourite maps), kino, der riese (again, I know), ascension, and moon!

  • Michael

    Dude I seriously thought they were done watching this game. We haven’t had an update since god knows how long. (And yes I know we to an update yesterday.) but seriously I think they should be patching oh idk *Cough* Remington *Cough* Lightweight. But then again it doesn’t matter to me.

    • ElseAndrew

      I don’t know man, maybe because Treyarch don’t patch Infinity Ward games…

      • Michael

        Well treyarch coming back to black ops 2 makes me have hope again for some reason. Who knows maybe they’re actually watching this game still. Maybe they’ll be balancing weapons now and more needed updates to come.

    • 115

      Every gun needs to be buffed in BO2. I believe that is why mostly all guns don’t “suck” in MW2

      • Michael

        Well theater mode fucked up the hit detection making you think that the weapons we use sucks. But yeah I agree with you. Not all weapons though. Just the main ones that me and you know.

  • SoulTaker

    Now if they could dish out 4 old zombie maps remastered in the Black Ops 2 game that would be GREEEEAAAAT.

  • Somebody you used to know

    I don’t get why every single person on CI likes Treyarch games over IW games..
    Yes Ghosts sucks, I know but BO2 is like unplayable. It got the worst hit-detection ever and those LMG’s w/ Target Finders, god damn…

    Just give me MW3 on PS4 and I’ll be the happiest person on earth ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Personally, I always liked Treyarch best. I decided to buy Ghosts because the trailers made it look pretty good, but I was disappointed. Sticking to Treyarch unless SH’s game really stands out to me.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I feel like the 115 camo, based off origins, will glow green instead of blue! Awesome!!

    • Grigori

      Yeah I thought that too! Would be cool if you could choose which color you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    They should sell all old, remastered zombie maps separately for BO2 for $2 each. I would say $5 like they did with Nuketown, but these are the old maps, so it makes sence to sell them at $2-$3 each. I would buy all of them, which would actually make them a good bit of money.

    • fires

      port team would feel like shit for dusting up the maps to bring over for just 2 dollars… I know i would if i was porting them.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Well the new DLC maps that they work so hard to create sell for about $3 each, since there’s 5 maps for $15. Since these are not new maps, $2 would be an appropriate amount. If you want to make it sound nicer, it’d be $30 for all the old zombie maps. I would just rather have it sold separately so you can pick which maps you want. Or they could do 2 different packs for $15 each. One pack has all the WAW maps, the other has all the BO1 maps. Same thing, essentially.

        • Paul Thomas

          Well the only problem is that they can’t simply port them due to BO1 and [email protected] being run on the campaign engine, while BO2 is on the multiplayer engine. So I think a full 5$ would be reasonable considering they have to actually remake the map and not simple copy them.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            They don’t have to remake the entire map and all it’s mechanics. And like I said previously, they usually sell a new zombie map that they built from scratch for about $3. On this one, they have everything they need. It’s the same way Treyarch ported COD Ghosts onto Wii U. You think Treyarch had to go remake the entire COD ghosts for Wii U? No. Also, I think $50 for all the OLD zombie maps is a bit overpriced. $30 is much more reasonable.

          • Paul Thomas

            The sell the maps for 5$ each as shown by Nuketown zombies. Also their’s a difference in porting everything over to a new console and porting it over to a new engine. Also if their going to make it and not completely remake it then I know a lot of people won’t buy it. Anyway if they remake them I doubt they’ll remake all 10 of them. Most likely it’ll be 3 or 4 of them from Black Ops.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            $5 was because it was from the prestige addition, and it was a new map that they built. All we want is a remake, and just change the box weapons and PAP camo, like they did from WAW to BO1. Why shouldn’t they remake all 10? More money for them, and they don’t really have much to do for BO3 right now until they have the ideas and main basis for it planned out.

          • Paul Thomas

            They wouldn’t remake the [email protected] ones because people would complain about them, and because they’ve already been remade. Almost nobody liked DOA, In order to remake the COTD they’d have to resign the contracts with the Celebrates. So the only candidates are, Kino, Five, Ascension, Shangr-La, and Moon.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Why would people complain about them? If they can buy them separately, they can pick which ones they want. You’re not forced to buy all of them. And so what if they’ve already been remade. It just makes it easier to bring it to BO2. I agree, DOA is useless and should not be remade. Why would they have to resign contracts? They’re not creating a new easter egg or new dialogue, they are literally taking the exact same map and exact same dialogue and putting it into BO2. The only thing they’re changing are the random box weapons. I don’t understand why you’re so opposed to this. You don’t want this to happen? Why? How does that affect you? There’s a simple rule that gamers who complain about things should know. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Lots of people complain about all the microtransactions COD has. So what? Is it affecting you? Just don’t buy them. It’ll be the same thing as if the microtransactions didn’t exist.

          • Paul Thomas

            Well to start Activision won’t let them do that. They’ll sell them as a big pack. So people who have [email protected] or bought Rezurrection will not be happy that they have to re-buy them again. Secondly the actors in COTD have the intellectual properties to their own voices and appearances. So unless they infringe the rights to them they’ll have to resign them. So no i’m not against it. I actually want it, however if you don’t know the laws and the consumers then you can’t do business. So don’t question my motives. Because i’m being a realist and not someone who is thinking this perfect scenario is going to happen.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            If they had to sell them as a pack, they could just sell two packs, like I said earlier. One with all the WAW maps and one with the BO1 maps. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, I’m saying this is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. I presented an idea, and for some reason you think it’s 100% impossible for it to happen, and you’re looking for every reason to say it won’t happen. That’s not a realist. In life, anything can happen. Having that mindset is being a realist, not trying to look at everything negatively. You gotta see both the positives and negatives. I see your points, lot’s of them are good. I didn’t know about the contract thing, but I still think it’s at least possible for the maps to return.

          • Paul Thomas

            I could see the maps coming back as two packs, but one big one. No. Also i’m not saying it’s 100% impossible there are just some details that I know can’t happen. The may decide to redo COTD but I don’t think it’s likely. However everything else I could see. The thing is I’m not looking at the positives or negatives, i’m looking for what could happen and what couldn’t. Me personally i’m hoping they do it, but i’m thinking of what avenues they can do without spending a lot of money. Also the contract thing is because they are using their likeness and voices in production. Even if it is a remake they still have to be legally bound to it.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Come people… …Join the #VonderhaarMasterRace

    • dylano

      no resume is strong enough to join though :3

  • MSTAR020

    If I was treyarch I would do the same exact thing. If I could make money off of additional DLC i would do it. It also brings people back to play the game potentially.

    • fires

      [Playerbase asks Activision to support games so we dont play the new ones -> Creates Playerbase that will only buy Treyarch games -> less buyers for 2 years between Treyarch games]. This is OBVIOUSLY the only way to go about this.

  • Jason

    Like these look amazing. But no point in buying when I barely play this old COD anymore.

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Ok,I’ll break down and buy the Weaponized 115 camo, I really hope it’s an animated camo

    • Grigori

      It’s the origins camo

    • PaleWaffle

      just look for a vid on youtube, AliA’s is pretty good & he shows off the other 3 too.

  • brandon

    Makes sence with sledgehammer making COD 2014 all treyarch can do for 2 more years is hopefully make this game the best co
    d ever and hopefully more dlc plz.

  • Avizo

    They should have give us Paladin and Comic Camo too…

    • tom coon

      I agree

      • Grigori

        I love your profile pic ๐Ÿ™‚

        • tom coon

          thanks man but just remember -NO Post on Sundays-

          • Still can’t believe that the actor died :'(

  • Youcata

    I donยดt prefer Black ops 2 over Ghosts or vice-versa. But comparing the cammos they bring to people we can see who is the joke.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      These at least look cool. The Ghosts’ camos don’t even look cool on the guns. On top of that, they have stuff like Rubber Ducky and Space Cats.

      • thebulky1cometh

        I am not sure about the DLC camos because I have always refused to buy them, but I agree 100% that something about Ghosts camos is just a bit “off.” The Ghosts camos are all too muted or something, and a few of them are barely noticeable. I am guessing their designers would say, “we went for a minimalist look.”

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Yeah, they seem faded or something. They don’t stand out to you when you use the gun. I can barely tell I have camo on when I play Ghosts.

  • Kenneh

    Even though ATVI is recognizing the BO2 still has a suprising amount of players and is capitalizing, i think that this could be a good thing. People criticize ATVI and CoD saying that it’s yearly cycle kills the previous installment after 1 year. This shows that they’re doing more for previous installments than just patches. Not all that much, but its a step. But it’s obvious they are capitlizing on BO2s remaining players. I’m not that blind lol

  • tbnrcactusjones

    Activision has officially given up on ghosts

  • Yoran


  • Markdg23

    My question is, why in the F are the camos Treyarch designed for a past CoD better looking than the weapon camos just released for Ghost… Common now we got kitten camo and Treyarch makes a camo called BEAST, get your shit together Infinity Ward.

    • PaleWaffle

      Dude, Beast is basically Rogue camo except orange.

  • Ryumoau

    kinda weird that they are still supporting black ops 2 with small camo dlc. Unless they noticed alot of people are going back to black ops 2 because of how disappointing Ghosts has been.

  • d

    how i know that the dlc are arley on xbox but realy ,canยดt they lanch on both plataforms and pc

  • Ghosts camos are so bad that the War Cry is, and probably will be the best camo in Ghosts

  • K.E.M

    I remember you guys saying, “Oh bo2 is a gay piece of shit game!” Now you guys think it’s the best.
    Watch, when sledgehammer brings their game, you guys will love Ghosts.

  • matthew

    treyach sorry for boosting but it was madcow509 plz can I have my stats again I had snip dimong smgs only needed 2





    well they got alot of time now that sledgehammer is making the next game, maybe they could come out with another map pack or just seperate maps ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Jackobeeno

    See this is awesome, with the whole 3 year cycle thing for the Call of Dutys, Teryarch went oh shit, we need to give our fans what they want and are starting to do this! I cannot wait to see what you do Treyarch, this is why i love you guys ๐Ÿ˜€

  • XDflamer99

    yoh dudes i just got a great idea you know back in the background you can change prestige of bo2 and mw3 well it would be awezome if you just voor 10$ you can migrate both acounts and play the maps on ghosts what do you guys think?

  • Jimmy

    BO2 is far superior to Ghosts. I’d like another map pack honestly, and considering that TA doesn’t make release another game until late 2015, there’s no reason not to. Many games have DLC for a couple years after release, and black ops 2 hasn’t even been out for a year and a half. The community is there if they’d do it.

  • mrnobodyepic

    Aren’t they supposed to make the 2015 CoD game? GO WORK ON IT, TREYARCH WE WANT BADASS ZOMBIE MAPS IN 2015.

  • Ryan Ennis

    Fake there are no camos as of March 4 2014 I’m on the game and nothing has changed

    • pissedoff


    • PaleWaffle

      Are you on PC or a Playstation? Because, and I quote from the original post, ‘These camos will be available first on Xbox LIVE on March 4th, with other platforms to follow.’

  • Tannor Roland Fortin

    Cod Ghosts sucks.. Keep the DLC coming

  • lil Debbie

    That green one tho

  • Reckless-_-Young

    Is this coming out for ps3 too? I hope so !

  • Ang Dorjee Sherpa

    and for ps3 when are they giving this camo

  • Natalia

    Why aren’t these camo’s in ps3?

  • yogo-boy

    cant wait to get the 115 camo for the ps3!

    i hope they release something more, cause waiting 2 years for zombies (IF they continue zombies) is gonna suck!

  • Montana420

    BLACK OPS 2 is the best !

  • when_is_it

    is this new camo coming out for the ps3 (sorry for bad english)

  • ?

    what about ps3 users

  • Treyarch

    We are also bringing out a Map pack including 4 old mp maps, 1 zombie map, and a gun.

  • Mizzou_Tigers

    One question. When are the new camos that are coming out on Xbox 360, coming out for PS3??? I need to know.

  • Mr.GamerX

    yes thank you i got all four and thier looking beats

  • Sami Lakhdar

    I have black ops 2 add me my name madrid killers

  • Sami Lakhdar

    i love quicscoop

  • John

    are these coming to ps3

  • ladiesman217

    Yeah bring back kino kino2025 oh yeahhhhh

  • Brayden

    Might need some help. The camos just got released on ps3. and for some reason when i go to the store, the only camo thats there is the W115, but ive seen other people with the other 3 camos as well?

  • TheBee0704

    DLC 5 any ideas who would want it to be like

  • Bartram

    I wish I could play this game …. Plz bring to next gen … Ghosts is not the one

  • DefuzzleMeGood

    I still play zombies and I’ll never stop. I would greatly appreciate a new dlc with at least one zombie map in it. I have the max rank and 250k kills, gotten to high rounds on every map too. Zombies is still fun to me but a new map would be great