According to a new leak, Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC will be getting a free trial for one weekend, starting March 21st, and ending March 24th.

Try Onslaught for FREE this weekend. Featuring: – Four unique Multiplayer Maps: Fog, Containment, Bayview and Ignition – The Maverick: An all-new dual purpose Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle, – Extinction Episode 1: Nightfall – The first installment of a four-part episodic narrative. Buy the Call of Duty┬«: Ghosts Season Pass today and get the Team Leader Digital Pack.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC features 4 diverse MP maps, Fog, Containment, Bayview, and Ignition; a new dual purpose weapon, and Episode 1: Nightfall for Extinction.

We’ll update when we hear more or when this is officially announced..

  • idc219

    Infinity ward is desperate because they know everybody in x1 will be playing titanfall

    • ccrows

      Jet Packs and mechs don’t do it for me, nor any of my friends.

      For me, TF is a “redbox rental” at best.

      Also Treyarch let people try BO2’s DLC1 and DLC2 on different weekends last year, and there was no TF around either…

      • Jon Cameron


      • bsktballmsu1

        yea but that was after later dlcs were released, dlc 2 hasn’t even been released yet and they are already giving a free trial

  • Bornitalian Iz Live

    Fuckin stupid as most people already bought it, i say ps3 should get free trial

    • SharpShooter

      More like no body brought it !!

    • Jesus

      Just cause you have 1?

  • Cape6

    Black ops 2 needs more maps… More people play it and trayarcs next game is not untill november 2015 so they should have time with this extra year to do something for us

    • The_Vortex

      Although I dont disagree with you man… I really wish they would because blops 2 was a great game. I wouldnt mind a DLC5 lol but its not going to ever happen bud :(. 2015 will be here faster than you will expect it.

    • Batman

      BO2 sucks, BO1 needs a next gen remake