Nintendo has announced that they are taking down the Wii and DS servers on May 20th, 2014. And with that, all Call of Duty Wii and DS titles will be no longer be playable on that platform online.

Here’s a list of the Wii and DS Call of Duty games that are affected:

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Mobilized (Nintendo DS)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Reflex (Nintendo Wii)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS)
  • Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS)

SOURCE: Nintendo via @Snowday2

  • TheShadowReaper

    ehh? more shitty news from Nintendo? they should just give up making consoles and stick to making games for all other platforms. speaking of course about the Xbox, PS and PC. such pieces of shit consoles Nintendo produces. no wonder no one will buy them.

    • Actually, a lot of people bought them. It was a way, before all the CoD apps, to play on the go, in the DS’s case. I liked it. I bought black ops for the DS, and it was awesome. Wii, however…..I agree with you.

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      So you mean i should buy super mario on a ps4 or xbox one and get a half ass game with 100 microtransactions and dlc for 20 dollar piece, no thanks mister, i rather stick with nintendo consoles!

      • TheShadowReaper

        so you believe that Nintendo would change just because their platform of making games would change? microtransactions and stuff arent a thing of the one that makes the console, its the developer of the game who puts things like this into it. so that how much you trust Nintendo? or it is Nintendo’s true nature in disguise? you theory is baseless and has no bone to keep it sturdy whatsoever. thus your point is invalid.

        edit: the Nintendo consoles are shit and dont appeal to anyone right now. thats what you want to play on? a console that has no personality, no soul? good for you.

        • PandaMan

          These consoles are designed more for kids, they appeal to them more than adults. So to you they might be shit but to them they are amazing

        • Fuck ShadowReaper

          Ok guys.Lets go xbox live and fuck him up and show him power of nintendo by shoving broomstick up his anus and rectum and some of large intestine. He will love it. Fucking sterotype motherfuking gay shits with no idea how great nintendo is.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i guess your guest name shows your level of maturity. nuff said.

          • you have to admit its pretty creative… I couldn’t have came up with anything better

        • why do you get so many likes? it upsets me greatly…

          • TheShadowReaper

            because everything of what i’m saying is true? if it wasnt then Nintendo wouldnt be in the position they are now.

          • I laugh at how you are acting like what you are saying is fact…. *laughs like an idiot*

          • TheShadowReaper

            you dont laugh like an idiot, you are an idiot. preaching Nintendo is the most stupid thing in 2014.

          • that sure boosts my self-esteem.
            Preaching every other console doesn’t do much good either…

      • CoDforever

        If cod and wii u sold successfully, then it would have 100 microtransactions too on a nintendo console .. and mario is the most milked franchise in history

        • darklink623

          sadly, I agree, though metroid and loz add new things each time. except for the oracle games that were basically meant to be the same world, the rest are totally unique. metroid is headed downhill, unless they release something like the old 2d or like the prime games, and loz is becoming easier and easier. if they were to remove the part of buying items and farming rupees, then that would be good again. till then, im gonna keep playing the originals (through twilight princess). in my mind, a lot of the popular games (including cod, loz, mario, halo, etc) are just repeats of themselves. just my 2 cents.

          • Rafi

            Yeah cod seems to copy its stuff, until IW. Then they copied Halo. Dear cod developers, please start making some more original content please!

      • HenryDF

        Why are you even on here if all you’re prepared to do is preach Nintendo like a pathetic 7 year old and try and act clever?

        • darklink623

          #1, just because everyone else hates on nintendo doesn’t mean you have to as well. i know sometimes its a matter of preference, but don’t act like cod fans don’t preach crap all over nintendo videos and stuff

      • chris

        that’s why ur Nintendo consoles don’t get dlc and Gameboy was the last best Nintendo console and I still have mine

        • Triumph

          All these console wars…. Ps xbox you can play CoD, Nintendo you got mario and whatnot…. Why not get PC, you have both and many more games 😉 Why would anyone have a console to play mario anyway? That shit is on your phone now…

    • Jon Cameron

      I’m not sure what your irrelevant opinions on their current consoles has to do with Call of Duty games shutting down on Nintendo systems. Whatever the reason, you’re clearly misinformed if you believe “no one buys them”, even with that being a horrible exaggeration. I’m even more unsure where you got the idea that because you’re not into what they make, then they’re shit and need to stop.

      • TheShadowReaper

        just because the Wii made a lot of sales and ended up being the most selling for gen7 that doesnt mean that they were good or value for consumer money. and its not only about COD games. the servers are shut down for every game including COD. they did sell once but thats it, the joke is over. you can fool people once but a second time wont come for many. April fool’s day comes once every year. the second time you make an attempt its not funny anymore. and that second attempt is WiiU and 3DS + whatever Nintendo dishes out eventually.

        • F12CHARTREUX

          Nintendo is not a joke, it deserved that position as the top selling console of the 7th gen.

          The reason the Wii+3DS was such a successful product was because the quality of (most) games available were far better than anything produced elsewhere. When I looked at the Wii+3DS games in my local store, I found it hard to make my decision of which one to get next. However, when I looked in the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC’s sections, I had a difficult time searching for games of high quality.

          Quality includes factors such as gameplay, mechanics, visuals/graphics, replayability, and sometimes originality. Some questions I may ask myself are “Would this be worth the money,” “Does this have high replayability,” and “Can I play this with friends?” With the Wii games, yes. However, there were very few from other consoles which got a high enough rating (in my head of course, I had to make the decision quickly).

          And to answer your question again, NO, NINTENDO IS NOT A JOKE.

        • darklink623

          if they made that many sales, then there’s probably a reason. just saying…

      • Tep Kok

        I’m really not sure why you’re arguing with someone who is probably younger than 16 and has never played anything outside of the latest mature, gritty and violent shooter for the Sonysoft ShitPlayBox 420.

        • darklink623

          honestly, there are some people who really dont like those games, but of course there are some who have ad just dont like it. but yeah, i guess i agree with what you’re saying.

    • HenryDF

      You’re completely disregarding Nintendo’s prime market – kids. The consoles weren’t made to have guys play CoD on them, nor were they made with that market in mind.

      I find it absolutely ridiculous how you say that Nintendo consoles “don’t appeal to anyone” and that they’re shit. They don’t appeal to you, and they’re not as good as the consoles that you play, but that’s because, as I said Nintendo consoles aren’t for guys like you.

      The Nintendo consoles were made to serve their own specific purpose, which you’ve completely overlooked. You’ve made the huge mistake of disregarding the aim of the consoles, and simply blurting out your opinion and using your opinion as reasoning – which is a stupid mistake to make.

      • Felipe Rios

        You’re completely right. Nintendo appeals to kids more than anything. First two consoles we a GameCube (freaking awesome), and a Wii. I had a Ds and a gameboy on the side, because as a kid they were the BEST. Bar none, the Wii is to this day, my favorite console. I remember when it was the thing, everyone in my 4th grade class would brag saying “Oh my gosh I got the new Wii!!!” Years after that, my Black Ops disk for the Wii broke the laser that reads the disks (Common issue with blops, and yes blops was fun as hell on the Wii) and as an older guy, I got a 360, because that is what was more appealing at that time. I wouldn’t mind Wii u at all for some of the exclusives, its a shame to watch such a great company faulter like this. I now have an Xbox One, because that’s what appeals to me most right now. The Wii will always be my favorite because it was my childhood, and that’s why it appeals to kids. These days, all lids want to do is play cod and Minecraft, so they get Xbox 360’s. Hope Nintendo is able to return.

      • TheShadowReaper

        if its designed for kids then why they arent selling many units? a lot of kids these days play video games and if the WiiU appealed to them they would have bought it. for sure more than 4 million copies that the WiiU is close to reaching right now. hell, i can guarantee its double that.

        its not about playing COD on a console (this statement is false since i play on a PC #PCMASTERRACE) but its about playing exclusives that will be stunning in both visuals and originality. what does the WiiU got? more Mario games? i’m sure that a lot of us are getting tired of that if not already fed up with that fat plumber. the visuals on the WiiU are shit. its controller and motion controls are more of the same gimmick tactics that the Wii followed the past generation…so what is it? i am right when i say it doesnt appeal to anyone. the sales show that much. and as they say, the numbers never lie.

        also, i will contradict myself a little bit here but, the 3rd party software helps. so yeah, playing COD on the WiiU would have helped a lot the sales of the console but its not only about COD. a lot of games that are published in more than one platforms such as BF4, Thief, Watchdogs + many more would have helped the console to move up in the world. but by punishing developers for developing on the WiiU since its hardware is shit no one wants to make an exclusive port for that reason. thus making the WiiU an option only for infants.

        and if u want to counter argue with saying that the WiiU has Smash Bros and Zelda as good exclusives, i wouldnt buy a console just for 2 or 3 games, which also will look mediocre when compared to exclusives of the competitors.

        • HenryDF

          There are numerous reasons why they’re not selling, most probably the huge interest in next-gen and the rise in smartphone gaming – a lot of kids have an iPod, iPhone or iPad that they just play games on.

          And I know to us – the “serious” gamers – the graphics and the things that make the games more immersive matter. I don’t wanna play a game that looks shit, but kids don’t care. My little cousin didn’t noticed the difference between PS3 and PS4, he just enjoys the games.

          I mean, look at Pokemon – poor graphics for the large majority of its lifetime, yet still a hugely successful franchise. Mario – decent graphics, nothing on other AAA games, yet still hugely successful. Finally, the Nintendo consoles – not hugely powerful while up against PS/Xbox/PC, yet still hugely successful (apart from the Wii U, of course).

          Why are all of them successful? Because their market is kids, who don’t care about details.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah but thats why they arent doing well. you just proved my point in your comment. they are made for kids exclusively. but still even kids wont chose the WiiU over the other consoles. one big reason? Call of Duty. and if it isnt COD it will be another 3rd party game that WiiU doesnt have and will never have as a game. maybe they had luck on their first try but even kids are quite informed about gaming these days. its not like kids are “derp, lets play a game today i dont care what it is” they want to play something that is cool, something that gets their attention. not a game with a fat plumber that is on a console that uses a stupid ipad for a controller. kids are kids yes, but even them have preferences and its clear that they prefer all the rest but WiiU along with the hardcore gamer who plays on an Xbox, Playstation or a PC.

        • Mastershot1

          Can you write my essay??

          • TheShadowReaper

            u made me laugh. +1

        • F12CHARTREUX

          “the visuals on the WiiU are sh*t.”

          Have you seen Super Mario 3D World!? It looks so much better than Ghosts or Battlefield 4!

          To clarify, realistic graphics aren’t necessarily better.

          And to say that Nintendo is exclusively played by kids (7-12) is a false statement.

          • darklink623

            brown isnt all that realistic either. just look at some of the battlefield screenshots after they removed the filters

        • darklink623

          they have no good games for it yet. that will change with the new smash bros though, plus dont forget zelda wii u (hopefully coming in nov or dec 2014)

          • F12CHARTREUX

            For example, there’s Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, and a few more. Then there’s Zelda U, Super Smash Bros. WiiU (like you had pointed out), and Mario Kart 8 on the horizon, so I’d say it’s going to be a great year for Nintendo (or at least better than last year).

        • hihowareyou232 .

          Lol…This guy has been playing way to many gritty games. Man, Nintendo is shit because Link now looks like a cartoon huh? The funny thing is the most “mature” Zelda (with gritty graphics and all :D) was the easiest and worst one where the cartoony one Wind Waker/Skyward Sword where 2 of the best games I had ever played. My point is that just because a game looks childish or doesn’t look that good at first doesn’t mean it’s mediocre. I think you are a person who likes to troll Nintendo articles just to make yourself feel better about your lack of a social life. Smash Bros and Mario Kart are 2 of the best multiplayer/party games, Zelda is one of the best adventure/RPGs ever made (hence why it is over 25 years old), Mario is the best platformer (even though Mario has been milked to high hell but no where near as bad as CoD). Are you one of those hipsters who hate bands like Nirvana, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. because they are extremely popular? Your arguments are opinions you are trying to state as facts and failing in the process. Do I feel that Nintendo is as good as what they where in the SNES/N64 era? Hell no, but are they “shit”? Not at all. If you don’t like Nintendo why post on there articles? Just to get a response due to a lack of a social life. I don’t care what you respond back with because I have more important things to do then argue with some troll on the internet…So, say what you want but a troll is a troll (and a troll with no life is just pathetic :p)

          • TheShadowReaper

            wrong. on the other hand, i’ve made clear that i’m not making a point about Nintendo using the Zelda series or Smash Bros. probably these two are the only two good games that are left to the Nintendo consoles worth playing. Zelda is an amazing franchise. the fact that while its cartoony and childish but still holds true with amazing storytelling and huge amounts of exploration wows me. but…..its probably the only game worth playing on the WiiU right now, along with Smash Bros whenever it releases.

            but what about the rest games? arent they childish and pointless to play? what are you gonna play and say it was good and you enjoyed? Pikmin? for fuck’s sake you would be lying if you said so. what about 3rd party games? people dont have money to spend and buy all 3 different consoles. so why would they chose the WiiU? to play Pikmin and lose on all of these amazing titles? COD, BF, WatchDogs, Thief and pretty much every 3rd party game in 2014 and beyond. so why would they choose the WiiU? there is no actual reason as to do so. and games like Pikmin wont help them choose the WiiU thats for sure.

            and no. again. Mario is the most milked character in gaming history. COD cant even come close to his level of milking, everyone knows that. maybe thats another reason that Nintendo isnt doing so well.

            also, just because someone bashes your fav console/company that makes them a troll with no life and no social skills? what are you, a 5 year old? grow up. you yourself said it, Nintendo isnt as good as it was back at the N64 era but do you know why? its not because they changed, its because they didnt changed and started using stupid gimmicks like an ipad for controller or motion controls. gaming isnt at the same level as it was back in the N64 era. its a serious business right now. and Nintendo isnt being serious about it.

          • hihowareyou232 .

            Here troll, I’ll humor you (you still have no social life :p). This is what I play on Wii U after going out skating, getting off work, getting out of band practice, etc. But trolls will still try to argue otherwise. (Wii U got the less glitchy version of both Arkham Origins and ACIV). Quit posting on stuff you don’t know about just because you want a conversation with someone…Talking with your dog getting old because he doesn’t do anything until you grab the peanut butter? (Also, quit stating opinions as facts and don’t think I’m a Nintendo fanboy either…They have made a lot of mistakes especially when it comes to marketing this console).

          • TheShadowReaper

            i’ll leave you to your ignorance. goodbye.

          • RSRazer

            seriously, i dont think i have ever gotten so pissed at someone i cant sock in the face. if i choose to play pong, that is my chhoice. does that make my console of choice or the company that made it shit because its pong? hell no. its what i like, its what they developed it for, and the true value of a company is how they treat consumers. sorry to burst your little high horse bubble, but sony and microsoft has been shafting users all the way back to the xbox and ps1 whereas nintendo has only made 2 major mistakes to their consumers: the WiiU and the Virtual Boy. with the virtual boy, they simply let it die and didnt even try. it shafted quite a few people. on the other hand, the WiiU is the modern equivilant of the virtual boy and their mistake is trying to cash cow it because of the financial distress it placed on their company. now where are we at with sony and microsoft with this?
            sony has always capped their consoles potential. even the games made never fully used the console all the way up to the ps3. hell i have seen homebrew on the ps1/2/p that was more hardcore graphically, audibly, etc thant official titles. microsoft has tried for ages to cash cow and control what their consumers can and cannot do. pay for live? why? you would probably say its because of security and bla bla bla that people usually claim. let you in on a secret. microsoft has their servers hacked just as frequently as sony but has silently revealed that whereas sony at least had the nuts to boldly admit they were shafted.
            on top of that, i love my netflix. but thanks to microsoft, i have to pay them to pay for netflix for my 360. its bullshit. then on top of that, i get a game and i play thorugh it, and i am almost swamped with “buy this, buy that, addon this, DLC that”. its rediculous. add the spying that microsoft does as well with the xb1. add in the fact that microsoft AND sony are allowing the NSA to spy on gamers. this includes your conversations. you say the wrong thing, and you could be screwed game or not. name one instance of nintendo ever doing such. know whats funny? while i like nintendos products, right now, i am actually pissed at them. as a business who has been an example on how to treat customers the right way, they have been shafting users lately. its pretty much a safe bet i will never buy anything new from them again if it continues. that is part of the reason i got rid of my 360 was how badly microsoft was shafting users, and i got rid of my psp because of how badly sony combated homebrew instead of piracy. as it stands, no company is perfect, but just because one doesnt appeal to you in no way gives you the right to act like your console/comany is superior. its actually more offensive than a “christian” damning me to hell because i am not “saved”. at least most of them can quote legitimate reasons as to why i am damned to burn. i have yet to hear a valid reason from you as to why nintendo is worse than the other companies other than “oh its a bad device”. sorry, it isnt how big it is, its what you do with it that counts. i have had a bigger blast from wii sports than i ever have had on any game on the 360 (codmw3, nfshp2010/mw, final fantasy 13/-2 etc) exception being need for speed the run which was actually more fun on the 360 than the pc as it was harder and i actually had a better friend group. until you can actually point out a legitimate business move with facts to back you up, people will see your posts, se our posts, and think of you as an ignorant looser. At least we have valid reasons as to why you make no sense whatsoever.

          • have you ever played Pikmin? apparently not…

        • because most kids have no money.

        • RSRazer

          seriously. just stop. first off, do some research. The nintendo wii came out and took the market by storm. in sad truth, very little time was spent trying to prevent homebrew on the wii than on other consoles namely sony though microsoft came in second on that one. the wii earned its place for its target: casual gamers. it was an original concept. it was well thought out and well made. So far i keep “hearing” manure from post after post. the main target for the wii isnt kids. its people who simply want to kick back, have some fun, and kill some time. there were plenty of titles that revolutionized this catigory. wii sports/resort, wii music, zelda skyward sword, etc. the ds was also a unique concept especially for a handheld. now what your are forgetting is that the business move nintendo made with the wii isnt the same move they are making with the WiiU. I agree, they messed up. big time. the WiiU was a direct effort to compete with the 360 and ps3, not the new consoles as people assume. that is why the WiiU isnt much more than a upgrade. what is making nintendo a bad company right now, is instead of working on something better and silently let the WiiU die out (despite how wrong that is, its essentialy what other companies have done. look at the psp. halfway through its life when sony realized it just wasnt going to get better because of piracy, they started developing the vita) they are not only trying to push it off as their next gen console which is sooooo much better than what it really is, but with moves like this, [try to] force users to upgrade. i agree it is not a good move in the least, its wrong, and to be frank, worse then trying to sweep the console under the rug. as for the 3ds, it had a slow start agreed. but when it started to have meat to offer, its sales have bosted and with the new pokemon and zelda games its sales are close to trippling at this moment. coming from a gamer who has gamed on every console since his first ps1, nintendo has appealed the most to me. but while i support them, i wont blindly stand by them. i will call them on their shit. as for xbox, i refuse to ever own one again after their actions during the xb1 reveal to after launch. the biggest of which is the fact they have been banning users for profanity even if its in skype calls (private convos for christs sake!). the pc is honestly the best “console” as it is upgradeable. however, there are plenty of console specific titles that you simply cannot get on a pc e.g. the last of us. as of this moment though, i can pretty much play almost every single nintendo title in existance on a pc vs sony, xbox, or even pc based titles. why? nintendo has had a strong user base for so long. why is it that after years we are finally seeing a stable ps2 emulator? why is it that xbox pretty much died on the emulation scene? its because the fan base was simply not large enough to spur hackers/programmers to build one. so take your logic somewhere else and please do your research before lumping the WiiU in with the Wii. it is not the same thing as far as quality goes.

        • Mario kart is going to be good, Super Mario 3D world got outstanding reviews. then you get Donkey kong, Zelda U, Hyrule warriors, Wonderful 101, Nintendo Land, WW HD, and more than that. The Wii U will soon get a load of sales, there just aren’t any games yet.

          for the 3DS there is bravely default, Pokemon, ALBW, OOT 3D, and a lot more. The 3DS has got a variety of games.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i can get behind titles like Zelda and Nintendo Land but the rest i dont know. even Nintendo Land sounds a bit corky.

            as for the 3DS, its Pokemon and eventually some titles like Bravely Default, Attack on Titan game etc but except for a main title and some passers by, the Nintendo consoles dont have much to offer.

            i really like how every one says that these kind of games just doesnt appeal to me and are for other kind of gamers yet no one from the guys talking about them is playing these games. yeah, its for other kind of gamers. not kiddies. no, not at all.

          • Go look up the Wii U’s lineup, and also please tell me what the XBox and PS4 has to offer?

          • TheShadowReaper

            right now not much, but until the end of the year both PS4 and XboxOne will have tons of exclusives and 3rd party games. its been one year with the WiiU. where are the exclusives and 3rd party games? yeah i thought so…

          • Super Mario 3D world, Zelda U, Hyrule Warriors, DK tropical freeze, several others.

            and can you explain what 3rd party games are?

          • TheShadowReaper

            Zelda U is TBA! good job on that one. DK and Mario are too names that i’m disgusted when i hear. have been milked 10 times more than COD, its sickening. the several others are probably games nobody gives a fuck about, i can understand the fuss about Zelda but whatever fuck Nintendo dishes out on WiiU it doesnt mean it gonna be a good game or a game to be enjoyed by many. and last but not least, you listed Hyrule Warriors. while a solid title it doesnt justify the purchase of a WiiU. not alone at least. we are just a year after WiiU’s launch. PS4 and XboxOne will have games like Deep Down, Order 1886, Infamous: Second Son and Quantum Break, Titanfall, Crimson Dragon respectively + more after a year of launch. what does WiiU get? nothing, you still wait for the good stuff.

            3rd party games are the games that arent from a company/developer that is owned by the first party of the console (PS – Sony and Xbox – Microsoft). also first party titles are the titles that are made by the company that owns the console or a developer that is own by the first party company. like Unchartedm which is made by Naughty Dog, who are partly owned or given money for making a game an exclusive for their console. in other words, exclusive games are first party and whatever isnt exclusive is 3rd party. kinda.

            so where are the 3rd party games? if i owned a PS4 or an XboxOne i would be able to play COD, BF, Thief and in a little while WatchDogs. where are these titles? nowhere to be found. Nintendo is screwed so bad.

          • Titanfall… A.K.A. CoD.

          • and Mario isn’t milked much, to be honest. its not the exact same thing every time, it adds stuff, CoD is just the same thing with improved graphics and maybe physics. possibly guns and stages.

          • oh, another thing. Super Mario 3D world is NOT the same as previous Mario games, Mario is milked… not as much as CoD though.

          • TheShadowReaper

            and thats all you can come up with? compare COD to Titanfall? two completely different games? enough said. this convo is over.

          • I feel a sudden urge to reply. so I will.

    • BSOG

      That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You are the living embodiment of a “dumb teenage gamer”, a stereotype used by many, and thus the reason why no one takes gaming seriously. Without Nintendo, gaming would be worse than it is today.

      You are ignorant.

      • darklink623

        corection, gaming would be nonexistent. ever heard of the gaming crash that nintedo and sega pulled out? also, no analog stick. can you imagine cod with a d-pad?

        • BSOG

          Yes, I’ve heard about it. I’ve played many shooters on my DS with the D-Pad, and I can’t play for long durations without my fingers getting sore.

      • correction: gaming would almost not exist without Nintendo. Super Mario Bros. is practically the father of gaming at home.


      Have you EVER played a single Nintendo game!?

    • Andres Alfonso

      No thanks I don’t want to play Nintendo games on a shitbox one shitty PS4 and I am 26 and I like Nintendo so it’s not for kids and this site is for every platform

      • Nintendo is gay

        Does wii u get dlc ???? Huh ??? Oh they don’t then Nintendo is shit

        • BSOG

          1. The WiiU DOES get DLC, just not for CoD.
          2. DLC does NOT define the quality of a console.
          3. To create an “account” to show your hatred for a company which you know little about is pathetic on the lowest level, especially with the use of profanity.

    • eh? more shitty comments from the Shadow Reaper?

    • oh and ever heard of the 3DS?

  • I did actually like the DS a bit, but the Wii is shit.

    • RSRazer

      not bashing, just asking. what about the wii did you dislike?
      personally if it wernt for a coupple of titles, i would completely agree. but then factor in the modability. with one console i can: play over 25 wii titles i like, multimedia playing (dvd, mp3 streaming, video streaming straight from my pc, online radio), play nes/snes/ps1/gb/gbc/gba/gc/atari/n64 favorites, a couple of wiiware titles i liked, browse the web, youtube, all on one console that cost me only $50 tops. my 360 couldnt do half of that and cost me about $500 when said and done with only 5 titles. so yes, it isnt the best or the most epic (i kinda miss the 360 to an extent), but if you know what to do with it, you can make it pretty bad ass.
      heck if you still own the wii, it isnt hard to do this.

  • ThatOneGuy

    nintendo is dead they should give up already the amount of mario games they have made they are killing it so bad just like they are killing cod so bad they should QUIT ALREADY

    • dat guy

      CoD games are produced in a similar rate to mario games, every year a new game, and during the year they release another CoD game for portable consoles or something like that, and no one says that Activision should give up, both games sell well and they’re enjoyable in their way, and mario is not the only nintendo game…

      • TheShadowReaper

        with the exception that Mario is being milked since 1985 until now. COD started this trend with COD4 on 2007. thats more than 2 decades that Mario is being milked like crazy while COD hasnt reached decade yet.


      CoD is the one that’s dying here, not Nintendo.

  • dat guy

    its incredible how people blame the wii just because they don’t care and just want’s to see Xbox/PS news

    • Paul Thomas

      Well it mainly boils down to how well the console preformed. Which arguable isn’t very good. I can understand people not caring about a console that wasn’t very popular in the FPS community.

      • dat guy

        But they blame it just because is Wii and his “inferior” community, however i remember these times when no one had an xbox an ps3 and the wii was at top sells, then people started caring more about HD graphics and then the PS/Xbox community growth, i don’t blame any console because i like all of them but people can’t just take a single Wii notice without hating it and/or trashtalk about it.

        • Paul Thomas

          Yea I’ve noticed that. I personally have never owned any Nintendo console aside from a super Nintendo. But I know a lot of really nice people I’ve met over Pokemon and Zelda.

  • Josh

    Ohh nooo… What ever shall we do? LOL


    Usual comment section scenario below:
    Many are hating Nintendo, whilst few are defending it. *sighs*

  • nigger

    gf niggers

  • Thinhtam

    Activision should just stop wasting resources for Call of Duty wii/ds. COd is obviously made for ps/xbox/pc platforms.

  • that kid Stevo

    Man I put about 24 days into modern warfare reflex (all gold guns!) and another 6 into world at war on the wii. Those were some good times :,)

  • moodyoldblue


  • Rafi

    Actaully they are still up because Activision hosts the servers! Not sure about DS but Wii servers (excluding 5) are still up (mwr, mw3, and BO are online)