UPDATE: Looks like a bogus rumor folks. Nothing to see here, we’ll keep you updated if we hear anything new…

Original story: A new rumor has arisen that the next Call of Duty game has been discussed at Sony’s Destination PlayStation event yesterday. The event is for Sony’s retail, first party, & third party publishers to talk about the future titles for PlayStation platform.

At the event, apparently, Activision talked about a few details regarding Call of Duty 2014. Twitter user @LOKIOLR apparently “heard” details from what Activision said from his boss. According to him, the code name for the game is “Black Smith”, but it’s the next entry in the MW series, and it features great “physics.”



For now, this is just a rumor. Activision was present at the event, as Destiny was apparently a “big part” of the event. Some attendees revealed that this Fall will be great for PlayStation gamers.

SOURCE: @LOKIOLR and NeoGAF  via MP1st


  • I hope this is not true…at the very least, I’d like SHG to come up with something NOT related to the MW series…

    • Thinhtam

      yeah true, especially when everyone had a bad taste in mw3.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I enjoyed MW3, I know it’s a surprise to everyone.

        • CoDforever

          I enjoyed it too but i REFUSE to support, most legitimately copy-pasted game ever. Even the map aesthetics were reused (i.e the teddy bears were the exact same model from mw2) and most of the maps were ugly looking. I refuse to support it and tell IW “Hey guys, make another game like MW3! Copy paste galore!” . Seriously, whats the difference between MW2 and MW3 other than new maps and killstreaks now being point streaks?

          • fires

            Think of it like this: Return of price, a game set either in a huge time gap(blops to blops2) or maybe an alternate retelling that could stem maybe as far as mw/mw2. And, is it really bad to diss against “mw2 reskinned”? I had fun, and its obvious they wouldn’t do it again, unless they want to get some shit from critics, harder than what they’ve received from ghosts.(Which, IMO, could be partially excused from next gen consoles and stuff)

          • Stick Man

            What I really hate was the map design. They took the 3 lane style maps to a whole new level of linear-ness in MW3.

          • sharpshooter

            i loved dome and so many of the maps! yes copy and paste but why change something if its not broke! Ghosts tried and messed up badly!

      • Zarky

        I also enjoyed it…. Much better then BO2/Ghosts.

      • ShisuiUchiha88

        It’s not true, 80% of CoD community consider MW3 as the best Call of Duty game, and i’m one of them.

        • MichiganerE

          80%?! Wow you are off.

      • Mark L DeSabato

        I’d agree but that was IW fucking up the MP of MW3. SHG did the Campaign and I personally loved how the campaign was. This will be their first attempt at a MP maybe they can bring it back. We have to give them a chance.

        I personally would love to see a prequel to CoD4 showing how Gaz, Simon, Price, etc. Got together.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      True, but I expected another MW game.

    • Josh


      Watch the vid 🙂 if IW started mw4 initially how could SHG do the same, it would mean they were making the same game during early development.

      • lMattW

        That’s a good point. However it’s possible SHG is working within the MW universe without doing a sequel. Maybe a MW0 so to speak, the rise of Zakhaev in the 90’s would be kind of cool.

        • Dave

          A prequel would be a good idea.

    • Could be cool a prologue or the stuff in between.

    • ben wills

      It’s true, we’ve known this since last year. This has been rumored since last year that it’s SH doing MW4. SH is true, and this.

  • Daniel Sims

    I really hope this isn’t true. I want SH to create something original and leave Infinityward’s Modern Warfare alone and let it die.

  • dannyboi3459

    i really hope this is not true we don’t need three different games all set in modern time i’d rather have a new ww2 game

    • Saul Goodman

      WWII should be left to Treyarch. They have their shit together there.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        No need to ruin a perfectly good WW2 game by giving it to SH, especially since we don’t know how they plan to transform COD.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Ghosts isn’t set in Modern time, it’s set in 2023.

      • Mitch

        That’s modern IMO.

        • jordanxbrookes

          And I respect that, but Black Ops 2 was set in 2025, and 2023 is a 2 year difference from that, that’s why I say it’s not modern time.

          • Mitch

            True. But in terms of equipment and looks, Treyarch went for a more futuristic setting. Ghosts is set in 2023, but 99% of the things is modern day technology.
            Black Ops 2 had weapons that could detect and shoot enemies through thick walls, shit ton of drones etc.

          • CoDforever

            Thats because in the Ghosts universe the odin strikes crippled everything and destroyed most of america, advancing in technology was the least of US’s problems. In the Black ops universe, the world went by the same as always and the technology advanced.

  • AcePhoenix007


    I mean, I would love for the STORY to be added on for Modern Warfare (but I doubt anything “interesting” will be added on) but the multiplayer might just be another repeat. But then again, Sledgehammer is fully in charge of development so it possibly could be different, but then again, again, there’s already been enough Modern Warfare titles. Modern Warfare 4 better have some change to it, if it actually is a Modern Warfare title. If not, I’ll still be hyped for it.

  • AtomicPizza

    Yay more Captain Price

    • jooker-jr

      I really liked MW 1,2 and 3 singleplayer and I hope the next cod is mw4 ( just one more MW game )

    • Vyrotix

      Probably not, at the end of Mw3 it seemed as though he would retire first chance he got. Maybe they are working on a prequel or even a remake… 😀

  • Lets see who going to die next

    • Please not Price 🙁

      • Mitch

        I feel like if you kill of Price too soon, you can’t call it Modern Warfare. He’s basically the only one left.

        • Please not Nikolai 🙁

          • What about that guy Frost,he didnt die right?

          • jordanxbrookes

            I’m pretty sure he died along with Sandman and the others.

          • Im sure he wasnt in the mission where Sandman and the others die

          • jordanxbrookes

            You’re correct I just checked on the wikia and his status is ‘Alive’. His was last seen in the mission where Delta were rescuing the Russian President’s daughter. He wasn’t seen after that mission.

          • shadow1234

            What if ghost was alive and blames price and nikolai for him getting burned and who u played as dead. That would be awesome.

  • TiiK tAc ToE

    I think they should do like a revolutionary war game

  • I would rather see them come up with something original rather then doing something with MW series.

  • y9ungc4p

    Sledgehammer need to come something original with the Story line while making a new CoD, since Modern Warfare Series has already ended

  • Yum!

    One day I was in the park eating ice cream.

    • K.E.M

      I love you

      • Yum!

        Aw, I love you to pal! 🙂

        • JOKE :P

          HA GAYYY!

    • AcePhoenix007

      fits with your username lol

  • jordanxbrookes

    I wouldn’t mind the game being set in modern time with modern warfare, but not a Modern Warfare game.

    • Mitch

      Call of Duty: Ukrainian Warfare?

      • jordanxbrookes

        I see what you did there, but you know what I mean.

  • 111AlaN111

    A Mexican Independence game, but really, COD should make a game around a country’s independence. That would be awesome. With the last games they have done things of the future

  • Josh

    I am almost 100% sure it will not be a sequel to MW3, when they say a “modern warfare” game people just assume it’s got something to do with the MW series and not a game based in modern times. We have to remember that IW did start initial ideas for MW4 when MW3 finished and have stated that they did not go ahead as they felt it was time for change. And all this was at the same time as SHG also had started their game for this year. It WILL NOT be MW4.

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s what I’ve stated, modern warfare as in modern fighting and combat, not Modern Warfare.

      • Josh

        This shows that IW started development for MW4 but changes to ghosts at the same time as SHG were making there game. So how could it be MW4 as that would have meant they were both working on MW4 at the same time.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I meant “not Modern Warfare”, as in not apart of the Modern Warfare series, if you noticed, I differed ‘modern warfare’ and ‘Modern Warfare’ in my previous reply.

          • Josh

            Yes I know, I just found some evidence to prove that it could not be MW4.

          • jordanxbrookes

            The way you were saying it I thought you were arguing against me when I was backing up your point haha.

          • Josh

            No, I knew what you were saying LOL

  • jordanxbrookes

    What if they just called it MW4 as placeholder name?

  • Adam

    The modern-era is getting old.

    • jordanxbrookes

      What do you mean getting old? Recent and upcoming FPS games are either taking place in the future or near-future time setting.

    • TheShadowReaper

      maybe we need a western cowboy feel era. it sounds crazy as fuck but it could be cool. or some lazer warfare. who doesnt like lazers right? but i dont think they will go so far as to endanger Activision’s money. we’re stuck in the pre/after and modern warfare era type of COD games i guess. while thats not bad, its something we have seen and i personally am tired of it a little bit.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I feel tired of near-future. I’m gonna end up like Squidward; lose my mind and keep screaming to my hands “FUTURE!!”.

      • AflyingteddyBear

        More like a world war 1 type of era. It would be a nice change to modern/future. Plus, Activision needs to experiment a little.

        • TheShadowReaper

          WW1 i wouldnt recommend it. there wasnt many kind of equipment and such to make the game complete back at this era. with all these perks and equipement that COD has ended up having in every game i’m guessing thats its impossible to make a WW1 game with enough of these.

  • Michael

    Hey SH, why not make a cod 4 re-skin or a world war type of re-skin with better graphics and make the xp count to 100xp instead of 10xp each, and you could possibly implement new weapons from mw2 and some mw3 weapons, you could as well implement the akimbo weapons, and score streaks, and lastly the game modes we dearly love.

    For world war, same applies except for mw2 weapons and mw3 weapons. Keep akimbo, keep kill count to 100xp each kill u get, the game modes we all love, and of corse the scores streaks.

    This would be an awesome wether it be a world war or a modern war game in my opinion.

    • Mitch

      ”Hi Sledgehammer, why not re-make CoD4, but change the same things CoD changes every year, to make it into a ‘new’ game”
      Basically what you are saying here. If you re-make a game (CoD4), there’s IMO only a few things you can change/tweak/add:
      – Balance tweaks. CoD4 may have been a good CoD, but also had some things you can improve in terms of balance
      – Add ‘new’ game modes
      – More camouflages
      – More options in Private Matches
      – League Play and CoDcaster mode
      – Character Customization.
      If you would do all this with CoD4, you still would get the great CoD4 experience, but with added things from other CoD games that don’t affect gameplay except balance. If you remake a game, never touch gameplay unless it’s balance tweaks.

      • Michael

        True but I was really aiming for the main points. U really hit em all. But if you add all of these things, then they do have to be balanced like you said. If its perfectly balanced then it could possibly work out, and again like you said, the gameplay CANNOT be touch because it would have that cod 4 feel to it. Only the balances should be worked out like you said. Again this is all just my opinion.

  • Splashynes

    I actually think SHgames could make a better MW game than Infinity Ward, i want this game to be better the Ghosts. Which will ve easy since ghosts wasnt that good.

    • MichiganerE

      It’ll be very hard to top CoD 4. In my opinion, it’s the best CoD game ever made. I’m just hoping this years CoD is as good as MW2 and CoD 1.

  • Jacky Liang

    Not to be the Debbie Downer in here, because I honestly really want to relive my old love for CoD, but how “good” can physics get? Physic engines are simply manifestation and replication of real life scenarios, so when they say “good physics”, what does that even mean? Also — CoD 4 and MW2 had mediocre physics compared to CryEngine at the time, but it was incredibly fun.

    I’m more interested in the “fun” factor, versus these tech demonstrations that IMHO don’t add much to the game.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      To be general, physics are very important in games. In games like GTA especially, where they have to create physics for driving, crashing, flying, jumping, swimming, diving, boating, etc. Specifically in driving, physics determine how a car feels when you accelerate, brake, turn, drift, etc. This is specifically for GTA and basically all racing games in general. COD is different. They have to use physics to determine things like dying animation, ragdolling, jumping out of windows, sliding, shooting, explosions, sound, etc. Physics are very important in video games, and they are still a long way from being realistic.

      • philip

        Hell. Look at Half-Life’s physics engine.

        • Zach


      • GodGuy10

        Speaking of driving, remember the tanks on that one map from [email protected]? I would love to have small vehicles in the new cod like motorcycles or four wheelers

    • Street Sicario

      Not to be a Negative Nancy but Cod 4 and MW2 are a trillion times more original than Ghosts,Black Ops 2, and Modern Warfare 3.Shooting Japanese people and Nazi’s were the time of my life.Plus Nazi Zombies aren’t real life replications, but it’s badfuckingass.I don’t give a shit about campaign and physics.

  • Auptyk

    I would like to see them develop an original idea/theme. Also I hope they leave the “physics” in Single Player/Co-Op. I prefer CoD multiplayer to just be straight up maps. Leave the “physics” to games like Battlefield that actually do it well. CoD is a great fast paced laser tag type shooter. I love it for that reason… no need to change that.

    • TheShadowReaper

      yeah but we could use some physics of the next gen. no need to fall behind you know. i understand what you’re saying and i agree. COD needs to stay true to what it does, not starting to change just because BF fans are bitching about it. its solid and raw fast paced action where you call in airstrikes and feel like a badass. they need to keep that and throw out of the window all the rest.

    • Vyrotix

      Can just imagine what could happen if SHG decide to make a battlefield clone. Oh god the bugs and glitches it would have.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Codename: Black Smith could be the codename for the antagonist, similar to how Makarov was codenamed ‘Kingfish’.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Black Smith is probably the codename of the entire game, just like Titan was the code name for Black Ops 2, and Phantom was the code name for Ghosts.

      • jordanxbrookes


  • Shank

    Black Smith is obviously the code name, I mean come on the company’s name is “Sledge Hammer”.

  • If sledgehammer is making a new MW game I hope it looks as good as MW2 did.

  • CGkillZ

    Fucking called it.

  • Ascending Legend

    I thought it said ‘BLACH SMITH’ for a second…lol

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    *Sigh* I was actually thinking about giving Sledgehammer a chance. I really hope this isn’t true.

  • Xeaz

    Apparently “gamers” wants “real” games now. If there is no physics then it’s shit. If your engine is not “revolutionary”, it’s shit. That’s the logic of “gamers” now. *Sigh*

  • CoDforever

    .. Who cares ? The multiplayer will be the same regardless even if it weren’t called MW4, only the campaign will be different. Im happy its MW4, I can reunite with my favorite character, Price. The ghosts campaign did not have any memorable characters at all. Didnt know there were so many CoD Campaign fans on here.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Whilst I disagree with you for some parts, I agree with the fact I didn’t have that emotional connection with the characters in Ghosts, whereas in the Modern Warfare series I did. When Elias died I was like ‘Oh, umm, ok’ whereas when Soap died, I almost cried. Not even joking.

      • chiefsfan005

        Well when Soap died you have had seen home in three games and Elias was just half a game

      • When Ghosts died in MW2, I may of screamed fuck you IW. That was honestly one of the more memorable games for me, still play it at times.

        • Vyrotix

          Agree with you on that one. MW2 is the game that brought me to the series at first!

      • CoDforever

        disagree with what parts may i ask 😉

        • jordanxbrookes

          You say the multiplayer will be the same when even though it may feel the same, each and every Call of Duty game has a different multiplayer. Because the games are out yearly, that’s a reason why it feels the same, but if you look from Call of Duty 4 to Ghosts, a lot has changed. If you change the formula so much, it’s not Call of Duty. That’s why we haven’t seen changes so big they’re on the Richter Scale. Apart from that, I agree with the rest.

          • CoDforever

            NO LOL I DIDNT MEAN “THE SAME” like that, i meant that this game in particular would have the same MP whether or not it was called MW4. How does a name change the MP? It would only change the campaign because it’s continuing the Modern Warfare story and not starting up a new story like ghosts did. Sorry for the confusion :/


        agreed 100% ghosts campaign isn’t that good

  • Alex Davis

    I absolutely love the negativity of people. We haven’t seen a single screenshot of the game yet but people are already giving up on the game. I’m pretty much always hyped for any cod game and willing to give it a chance until I can judge it for myself.

    • thebulky1cometh

      I used to be like you, until we got hit with the hot mess of MW3 followed by the lag-filled BLOpS2. I waited to read up/talk to friends about Ghosts before buying, and I did buy it because of a return to bigger maps, less OP kill streaks, and a “new” points system. I’ll probably follow the same “wait and see” formula for the next COD game too.

      • Ghosts is fun. Way to many people don’t like it because of the harder to excel deal in it.


          lol your kidding right?

    • ImReaperr

      I absolutely agree with you! I don’t get it, what’s with all the false assumptions; and all the negativity?! For all we know, this could be the best CoD ever! I have a lot of faith in Sledgehammer Games. I don’t care what it is, I’m always hyped for anything to do with the next CoD!

    • Vyrotix

      I think the word you are looking for is Trolling my friend.

  • ur girlfriend

    Could this mean PS3 gets DLC first? It’s about time

    • Trizay

      No. Microsoft and Activision have a contract that was recently renewed, meaning that it will be years before PS even has a chance to try and make the same deal with activision.

      • Mitch

        The current deal only applies to Call of Duty games currently released 🙂

      • Beep

        Actually that contract expired with Ghosts..& since they showed off the game at a playstation event instead of microsoft means either PS4/PS3 gets Next CoD’s DLC first or all platforms are getting DLC at the same time unless playstation or microsoft make another contract.

        • Trizay

          That’s not true, the contract was actually RENEWED with Ghosts. Do you not remember?

  • Frank

    I will take the title with open arms but if i have to choose, i would love to see a new story

  • Xecho

    Hopefully that GTA nextgen is true eh?

  • K.E.M

    Maybe,iw let SH have the modern warfare title so they can have experience for their stand alone CoD title during their next run.

    Or this guy misheard and it’s based on modern times. Wich i’m cool with! I feel like future games can’t relate even past games too. Modern for me makes me feel like it can happen,wich gets me more hyped.

  • Goonga

    Theres no competition this year for CoD.. Titanfall is obviously releasing this month, Destiny is releasing in September, Theres no Battlefield this year, Halo 5 not even coming this year..SH is lucky lol.

    • PandaMan

      Don’t forget about MoH

      • Keshav Bhat

        MoH franchise no longer exists and is no longer in development

        • PandaMan

          Oh. Well that sucks, I really enjoyed all of the games.

        • Mitch

          I thought it was just put on hold?

    • Mitch

      There’s rumored to be a Battlefield spin-off later this year, and when you look at BF4’s DLC pattern, that isn’t that unlikely.

  • Ryumoau

    I’m looking forward to some official trailers for the new one hopefully by this summer.

  • TacticalObama

    Great Physics like corpse launches right.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Playstation! Do you speak it?

  • exeterman2

    As long as there are some nice cod 4 references I’m happy.

  • Batman

    Sounds like frostbite will die.

    And by the way, good to see that rockstar games is revealling their GTA V DLC

  • Mario Rivera

    i really hope this is true, u ppl bash and talk crap but mw3 was the top selling cod in history with good reason. i would love to see a modern warfare game without deathstreaks, tac inserts and other bs like that.

  • Aurel Dodon

    Modern warfaer 2 mp is my best game!

  • #PS4 for the Players

    I just hope we all get the dlc at the same time cause we. R also paying to play online now #ps4 for the players

  • Kevin Hart

    So that’s what they mean by black hammer

  • Volticymo

    Call of duty blackops and BOII were the best COD game ever made . Black ops is the most selled game of 2010 . I do really wana see a BLACK OPS III by treyarch i think this year 2014 .

    • Mitch

      Not happening, Treyarch’s next game will release 2015.

  • Batman

    That update saying that its fake with no explanation is because charlie intel staff know the next CoD

  • Omar Hamid

    seriously guys hink about the developer its a nwe developer that only helpedinmw3 multiplayer thats it and even activision boss said this call of duty creator could be the best

  • jooker-jr

    I really liked MW 1,2 and 3 singleplayer and I hope the next cod is mw4 ( just one more MW game ).

  • Vyrotix

    Why so much hate on MW3 though? Am I the only human on this fucking planet that enjoyed MP, SO and SP? smh

  • Saul Goodman

    Also, a group this talented is sure as hell not making part 4 of a series that’s seen its day come and go.

  • jUNIOR

    Ghost going to be in MW4
    Are they bring back Ghost in MW4.
    Remember that ghost had 2 snipers and named toad and i forgot the other one name.
    They didn’t open fire because shepherd had alot of men with him even air support.
    They probably went down to pull him out of the fire after shepherd men left. Just my prediction guys im just letting you guys no wat i think.