The Call of Duty EU and the ANZ events are taking place this weekend, and the top teams that have advanced to the Call of Duty Championship 2014 have be revealed.

Europe teams advancing:

  • Region Mix
  • Sublime (Italy)
  • Vitality Returns
  • TCM Gaming
  • Vitality Rises
  • TEC
  • Team Orbit
  • Epsilon eSports
  • Killerfish
  • Lightning Pandas
  • Wizards
  • Real All-Stars
  • SK Gaming

Australia / New Zealand:

  • Team Immunity
  • Trident_Dotters
  • Mitch

    I’m happy for those teams and players, but can’t stop feeling like they (territories outside NA) should have had less teams at the actual Championships. When I see the 16 NA teams that are still in the race, and know 8 of them wont make it, I kinda feel bummed out. Only 8 places for NA seems kinda ridiculously low to me.

    • bsktballmsu1

      Yeah most likely TCM and Epsilon will be the only ones putting up a good fight at cod champs

    • Celest1ne

      For the Hong Kong qualifiers there are literally 4 teams for the regional and 1 goes to cod champs.

  • niggers

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  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    TYT didn’t make it? Da fuck!?

    • MSTAR020

      They didn’t how up until the 3rd map. The first 2 maps they got destroyed by Orbit.

    • Mitch

      They got destroyed. They were 2-0 down and looked good on 3rd map, but also dropped that map in the last 20 seconds.

  • Ascending Legend

    About time they had a competition for Australia.