It’s that time of the year. The hype train for the next Call of Duty is picking up steam. Rumors are starting to pop up on forums and YouTube channels claiming to hear about details of the next Call of Duty from a friend of a friend or from someone who knows a guy.

Drif0r is the latest YouTube personality who claims to have actually seen it in action. It seems an anonymous tipter sent Drift0r some media files which showed alpha gameplay footage of the next Call of Duty running.

What lends some credibility is that it is widley known that Drift0r was the one that not only leaked the name of ‘Ghosts” but was also 99% accurate in the details about the game before anyone else last year. So he’s got our attention…

Drif0r describes the next Call of Duty:

-Looks like “Modern Warfare 4”
-Somewhat futuristic.
-Futuristic gun shown, couldnt tell if it looked like an assault rifle or shotgun.
-Lighting, reflection, physics looked good.
-First person.
-one map shown, looked like a power plant.

  • Shardlotte

    Well, he was spot on for Ghosts apart from the only one next gen consoles part. I’ll take this with a grain of salt though until we get some more concrete evidence.

  • HenryDF

    If it was another YouTuber…I’d be doubtful. But if you know Drift0r’s personality, you’d know that he wouldn’t lie at all, nor would he post this information if he thought it was fake.

    I’m not particularly pleased by the news (another futuristic game? Really?), but I believe it.

    • george

      the ghosts leak he did was true, believe this one is aswell

      • Mitch

        True, but that was from an other source.

  • Matt

    Would the alpha version even be ready yet? When BO2 was shown at gamescom in August 2012 they were only playing the alpha version. I wouldn’t be surprised if SH was making MW4 but I doubt the Alpha is anywhere near ready if previous games are anything to go by.

    • Gince

      I think that they were working on this game about 2 or 3 years so they would have an alpha of that game

  • JJ

    I hope it isnt Modern Warfare 4. I dont mind it being in a modern setting or a post-modern/futuristic setting (although personally i was hoping for a historical setting) but please be an original story with an original cast of characters. Also i hope that the campaign protagonist isnt silent in this one. Having a silent protagonist really ruined Ghosts campaign for me.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I want Sledgehammer to do a modern setting and Treyarch to go back to either WW2 or the Cold War.

  • Adam

    He’s just trying to get views.

    • Gince

      views u jokking he leaked last year info about ghosts

    • Dumb Religious Teen

      Lol you’re a idiot.

      • Matt

        Most of what he leaked was true…

    • Shardlotte

      Yes, one of the most popular YouTubers out there is making stuff up to get views that he just so desperately needs.

  • Gince

    I wonder how soon ali and tmartn will steal this info

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Now. Update your Youtube feed, lol.

    • Jesus

      It’s not stealing it’s spreading information you fucking inebriated moron. Holy shit your fucking stupid. Kill yourself. Right now actually. Unplug your computers cord halfway and lick the wall outlet.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Spreading info, yes that’s fine, but since when does Ali-A or TmarTn give credit to CI? CharlieIntel didn’t just take Drift0r’s info and claimed credit for the info, so that’s why we’re saying that they’re stealing it. Ok Jesus?

        • LikeaSomeboday

          Quite alot of times, I watch each and every one of Ali A’s videos, and where there is credit to be given, he gives it, I don’t know what you’re watching. TmarTn just steals info, he is always late with his videos, and they are always replica videos of other youtubers videos.

      • Louie

        Damn, I never knew Jesus was violent to people who have the right of free speech

      • CoDforever

        Are you Ali-A ?

      • MichiganerE

        Why are you so mad? Calm down, bro. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Wow, I thought Jesus would be nicer…

      • K.E.M

        I did…
        I have become more powerful.

      • Have you seen ali-a’s videos? He literally is the biggest money whore on the face of this planet.

      • David

        First off you’re accusing somebody of being stupid when you can’t even use the right “you’re”. Seriously you need to get tested for Aspergers or something. Telling somebody to commit suicide over your stupid interpretations. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you some social freak whose parents beat them? It sounds like you really deserve it!

        • Get Rekt Skrub

          “Jesus” actually used the right your…looks like YOU’RE the one who needs to be the social freak who gets beat…

    • Matt

      I would give it 2 days, max.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    If you know Drift0r, then you know he is a pretty nice, trustworthy guy. There are 2 possibilities to what this could mean.
    1. This is all legit information.
    2. The guy who sent this information was a fraud, and the media files were fake.
    I don’t believe that Drift0r would lie about something like this, as he is a very good person and wouldn’t make up stories for views. By the looks of it, I believe this is true and that this will be the basis of the next COD.

    • Mazthoril

      You’re goddamn right ! There’s no way Drift0r could lie about this, maybe his doge could ? lol

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        wow, much cod, such legit, very leak

        • much fake. Such ali-a. Wow. Many view whores.

    • Nice picture xD

    • jordanxbrookes

      Agreed because a lot of the info he said last year about the speculated Ghosts turned out to be true.

  • 3ARC FTW

    Tmartn here and I have just discovered what happens to be the next call of duty game!

    Ali-A here and I just recieved this from an anonymous source about the new call of duty game!

    Both are useless twats and people follow them as if they are great youtubers but instead theyre hopeless fools!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      You forgot to be super excited.

      • IamConnolly

        Remember to leave a like and subscribe.

        • And favorite and add to playlist, and share to twitter, and buy my shirts, and purchase my gamerpic….

          • Grigori

            and check out the links in the description for more “great” videos..

    • fires

      not everyone is following charlieintel, or drift0r, and besides, they leave links to their sources all the time… But i stopped watching tmart, because of charlieintel

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I’m still subbed to him, in case I miss anything, but I skip like 90% of his videos that show up in my feed.

    • Jordan

      But with a shit ton of subs…

    • LikeaSomeboday

      Ali A, always gives credit to Charlie Intel, he literally has their link on everything to do with him, stop being ignorant please.

    • clp

      Personally I feel ali-a is a damn good gamer. Secondly if you think your better post some videos of yourself. Finally the next game is suppose to be put out by sledge hammer and do you really think infinity ward is going to let some one take their product. Sledge hammer worked on the modern warfare series but has never produced a game them selves why would any let them take the modern warfare series with little experience.

      • HotHam

        Some of the people on the team worked on the first Dead Space, i believe

  • Meh i was hoping for a WW2 cod

    • cRi7iCaL

      that’s up for 3ARC 😉

    • Jordan

      Me too man, me too. But there is still hope for BO3! 😀

  • Eh. This title REALLY needs a different name – a new name. With SHG being a new studio to the franchise (not totally – I know) it needs to be a new game to revive some life back into the COD series.

    • Matt

      The name won’t really say much. Infinity Ward was about to call Ghosts Modern Warfare 4 but settled instead on Ghosts

    • IamConnolly

      Name means nothing. Ghosts was just MW4 it had nothing to distinguish it otherwise. The tag MW4 would just be used to sell copies that’s it.

    • jordanxbrookes

      What about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

      • Q.Q

        ‘Advanced’, just no dude. That sounds so deformative in the COD series.

        • jordanxbrookes

          But I was fucking right though wasn’t I?

  • CoDforever

    The details he gave dont sound that significant -___-

  • CoDforever

    That “99%” of him being accurate is wrong. Last year he said it would be next gen only, would have dynamic loading screens and being able to roll side to side while prone, which all werent true. He was actually only 50% right, so take this with a grain of salt as some of this might not be true.

    • asdd

      Yeah… he only guessed half of it , it mustve been fake… smh.

      • Guest

        I dont get you

        • Darvald

          The game was in Alpha back then, or something like that. Those features were scrapped, I think.

          • JustAGuest

            YEa,like the hyped heli sniper

          • Jordan

            In all fairness none of the killstreaks in Ghosts are very good. Calling in Riley gets real old after awhile.

    • fires

      prone rolling was removed to balancing, and dynamic loadings probably speculation, cod has been wanting to do that for a while.

      • CoDforever

        .. How do you know that?

  • Xecho

    Atleast TmarTn gives credit.. ALiA is a fucking shit head

    • LikeaSomeboday

      Its the other fucking way around, shit head.

      • Xecho

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          • Xecho

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          • Xecho

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          • LikeaSomeboday

            Ooooo someone is getting mad?

          • Guest

            You will see more of me very soon on wrestling inc. In a few more minutes…

  • CoDforever

    Someone hack into Drif0r’s inbox and leak the files ASAP

  • I really do hope that this isn’t MW4 because it would be really dumb if they did. There is nothing left in the MW series. They already ended it and they are only going to make things worse really. I just hope that this is something else and not MW4.

    • Jordan

      Exactly, and to top it all off they may be bringing Shepard from MW2 back. They might better bring Ghost back too and say he didnt actually burn in the fire. But we’ll probably end up with MW4 because SG will most likely take the “Safe Route” and stick with a series they know most about.

    • Aldo

      I think it’s more likely to be a spin-off or a remake of one or all of the previous MW games. Personally. I’m a big fan of all of the MW games despite each having flaws so I’m not too bothered ether way. My only hope is that they can somehow recreate the fun factor from MW2 without any BS in the game. Hell, if they just remade MW2 for next gen without the OMA/DC?Commando BS I’d be delighted!

  • SwegSwegMcGreg

    Can somone explain to me how any of this info is actually fucking new?

    Looks like MW4: It may look like it but thats just an assumption if it “looks” like it
    Somewhat Futuristic: Again, since the success of BO2, all COD games will be atleast slightly futuristic and everyone is expecting it too.
    Futuristic Gun: I doubt its any different then a normal gun.
    Lighting/Physics/Reflection: KK this is good news, especially since the next COD is Next Gen Only, this would be a relief(especially for graphic whores)
    One map shown: Congrats!

    • MichiganerE

      It’s not Next Gen Only…

      • Lonely

        But it is developed based on next gen,and then it will be ported to the ps3,xbox 360

      • Jordan

        Ghosts was built mainly for current gen (360, PS3) and was compatible with the next gen consoles. Howeve with the next CoD, what ever it may be, will be reversed and the game will be built mainly for next gen and then compatible with the previous consoles.

    • RdJokr

      Sledgehammer was said to be working on a third-person COD before they went to assist IW on MW3 though, so this being a first-person game is somewhat news.

    • You are an angry man.


    i h8 nigers bt i lov me som copy past cod fuk ya

  • Jordan

    Alright, so i liked MW3. It was my second favorite CoD behind BO2, but do we really need a MW4? I also heard that they’re bringing Shepard back from MW2. If they’re gonna do that lets just bring back Ghost. People actually liked him! But in all honesty, ENOUGH FUTURE BASED GAMES…BRING IT BACK TO THE PRESENT/PAST!!! I loved the WWII based games! Maybe it’s just the history buff in me but damn, listen to the fucking community! Then you wont fuck up as bad as you did with Ghosts! Talk about a waste of $60….

    • Aldo

      The problem with listening to the community is that there are millions of people each with their own opinion and whilst some want futuristic, others want past/present. Personally, I prefer the modern era as there is more variety available in the weaponry as opposed to the limited WW2 era games.

      • Jordan

        Like i said, i want a present/past game. I wouldnt mind a modern game but to counter what you said about “more variety available in the weaponry as oppsed to the limited WW2 era games”, there isnt any limit unless they limit themselves. They only used the well known guns. There was tons of countries involved in WW2, which means hundreds of different guns.
        Maybe make a game based on the enemies point of view, (Japan, Germany, etc…) I’d buy it just because it was different and didnt piggy back on any of the other series that has already been built on. But I hope SG doesnt go with MW4 because theres only so much you can do with that series without it getting old and being dumb as fuck. I feel like they already did all they could with that series. I dont think that SG has the confidence as a “newbie” (and yes i know they were partnered with Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Raven Software while developing MW3) but as we know this would be their first CoD they made on their own and i dont think they would wanna fuck it up, so thats why i’d think they would go with MW4 because of their part in MW3. They’re most likely going to take the “safe route” because they probably dont want their first game to be like Ghosts, which you either hate or love. Dont even get me started on the campaign in Ghosts….(Personally I hate multiplayer, i just like extinction.)

  • Michael

    This does sound pretty cool. From what Drift0r told us, I’m pretty confident as well that it should be a mw4. I’m going to wait this cod out and not buy it right away. Ill see as the days go on how people like the game or either get my hands on it first hand at a friends house who already has this game before I even have it. I don’t wanna be throwing away any of my money anymore to these devs if they keep giving us shitty cods. (Ex: mw3, and ghost.) Black ops 2 had its ups and downs. Overall I think it’s 100x better than ghost.

    • CantanoRM

      Buy the game and judge yourself, instead of listening to others. If I have to believe others, Ghosts is a bad game. I love Ghosts. Especially on internet, bringing down CoD is very popular.

      • Jordan

        Ghosts was hit or miss for me. I like extinction but i dont care for the campaign or multiplayer. I loved BO2. It depends on who you ask and if they’re going to give the game a fair chance or if they’re just gonna degrade the game for whatever reason, maybe they’re just bad at it, who knows? Dont listen to other people though. Do what I do, before I buy a new game, I watch a ton of gameplaysof the multiplayer and decide if it looks like i would like it. Given i was wrong with Ghosts, but I havent regretted buying MW3 or BO2 or even BO. You have to try it yourself, dont listen to others who may say its bad but in reality theyre just bad. lol

      • Michael

        True but I would rather try it out at a friends house who has it rather than buying it on release date. If I enjoy it then ill buy it, but if I don’t enjoy it then i won’t buy it and wait for treyarchs next cod.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Here’s a crazy “new” idea: since it’s a new studio, start wherever the hell you want, with new characters and a new storyline. Think about it, if you’re SH games and you’re given the keys to the best selling game series ever created, wouldn’t you be hyped to put your own stamp on it? I really hope they don’t go the “safe route” and go with MW4, because we all know that the game is gonna sell like crazy no matter what they do. Get creative SH, inject new life into the series!

    • Jordan

      In all fairness though, this is their first CoD they’re making by themselves and their being thrown into the best game selling franchise in the world. They’re probably going to stick with the series they know most about instead of taking the chance of having a game like ghosts, and having the people who hate it and the peopole who cant get enough of it. I know theres those two parties with ever CoD but they just seem more defined with Ghosts.

  • StupidDOGY

    Ali-a is just one giant douchebag , he doesnt even deserve that many subs

    • CantanoRM

      Your opinion. The way he talks and makes his videos appeal to a lot of people. I like to watch his videos. And he’s probably a better player than 99% of the people who visit this site.

  • Luke Barron

    Call of Duty, the highest selling FPS franchise in the history of gaming, and all I see are people complaining about the game. Roughly 25 million copies sold each year, but all I see are the haters. Where are the people who love COD as much as I do? Where are the people who want MW4 because it will be similar to the three games we loved so much before it? I hope this game is MW4, and I hope they change a few guns, a few killstreaks, and the maps, just like they’ve done twice before.

  • Surprised ali-a hasn’t made a video yet.

    • KevJumbaify .

      he has..

      • I know he did about the leaked info, but not about the pictures and graphics.

  • KevJumbaify .

    Infinity ward did do a good job a hyping the fuck out of ghosts with a badass trailer but then i bought it and the mutiplayer was a let down. it just plain sucks. and i been sucking lately its not because i suck at it cause when i did bad in the other cod’s i still had fun playing but i can’t even have fun even when i do good at ghosts. Extinction is the only bright spot

  • KevJumbaify .

    Ali a is so fucking annoying biggest douche bag i ever heard. how does he have 3 million subs? 12 year olds i guess

  • Ryumoau

    Driftor is amazing!! I hope what he saw is really from the new game, because everything he said in the video got me really excited.

  • LikeaSomeboday

    I seriously don’t know why people like WWII based games, they are bland and overdone. I would rather have a game set in 1959, its a decade noone makes games about, they could do it about the moon landing, and what happened while they were out there, and why they never went back, they could go to other planets and you could fly your own (space) ship, it would so AWSOME, why don’t they make a 3D MMORPG? Based on real life space, and it would amazing.

  • Hunter

    Looks like a Vector K10- Black ops 2

  • Mrcpk

    Where the fuck is forums when u need it