The new patch for Ghosts released earlier today seems to have accidentaily changed the Maniac Jugg Killstreak to have a SC2010 instead of the weapon knife. The glitch makes the juggernaut a pretty overpowered Killstreak. The Killstreak also counts towards other killstreaks.

Tina has tweeted stating that the team is investigating the reason why that happened and will update on it when they get more information.

  • Michael

    Wow. Thank god they caught this.

  • James K

    Heh Heh. More reasons to use the Juggernaut Manic over the other Juggernaut.

  • MrJDGuns1

    Problem now is certain people *cough* TmarTn *cough* are spreading this information and telling people that it is meant to happen.

    • 3ARC FTW

      Tmartn here and I am so excited to this new patch IW released today! It seems the killstreak blah blah blah fave the video like sub buy my shit!

      Pathetic tards man!

      • Justin

        I saw his video on it and it seriously sounds like he thought it was a serious update and not a mistake. How could anybody possibly think that. I used to kind of like Tmart, but guys like Drift0r give such better info on stuff, Tmart is crap.

        • Kobrah

          I find that XclusiveAce also has some really exceptional tips particularly on lines of sight and spawns

          • Thanks for the tip Kobrah, his spawn guides looks very good that’s gonna help me so thank you 🙂

            About TmarTn he did a big miss on this one, I’m still watching some of his vids but I watch everything Drit0r makes.

      • K.E.M

        You forgot the “SUPER”

    • TheShadowReaper

      yeah, when they shouldnt make a video about it at all they instead do to get some more favourites, likes views and MOAR MANEY! he is living a luxurious life making toxic videos off of these things.

      ps: i like TmarTn, but when a YTber gets so low to monotize a video about these kind of information its just wrong.

      • Josh

        Especially when they literally ‘lift’ information from sites like Charlie Intel who run through donations and they are making thousands by using others information and sites like Charlie Intel get no credit or recognition apart from “ohh yeah….this info was from Charlie Intel” and that’s about it. It’s wrong but at least we can just read the news in a couple of seconds rather than watching a 5min video.

        • TheShadowReaper

          i’m subbed on TmarTn, i wont lie about it. but he is making videos for a broken game that is not entertaining to play and giving a view to him about it is sin on its own, which is why i wont watch his videos. it would make me twice as guilty giving him a view about it. + he is talking info from here without actually asking just giving credit which is meh, it doesnt help the site at all. ++ he didnt made videos about BO2, a game that i was playing and followed a lot but stil expected me and other 3arc fans to return and give him views now on Ghosts. he has been quite bad lately TmarTn. but he isnt alone. Ali-A and a lot others do the same stuff. its us that give them views when we shouldnt.

          • Deadly Ed

            Seriously?! People still sub to TmarTn?! O_o i unsubbed from that idiot about 12 months ago. he talks nothing but crap.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah i know. i have been subbed to him 2 years now and i havent watched more than 4 of his videos these past 6 months. he is getting so repetitive and i can also get the info from somewhere else without hearing him getting excited over nothing. but i guess that what his channel is about. COD and getting excited.

          • Josh

            They have all those subs but get all there information from a not so well known site like Charlie Intel or MP1st etc that are still able to get the news first. I think they should really put more effort in especially when they get paid so highly.

          • James K

            There’s always Tmartn other gamer channel.

          • Thinhtam

            His vids were pretty good back in the mw3 days, but when he started that 2nd channel his vids are like uhhhggg*. Plus I bet he doesn’t play as much as compared to us casual gamers where we have like 10+ days played and already max prestige. And btw you shouldn’t feel guilty for giving him a view if your usinf adblock 😉

          • TheShadowReaper

            oh yeah i forgot about that. i have been using adblock lately although i did cause of fucking ads everywhere in my face. at least i give them a like. i have lots of firends in my YT friendlist, maybe some of them arent using adblock. who knows… 🙂

          • xSupaScopa

            On black ops 2 in like march he had less than 24 hours played. He either fakes most of his gameplays or just uses every piece of footage he had from those 24 hours. I mean it is like his job to play that game and he didnt? wtf?

          • jordanxbrookes

            A lot of his Black Ops 2 gameplays came from a guy called ProdigyNelson, the guy who kept getting vsats and swarms and nuclears. I don’t mind TmarTn, but I agree he should be giving credit to the guys from charlieINTEL and MP1st.

        • Watch chaosxsilencer if you want a guy that gives full credit, he has great videos to!!

      • fires

        its funny too, he has a joke about youtubers whoring themselves out, YOUTUBE MONAY.

    • Matt

      He released the video too early just so he could probably get more views.

  • Deadly Ed

    Great! 🙁 so every scrub out there will be bumming the maniac until its fixed 🙁

  • It’s things like this that I can’t fathom how it gets through QA testing without being noticed.

  • zezoish

    Finally a maniac buff lol

  • Sal

    Oh shit. Guess I’m not playing Ghosts today. Yay, back to sucking at War Thunder.

  • GinsuVictim

    “The enemy has a juggernaut maniac”
    Player xx has left the game…
    Player yy has left the game…
    Player zz has left the game…

  • TuTKoKmoLLi

    Thank God this is a glitch!

  • Edwin Cortez

    This happened to me Earlier, I thought it was a random glitch since i was already using de SC2010… Lets hope they fix this quick

  • Guest

    Gotta love IW…break more shit than they fix with patches. Don’t buy the DLC. Ever Again.

    • Sal

      “…break more shit than they fix with patches. ”

      Lol you’re talking about DICE.

      • jordanxbrookes

        3arc>IW>DICE. Seriously DICE screwed up and part of that blame is on EA.

    • Zombielakehk21 guest

      Note that when he was on league play it was probably the 2 year old tryhards with they’re lagx set to extreme

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Well, I THOUGHT about playing Ghosts today.

  • Kenneh

    1) LMAO
    2) how the hell does it change so drastically?! Its not like a little chinck in the coding that like causes flickering graphichs or an invisible, this is literally changing the gun name listed in the code! I mean im no PC geek but i assume thats how its done, or something similar

    • Sal

      Dude, do you even program?

      A single “;” missing from a C or C++ code is more than enough to fuck up ALL the work.

      • xSupaScopa

        but that single “;” would mess up more than this. I guarantee some guy just copied and pasted the wrong thing and didnt check.

      • Kenneh

        Like i said im not a PC genius! Just took a 7th grade web design last year 😛 i’m 100% a nub. Just don’t understand how that could do that, wouldn’t they have to list the console name or code name of the gun? Like how the have like mp_nuked as a map name. Idk

  • whos rly redy 2 rid [nigger]

    dam dis nigger redy 2 rid!

  • Edwin Cortez

    A lot of love for 3arc, when last year almost everybody was complaining and hating them… Its the cycle, love them now hate them when they release a game.

  • K.E.M

    I got a K.E.M 3 games in a row because of this. I’m not that great,and thats saying something.Got maniac,got 25 kills afterword. Rinse and repeat.

  • Lookitsbrayden

    what a major fuck up that is. lost 3 games in a row because 1 guy got lucky and scored a maniac out of a car package every game. and then he sent me messages saying “nice try, ur shit” like seriously?

  • Killa

    I think it wasn’t a glitch I believe it has to do something with next dlc maps pack. I think it will be like the Michael mayers streak you get it the map Fog

  • DTSocietyTV

    Awe man! I was enjoying this glitch! I think they may have made a mistake and will be bringing this with the next DLC maybe. They may just re-skin it like mike myers. It was fun while it lasted 🙂 (Hopefully it comes back)