As announced last week, the 4 new personalization packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are now available for purchase on the Xbox 360.

  • Beast, which is “inspired by nature’s most lethal predators”;
  • Dead Man’s Hand, influenced by Old West gunslingers and card players;
  • Octane, which aims to please racing fans; and
  • Weaponized 115, based on the Treyarch’s epic Zombies experience, Origins

Each pack costs $1.99, and comes with weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling Card. These will be available on other platforms at a later date.


  • HenryDF

    They look great, especially the Weaponized 115, shame I didn’t keep my PS3.

    • Grigori

      buy a new one

      • HenryDF

        Why? I’d be better off spending the money on PS4 games 😉

        • Grigori

          good luck with that

          • exeterman2

            Good luck with buying games? Not something you need luck for when there are already plenty and more to come…

          • Grigori

            There aren’t many ps4 games right now

          • exeterman2

            There are at least 12 disc based games plus indies which is more than enough after a couple of months.

  • Grigori


  • Grigori

    Why is the origins camo not blue?? Still gonna buy it though

    • Kenneh

      I was thinking the same thing. It looks sweet, but have they changed to PaP camo since the last time i played Origins? Cause 115 is usually green/orange, but the big thing in Oranges was that it was blue

      • Grigori

        The origins camo is still blue. 115 is usually blue.
        But i don’t know why they picked a green version..

      • I honestly think that the blue would have looked cooler as well.

        CC @JesseLinneman:disqus

  • Abhishek Jain

    Weaponized 115 like a BO55

  • Wait. This games lifespan is considered over now and Microsoft are still getting DLC first? The contract lasts past the old CoD? Are you fucking kidding me?

    • Bob

      It is still Activison though. The contract is with them and Microsoft so it still counts.

      • Still. The only reason that the contract is issued is to boost the sales of Microsoft. It’s a year and 5 months past Black Ops 2’s launch. I doubt anyone’s whipping out dollars just for 4 camos while Ghosts is out.

        • Connor Williams

          Currently on the PS3 and Xbox 360, more people are on BO2 than Ghosts, so yes, people will buy it.

          • I wrote that wrong. I meant people aren’t going to go out and buy a copy of BO2 just for 4 new camo’s*

          • xSupaScopa

            maybe idk they still have the game?

          • Exactly. which is why the one month exclusivity for Black Ops 2 is pointless now.

          • xSupaScopa

            do you realize they still make money right? since more people are playing BO2 than ghosts, ppl will most likely buy this pack (and since it is way better than IWs camos, etc)

    • I hate Microsoft when they pull slimy moves like this, and I hate Activision for allowing themselves to get paid off like that.

  • Michael

    Thank god that treyarch is back on black ops 2. Hopefully there will be more updates on the game and more balances. There is some bullshit still in this game they treyarch could tweak or possibly fix cause more people are on black ops 2 on 360 then on ghost. And I persally love black ops 2 more than ghost.

  • TuTKoKmoLLi

    Fucking 1 month late PS3 :@

  • CoDforever

    Any videos of the camo’s in action?

  • nigger nigger nigger i am blak

    lma0a000aoya00o who da fok pley dis ol as gam stil moit? lik i stopd pleyin dat sht dey ghost cam out den i started pleyin mw2 agen h3h33h3h3h u dno wot da fok evn wot bout nigger i rek ur as 1v1 jumaji cmon fgt.

    • Bigi345

      K dude whatever you say

  • exeterman2

    So they only start supporting old games when millions of us have moved on to new consoles and so won’t still be playing these games. *condescendingly* Well done guys!

    • the real yumyums

      well the ps4 can also play ps3 games (feature coming in august) so some of us will probably play it on ps4

      • exeterman2

        No it can’t due to different architecture. Even if it can, Sony have made no announcement on this feature. What you may be thinking of is playstation now which is a streaming service with a limited number of games.