Activision has released 4 new hi-res images of the new maps included in Devastation map pack. The second wave of DLC will hit Xbox Live users first on Thursday, April 3rd.

  • Am I the only one that doesn’t find Unearthed look like Dome?

    • Mazthoril

      At first, I thought it was a remake of Dig from BO2 ^^
      But when i saw it was from Dome, i didn’t see Dome at all !
      Not the same ambience like before, just like Summit and Uplink, same map, but they failed the ambience…

      • Ya the BO2 re-skined maps weren’t as good as the originals. Except nuketown 2025 and Studio, those felt and played the same Imo.

        I wish Dome and Scrapyard stayed the same. I don’t like the changes to Scrapyard, they are cool and all, but take away from that MW2 feel.

        • HenryDF

          There’s a part of me that really just wants them to re-release the maps exactly the same as before – just having those original maps with the next-gen graphics would be amazing. I

          If they did something similar to what IW did with Terminal, and change it very little, I’d be happy. I’m not too bothered by the re-skins and the added elements (such as the aliens or the jet engine), but like you said, it takes away that original charm which made the maps special in the first place.

          • Josh

            Why would you what them to release the exact same map for a different game? Just play the old game. They bring back fan favourites usually because of the way they play and not how they visually look. But I do agree the originals look better than the remakes in most cases.

      • fires

        LOL dig is a remake too, yo dawg, i heard you like reskins, so i reskinned your reskin so you can complain about originality while you complain about originality

    • Josh

      It’s not meant to look like Dome because that would make it Dome. It is a remake which means they have added new skins to the walls etc. and new visual features but the pathways and layout is exactly the same.

    • some2example2

      i thought the dome remake was strikezone.

    • Rachel

      Unearthed is some they said in the video dumbass

      • tobi xw

        not quite thers a tube u cane run in around half the map …..

  • LOL

    1st :O

    • 4rd

    • Josh

      I hope you feel some achievement in what you have done. WOW you were first, should we all stand up and clap, have you reached you life long goal. No, so tell it to someone who cares.

      • Tony Rambo

        Chill out bro

  • Collision kinda looks like Wetworks in that screenshot.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I was hoping that Collision was gonna be a remake of Wet Work.

  • jordanxbrookes

    These look awesome!

  • CoDforever

    Thats absolutely disgusting. 2 remakes of dome in the same game. PATHETIC

    • Jack Black the real one.

      just because strikezone has some what of the same layout doesnt make it a remake. it has totally different lines of sight, and doesnt play the same as dome.

      • CoDforever

        Different sight lines? Like WHAT ? MAP IS 90% the Same, unless strikezone was drastically different than dome i dont see a reason for another remake. Seems cheap

        • HenryDF

          Different sight lines, the lack of vertical and underground elements from Dome, added elements in Strikezone, and they actually play differently.

          Hardly 90%.

          • Paul Thomas

            I agree other then the bar in Strikezone and the office in Dome being similar the two are very different.

          • CoDforever

            Dude we both know that the Layout is exactly the same, and thats the main part of the map. By supporting IW like this, do you really want all DLC maps slightly altered vanilla maps?

          • TheShadowReaper

            no, its not the same. calm your manly tits. its not a remake, it looks really close but its not. just like Collision isnt a remake of Wetwork. just because they are both in a cargo ship that doesnt mean they are the same…..exactly like Dome and Strikezone. just because they share the same layout that doesnt mean they are the same.

          • You Scrub

            But if they have the same layout, then they are the same maps but with just a different setting to it, rofl. People need to stop buying these maps until they come up woth new ideas, every year they just recycle the same maps in DLC packs because they are lazy and running out of ideas.

          • TheShadowReaper

            as i said, its really close but its not there. i have seen some huge differences between Dome and Strikezone and these differences are what sets the two maps apart. i dont buy IW dlc anyways so i dont care what the rest of the world does! ^^

        • chris

          why do u keep talking shit bout ghost if u don’t like it

    • SoulTaker

      Oh man it’s funny seeing your comments I remember when you were so pumped up for Ghosts.

      • CoDforever

        I got let down bro!

  • HenryDF

    This made me laugh…

    • That is

    • Or this lol, Top one is Ali, bottom one is Tmart.

      Uploaded at the same time, and about the same length in run time.

      • some2example2

        i think at this point, it’s not even their gameplay anymore.

      • Tony Rambo

        They are both assholes

        • tobi xw

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          • TYR

            Man go learn english, you have forgotten it.

          • Spectre01N7

            The problem is, that both of those assholes are making serious money for little to no work. Posting info from Charlie-Intel including screen shots.

        • LikeaSomeboday

          Yeah, cause you happen to know Ali-A IRL?

          • Eric Mandzuk

            What happend?

    • LikeaSomeboday

      Btw, you photoshoped that.

      • HenryDF

        I really didn’t, if they appeared separated on your Twitter timeline, it’s probably just because you follow different people to me.

        • LikeaSomeboday

          No, you really did photoshop it, I went back and checked the timings. Stop trying to create hate and hype.

          • HenryDF

            Kid, I seriously didn’t. Do I need to show you the proof? Why would I waste my time fucking Photoshopping something like this?

            I don’t get why you adore Ali-A so much; get off his dick. He never gives credit to this site, he treats his fans like dirt, and it just a glorified CoD fan.

            Piss off and stop accusing me of shit I haven’t done – it’s utterly pathetic and childish.

          • LikeaSomeboday

            “it’s utterly pathetic and childish”. < That is you bro. How does Ali-A treat fans like dirt? Also, he gives credit to charlie intel alot, if you would have actually looked at his vids bro. We are both wrong in what we are saying here, you more.

          • HenryDF

            Both wrong, and me more? You’re the one accusing me of Photoshopping something that is openly available on the internet. My statements are opinion, yours are factual. And your factual statement has been proved wrong.

            Technically, if anyone’s wrong, it’s you.

          • LikeaSomeboday

            Just tell me how does Ali-A treat fans like dirt?

          • HenryDF

            Ok, let’s compare him to someone like Drift0r:

            Drift0r engages with his fans regularly, replies to them on Twitter, allows them to contact him through YouTube and he interacts with them consistently. Along with that, he regularly listens for specific feedback, reading through many individual comments taking them all into account.

            Ali-A hardly ever interacts with his fans on both Twitter and on YouTube; on Twitter, he only talks with other “famous” YouTubers, and every now and then he’ll retweet a fan image. Apart from that, he’ll read through around a page of comments, take into account a general point, and act on it. Nothing else.

            Of course, I can’t speak specifically about what Ali-A does since he never really talks about it much, nor can I see it in what he does. He never really talks about anything other than games or CoD to his fans, unless he wants to completely over-react and/or make a video simply for the money.

            Drift0r has shared what he does (such as reading through comments) and you can genuinely see that in the way he acts both on Twitter and in his videos. He acts like an actual human – he shares stuff about himself, posts personal videos, and interacts with his fans – rather than Ali-A who is simply a “personality”.

          • LikeaSomeboday

            All I got from that was that Drift0r is better in Fan Interaction. But it still doesn’t mean Ali-A treats fans like dirt, it just means Drift0r treats them better, Ali-A does more Giveaways and Better Gameplays though. So yah.

          • HenryDF

            More giveaways and better gameplays? Drift0r is doing a fucking charity auction for a disabled kid who can’t get around and needs help – Ali-A, meanwhile, makes stupid, pointless videos in an attempt to get more YouTube money (such as this one:

            Just don’t go thinking that Ali-A is some sort of awesome YouTuber…he really isn’t. And, please don’t go thinking that I Photoshop anything – because I honestly swear I didn’t.

          • LikeaSomeboday

            Negativity, Negativity, Negativity. BOO HOO.

          • sdfs


          • HenryDF

            Oh, and here are Drift0r and Ali-A’s Twitter feeds – make of them what you will. (if you even think of accusing me of Photoshop…)

          • Ech!

            He’s staying quiet… you have won this battle, my friend 😀

          • Guest

            You are a bitch.

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    It looks okay but they’re a little washed up. Maybe they should up the contrast a little bit.

    • Super_Deluxe

      But don’t all Infinity Ward games look washed up? That’s what I can’t stand and love how the colors were popping in Black Ops 2.

      • Guest

        A happy medium between Ghosts colours and Blops Deuce colours would be great IMO. Not so colorful at Blops 2, but more than Ghosts.

  • Michael

    Okay so ill say this, the first pic looks pretty epic. The second one looks like the map decommission from mw3. And the third one looks like the map erosion from mw3 face-off. I really like the scenery of the maps though.

  • idi

    Does anyone else think putting extinction in Multiplayer as a field order is fucking retarded?

    • Sgtsclark

      I wish they’d left it out, I don’t play extinction for a reason but I don’t think it’ll be that big an issue for me. It’ll be limited, I can live with it. I hope this is it though!!!

      • idi

        They should be different universes..

  • Jasco

    Remakes: Cargo / hijacked Excavation Bo2 maps: Warthog Chopper Gunner RC-XD Kill streaks.

  • Jonathan Gray

    All these people complaining about Dome remakes. I love Dome, so more is good :3

  • GinsuVictim

    Man, that pic of Behemoth looks almost like a Borderlands screenshot.

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  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    that thing with the vulcano in the 3 rd map remembers me of Magma in Blops 2

  • TYR

    I really want Terminal back.

  • voodoo

    really why waste the money