Feast your eyes on new hi-res images of “The Ripper” gun DLC coming first to Ghosts season pass holders. @CookiesAreLaw somehow managed to pull the gun files located somewhere within the PC code. We’re expecting an announcement tomorrow with more info so stay tuned!

SOURCE: @CookiesAreLaw

  • xSupaScopa

    looks kind of like the Ray Gun Mark II haha

  • Shardlotte

    I wouldn’t say “hi-res” because these look pre-rendered, but still looks nice. Reminds me of the P90.

  • Daniel Sims

    Out of curiosity, why have the articles regarding The Ripper said, “coming first” rather than, “coming exclusively” for Season Pass Holders? Has it been confirmed to only be an early release?

    • Mr Doge

      You don’t get it. It means Season Pass holders get to USE the gun before anyone else who buys the DLC normally.

      • Daniel Sims

        Oh my, I do get it and I’m well aware of what coming first means. That is not what I asked.

    • Guest

      It’s an early release for season pass holders, it will be available to everyone at some unknown date/time

  • James K

    This looks like a modified version of the PDW-57 from BO2


    • Or a hybrid of the Famas (MW2) and F200

    • 111AlaN111

      The inscription in the gun says EVO

      • 3ARC FTW

        Tmartn/Ali-A here and im so excited to share…

        K ill quit >,<

        • LikeaSomeboday

          It’s like you don’t even watch Ali-A.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Soo??? This gun doesn’t exist…

        • 111AlaN111

          It evolutionates

          • NuttyTheSquirrel


          • 111AlaN111

            EVO because it evoultunates from SMG to AR

          • NuttyTheSquirrel


    • Rorke File

      Pre patch PDW 57 + Famas MW2 = no words

  • Soap MacTavish

    The Ripper reminds me of the LSR44 from KZ: Shadowfall. The LSR44, for those who aren’t aware, is a hybrid weapon that starts off as a SMG and can convert into a charge-shot sniper rifle.


  • JKB98

    For me it looks like a P90, F2000 and a KSG all mashed together.

  • CoDforever

    Everyone, it is now march and you know what that means : The CODGhosts hate is at full force!

    • SharpShooter

      its been in full force since launch, now people bored of hating and just looking forward to TitanFall

      • Sal

        And will inevitably break their faces when the hype dies out and the insane complaining begins.

    • Guest

      It’s really too bad, I’m still enjoying this game a lot. It has a lot less BS than Blops deuce.

  • Michael

    Titanfall gun!!!!!! This is a message everyone!!!!! (Jk) ?????

    • drwashyass

      The sight does look like the sight on the R-101C from titanfall though

      • Michael

        Exactly what I was thinking. Idky but if Titanfall was never to come about and/or heard about before, then I would have said that this is a halo gun off the bat.

  • Batman

    The guy on the video should remove that stupid music so we can hear the sounds

    They also revealed some new MP maps

    • The song was actually pretty good.

  • kiki55

    this looks like an awesome weapon,i cant wait to get my hands on this thing 😀

  • AnotherAverageSniper

    I’m wondering why they wrote ‘A2’ on the side of the weapon when that is what the sniper variant of the maverick is………

    • Devin Wolfe

      A2 Industries its the gun’s manufacturer.

      • Neighhh ?

        Is A2 a real gun industry? Getting bored of all these made up fictional hybrid fakes we’ve seen in bo2 and ghosts

  • AcePhoenix007

    Damn, that guns looks sick. Especially for where they put the mag.

  • Capeman

    Looks OP, high fire rate, you can switch from having a sight to iron sights, kills fast, and has almost no recoil, kills easily in close combat and mid range, but let’s wait and see…

    • Guest

      May I ask how you know it has a high fire rate? Do you have the RPM for this?

      • Capeman

        I’m just judging by the looks, and on the video, at the start you can see the class, fire rate is full. But like I said, let’s wait and see.

        • Devin Wolfe

          You can’t judge by looks.

          • Capeman

            As I said, it’s on the video too, in the gun stats.

          • The Robe E

            It may be reffering to the fast that it has high RoF for an assault hybrid. I hope it isn’t to OP,or it’ll make me rage just like when the maverick first came out.

          • Bigi345

            Because you should trust the in game gun stats….

      • Capeman


        • 111AlaN111

          The main focus of SMGs is firerate, and the less they have is range for not be OP

  • jordanxbrookes

    As much as I’m gonna like this gun, I’d still prefer to have weapons brought back into Ghosts, next weapon will be a Sniper, I’m calling it.

    • CoDforever

      Last weapon was a sniper, i dont think they are gonna make a new one when they only have 4 dlc’s. Next one is probably Shotgun and last one is probably a Marksman Rifle/LMG.

      • 111AlaN111

        A KSG for shotgun

  • That gun is ugly as fuck! I just hope it’s strong at long range… Many SMGs lack that in Ghosts on these big maps

    • thebulky1cometh

      That would probably make it overpowered, no?

    • 111AlaN111

      The gun hasn’t textures in the image, look at the gun teaser, and it will look good

    • Kobrah

      If you want an effective weapon at range use an Assault Rifle? That’s what they’re there for…
      Long rand SMG would be OPAF

  • ahmedt361

    It look like some thing from titinfall

  • srs guy

    This looks like a modified version of eye cancer.

  • abhi

    this is done in maya

  • Si-borg71

    “Fugly ! ” …looks like one of those nerf water guns !

  • LunatikToon

    Looks really like the P90 combined with the famas

  • LunatikToon

    any more info on when we can get this yet ? I have the season pass so lets go 🙂

  • idc219

    Infinity Ward is pulling out all the stops. They know they lossed a bunch of players this year

    • EasyLover

      Yep worse COD since COD5. Its not about the maps, guns,
      camos COD was addictive and loved due its gameplay, the run and gun battles,
      ghosts didnt have that due to the instant deaths! Focus on the Mechanics, not
      the gimmicks! Focus on the Mechanics, not the gimmicks!

      • idc219

        I agree. Now mind you I have fully prestige in this game and have 14 days played (sad I know, only game on x1 I currently own right now). I play kill confirmed and even in that game mode everybody is camping in corners staring at doorways waiting for you to run by nobody wants to get tags. You die so quick scrubs are afraid to move and they want to camp for their riley dog. When you get in those lobbies when people are running around it’s fun but most people are just sitting in corners playing like bitches. If b02 was on next gen and the snipers weren’t op and the camera angles and lag was not an issue I would just play that at least you got rewarded for playing the obj. One thing I like though all these scrubs just sitting in corners don’t realize that they are not honing any type of quick twitch skills. only reason why I play ghost is to keep my quick twitch skills sharp. as a rusher who plays 100% solo I maintain a 2 k/d in ghosts I can say I am happy with that. But after being on next gen for last few months I cannot bring myself to go back to old systems on a p2p system.

    • TrueLove

      Yep worse Cod since Cod5! its not about the maps, guns, camos! COD was addicitive and loved due its gameplay, the run and gun nature, ghosts didnt have that due to instant deaths, complete noobs could kill Cod Vets which made the game non skillful. Mechanicks Over Gimmicks!

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        MW3 was worse…

      • Sal

        My god… The only time we get good netcode people bitch because guns kill too fast? Whatever, I guess you guys love getting shot around corners and shooting first then dying first because the guy had 4 bars while you had three.

  • Spas Tik

    Looks more like the p90 from mw2 and mw3

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