Infinity Ward has announced that season pass owners on Xbox One and Xbox 360 will get access to the brand new Ripper weapon starting today. It’ll be available first for season pass owners, and then later for others.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • Benji

    Anybody notice anything weird about the pictures… Mainly the assault streaks he is using…

    • EnFoRcE Dog

      yeah, i was just about to say the same thing…

    • Mitch

      Taken on a modded console.

    • Harlique

      What the KEM that’s most likely a completed field order?

      • noratorex

        would be at the bottom if it was

    • Fredrick Murders

      maybe it’s a hint at a killstreak dlc

      • Name

        its not you can only get a KEM strike if you get 25 kills or 24 (with hardline). in the next DLC you can get the predator and when it dies it makes a smaller KEM but it doesn’t cange the map

  • Jgg

    How do u get it I have the season pass but can’t get it

  • Hunter Deal

    no they look normal to me. The IMS, the drone vulture thing and kem…

    • Benji

      Yeah but i’m pretty sure you can’t add the KEM to the streak list, its a secret killstreak on for everybody

      • Mazthoril

        Now i think that it could be the KEM Strike, but as a real killstreak, just like the Nuke on MW2, I think devs wants us to get more KEM in games, because if you can get it as a killstreak, you can reach 25 kills very easier with other KS like Gryphon or Heli Pilot. 😉

    • Mazthoril

      But the KEM strike isn’t a basic killstreak, it’s a reward when you kill 24-25 ppl with your guns, you don’t have to choose it to get it, you can get it even if you have 3 others killstreaks than KEM.

      • Harlique

        Or complete a field order. Forgot about that huh?

        • Lorhelm

          Only on Strikezone can you get it from a Field Order

          • Fredrick Murders

            The symbol doesn’t always mean KEM Strike. All the new maps have the field order killstreak crate set as that. Maybe it’s a hint as a new killstreak dlc.

          • you are a retard too

            but then all the dlc killstreaks that are coming, i.e.. Micheal Myers and the new stuff in Devestation are all field orders, besides the dlc for it hasn’t come out yet, the ripper has come out early for season pass holders, nothing else.

          • Lorhelm

            I do know this as well but as to Harlique’s comment, you can only get the KEM streak from a field order on Strikezone. but yes i do know that the symbol means the special for that specific map if gotten from an assault streak

          • the retarded one

            but the symbol only for the KEM or the field order and you cant pick that as your killstreak

        • you are a retard

          You never need to have the KEM strike on as a killstreak, dick.

  • Goncrzy

    Anybody know if this will be coming to ps4/ps3 users, they don’t state that it will.

    • Mitch

      It will. It’s part of DLC2, but Season Pass owners get it early.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It will.

    • Lord Mannyrossa

      We’ll get it sometime next year like all the rest of the DLC. The DLC delay really stops my motivation to play the game. I only just now DL’ed Onslaught because I maxed pretiged last month and haven’t been on as much. They also need to let you play dom only on the new maps. None of this objectives or deathmatch only choices.

      • Mazthoril

        You’re goddamn right ! I feel the same about DLCs, it’s so boring to wait something that you’ve seen at least a hundred times everywhere, twitter, facebook, youtube, charlieintel 😉 It’s even more boring when you know the half of community is playing it when you have to wait 1 more month, just because of Microsoft and their damn money…

        I wish they had a brain sometimes…. No demolition, pure shit moshpit and if the Onslaught’s Death Match is over played, it’s just because ppl don’t give a shit about S&R and Blitz…. =(

  • Alex

    looks like the pdw from Black ops2

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    ges i go pley dat gam i spend ovr $100 on now cuz i thot it wud b gud lik the oter cods bt it wsnt an skd major nigger cunt. c u in 5 sex wen it stil suks fk.

    • FeboooH

      I think its trying to communicate 😮

    • CT-16272

      Dafuq did I just read?

    • Lorhelm

      you aren’t supposed to playing this game because youre too young!

    • Steven Glo Gang

      I got cancer after I read this…

  • shanafan

    I didn’t buy a season pass. I did buy DLC #1. If I were to buy the season pass now, am I throwing some money away because I spent $15 on DLC #1?

    • Mazthoril

      Yes =(

    • Guest

      2.5 dollars

    • Mitch

      That would come up with a total of $65. Buy the other 3 packs separately, and you end with $60.

    • Hoss


    • Lorhelm

      This is why i’ve bought the Season Pass for Ghosts and BO2 because something ends up positive with getting the Season Pass 🙂 i wouldn’t buy it now personally since you’ve bought #1 DLC but it’s only a few dollars. Next game buy the Season Pass 🙂

  • LunatikToon

    wonder what time it will be out

  • Matthew

    Now do killstreak kills count towards the KEM or what?

    • LunatikToon

      nope the KEM is still the same

  • Heisenberg who

    Why haven’t I got the gun yet. I’m a season pass holder??

    • Lorhelm

      The system you play on effects when you get it. but if you play Xbox idk why you don’t have it.

  • PS4 DonAntnonio99

    and one month later for PS players… yep fuck you activison

    • jooker-jr

      Well. There’s nothing we can do

      • joe

        i think this is the last game where call of duty is xbox bias and after this game its going to be playstation bias of both get the DLC at the same time

    • Harlique

      Its mircosoft’s wallet you can thank friend you’d do the same if they were to pay you…

    • curi0us

      Microsoft pays to get priority. It’s almost always been this way.

      Look at it this way – Bungie is giving all its content delivered first to PS4 when Destiny goes live.

      Also, think of those on Xbox simply beta testing the maps. Heh.

      • Drago-saMuS

        Remember wen cod was only on play station then they decided to fuck us and screw up

        • Brandon Lebel

          Yup thats so true it was our franchise and they took it we should take halo on them eh

          • ming

            Correction the franchise was pc way before consoles got it

          • accfomo

            yeah, and now no one cares about pc anymore, ive been i pc player since cod 4

          • CJ

            go ahead take halo

    • Jake Carter

      Its because Microsoft bought a contract that says Xbox players get Call of Duty DLC a month early.

      • Zeke

        Well now that that contract is up kost likely they r signing with playstation because they have more sales for dlc

    • Brandon Lebel

      Bro I’m so with you on that fuck activation like wtf

  • Jethro

    *Says in a nerdy voice* Guys im so cool I can have a KEM strike as a killstreak. You all suck at Call Of Duty *Nerdy laugh*

    • Lorhelm

      I realize that youre being funny but that would be kind of stupid to have it as a Killstreak because the kills would have to be the same but you’d take up the slot that you could’ve used for a maniac or Juggernaut XD

  • Harlique

    Dev kit. nothing funny tho its just a Dev kit…

  • Lorhelm

    I have played with this gun and this gun is an excellent gun. SMG form has a high rate of fire (similar to that of the Bizon) and the AR form has an average rate of fire (similar to that of the R5). Range and accuracy are excellent and they did a GREAT job with this gun

  • Mysterious

    why is the KEM strike a killstreak now? (first picture)

  • Umid Dustbabayev

    Guys, does anyone know when Devastation comes out for PS Consoles WITH The Season Pass?


      For the Ripper for PSN and PC Season Pass users the DLC will be 4/3 the same time as Xbox Live has the maps available. 5/6 For the map pack for everyone on PSN and PC and at that time they can get the Ripper as well.

      • baby jesus

        thanks man this is why i came here

      • Umid Dustbabayev

        Love you man [NO HOMO]

      • Genie of the lamp

        Thanks man. Been looking everywhere for info

  • King

    Woah I didn’t know they had released titanfall DLC yet!

    • AssassinsOath

      This is fucking Call of Duty dumbass

      • King

        Calling me a dumbass when you clearly do not know that was meant with sarcasm

  • RoachForce141

    Got the Maverick gold and when I saw this coming out soon, I’m like “Well, theres a gun i’ll be getting gold.

  • zed

    PlayStation players pay the same price for the game and dlc why do we receive it a month later…if you wanna do that make it cheaper for ps players.

    • Ultimatezach5284

      Because microsoft has a deal with activision

  • Dwain Inman

    i have seen a guy use the ripper on ps3…how does that happen?

    • hi

      the guy you saw was a hacker becuse the riipper is in the game its just we cant get it

  • Pritchy

    when does PS4 get the Ripper

  • i wasnt ripper

    when will it come out for others

  • Gene

    it pisses me off more than anything that i can pay 120$ for the hardened edition of this stupid game, the same amount as it is for xbox. and yet i still have to wait another month to get access to the dlc compared to xbox. You guys need to get your shit together. ive been a loyal IW customer from mw up to ghosts and this is the worst one i have seen…….ever. All i can say is bye call of duty, hello battlefield.

  • Monkeyhead44

    when does it comeout for ps3?

  • Rambro

    I can’t find the ripper?

  • Hoover

    I bought the Ripper, but when i put the 7 day season pass xbox live, and when it ran out, my ripper disappeared! i have to have xbox live to have it, WHYY!! Someone help me!