The Call of Duty US Regional Event is currently going on, and after intense matches and some surprising upsets, the 8 teams have been determined. These 8 teams are advancing to the Call of Duty Championship 2014 in LA that takes place on March 28th-30th.

8 US Teams Advancing:

  • Team KaLiBeR
  • Strictly Business
  • The Rise Nation
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Complexity
  • FaZe Competitive
  • OpTic Gaming
  • Team Xfinity 

The final Day of the US Championship event will be streamed live on starting at 10am ET today (March 9th).



  • Swag

    Whoop first comment

  • Yeezus

    The Rise Nation got in over the two Curse teams. US needs 12 teams in COD champs

    • Yup

      one of the curse teams beat the other, and then OpTic beat them. If optic can beat them than clearly they shouldn’t be going to the world champs

      • Mitch

        They should. Both Curse teams are in T8 of the world, no doubt. US should get 12-16 teams in next Champs. Just look at some of the other teams that will go to Champs from Europe and other territories, they would get destroyed by both Curse teams.

        • Edwin Cortez

          Thats why they have qualifiers, if curse cant handle the US competition then move to other region. Its called world championship for a reason and there should be equal # of teams from the rest of the world…

          • Almighty Faded

            But the US competition is better than anywhere else, Curse LV and NY could both be top 2 in Europe.

          • Edwin Cortez

            How do you expect that other teams from around rhe world improve then? They need to compete with the best also the more teams from around the world that make it to the championships the better. It improves the publicity of the competition and the game itself around the world.

          • Almighty Faded

            They can continue to come to events, and have US teams dominate theirs, NY and LV would add way more publicity then any EU team because the stories with NY and LV are better. And you shouldn’t compete with the best if you aren’t the best.

          • LunatikToon

            The US teams are not better than the EU teams. COD champs will be better than ever this year and I see a EU team top 3 maybe even winning it. As for Curse LV they lost against a team they would normally beat and then lost to Curse NY, being seeded no3 I believe they have flopped big time and will now split up

    • Dylan DuGirls

      It’s pretty dumb how teams with the most potential have to stay home so teams like Signapore can get an easy ride there and get first rounded in both brackets. I’m looking at you, Curse teams and JusTus

  • Stretch

    They do know that’s only 7 teams lol

    • Keshav Bhat

      We added the last one! Refresh!

  • Drillz

    EnvyUs smacked Optic, Scump is the heart of that team man I felt kinda bad for him tonight.

  • OG swag

    The green wall advances… Let’s go boys

  • #tkAllday

  • YES lets go OG!

  • tK Guy


  • K.E.M

    OpTic is going to win.

  • Angel Compean

    Lol one of the best teams CurseLv is not going to COD Champs

  • LunatikToon

    that is the end of curse LV… And no OpTic will not win it my bets on SB or Epsilon

    • Mitch

      Wouldn’t be surprised if LV would fall apart. They are used to do nothing but win and place T3. Also, no chance in hell Epsilon will even get close to winning.

  • David Sanchez

    Can someone tell me where it’s gonna take place ?

  • David Sanchez

    Does anyone know where it’s at ?

  • #team nigger

    #team nigger

  • Caleb Cersosimo

    i really think there should have been 12 US teams to qualify so teams like Curse LV, Curse NY, Justus, Denial East could have qualified…its not fair that other teams who are wayy worse get to go to Cod champs

    • Hostic

      Denial East sucks, but Curse Lv and Ny in my opion should qualify.

  • niggies

    #team gayporn

  • Jack the Stallion

    OG all day their communication within the team is what is going to guide them to victory watch and see ladies watch and see.

  • Hostic

    FaZe will take it