The 32 teams for the Call of Duty Championship 2014 has been decided! Teams from around the world competed for online qualifiers then through regional events to secure their spot at the $1 million tournament.

Here’s the 32 teams:

United States:

  • Strictly Business
  • CompLexity
  • Team Kaliber
  • FaZe
  • EnVyUs
  • Rise
  • OpTic Gaming
  • XFinity Gaming


  • VexX Revenge
  • WiLD Gaming


  • Brazil 5 Stars
  • SSOF Gaming

Rest of North/South America:

  • Aztek Gaming (Mexico)


  • TCM Gaming
  • Epsilon Esports
  • TEC Intensity
  • Team Orbit


  • Vitality Rises
  • Vitality Returns


  • Killerfish
  • SK Gaming


  • Reign Mix (Sweden) 


  • AllStars (Netherlands)


  • Wizards


  • Sublime 

Rest of Europe:

  • Lightning Pandas

South Africa:

  • Team Rize ZA

United Arab Emirates:

  • Klarity Team

South Korea:

  • Nsp

Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore:

  • Echelon (Singapore)

Australia/New Zealand:

  • Trident T1dotters
  • Immunity

The Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox Will be Livestreamed on, with the Final Match Also Available to View on Xbox Live on Sunday, March 30th at 3:00 p.m. PDT. We will have full coverage on the site here and on Twitter @charlieINTEL.


  • jordanxbrookes

    Competitive ruined Black Ops 2 for me. I’m not saying stop having competitive teams and tournaments, just don’t turn my multiplayer experience into forcing me to play competitively.

    • idc219

      What do you mean???? You don’t like running around a lobby with a bunch of sweaty tryhards? I thought everybody like playing a game of kill confirmed line it’s for the cod championship lol. For real though I like to have fun I don’t mind close games I just hate lobbies where the sweat is coming through my tv screen


        ye nigger swet is a hug probs nowadeys wit al da welfar niggers abl 2 by tvs an sht

        • MichiganerE

          i new rite dise fgts dun kno how 2 pla liek us y0l0 sweg mast3r$
          ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • CoDforever

      How is it forcing you to play competitively? In fact, you should be happy because League Play attracted all the tryhards and made them leave Public matches, thus making it easier for you pub players.

      • jordanxbrookes

        The majority of multiplayer was built for competitive play. Small maps, score streaks, and the rise of non-stop tryhards. Although I felt score streaks, league play and pick 10 were a cool idea to work with, it just wasn’t for me and that’s why I say it felt like I was forced to play competitively. I loved the original Black Ops, but Black Ops 2 killed my affection for Treyarch. However I’m giving Treyarch a Second Chance, no pun intended, for they’re next Call of Duty game which should be a great game.


          How do score streaks mean multiplayer was based around competitive??? It’s just the same of ghosts. Speaking of small maps aftermath was my favourite

          • jordanxbrookes

            Scorestreaks were allowed in competitive play. And I never said the multiplayer was based around competitive, I said the majority of mutliplayer was built for competitive. I don’t mind playing on small maps, but having maps that were constantly small to medium were just annoying for me who like medium to large maps. Black Ops 2 just wasn’t for me like I previously said, but I’m hoping Treyarch’s next game will be built for people who just want to play the game and have some competitive aspects like league play for the tryhard’s.

          • Billy bob

            How do scorestreaks in comp play ruin regular mulitplayer for you?

        • CoDforever

          You dont want small maps? You dont want to be rewarded for playing the OBJ? Wow, you must really love Ghosts. The rise of Tryhards? HOW? The only Tryhards are in League Play, why would anyone try hard in public games? The people that do are the same ppl that always try hard and dont play competitive.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Of course I like being rewarded for objective play, I just wasn’t a fan of scorestreaks, and no I’m not keen on Ghosts, although I thought the Campaign was good. If you looked in my other replies to other people, I state that I don’t mind having a couple of small maps like Black Ops had Nuketown and Firing Range but having maps that are constantly small to medium aren’t my taste. And yes Black Ops 2 was the rise of tryhards along with other annoyances: C4/EMP Spam, annoying scorestreaks, quickscopers and trickshotters, spawn trappers, and the list goes on.

          • Sal

            Only crazy tryhards like small maps. I always voted against Nuketown.

        • PsychOutGaming

          Lol, the pun. I’m not hating with this question, but why don’t you like competitive. It is much more fun working with your team and just the feel of it.

    • PsychOutGaming

      How did Competitive ruin anything in BO2? It was its own playlist, just don’t go to league play and you were good. P.S. League Play was the best part of BO2 🙂

      • Rorke File

        The maps had more headglitch spots

        • PsychOutGaming

          How is that competitive? Even if comp wasn’t in it, the maps would still be the same.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I said it ruined Black Ops 2 for me, not necessarily for everyone.

        • Stevo Macgee

          okay, and how did it ruin it for you?

        • Edwin Cortez

          That’s what people dont understand its yoir opinion you’re entitled to one… But i do get what you mean. Like playing S&D on slums, its a fight for who can win the choke points. If the defence blocks all 3 choke points the attacking team is gonna have a ruff round.

  • some2example2

    this should be real world scenarios, i.e. everybody plays online from their home.

    that way everybody is a champion when lag randomly makes some players untouchable and host pro perk takes effect.

  • CoDforever

    Crs LV ???????????????

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  • MichiganerE

    lel, dis bichez r treyhrad fgts lel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jkice

    Yay sweden!

  • DenchHardManLeaveIt

    Come on TCM or Epsilon!! Also excited to see how the Green Wall do!

  • FeboooH

    Am I the only one who doens’t give a shit about any of this?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Nope 🙂

  • Awesome UAE is having a chance to join cod tournament for the first time 😀