According to a new images, Drop Zone game mode may return to Ghosts. Drop Zone was originally added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 after a community member designed it in private match. Infinity Ward added that mode to a Community Playlist in MW3.

These new images suggest IW has been working on bringing Drop Zone back to Ghosts. There’s no confirmation that it’ll return as of now.


  • Brro

    aka the a worse version of hardpoint

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Oh good. The game mode every ten year old plays to try to get their sniper feeds.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Ain’t that the truth.

    • tobi xw

      well at lest faze band it for clips….so no faze bloo

      • PrimeEchoes


        • tobi xw

          faze said dropzone clips are to easy so they cant be used in episodes ….so we wont have to worry about it getting to annoying(FAZE BLOO)

          • Endo Flawless

            Too Easy?? They sit in public lobbies ruining SnD for everyone else by jumping off shit and missing every shot for hours on end. The rest of the shit is against bads in ground war. Faze comp and faze videos are just shit.

  • gumbie7

    Why are they not listening to the community about game modes? I don’t think anyone has asked for this game mode to return. I am pretty sure hardpoint is the most requested game mode. They have done a much better job with supporting their game this time around with updates and game patches. Let’s keep the momentum going and not drop the ball on this one IW!

    • Vordb

      Drop Zone is an Infinity Ward thing, though. Hardpoint is Treyarch’s game type and Treyarch’s maps in Black Ops II were actually designed from the ground up for Hardpoint and competitive play in general.

      • gumbie7

        Kill Confirmed was an IW game mode and it carried over into BO2. If they really wanted to they could do it. But I can see your point with them being build for competitive. They would definitely have to up the health in ghost to accommodate for hardpoint.

      • Michael

        Dropzone was IW’s thing, yet Treyarch used it in Black Ops 2. I do agree with you about the maps however. Just imagine playing Hardpoint on Siege, Stonehaven or Sovereign! It’ll take 60 seconds just to get from one Hardpoint to another. I do believe that Hardpoint will play brilliantly on medium sized maps like Freight, Octane, Warhawk and Tremor. Hardpoint is much more exiting to watch than Domination and Blitz.

        • Wesier

          Dropzone wasnt in bo2

      • Mobin Amanzai

        it has nothing to do with which developer made the game mode, because Infinity Ward made kill confirmed and Treyarch used it in Black Ops II

        • Josh

          IW and Trayarch are under Activision therefore anything used by one can be used by the other unless it is something that differentiates it from the other such as zombies or extinction ect.

    • Krizzeh

      Hardpoint – Drop Zone without care packages.

      • Vordb

        There are subtle differences, like the fact that the score doesn’t increase any faster with multiple players on the objective area in Hardpoint. That does change the way the game is played.

    • InfinityBored

      yea that’s all that ghosts needs… another game where pussies can camp even more. if they brought in HP its just going to be x2 IED all over the place…actually basically the same as it is now lol.

      • gumbie7

        Yeah, I can agree with your argument. No matter what you do though, there will always be those idiots who will sit and camp. I absolutely despise that kind of player and wish somehow they could penalize them is some way. I don’t ever see that happening though. The best place you could put HP is back into competitive and ban IED’s and other perks and weapons like BO2 has done.

        • slickskill

          Ghosts is dead, BO2 or titanfall till November

          • gumbie7

            Ghosts is FAR from dead! I went back to play some BO2 and holy crap, the hit detection and lag in that game is terrible. I loved BO2, but for hit detection and lag Ghost is so much better. I am sure I will get hate for saying that but IMO it is true. As for titan fall…BORING! It will have a very short lifecycle, they screwed themselves by not making it for all platforms. Way to go EA/Respawn, you just killed your game.

      • Plok

        How does it promote camping? You can’t get streaks off of the Drop Zone and if someone is “camping” the Drop Zone they are playing the objective. If you are complaining that you run into people camp off of the objective then that means that you aren’t playing the objective either.

  • The_Vortex

    I want to see “All or Nothing” being added to CoD Ghosts. Drop Zone is an okay gamemode but its definetly not a mode most people will be playing on. Then again I could be wrong but IW please add AoN or One in the chamber!

  • Benji

    I.E.Ds everywhere… Get your trophy systems out boys and girls

    • Guest

      I.E.D’s can be countered now. It’s the I.E.D’s when someone is running danger close that you have no chance which is still BS, IW should have lowered the effects of danger close just a bit when they patched the I.E.D.

    • gumbie7

      I don’t see quite as many I.E.D’s as I did in the first few months of the game. Here and there I will get a lobby that all the other team does is camp with I.E.D’s but after the game is over, I just leave and get a new lobby. You always have that kind of gamer in every CoD. It is what it is and does not really help to complain about them (not that you are, just in general) just leave the lobby and try and find a better one. 🙂

  • Swag

    Fuck DZ bring back AoN

    • Dam straight

    • Adam

      What is AoN?

      • RoachForce141

        It is when everyone has a pistol w/ a tactical knife, a throwing knife and no ammo. The goal is to get the most points. It’s pretty good for the Survivor callsign in MW3.

        • Josh

          Is that everything or nothing from MW3 that was a great game mode 🙂

          • urine_trouble328

            I think the face off game mode was the best.

      • PandaMan

        All or Nothing

    • James K

      No man, bring back Money in the Denk first.

      • HenryDF

        Yes! I loved that gamemode 😀

      • Rorke File

        But with beter weapons

        • Plok

          Or no weapon on the Jug. He should have a riot shield because people just hog him.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Still have BoxOfDemons (Creator of the game mode) added on Skype. Pretty cool dude.

  • Junior

    AoN is much better

  • chiefsfan005


  • Rorke File

    Still playing this game …. it had a good singleplayer but the mp to much campers , the health and snipers ….. P.S tracker sight .

    • gumbie7

      I actually think the tracker sight is much more balanced than the target finder was in BO2, that thing was WAY OP! At least the “glow” that it gives the player is less intense when someone is further away. With the target finder the red diamond would be just as bright from across the map as if the person was 10 feet from you. I don’t use the tracker sight I only used it to complete the operation to get the patch, but I really feel like it is more balanced. Just my opinion 🙂

  • Louis

    How about HC SnD!

  • y9ungc4p

    I’m ok with Drop Zone, I never tried All or Nothing because I’m not into Free for All realted game modes, but I really wanted IW to bring back Demolition and Headquarters

    • jordanxbrookes

      You’d think with 8th-gen consoles, they’d be more options to choose, e.g. more weapons, gamemodes etc. I’m putting my hopes in for Sledgehammer #COD2014

      • CoDforever

        Not really, theres less game modes because there arent a lot of people playing *SUPPOSEDLY* because of the console transition and player base split, but we all know the real reason no one plays ghosts

        • jordanxbrookes

          True but with the new hardware you’d think the devs would use it to implement more options, I mean look at MW3, that game had so many weapons and gamemodes, and that was built for 7th-gen consoles.

          • CoDforever

            LOL you dont get it, the reason theres less modes is because theres new consoles so the player base is split in half and theres less people on each console, because theres more consoles available. Ex – if ghosts didnt come on next gen, then PS3 ghosts would have 200,000 ppl playing. But since it does, PS4 has 100,000 and ps3 has 100,000 (lets just say) so the player base is split. They cant have that many modes because there wouldnt be enough ppl playing them. When more and more people get next gen consoles, the more game modes we get because the player base keeps increasing.

          • gumbie7

            Well, said. I think you are exactly right. I think on ps4 it hovers around 30,000 to 50,000 depending on 2XP and if it is the weekend or a weekday.

          • jordanxbrookes

            So your telling me that if Demolition and Hardpoint were brought into Ghosts, not enough people will play them? Whilst you make a good point, I doubt that not enough players will play these popular gamemodes that keep being requested. I also mentioned about having more weapons available in the game, and yes I know we are getting DLC weapons, but I hate fictional guns.

  • Emre

    headquarters would be nice too.

    • GinsuVictim

      I want HQ back so much! I used to only play FFA until the day I tried HQ, which turned me into an objective mode fan.

    • Edwin Cortez

      i belive HQ is dead, i remember sometimes trying get some games of HQ on BO2 on Xbox and there were only like 350 people on that playlist.

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    And while they’re at it, bring back the good Hunted, not some FFA version of it….

    • jordanxbrookes

      I like Hunted FFA.

      • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

        Then you should love Hunted, I mean I understand there’s a small amount of FFA modes, but there’s a small fangroup for FFA on cod. Hunted may have been a “underated” mode, but it was played a hell of a lot more compared to this FFA version, so wouldn’t it make sense to stick with the majority?

        • jordanxbrookes

          I didn’t mind the TDM version of Hunted, but I’ve always been a Free-For-All guy.

    • getridofhunted

      Yeh I didn’t see why they took it away they might as well have the game mode even when it wasn’t the best gamemode

    • James K

      That game mode was underrated. It’s a shame it wasn’t popular enough to stay in the roster of game modes.

  • Leaker

    Hey look! It’s my pictures 😀

  • jordanxbrookes

    As much as I’d like Drop Zone to return in Ghosts, I would like to see Team Defender come back. Alright, and I guess All or Nothing too 🙂

  • Guest

    They have to remove the care package aspect of it for it to be hardpoint (Sorta). Still, better than nothing.


    Thats fake your not allowed killstreaks in dropzone and this guy has them active.

    • Mitch

      *insert facepalm*
      1). This guy obviously has some sort of mod, so even if pointstreaks aren’t allowed, he probably could mod those in. When some modder got access to The Ripper earlier, he also had a KEM Strike in the bottom right.
      2). Bringing a mode back from a previous game doesn’t mean it has to be a one-on-one copy of that mode. IMO, it would be reasonable to allow the Specialist strickepackage.


        Ok dude no need for a facepalm i was just using my cod knowledge to analyse the photos.

        • Mitch

          No Cod knowledge needs to be applied, common sense 😉

        • FACEPALM


  • RoachForce141

    I did like All or Nothing back in MW3, It was amazing. Best gamemode of MW3.

  • iKushtyy

    Drop Zone is basically Hunted is basically Hardpoint.. Stopped playing Ghosts now, lack of game modes has not been addressed.. Disappointing really.. I just got bored of playing variations of TDM all the time.. HQ needs to return, hell any game mode needs to return!!

  • dat guy

    WTF, now that there is the rumor of Drop Zone being added, no one likes it, 2 weeks ago everyone was yelling that they want drop zone, but now that seems so everyone disagrees, just wtf…

  • Michael

    Omg I would love if it if drop zone came back. Literally that was the only fun game mode that I enjoyed the most. In mw3 I would always use the javelin to get such an easy multikill on the drop zone cause everybody would go there. Unfortunately there is no javelin in ghost so it’ll be different.

  • Drillz

    If anything Heavy Duty should have came back. The only playlist I felt like people didnt camp out because the health felt like normal COD games in the past. But I’ll just go away because SOME people cant respect another’s opinion on Ghosts. I personally think it fucking sucks. Then we have those certain fanboys who want to start a war becasue I said something about their favorite game. Then again, I speak for A LOT of people when I say Ghosts is bad. Heavy Duty really saved it but IW fucked up big time removing it.

  • MITD

    Fuck dropzone bring back MITD

    • idi

      Worst excuse for a gamemode ever.

  • Guest

    IW: Although I did not enjoy BLOPS 2 Treyarch did have some great idea’s. For example and one of the most prevalent: Rewarding players for playing the objective. IW please at the very least consider taking some idea’s from Treyarch as they don’t hesitate to take good idea’s from your camp. Change Kill Confirmed to reward the players that move and collect tags to build towards their streaks so it’s more exciting and there’s more movement. (I don’t know any COD player who doesn’t want this changed). This should not be a hard thing to do with a simple update. I can guarantee you’ll see more players playing Kill Confirmed if you make that change. Likely some BLOPS 2 players and El Pres would come back with that change alone, only joking about El Pres, but really. Also, add Hard Point. You guys started Kill confirmed and Treyarch had no issue using that game mode in Blops 2 to make their game better. Why is it that Hard Point a fan favorite was not added in Ghosts. The only reason I believe is map size. (Use Hardpoint on the small rotation of maps only: Warhawk, Strikezone, Octane, Tremor, Freight…). Further, in Domination change it to reward anyone who jumps on the flag, not just the first person for a point towards their streak. I played domination last night and there were 3 players on my team who started and ended the game with 0 caps , they weren’t terrible players per say (bad team players yes) as they had 15-25 kills for themselves. It was pathetic, because we narrowly lost the game so there was no excuse for my teammates not to contribute capping flags for the win. The only thing I could come up with was that they wouldn’t because they would not get rewarded unless they were the first on the flag. I think Ghosts is a really good game, that is a few decisions away from being a great game. I have loads of faith in you guys, you guys nurfed the I.E.D, the riot shield C4 and changed the way squad points work in operations which were very well received by the community. The DLC is loads of fun as well and I do believe you are doing a good job post launch. You guys are listening and more than capable to make this an even better game. At least try these changes out yourselves and way the pro’s and con’s in house. Maybe you have, but the changes I’ve recommended to Kill Confirmed and Domination should be no brainers. I’m posting this here, as it makes sense that the Developers that do care about their game would come to Charlie Intel to read the comments. I know that if I worked for Infinity Ward/Activision that I would be watching YouTube videos about the game and looking at all the COD content the net has to offer. Best of luck.

    • errno

      Wall of text alert.

      You have some good points to make, but I’d say that you’ve always had people in Domination not bother with flags. Even in BO2.

      They do it because the spawns are easy to work out and control.

      MW3 introduced streak rewards for Domination flag captures, and it gave it to everyone and it didn’t make people cap flags even then.

      I’d imagine that they also started Ghosts off in this way too when they were developing it but decided against it for reasons of balance, perhaps they didn’t like that too many streaks were being called out etc.

      I am an aggressive capturer and ran Support and used to get 3 EMPs a game on the smaller maps like Dome and Parish. As much as I loved that, it did seem a bit excessive.

      We have flag neutralisation now and flag swapping seems to happen a little bit more often than before as a result (not too much more but still noticeable I’d say).

      With Kill Confirmed it would be too much to offer a point towards your streak when you kill the person and then again for collecting the tag. You’d get a Sat Com with Assault Hardline with just one kill and collect. That’d be spammed like crazy.

      That’s where the advantage of score streaks comes in, but score streaks also have their own restrictions and negatives.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        I agree with the comment from Guest that if you are risking your assault/specialist killstreak by trying to capture a flag in domination you should be rewarded with a point. I understand what you said about IW probably doing away with that because the support streaks in MW3 were spammed to hell. There is a ways to fix that in Ghosts and that is to raise the points that you need in order to get the streak. The only support streak that gets abused is the oracle. Kill confirmed unfortunately you can’t do anything about because you are right you can’t give someone a point for killing and another for collecting the tag.

        Now to address your last statement about score streaks having restrictions and negatives. I would like to know what you think are negatives about them. I personally think this is the one thing IW should of used from Treyarch. This is most balanced way to get killstreaks for objective based games. FFA and Team Deathmatch should of stayed at 125 per kill. I am not a fan of rewarding people who are not good at the game with killstreaks like IW does with support streaks. BO2 made you get in the action if you wanted to get those high streaks. IMHO score streaks are the best of all the COD ways to get killstreaks. The only negative that BO2 had was not having the ability to custom different streaks per create a class slots. Other then that is was great.

  • Josh

    It’s just the same as hunted but with kill streaks. It’s was hardly used in MW3 anyway.

  • Dane Black

    no bring demolition and sharpshooter than this

  • Psychomaggot105

    Drop wtf. Who played that? Aon is better or how about chaos mode. Better yet some new modes? On the forums there’s a couple of ideas. One guy has an idea called “death buzz” and I had an idea called ” knockout”. They’re under the 360 section.

  • Yes! Drop Zone, now I can expect more snipers to be in them and I can finally attempt to snipe because the patch they did for snipers are horrible.

  • Angel Compean

    drop zone is good but AoN is better so please bring that back

  • Me

    I would also want demolition which i think is better than dropzone and also bring back all or nothing


    shouldive been in the release version

  • jk its a fax

    rumor: ur a nigger

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  • AtomicPizza

    Am I the only one who liked Drop Zone?

    • Ian

      It was a good game mode, but All or Nothing was so much better

  • LunatikToon

    They need to hurry up and add the second half to dom on clan vs clan first

  • Devin Wolfe

    Give us AON.

  • Darren

    Forget drop zone we need demolition and hard point back

  • Dylan DuGirls

    Drop zone and hardpoint are very similar if you think about it. Imagine drop zone with no drops. Pretty much the same. So they should just bring back hardpoint! Yay problem solved

  • John Blue

    Drop Zone is fun, but they should really do Demolition first. Maybe Hardpoint, but that was never one of my favorites (still better than Drop Zone)

    • Darren

      Demolition was the only game i played in bo2 tbh wish they would give it back sooooo many people ive seen asking for it back

    • thebulky1cometh

      Hard point, anyone?

  • Bronxboyo

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    • Plok

      No one was talking about the Xbox One.

    • Bronxboyo is a tad weird

      no one gives a fuck! 🙂

  • Nicho

    They should put Grind into the Public Playlist

  • PatriotUSA

    Let’s get some MW3 maps too.