Strictly Business has won the Call of Duty US Regional Championship 2014. The top teams from today’s matches will get a higher seed for the Call of Duty Championship 2014.

Top 4 Teams:

  1. sBusiness Gaming
  2. Complexity Live
  3. Team Kaliber
  4. FaZe Competitive

The 8 US teams that qualified for the Call of Duty Championship 2014 were determined yesterday. The full list is here.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Why were there so many empty seats?

    • MichiganerE

      Because it’s Ghosts. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • tobi xw

        because your a faggot…

        • h8 niggers

          becuz ur a nigger

    • Mosssy

      Nah because OpTic got eliminated so 90% of the audience left.

    • Because its MLG. nobody cares basically

      • Stick Man

        Who watches stuff in person nowadays.

        • Edwin Cortez

          totally agree with you…only is way better, and i can drink a couple of beers while im watching it, because i dont belive they allow alcoholic beverages to the place

      • YourFeats PS3 Add

        Yea true

      • tobi xw

        ummm because optics not playing dumb ass

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      It was on Full Sails Campus so a lot of people probably didn’t go. Plus it was only a qualifier.

  • Lorhelm

    I would love to get into an MLG team but i lack the skill 🙁 i would make my own team if i knew how to get accepted into it

    • clercq1983

      If you’re on XBOX it’s pretty easy… Just get yourself and 3 other guys or women. All of you make a account on the mlg site and start playing game battles. Just practice like hell and watch a lot of YT video’s from pro players. The more GB’s you win the more pro points you get. Then, when you have enough pro points, you can enter qualifing tournaments. Also, you can buy a game capture card, make a YT channel and post a lot of vid’s…maybe you get noticed from a semi-pro team…

      • Lorhelm

        I would love to do that but none of my friends like Ghosts that much but i guess i could get people online. and yes i do play Xbox, but it’s not that easy to get good teammates because most of them are already in a good clan and don’t wanna leave

    • clercq1983

      I for one play on the playstation. And MLG doesn’t support that console that much. But ther’s a rumor going around, that maybe in a nearby future mlg is going to switch from xbox to ps. Because the xbox one isn’t selling that much…

    • Justin

      I am a TDM player, I wish they had TDM tournaments of some type for the PS4 and not just Xbox.

      • Lorhelm

        I wish they just had TDM tourneys for Xbox as well and to be honest they should have a PS division and an Xbox Division of MLG

        • Justin

          Well if they decide to switch focus from Xbox to PS this could happen. Talks of PS being the focus next time around because of the sales of the PS mean we would get DLC first,the games would be developed for PS and ported over, and the MLG tourneys would be played on PS