UPDATE: Activision has followed up and confirmed what was orginally announced still stands: individual DLC packs will transfer on PlayStation.

Additionally, for fans looking forward to the Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Pack, please note the following with regard to transferring DLC from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. If you are a Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass holder, then your Onslaught DLC Pack will carry over from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. However, if you are not a Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Season Pass holder and purchase the Onslaught DLC Pack individually, it will not carry over from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Currently, Microsoft only supports DLC transfer between Xbox 360 and Xbox One if you are a Season Pass holder. The Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Pack will carry over from PlayStation®3 to PlayStation®4 whether you purchase it individually or get it as part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass.

Activision has posted a new support document updating the rules regarding DLC transfer for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Notable changes include that DLC now only transfers from Last-Gen to Current Gen, meaning Xbox 360 -> Xbox One and PS3 -> PS4 only. It will not transfer backwards.

For DLC packs, now, only Season Pass content transfers. Individually bought DLC packs will no longer transfer on any platform.

Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC map packs are available in two ways:
-With the Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass, each DLC pack is pre-purchased and will be available to download on the day each pack is released.
-Each DLC map pack can be purchased individually though the in-game store, or through the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store.
-If you plan on playing the DLC map packs on more than one console generation (i.e. both Xbox 360 and Xbox One), please refer to the following guide:
-Content only transfers from the previous generation to current generation (Xbox 360 → Xbox One, PS3 → PS4). Content will not transfer backwards.
-The only content that will transfer are map packs acquired though a Season Pass purchase. Individual map packs purchased individually do not transfer.
-Customization Items do not transfer, including:
Personalization Packs
Legend Packs
Special Characters
Extra Slots Packs
The Wolf

SOURCE: Activision Support via @xMaccabix

  • Jkice


  • I think this is dumb. I think that if you’re upgrading to next-gen and it’s the same family console, all content should follow. Activision needs to look at the consumers side of things and stop forcing people to buy that damn season pass.

    • shanafan

      Where does it say that season pass doesn’t transfer to a next gen console in the same family?

    • CoDforever

      Its mircrosoft not activision, they say it in the quotes man read it. They allow dlc to transfer from ps3 to ps4 without season pass, they cant do that on xbox because MICROSOFT doesnt allow it.

      • TheShadowReaper

        most people read only what they want to read. they leave the details and type a comment full of ignorance and piss. gj humanity.

        • lime josh

          OR it IS them. If they will give us the pass and stuff already and microsoft is barring the xfer of it then just see who bought what and unlock said dlc for them on the next gen. O wait, I bet some new excuse will come claiming thats impossible

  • GinsuVictim

    I learned something today. I already thought it was set up this way. I’ve been telling people only season passes transfer.

  • X-ManuNator-X

    Bullshit more money to Activision and Infinity Ward

  • Drillz

    I cant believe anyone even spit an extra 50 bucks for this shit game. And no, anything any fanboy has to say, I could care less.

    • Hoss

      Couldn’t care less

    • i♥COD

      Totally agree. Ghosts should just be written off! minimal health, to big maps, rubbish killstreaks, IEDs, the lack of addicition = Worst COD ever

      • Crusf

        Your judging the game based on the multiplayer only. It’s like if GTA V was the worst GTA ever solely based on GTA Online. Very foolish IMO

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Except the whole point and main focus of COD is multiplayer. Let’s be honest, the story is cheesy and predictable, and most people only play it once, if that. Extinction is okay but it’s not revolutionary. On the other hand, GTA is a game that earned it’s success throught story and is known to have a great singleplayer every time. The online was a disaster because it’s the first time GTA tried making an online game, wheras this is COD’s, what, 11th multiplayer-focused game? And it did really bad compared to previous CODs.

          • James K

            First time GTA tried making an online game?

            What about GTAIV or San Andreas?

            EDIT: Alright, SA had Co-op but still.

          • Crusf

            SA never had online MP only from a mod. It did have a two player component however.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            GTA 4 wasn’t focused on MP. GTA 4 was a basically all storymode game. They added a few multiplayer deathmatches, but nothing really. When Lost and the Damned released, they released free mode. But this wasn’t really a focus to them. GTA 4 multiplayer is all it is. With GTA V, they gave us the game, GTA 5, which is story, and GTA: Online. Not GTA V Multiplayer. GTA Online is like 50x more advanced than GTA 4 was. GTA:O is a full on MMO whereas GTA 4 Multiplayer was just sort of a side project. Sort of like Zombies when they started out in COD: WAW (Which represent GTA 4 Multiplayer, just a side project and fun little thing) to Zombies in COD: BO2 (Which represents GTA:O, now with a full on team and turning the side project into a serious, full on project).

          • Crusf

            Yes the main focus of CoD is MP but I’m tired of people calling the whole game a complete mess because of MP. People don’t seem to value the whole package any more:/

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            The game’s entire selling point is that it’s a fast paced, FPS, multiplayer experience that runs at 60fps. The story and Extinction are just additions, especially since the game is mainly focused on multiplayer and the biggest team working on ghosts is the multiplayer team. Can you imagine the next COD with no multiplayer? No, people would be in an uproar. But if they decided to take out story, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. And until now, we haven’t even had Extinction. When the main selling point of a game is it’s multiplayer, they better get it right, because that’s how I’m going to judge the game. Nobody’s ever going to say “COD Ghosts is a great game because I liked the campaign, even though the MP sucks.” They’re going to say “COD Ghosts is a great game because the multiplayer is awesome, even though the campaign sucked.” Do you see what I mean?

          • Mr Doge

            Yeah I understand what you mean and it makes a lot of sense since CoD got its name through MP unlike games like GTA etc. However like a few people posted before me, it shouldn’t be judged on just MP unlike other games which for example have good singleplayer but multiplayer. Those games get judged on the whole. MP on Ghosts is not bad if you can get used to health and other problems. The thing is that its not the Developers fault, its the community. Before Ghosts came out, people were complaining that CoD was the same thing over and over again and that they wanted something new. However when Ghosts came out and it WAS different like bigger maps and more damage on weapons, people complained that it wasn’t the same which doesn’t make any sense and shows that the community does never really appreciate what they get. I for one actually like the game and I have put around 9 hours into the game which seems like a lot. However like I stated a few posts before, Ghosts has introduced a lot of cool new things to CoD like Create-A-Soldier, Dynamic Maps even though there isn’t much, the Perk System, and even the DLC is looking to be the best set of DLC CoD has ever got!

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I think the main problem I have with the game is that I was disappointed. When they announced COD Ghosts was going to be all new and innovative, I was pumped. Dynamic maps? Hell yeah! I was so excited for ghosts. But when it released, after playing for a few days/weeks, it got old really fast. The dynamic maps weren’t there. The maps had dynamic elements, but they weren’t big, except strikezone, which is how I wanted all maps to change like that. I was so excited about all the features they led us on to believe, and I just was super disappointed with the result. At first I thought it was just me and I might have overhyped it, but apparently a lot of other people felt the same way about the game.

          • Darvald

            I think most of the developing time goes in to the Singleplayer if I am not mistaken.

            If there would be no Singleplayer, there wouldn’t be any ground for the Multiplayer to be built upon.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            MP has the most time spent on it. They have to build all the default maps, gamemodes, guns, mechanics, CAC, etc. Then throughout the entire game’s life they still release stuff like DLC, patches, and microtransactions. The only reason I would think campaign would take long is that they would have to get voice and body actors to act through the entire campaign. Then again, the campaign is only 4 hours.

          • Rorke File is a Fag

            Incorrect, the statistics show that 90%ish of the people that buy cod play the multiplayer. I do, and that what i thought too.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            That’s what I just fucking said.

          • Rorke File is a Fag

            Oh i meant single player.

          • tobi xw

            ok cod ghosts sold like idk like 8 million copies so far only around 400,000 people ever signed in to multiplayer…400,000 out of 8 million…dude not all cod fans have internet….I was one of them along time ago I bought cod for the campaign….aswell as all my friends. multiplayer is the most talked about…that being said ,because of the success of my fav cod game which is bo1 were there was once 1 million people on multiplayer at one time on the ps3 alone..that sort of standard tends to put campaign in a camouflage if u will….and hides the actual reason cod sells so many copies ……its realy in all games the story…mw2 mw3 ….(no Russian) the iconic mission….we want to se whats next .that’s y mw3 did so good…guys what im tryna say is that( crusf) is right u cant judge cod only on the multiplayer ….thers more to cod than that ……

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            There are 400,000 people online because the game isn’t good. The campaign is only 4 hours long. The campaign literally holds your hand, you can’t do anything different in it, therefore it is repetitive. A long time ago I didn’t have internet either and I bought COD and only played campaign. But guess what, it’s 2014. Everyone and their grandmothers have internet. You’re trying to tell me that the real reason people buy COD is for the story? No. $60 for 4 hours of cheesy story is not worth it. Why was BO1 a good game? Awesome MP, Awesome Zombies, Awesome story. Ghosts, however, had a shitty four hour story that was extremely predictable and cheesy (I laughed out loud and face palmed when their dad told them he was a ghost.) I’ll give it some props, I don’t think I ever laughed as much in a COD campaign as I did in Ghosts. That aside, what I’m saying is that they make the game focusing on MP. Like I said, would you buy Ghosts if there was no MP in it? Just a 4 hour campaign and aliens? No. But would you buy Ghosts if it had no campaign or Extinction (Pretend the MP is good for a second)? Yes. Look at Titanfall, little to no campaign. All it is is MP and people have dished out $60 to buy it. I’m not only judgeing it by MP, I’m saying that MP makes up 99% of my Judgement, 1% for campaign. Buying a COD, I already know the campaigns going to suck. I buy COD for MP and that’s how most people rate it.

          • Mr Doge

            I don’t think you understood Tobi XW when he said “400000 People signed in” It doesn’t mean at a time, it means ALL time. And although I do agree with the Dad admitting he was a Ghost which was really obvious, I highly doubt you expected the ending to be what it was and I can bet a lot of people cant wait to see the sequel because of the huge cliffhanger at the end. You seem to hate CoD Ghosts a lot and even though this is a CoD in general website I don’t see why your here posting butthurt comments about a game.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            The ending to Ghosts had mixed signals to me. The only reason I didn’t see the ending coming is because there’s no way any living human can survive getting shot through the chest, crashing into the ocean and probably hitting his head a few times, then still having the strength to swim all the way back to shore and drag someone away. I love COD, I just played BO2 a few hours ago. But Ghosts is a complete failure in my eyes, and I have the right to express that. I apologize for ranting, I’m very opinionated and sometimes I lose focus of what I was trying to originally say. What I was originally saying is that COD is judged by mostly MP, and for some reason nobody else understood. There has been more than 400,000 people signed in, I can guarantee that. You really think only .05% of everyone who bought the game played MP, and everyone else played SP? No. And yes, I did do the math. 400,000/8,000,000 is .05%. If anything, it’s .05% who DON’T play multiplayer. Therefore, the main judgement of the game should be mainly based on how good the MP is.

          • Mr Doge

            Yeah I agree that Ghosts isn’t the greatest of CoD’s but it does have good things such as Create-A-Soldier, the Perk System, and the DLC is really good, although a lot of people are saying the Ripper is a Pay-2-Win gun which it really isn’t. I can see why you think the ending would make sense but just remember the bullet went through Hesh first meaning it lost a lot of force when doing so and he could of drifted to shore, who knows? But still I see where you are coming from and no one is forced to like CoD Ghosts but it can still be fun from time to time especially Extinction considering Infinity Ward might screw up at MP a lot but always have decent to really good stories like Extinction’s!

          • daltigoth savage

            400,000 is 5% of 8,000,000. You fail at math, sir.

      • tobi xw

        dude evry one knows cod 3 was the worst ghosts is an epic fail …

      • bullclaws

        Well, that’s your fault. If you can’t dodge simple IEDs, earn those “rubbish killstreaks,” or are not skilled enough to play on “to big”of maps or “minimal health,” that’s not the game’s fault. It’s yours.

    • shanafan

      I have it for both Xbox One and Wii U, and I’m pretty happy. Guess I’m a fanboy!

      • Kyle Evans

        good job i didnt pay for it then and got it free 😛

        • Celest1ne

          You didn’t have to pay for it. It was a pre order bonus. Same as Nuketown 2025 last year.

      • epicninja3

        yeah yso much hate for ghosts?


          because ghosts is a shitty game

          • Jansen L. Valenzuela

            How is it shitty? I enjoy the game, the customization is great and the match making, while sometimes horrible, is awesome.

            I also like the varied size of the map, ranging from (almost) Battlefield size to (almost) BO2 size. Sniper’s are acting like snipers and the killstreak are not that deadly anymore. Although, hack lobbies and the crappy spawn system sometimes frustrates me, but casually, it’s a great game. I play 30 mins to 2 hours a day. I love Ghosts MP more than MW3 and BO2 MP (but nothing beats COD2 in the PC) but let’s face it, nothing trumps Zombies – BO2.

          • Darvald

            Correction: you don’t like the game, you find it shitty.
            This doesn’t mean the game is indeed shitty or that everyone else agrees with you on that point, there are a lot of people out there that do like Ghosts, including myself.

            An opinion is an opinion, and the best thing to do is respect that, in most cases though 😛

          • Angelreborn96

            Don’t be ignorant and correct him on his statement on what he says. You look like a fool.

      • fbyhunjd

        you cant even get the season pass on wii u BECAUSE WII U WILL NEVER GET DLC HEHEHEHEHEH

        • shanafan


          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Lol you’re bragging about freefall?? That’s just desperate.

          • shanafan

            Hmm, not sure why you think I was bragging. The poster said Wii U will never get DLC, and I responded with the first DLC that a Nintendo COD has ever got.

      • jooker-jr

        there is only one problem with the game


        • Bryan Salas


    • Crusf

      “And no, anything any fanboy has to say, I could care less.” AKA: “I don’t want to risk losing an argument and making a fool out of myself.” I legitimately enjoy ghosts AS A WHOLE including extinction,campaign and multiplayer. If your annoyed by one aspect of the game (Multiplayer) then your being way to critical. If you are going to reply don’t nitpick Extinction or campaign becuase i know you CoD haters every year do the same thing. Hate MP nitpick the littlest things on every other mode.

    • GinsuVictim

      How much less?

    • CoDforever

      You gotta stop hating man, i dont like ghosts that much either but theres plenty of people here that do. respect them man, afterall we are cod fans. Besides, im really liking the dlc, much better than the game. you got to realize that ghosts didnt live up to expectations because infinityward had a 2 year dev cycle, they had to make a new engine and make the game for like 5 different platforms. Now with 3 years until their next game, they are able to put more effort into the dlc and so far the DLC is awesome. I believe Ghosts 2 will be as creative and fun or even more than Ghosts dlc.

      • tobi xw

        well fucking said

        • Ali Hassan

          DAMN RIGHT SIR!!

    • tobi xw

      your such a fanboy u prob bought the season pass u love ghosts u watch all alia’s vids u come home from the first grade and u fucking hop on your shity 360 just to shoot nube tubes across fucking afghan in mw2 ..your a fucking losser your k/d in both all cods aswell as battle field is 0.4 u love cod u have no life I hope u die because of ypur stupid comment …

    • Myke Taila

      What is it with you people, and using the word “fanboy”? Suggesting that being a fan of something is somehow wrong! No doubt there are games that YOU really like, therefore making YOU a “fanboy” of whatever your favorite game is! Also, why are you even on this page if you don’t like th subject matter? If you wanna slag me off by the way, my email is [email protected]. I’d me more than happy to have a bitching contest with you! See ya 😀

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Such greedy, many $$$, very Activision, so brilliance, WOW!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      such truth

  • Darkmoore

    Don’t know what the problem is? Ofc your buying the season pass because it’s cheaper. Then you don’t have to spend extra money to buy the maps again for the ps4.

    • justchill

      What if one of the dlc map pack turns out to be horrible,then you lose 5$. Activision wants to make sure that you buy all the map packs,so they introduced a new option called “Season pass”.


  • Rorke File

    They don’t give a shit about the community they have …

    • Crusf

      “They don’t give a shit about the community they have …”
      *Company provides answers to questions regarding DLC in a detailed manner* Yep that sounds like a company not giving a shit… smh

  • TheShadowReaper

    Sony 1up-ing Microsoft yet again. #PS4WONCONSOLEWARS

    • GinsuVictim

      Just barely.

      • Rorke File is a Fag

        This is activision not microsoft

    • Kill or be killed

      It ain’t over yet and it’s COD DLC, who really cares for this overpriced shit with their recycled maps?

      • TheShadowReaper

        Titanfall is an overpriced shit game but people are praising it. you just cant be aware or have the know how on what people will like. people are stupid like that, always been.

        • Have you played titanfall by any chance?

          • TheShadowReaper

            i dont need to. we’ve been spammed with Titanfall videos these last days after its release so i know if its good or not. after all its an EA game. i hope you wasnt expecting me playing an EA game right?

  • Tep Kok

    I can imagine a big-nosed dark skinned man rubbing his hands together while cackling in an office somewhere right now

    • Crusf


  • Eric Mandzuk

    Why doesn’t the wolf transfer from ps3 to ps4 that dumb I upgraded

    • Rorke File is a Fag

      IDK why your grammar sucks, that dumb

      • Crusf

        From your comment before in this article.

        • Rorke File is a Fag

          Sorry, I forgot one s after “thats”. I saw his profile and he is a lame guy.

  • The_Vortex

    I get that they are a business and all but seriously? Im paying 30$ for shitty maps (Ignition is good) so i can play them on both consoles?? Why Activision/Microsoft? WHY

    • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

      If you had a PS3 and a 360 and did that with Black Ops 2 or some older cod before next gen, would you still be complaining…? It’s fair to me, just should’ve made it more clear to those who can’t see the obvious – maybe have it bolden and underlined, that might help…

      • Rorke File is a Fag

        I would not be complaining because bo2 wasn’t a SHIT game like ghosts.

        • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

          “or some older cod before next gen” and also you shouldn’t be complaining since if it were that “SHIT” of a game, then you wouldn’t have bought it twice, nevermind feel the need to buy the DLCs twice.

          Please think before trying to find a spot where you can call Ghosts shit with your extreme standards.

  • LoL @ people defending COD Ghost it died when titanfall was born just admit it

    • Crusf

      Nope. Multiplayer with bots only for 60 bucks. As opposed to a single player experience,a coop experience, and full multiplayer with no bots for the same price. You do the thinking as to which one is better content wise.

      • Rorke File is a Fag

        I have been playing titanfall for about 20 hours since Tuesday, and its the best fps game I have played since Black ops 1. You cannot judge it until you’ve tried it. And BTW you don’t have to kill the bots, so you can just kill players and titans. I’ve had 25 pilot kill games, with one or two deaths. Also you can see your overall K/D and your K/D against players only. I have a 2.3 against players and a 5.6 against players titans and bots.

  • The 360 Version dies on the 25th

  • Bryan Salas

    People talk a whole bad mess about the game but I still see the same amount of players as bo2 playing as in numbers. Same 250k-320k players online everyday.p

    • Rorke File is a Fag

      Yea, but black ops 2 came out LAST YEAR

      • tom coon

        Actually it came out in 2012 Dumbass

        • Rorke File is a Fag

          Yeah last years cod was 2012-2013, ghosts is 2013-2014

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I like how they say this AFTER at least one DLC and tons of microtransactions came out already. If you bought that first DLC, you’re going to basically have to rebuy it in the season pass for PS4. They’re really trying to milk everything they can after this trainwreck of a game.

  • anu

    this is fucking bullshit. if you have an xbox one this pretty much nullifies getting the game for only 10 dollars if you already bought the map pack by itself on 360 which i did because that the time i didnt know id be getting an xbox one so quickly and i was told it would all transfer over anyways. now they come with this season pass only bullshit. gtfoh. i just now downloaded it onto my xbox one which i got tuesday for titan fall. doubt ill play it much anyways so i sure as hell wont be giving them money for a season pass or buying those maps again. ghost is the worst cod ever but id still play it occasionally so yea……..that’s a rip off.

    • Yeah. I’ve given up on IW. They’ve become a really shady company now. They are misleading everything and straight up lying to consumers.

  • galaxygraber

    Fucking really? I spent $90 to get the spectrum camo and it won’t transfer over to Xbox One? Fuck you IW.

  • TheCervixPounder69

    what pisses me off is that i put the money in, bought the season pass on my Xbone, and it won’t carry back to the xbox 360. I have all of the dlc so far (guns and maps) on my Xbone, but i am unable to play with my friends who own that dlc on the 360. They should have really thought this one though a little better

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      They did think it through. They did what gave them the most money.

    • Ed

      i don’t know.. sounds like maybe you should have thought it through a little better.

  • chiefsfan005

    So does the Update mean micro transactions will still transfer on Playstation

  • Pro Cactus Gaming

    I really wish they would do this backwords because I have been to lazy to switch over to my Xbox One when iam playing a game like Black Ops 2

  • nigger

    wen nigger skin comin plz

  • LunatikToon

    Forget all dat they just need to add the second half of domination to clan vs clan already

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Glad I bought the Hardened Edition on 360! That way I will get all the map packs on that and as they are the best Maps available, it is a good investment. I subsequently bought the Xbox One Version of Ghosts (standard) and now will get all the maps for that too…. Only downside was having to buy the extra slot packs on both…. Haven’t purchased all the other micro DLC as it is purely cosmetic and not particularly useful. What happens to custom class slots, characters etc between both if you don’t own both 360 and One (or PS) versions?

  • Emre

    money whores.
    they like sucking money.
    And most people are deluded.

  • Highlight25

    Making even more money

  • Farko

    ROFL, who even bought the DLC for this game and this is typical Activision trying to milk more cash. They could easily transfer all DLC over to next-gen season pass or not, greedy fucks.

  • love that people are saying that cod is the most milked game ever, they obviously haven’t heard of mario…

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I am happy I bought the Hardened edition on 360 as that means I get all the DLC content (certainly the best maps in the game so far and looks like it will continue with Devastation too) on both this console and now my Xbox One too.
    I am a little disappointed that the Micro transaction do not transfer up too. Admittedly I have only bought the extra slots pack (on both) but think these should transfer too. It messes your custom classes up. What happens to all those classes with the cosmetic changes between both systems?? To be honest I don’t think I have played the 360 version since (I have only had my XB1 for 2 weeks) – need to check I still have my Ripper in gold on the 360 version…

  • Etha

    The season pass is on the wrong account and now i have to sign into that account everytime i want to get my dlc
    can anyone help?

  • jhjjhhh

    yeah it is pretty fucking stupid that it doesnt transfer micro dlc, thats bs

  • a

    I really think they should allow all dlc to transfer over, like are they just trying too bleed us dry of our money. So some people might not be getting the xbox one or the ps4 but still allow us to transfer over personalization pack and stuff like that. Some people didn’t preorder the game for the past generations just to have their dlc taken away so they have to buy it on the store. Seriously we paid for it once why pay for it again.

  • Guest

    love i play this game al year long so im happy 2 pay 50 exstra i got it on 360 and now on tne one

  • Kodee

    I bought the season pass. all DLC maps unavailable to downdoad wtf?! PS4 UK

  • Bulkmeister

    So I bought this for 360 then sold it..guessing it wouldn’t transfer over to ps4?

  • Jeff Rittenour

    that’s fuckin bullshit. You expect me to BUY dlc TWICE? Fuck that you cheap, greedy bastards.

    • lime josh

      but you already bought their dlc before so they don’t care. Get em back by never buying dlc ever again. If ever one stopped then they’d have to give us THE WHOLE game and not give us 75% of a finished product and add more and charge us more $$$. Shame it won’t happen cuz of 12 year olds and spineless schmucks won’t stop buying dlc

  • Louis

    If I purchase the ripper on the xbox 360 will it transfer through to the xbox one or vice versa



  • Nate

    This is really shitty, I supported this game and bought the DLCs as they came out without the season pass on my PS3 (paid them more money, mind you) and I can’t transfer them to my PS4… That’s bullshit

  • James

    I spent over 140 bucks on almost all dlc on ghosts add on camps and customizable items on PS3 but your telling me I can only transfer season pass to ps4 how fucking terrible service just terrible . Waste of fucking time how the fuck did they even get a place in making this game .

  • stephen

    So I dropped 30 dollars on dlc on my 360 then I ‘re bought the game for the one and so
    I can’t get my dlc?…

  • Rob K Music

    I think it’s horseshit that I have to pay a penny more for anything I’ve already purchased just to move to Xbox One. A digital download costs them next to nothing. I didn’t get an Xbox One until December of 2014 so I’m SOL.

  • Swoz

    So if you have paid more for maps packs on the previous console then they don’t carry over, you dirty money grabbing scumbags….

  • Anonymous

    ghosts is pretty good game better than advanced warfare tho. But I think it’s not fair for people who love this game and need to spend extra cash on separate dlc map-packs. I don’t want to buy season pass just for xbox one if I already have 2 dlc maps and couple of micro items. Why should we buy extra items just for new gen if we have already have purchased dlcs on old gen? that’s the question!!!

  • John Ganzel

    why the fuck don’t the customizations transfer you greedy fucks?

  • Simon

    Ffs I just bought an Xbox one, what a waste of time if I can’t transfer all the doc packs, wish I could scam people the way these people scam us having to buy it all again, Xbox one going back to store, bastards

  • Reinaldo Padilla

    Whack. So your saying if I dished out more money to buy each pack individually I’m not worth being able to transfer my content. But if I naught the cheaper season pass I can conveniently. Transfer my content?! What a crappy deal. Let me speak to ur manager!

  • King Ownage

    I’m pissee I just bought cod ghost for Xbox and I bought all the map packs and the ripper and don’t have them. I’m selling it back today if I don’t get the ripper at least

  • King Ownage

    So I just wasted 300$ on and xbox one and 60$ on this game afte buying DLC’s, the ripper, camos, and stuff for my guy. And after buying the game again, a different console for 300$ now I have to buy everything in the game again?!?! WHAT?! Hell no, I’m taking COD ghost back tomorrow fuck it. It was a shit game anyways

  • tmaster

    so that explains why 360 ghosts wont play on xbox one. It is a outright lie that the xbox one is backwards compatible with the 360 someone needs to sue about all the false advertising that was done on this. So even if we do buy a season pass it wont transfer backwards to the 360.

    So my conclusion is if we buy the season pass on 360 it will transfer to xbox one?

    Right now I am using both systems at the same time since one is just not comparable with old games. And it uses way to much bandwidth,