Raven Software has announced on their Facebook page that the studio will be hosting a “focus test” this Sat. March 22nd. If you’re in the Wisconsin area, you can sign up to be part of this testing

Interested in seeing what Raven is working on? Now is your chance to be a part of our Saturday focus testing!

Everyone taking part must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to participate. Please email [email protected] to sign up!

SOURCE: Raven Software 

  • CoDforever

    its not cod for sure, no way they have an actual demo ready already, but its definately and FPS.

    • iAmEFFeX

      lol… All joking aside though, they always do COD focus testing.

    • PsychOutGaming

      I know you already figured this out, but for the people that didn’t read your other comment; The Ghosts logo is in the background

  • Play test of Devastation? Maybe Invasion…?

  • pinda

    Why is there a Ghosts logo in the background?

    • CoDforever

      oh shit true

      • Celest1ne

        Gotta be some sort of DLC I say. Maybe too many people bitched about special people going and playing early last time so they opened it up?

    • Tayler Hammond

      Marketing. Nobody will sign up for some random company test unless they, in some way, show what they’ve worked on.

      • brutedawg

        we are a pretentious species, aren’t we…

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’m pretty sure it was this time last year, the public who lived in the LA area and had a Call of Duty Elite account were invited to test out the new Call of Duty game which we now know as Call of Duty: Ghosts. Even though there is a Ghosts logo in the background, 3 logical reasons from me at least are: That Ghosts is getting great updates, such as improved spawn system; New maps from Devastation are being tested out; Or Activision don’t want reveal the next CoD game or it’s logo at least so Raven are using the Ghosts logo instead, call it a placeholder if you will.

    • Razbot95

      Not the next cod game as raven arnt making it slegdehammer games are

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yes I do know that SHGames are making it, but Raven have worked alongside with them and IW before with Modern Warfare 3.

  • What poor excuse of a Graphic Designer made this? Should be fired lol

    • Rorke File

      Its only a card not a game ..

      • exeterman2

        So, it’s a piece of graphic design work and it’s utter shit.

        • Josh

          There obviously testing children as workers, being the reason for poor design. Must be trying to cut back on there costs LOL.

  • nigger


    • Dave


  • I did some research and: Raven Software is a video game developer that produces all DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops and has worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Online. They are currently working on Call of Duty: Ghosts alongside Infinity Ward and Neversoft

    So they could be working on some of the next 2 pieces of DLC coming to Ghosts.

    • brutedawg

      it’s weird that they are doing that.. i wonder if activision is aware of this.

      • Are you retarded? Why would they not know?

        • brutedawg

          I have never seen an open call for focus testing content this way. With the poor design, choosing to do this mid-cycle of a game, and it NOT be infinity ward or activision handling it can validate why I would raise the question in the first place. I guess you’re the type of disappointment that hates when people step up to the plate, sorry for asking a question.

          • A dumb question, not just a question.

          • brutedawg


  • Ryumoau

    this sounds nice but i wish Activision would start doing open beta tests for the games as well. They could start with the game coming out in 2014.

    • Josh

      They have never done it before and I don’t think they plan on. With their tight schedule I don’t think they really have the time, this is kinda the reason why the games we get seem semi-finished. With the new developer cycle we may see some sort of beta. They may argue there is no need considering you can play the new games early at events pre-release but I’ve always enjoyed playing open betas for assassins creed and battlefield to help you get a feel for the game.

      • ElseAndrew

        WaW had a beta,

  • TacticalObama

    I bet some guy is going to fuck everything up.