MLG_Brazil has tweeted out that SSOF Gaming, a Brazilian team that qualified for COD Champs, has now been disqualified from Champs due to breaking a rule on GameBattles.

Here’s the statement MLG_Brazil released:

Team SSOF Gaming (We Are Brazil) was disqualified from the Call of Duty ® World Championship Tournament. Based on recent investigations, it was discovered that the team broke the Next Rule Classifier Day 23: “Users are prohibited from sharing information about their accounts created on GameBattles with another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, User Names, Passwords, Gamertags, Emails, etc.. If someone else access your account, you may be disqualified and removed from GameBattles. This includes also give your password to others can recover your account from Xbox Live Gamertag. If an account is stolen, the creator of the account is responsible for any lost credit / damage that account. ” During the final, someone else has accessed the account from XBL one of the players of the team and played in his place. happened was the last Activision, organizer of the championship, which examined the case and at no time there until the CoD Champs (Top 03/28) decided that there would be how to replace the vacancy. Therefore, the Champs will be held in this 2014 edition with only 31 teams.

UPDATE: MLG has confirmed the news, and confirmed that only 31 teams will be competing in the Call of Duty Championship 2014 event, instead of 32.

SOURCE: MLG Brazil via eSportsNation

  • jordanxbrookes

    Woooahh!! Did not see that coming.

  • PsychOutGaming

    How did Activision find out? There is no way they could tell unless someone told.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Maybe the person who played as him was terrible and they got suspicious lol.

    • Probably by tracking the IP address of the area he lives and the area the account was accessed from.

  • Tep Kok


  • TheShadowReaper

    oh my! now, that’s unexpected! hang the perpetrator and then burn his body to smitherins! good call there Activision. this kind of behavior is unhealthy and i’m glad to see it being punished.

    • Mr Doge

      I still don’t really understand why it is so bad for them to share information on an account. Like is disqualification really necessary?

      • TheShadowReaper

        well, in this case they didnt just share info. they may have been more lenient on that, and i would take “may” with a grain of salt cause its Acti after all. but someone else was using the account. the disqualification was ok about that imo.

  • _Six30_

    Give it to Crs NY

  • Batman

    Lolololol brazillians doing brazillian shit. I am brazillian BTW, I knew this was going to happen

    • Sal

      It was probably a younger brother that went to play when the other guy wasn’t looking.

      • Batman

        No, you dont know brazillians well. Here we have some sort of inside force that we call “zueira” this force just makes us do stupid shit for no reason at all. I knew this would happen since the tournament was announced XD lolololol

    • My only Brasilian brother here. By the way man it’s with an s.


    anyone give a shit? >.>

  • Sal

    I bet it was a younger brother who wanted to play.

  • Tommy Day

    Pretty sad when u got to cheat.

    • J.Rhy@n

      It’s not cheating in a sense, maybe 1 player was too ill to play and handed over his account to an individual who could play… tough titties springs to mind..

  • some2example2

    the whole event is a pr farce.

  • FederalAce

    Infinty Ward, Have you ever thought about Campaign DLC?!? Because I love CoD campaigns and I want more missions in the Ghosts campaign I think the Ghosts campaign was way too short. Just Saying………. It would kinda make Ghosts more interesting.

    • Rorke File

      It was longer than the mw3 campaign and b02 campaign

      • MichiganerE

        Ghosts campaign on average is 4 hours long. MW3 and BO2’s campaign on average are both 5-6 hours long.

        • No way,Bo2’s campaign is not longer than 4 hours

          • MichiganerE

            Yes it was.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      We have to let this game come out of beta first…

  • cunt

    how is cod even in MLG it requires no skill at all to camp in corners with op guns drop shot and jump shot who ever gets in your sight

    • J.Rhy@n

      You’ve obviously got no Clan v Clan or GB experience because what you’re saying doesn’t happen in competitive game play at this level..

    • jordanxbrookes

      Oh yeah because every competitive team just sits in corners all day. Get good noob.

  • Nothing personal, but aside of the fighting games (mk, guilty gear etc.) i can’t imagine a game being play competitively on a game console. This must be a joke. COD has a life time of 1 year. Why wouldn’t they play COD 4 promod? It has great potential and at least maps designed well (just think of this grenade throwing spots without limited skyboxes).
    This event, indeed, nothing but farce.

  • Cell

    No BR HueHue from them. #imbrazilian

    • Batman

      The zueira never ends. Tava na cara q isso ia acontecer

  • Spectre01N7

    Meh who cares

  • RandomIDGAFs

    IDGAF OpTic Nation