Activision and Infinity Ward have finally announced a release for when new micro items will be available for PSN and PC players on Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The follow Micro Items will be available starting this Tuesday, March 25th :

  • Legend Pack – Price -$3.99

Become Captain Price in Call of Duty®: Ghosts Multiplayer. ”Stay Frosty” as one of the most legendary Call of Duty® heroes of all-time with a classic Price Character and unique Personalization Pack featuring a Price-themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Character – Elias – $1.99

Step into the boots of Captain Elias Walker, leader of the Ghosts, in Multiplayer. The classic styled mask of this Special Forces icon will strike fear into any enemy.

  • Character – Hesh – $1.99

Step into battle as Hesh, the newest member of the Ghosts, in Multiplayer. His distinctive face paint mask sets him apart from the rest of his deadly brethren.

  • Character – Merrick – $1.99

Wear the distinctive “half mask” of Merrick, the Ghosts field commander, in Multiplayer. This former record-setting Special Forces operator is the heart and soul of the deadliest force in the ongoing battle against the Federation.

  • Character – Keegan – $1.99

Earn the mask of the Ghosts most distinctive member in Multiplayer. Keegan, with his Quad-NVGs, brings an intimidating look to any match.

  • Inferno Pack – $1.99

Make your customization options even hotter with the Inferno Personalization Pack. Get an all-new flame weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Ducky Pack – $1.99

With the Ducky Personalization Pack, a small army of squeaky yellow soldiers decorate your weapon in the form of an all-new themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Circuit Pack – $1.99

Enhance your customization options with the Circuit Personalization Pack. Get a high-tech weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard, and background.

  • Extra Slots Pack – $1.99

Get more choices as the battle unfolds. The Extra Slots Pack increases the number of customizable Create-A-Soldier loadout slots from six to 10 for each character, that’s up to 40 additional loadout slots across 10 characters.

  • Space Cats Pack – $1.99

Out of this world cute, yet ferocious, the Space Cats Personalization Pack delivers a feline-filled weapon camo, custom reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Josh

    I wish they were as good as the BO2 ones 🙁

    • jordanxbrookes



      • Josh

        What about ducky?…..

        • Space Cats are better.

          • Plato/Tomato

            Space Cats are pretty fucking amazing.

  • Crusf

    Finally yes! Still I cant even get on. I’m on ps4. Anyone else having this issue?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Wish I could help you but I’m on the opposite console, sorry 🙁

  • CoDforever

    whens the bo2 weaponised 115 camo coming to ps3?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Few weeks, I think.

    • Dasqoh

      Should be out around April 3rd.

    • Tommy Day

      Dasqoh is correct.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I don’t understand PlayStation and PC players who play Call of Duty. They complain that they get the DLC a month later after release on Xbox, then as it’s about to come out for PS and PC, players on these platforms then say they aren’t gonna buy it and instead bitch that the game is broken. I’ve seen so much of this on the IW Facebook page. It’s not all PS and PC players that are like this so I apologize if your not one of these people who do so. Most of the issues we had have now either been fixed or nerfed so I don’t see the point of bitching. Maybe they’re just internet attention seekers.

    • Crusf

      No matter how much you try you will never make 100 percent of the people happy. Its how the internet works. Its how society works.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Because when something new is announced, everyone’s hyped. Everyone wants to buy the new DLC. But, after a month and now coming to PS and PC, they hype is gone and everyone just goes “Meh, I don’t need this. It’s not that great. I’ve seen this before, it’s all old news.” IW may be getting payed by MS to get DLC early, but personally I think early exclusives to a specific console just hurts the game in general. Imagine seeing the Zombies trailer for the first time. You’re like “OMG, must buy it now!!” But after a month, there’s thousands upon thousands of videos, and everything there is to know about the map has already been found. Then when it comes out on PS, you’re just like “Well I already know everything about the map and it doesn’t look as good as it did in the trailer, so I’m not gunna buy it.”

      • jordanxbrookes

        I agree, but it doesn’t excuse the non-stop bitching that the game is ‘broken’ when clearly the game isn’t broken, apart from some spawning issues.

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          Unfortunately this is the sole purpose of the comment section of these websites for good or bad. I think developers need to read these negative things and while they are just opinions, if enough people bitch about the same thing then maybe something will get done. What I don’t read very much in any of these comment sections is anyone standing up for Ghosts with valid pros or reasons why it is a good game. There are different approaches that can be made to get the same point across and it is just unfortunate that the majority of the negative comments are ignorant immature people that can’t get their point across maturely and it just reads as hateful.

        • exeterman2

          The game is horrible in its current state, ridiculous spawns and unbalanced weapons/classes as well as bad map design and countless glitches. I bought it after Christmas and it has got worse.

          • Simon Riley

            There is nothing wrong with ghosts weapon balance. Long range = Assault rifles and Close Quarters = SMG i recommend the MTAR or VECTOR only. Ghosts has spawn problems on free for all a lot. Quick-scoping is my only problem that’s unbalanced.

          • exeterman2

            Quick scoping is impossible and spawns are shit in everything. And ARs should be good all round but are just shit every where but SMGs are too good at range.

          • Bmeowmix

            MTar for close quarters. Ha

          • Eric Mandzuk

            Maybe you just suck

          • exeterman2

            Or maybe I just stated the facts and everyone I talked to agrees…

          • Eric Mandzuk

            I don’t give a fuk about who u talk to I like it that’s all I care about

          • exeterman2

            So your opinion is more important than anyone else’s? And you can start swearing over the internet (like an 8 year old) at someone else’s opinion but yours is sacred? Sound like a dickhead to me…

          • Eric Mandzuk

            The game fine you just wanna complain about something stfu kid

          • exeterman2

            You sound mature…

          • Eric Mandzuk

            I do nigga

          • J.Lee

            How about you shut the hell up fatboy..

          • Eric Mandzuk

            Why don’t u mind ur bizz kid fukin fag

        • clercq1983

          Spawning issues or not just the problem. They are just the biggest problem. Seriously, defusing a bomb through a fence? I don’t think this should be happening. The game is just not stabile enough. Sometimes I get 9-10 hitmarkers on somebody and they just don’t die. Next round I kill them with 3-4 bullets tops. So you can’t call that stabile. And don’t say it’s my internet, because it isn’t. I have the best connection you can get in Mid Europe. The health is way to low, so you don’t need gun skills to kill somebody, Just go random from left to right and BAM the dude is dead. At least in the MW series en BO series you needed to have a good aim. Now you can shoot people through a damn tank, but hey if you try to shoot them through a bar like in strikezone, that doesn’t work. I’m not saying the game is broken, it’s just not finished. They way to much stuff in it and need to go back to the basics in my opinion. No 30+ perks, no support or specialist killstreak. Just a couple of perks and the same amount of killstreaks. Just like in MW2, if you can get them, then you deserve them. Now they all sitting in a corner and wait for somebody to run in their sights. And BAM 3-4 bullets and bye bye, have a nice day. Then you just f*cking died from somebody who doesn’t ave the balls to walk around. COD has always been a fast paced game. Small maps, great hit detection, close quarter combat. Now it’s just waiting around for somebody to pop up the screen. Can you imagine a game where everybody does that? The timer hitting the 10min mark and the score is still 0-0. But anyway, they had the possibility to make a great game. And they didn’t. I do hope they still fix alot of issues and then maybe you can call it a good game. Not great, but good. And about the dlc. People pay 50€ for the season pass. They say it’s for all DLC release. So aren’t the micro items DLC? It’s not that I can’t afford them. But maybe they shouls give the people the choice. 50€ for just the DLC maps and maybe 60€ or 70€ you everything. And then you have all the Down Loadable Content. This is just my opinion. So don’t shoot me…

        • Dasqoh

          If you think PlayStation and PC users are the ONLY people who do this go watch pro players or streamers dude.

        • thebulky1cometh

          To be fair, “some spawning issues” is an understatement, and frankly, it’s 2014- they should have their shit together.

        • Tommy Day

          Actually the game is broken. If it wasnt broken, then hackers wouldn’t have the camos before they are released. So again, is the game broken?

          • Sal

            TF2 has hackers and terrible hit detection. I don’t see any of you calling the game broken.

      • TrueKingRivera

        I know, it also happend to me. Once I saw the weponized 115 camo I thought must want now!! But my friends had them all throught mods or something and I used the camo and I’m like wow now that I saw like 20 vids of it , it looks boring and now I don’t now if I will buy it

    • Eric Mandzuk

      I totally agree with u kid

    • thatguy

      I actually dont mind this, lets me decide if want the dlc or not.

  • zack mccarty


  • cesc-2007

    About dam time they gave us a date for psn micro dlc. All im after is extra slots and my be the price pack. I hope sony sign the deal to get psn dlc early.

    • guest

      pretty sure they just signed a new deal for xbox like just before cod ghost was announced

      • John

        It ended with ghost lol

        • Matt

          They renewed the contract, I’m almost positive. Now people are saying that it’s switching over to PS4 so I don’t know what to believe at this point

          • Keshav Bhat

            The DLC first on Xbox was extended for Ghosts; no other end date or info is official or confirmed. The PS4 switch is still a rumor.

          • shanafan

            Do you think the PS4 controller is kind to FPS? It’s hard for me to go from a Xbox controller to the PS controller, the analog sticks placement is awkward

          • Jack Black the real one.

            the analog stick placement isnt really awkward. its probably just that youre use to the Xbox controller more.

          • Tommy Day

            Well if they don’t switch, they are stupid!

  • .


    • Josh

      Nice to know your opinion and I’m sorry if you cannot financially afford £40.

  • haha

    LOL keep the dlc’s i’ll be playing infamous second son have fun playing ghost kids

    • Sal

      Because an open world RPG is totally competition with an FPS.

  • Sal

    Bout time.

  • chiefsfan005

    Does anyone know when we will get the other pack the Makarov one on Playstation.

    • PandaMan

      Probably in two or three weeks.

    • Keshav Bhat

      very soon

  • Mazthoril

    We don’t give a shit about these camos, we want the early access to Ripper ! FFS !!!

    • Sal

      Buy the season pass lol

      • drjakeyoung

        It’s only available to xboners, which is why he was getting annoyed about it.

    • Keshav Bhat

      As with everything else, it’ll be around a month after Xbox’s release. And, you’ll get access to the Ripper before non-Season Pass customers get access to it on your platform.

  • Josh

    When can people on ps3 try dlc1 for free?

    • PandaMan

      About a month after X-Box users get to try it

    • Tommy Day

      You know I have the dlc and I even griped for the people on our console that don’t have it. Because I think it is BS that let xbox players try it for free but just say F playstation!

      • Guest

        What are you saying? They can only try the dlc for a week and I would rather waite a month than play on xbox. Xbox only has that deal with Activision because they know they will lose all their players without it. Look at PS4 and XB1, playstation is dominating and all microsoft cares about is money. So F XBOX!

        • Tommy Day

          You obviously didn’t read what i wrote correctly or understand it. What I said was I think it is BS for xbox to have a free week of the dlc to try out but playstation players have to wait for that too. Which is pretty pathetic. So what you said is not at all what I said, please don’t put words in my mouth.

          • Guest

            So why say “F playstation”? The reason why I didn’t understand was because your sentences didn’t make sense and were worded incorrectly. I am sorry if you may be slightly illiterate but even a 10 year old can write better than that.

  • Ed

    isn’t the elias mask the same as the mask they gave season pass holders?

    • PandaMan

      The Season Pass mask doesn’t have the wrap-around head band thing that Elias does

      • Ed

        yeah, i just checked, and it’s the same mask, wrap-around and everything. no biggie, just have to make sure i don’t purchase that one.

        • PandaMan

          My bad, didn’t pay attention

        • PandaMan

          The only difference is that the Elias mask has a slightly different design

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    If everyone wants to buy this micro transaction bullshit that’s fine because most of it is harmless. But what is not fine is the fact that they(Activision/IW) are setting a dangerous precedence with things like the extra slots saying that we(Activision) are fully content with purposefully striping things from the game that has been established on previous titles and putting it for sale after launch to make more money. I thought microtransactions were suppose to be things that didn’t give an advantage to someone that doesn’t want to pay for it. How is having 4 extra loadouts not an advantage? How can anyone be OK with this? Just terrible!

  • Bmeowmix

    Of course its the same day as Naval Strike 🙁

  • Keyboard Warrior

    i play cod … i dont watch it so the rubber ducky camo is new to me 🙂 … and the merrick skin *throws more money at screen* and like my mumma use to say … if you dont have anything nice to say “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR YOUR LETTING A DRAFT IN”

  • Miguel

    Keegan and ducky camo (y)