A set of Call of Duty: Ghosts Micro Items are now available for players on PlayStation Network and PC.

The follow Micro Items are available now:

  • Legend Pack – Price -$3.99

Become Captain Price in Call of Duty®: Ghosts Multiplayer. ”Stay Frosty” as one of the most legendary Call of Duty® heroes of all-time with a classic Price Character and unique Personalization Pack featuring a Price-themed weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Character – Elias – $1.99

Step into the boots of Captain Elias Walker, leader of the Ghosts, in Multiplayer. The classic styled mask of this Special Forces icon will strike fear into any enemy.

  • Character – Hesh – $1.99

Step into battle as Hesh, the newest member of the Ghosts, in Multiplayer. His distinctive face paint mask sets him apart from the rest of his deadly brethren.

  • Character – Merrick – $1.99

Wear the distinctive “half mask” of Merrick, the Ghosts field commander, in Multiplayer. This former record-setting Special Forces operator is the heart and soul of the deadliest force in the ongoing battle against the Federation.

  • Character – Keegan – $1.99

Earn the mask of the Ghosts most distinctive member in Multiplayer. Keegan, with his Quad-NVGs, brings an intimidating look to any match.

  • Inferno Pack – $1.99

Make your customization options even hotter with the Inferno Personalization Pack. Get an all-new flame weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Ducky Pack – $1.99

With the Ducky Personalization Pack, a small army of squeaky yellow soldiers decorate your weapon in the form of an all-new themed camo, reticle, patch, playercard and background.

  • Circuit Pack – $1.99

Enhance your customization options with the Circuit Personalization Pack. Get a high-tech weapon camo, reticle, patch, playercard, and background.

  • Extra Slots Pack – $1.99

Get more choices as the battle unfolds. The Extra Slots Pack increases the number of customizable Create-A-Soldier loadout slots from six to 10 for each character, that’s up to 40 additional loadout slots across 10 characters.

  • Space Cats Pack – $1.99

Out of this world cute, yet ferocious, the Space Cats Personalization Pack delivers a feline-filled weapon camo, custom reticle, patch, playercard and background.

The other character customization options, and Black Ops 2 camos will be available at a later date.

  • HenryDF

    These were some of the worst camos in CoD history, out of both disk and DLC camos. Treyarch managed to outperform IW almost two years after BO2, with a pack including possibly one of the best camos ever (Element 115).

    I just wanna see IW put some bloody effort in, rather than making camos that look like they were made by a kid messing around on Photoshop.

    • Same dude

    • PandaMan

      Every comment I’ve seen of yours is you complaining. We don’t need to know every time they post something that you think the game and it’s DLC is shit. It’s annoying…

      • CoDforever

        But its true that the camo’s in BO2 are significantly better than all Ghosts’s camo’s ..

        • Alejandro Sepúlveda

          Ghosts cammos look really washed out and dull.

          I don’t even want to take the time to unlock them all… specially those the lean and prone challanges

          • jordanxbrookes

            I like the Ghosts camos, just not the DLC ones.

          • CoDforever

            Not really tbh, The gold camo in Ghosts looks someone pissed all over regular gold and kept it to dry and on top of that we have InfinityWard’s Greyish filter and we have one ugly looking gold camo. All normal camo’s in Ghosts don’t stand out as much like they did in BO2, and thats why Ghosts micro dlc is probably not selling much.

          • Mkondrak

            I especially hate IW’s greyish filter.

        • PandaMan

          I totally avree

      • HenryDF

        I’m not sure what comments you’ve seen of mine, but I never tend to complain and I’ve never complained about these camos before.

        I think the game is decent, along with the DLC; I even stand up for the game every now and then.

        I think you’ve got me confused with the wrong person 😉

        • PandaMan

          My bad, wrong person. I see so many people comment on this site I probably thought you were somebody else

      • Angelreborn96

        But ur complaining about him complaining. And I couldn’t agree more with him anyways. The game is shit, and so is the DLC. They put characters that you already played as in previous games and put it in multiplayer WITH A PRICE (dat pun doe). Price is 3.99 that’s fucking pathetic. Sleazy rat bastards all about making money, and yet they don’t even put any effort in making sick camos for next gen. BO2 had dragon and that 115 camo that were fucking sick and definitely worth the price. But these camos are just not worth it at all.

        • ^DELUSIONAL^

          Of course they are all about making money isn’t that why they work 9-5 every day, so they can feed their families?

  • Eric Mandzuk

    I just coped the ducks it’s funny and the price skin

  • Two words – Weaponized 115.

    Tired of seeing this kiddie crap like these ducks and kittens. Maybe they will make a twerking, harlem shake or whatever stupid meme is popular next.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Ew. Imagine Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out as the red dot sight and the camo is just stills of her twerking. Lol nobody would buy it. Btw Harlem Shake started in 2011 and died one month later.

      • CoDforever

        LOL i would totally buy that ..

  • Rorke File

    Next year first on PlayStation Network

  • Weaponized 115 blows away any camo ever made

    • ccrows

      That camo is garbage when you stand in sunlight. Use that camo in different parts on the map Yemon, and it practically blinds you.

      Dragon on the other hand was one of my all time favs.

      As for this game, I like the inferno camo…

  • Plato/Tomato

    Getting Ducky & Space Cats camo packs ;D

  • bRyan

    Can you buy camo on ps3 and transfer it to ps4?

    • Darvald

      Nope, micro DLC doesn’t travel with you to Next-Gen.

      • bRyan

        Are you sure? I know that Xbox doesn’t. I have both ps3 and ps4 except when I play with my friends on ps3 I want to have the camos.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Yeah micro-DLC doesn’t transfer.

  • I’m probably only going to get the Extra Loadout DLC because I need more class loadouts.