Call of Duty: Ghosts will have a Double XP weekend starting this Friday, March 28th and ending on April 1st for the Call of Duty Championship event. As you watch the eSports tournament, learn new strategies, apply it in-game, all while leveling up with Double XP.

To make sure that our fans get the most out of this weekend, we’re activating a special Double XP weekend on all platforms! From Friday, March 28th through Tuesday, April 1st, players earn twice the XP on all of their Multiplayer action. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn from the pros, try out their strategies in-game, and level up at double the speed.

SOURCE: Activision

  • jordanxbrookes

    Thank God. I have been working for the last 2 weeks on college work, can’t wait for this weekend.

    • Rorke File

      So Have fun man !

  • Youcata

    You people know there is a glitch were you can get 6h of double XP whenever you want right? Or am i the founder of this?

    • tell me

      • Youcata

        Basically if you unlink your account from Cod elite and link it to another one (create a new one). You will get those 6h of Double XP (Ripper wepon DLC i don´t know) At least it worked for me, i have 2 elite accounts for some reason and i was linked to the wrong one than linked back to the right one (one i wanted to have the account linked) and i got 6 more hours! xD try it i guess i am the first to have found this hehe If someone does a video on it atleast give me some credit.

        • Rorke File

          Tell it to Driftor or someone

  • chiefsfan005

    Of course I’m out of town 🙁

  • Michael

    Yeah you see what I.W. did there guys… There desperate for more players on this game. That’s why they put double xp for this weekend, to get more players back on this game. In glad my ghost broke back in December. ?

    • um k?

      • Michael

        It’s true. If u deny it there’s something wrong with you.

        • shanafan

          Yeah really! Damn those companies who give incentives to attract people towards their product. The next time I see something on sale at the store, I will just claim they are being desperate!

          • Michael

            Thanks for agreeing. Pound it! ??

          • PandaMan

            Please tell me you know he was being sarcaric

          • Keshav Bhat

            What are you talking about? Devastation DLC releases next week, so there’s a Double XP weekend this weekend, and it’s to celebrate the CODChamps as well…been like this for about 5 years in Call of Duty community.

          • Jurt

            Whooosh! lol

        • Elvin

          It’s not true. You’re a moron. They’re following a similar pattern to BO2. Next.

    • SoulTaker

      Treyarch did the same though…

    • ed

      ? what? they regularly do 2xp weekend in COD. been doing it for years.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        They only did it for map pack release weekends for all consoles in the past. Now it seems they are doing it every other weekend regardless. So you get double XP so you can prestige faster. But what the fuck is the point of prestiging anyway? Oooooh that’s right you get a new gay ass emblem that looks slightly different they to one you already have! Sorry correction, you get a new background too!! If this is what is rewarded for putting in a lot of hours of gameplay it is no wonder Ghosts is a gigantic fail!! What a waste of good hit detection which by the way is the only thing they got right!!

        • Jenovo

          Wow. There’s so much wrong here.

  • Ryumoau

    is it just me or does anyone else notice this game getting more frequent double XPs than any other CoD game. It seems like there is one every couple weeks and i don’t remember any of the previous games having it this close together. Its like they are really desperate to get people back playing. kinda sad. 🙁

    • Mitch

      As far as I’m aware, they are following BO2’s pattern where there’s double XP every team a map pack releases.

      • shanafan

        Mitch, please don’t bring intelligence into this thread 🙂

      • Sal


    • Coddy

      Its the same formula as previous CODs, its probably because none of play ghosts anymore we read about the double xp on here where as before we was actually playing cod

    • Eric Mandzuk

      Nope it has always be this way kid

  • Yess here i come prestige 2

  • Andres Alfonso

    Is this for Wii U aswell?

    • shanafan

      I surely hope so.

  • Jay

    This game does have more frequent double xp weekends. And its obvious that they are trying to get people to buy the dlcs and other stuff. Black Ops 2 has more players than the 360 version of ghosts. I dont know how many people play on the next gen console but i don’t think its that many anyway.

    • ccrows

      I still actively play both Ghosts and BO2.

      I have never seen BO2 have more members than Ghosts online, and I switch back and forth a lot depending on which of my friends are on.

      Anywhoo… FTR I’m a big fan of BOTH games. Please stop the Treyarch fanboy BS…

      • Nice try ccrows

        I am prestige 7 in ghosts so this is not biased. Ghosts is not even half as good as BO2, and BO2 usually has more players online, and the game came out a year ago!

        • Wow Fucking asshole black ops 2 is considered the worst CoD ever. Ghosts isn’t even that bad

          • exeterman2

            I hated bo2 after about 4 months but ghosts was shit after about 4 weeks.

          • CGkillZ

            Both games suck ass. Bo2 has so much bs, but Ghosts is even worse. I like the core gameplay when everyone rushes like bo2, but that never happens. You can’t call those games good. The Last good COD was BO1

          • Crucial_357

            GHOST IS the worst game in the series by far. Also the worst at spawning….

        • Jake from state farm

          Ohh man here we go I was wondering how long it would take for the fanboy battle to stat

    • The_Vortex

      From what I’ve been seeing lately, Ghosts only has approx. 25000 people playing it on the XB1 and 360 has over 125000 so not that many people play ghosts on the next-gen consoles : I am also glad there is double XP this weekend because it takes a while to rank up.

      • CGkillZ

        Well the no one really wants the xbone. $100 more than the ps4 for worse graphics and a camera that watches you. Not good the only thing it has going for it is Titanfall but the devs would be stupid if they side with microsoft

    • SharpShooter

      surprised theres anyone playing ghosts to be honest.

      • Sal

        That’s what you said about BO2 last year at the exact same month.

        • CGkillZ

          More people played Bo2 than Ghosts. On the ps3 right now only 90K people online and ps4 only 40k. so 130K in total is way less than bo2

          • Sal

            Right now? Peak time pls.

          • CGkillZ

            Peak time ps3- 120K ps4-Around 70k

          • Bigi345

            Lol PS3 has 200000 at its peak time

          • CGkillZ

            Bullshit not anymore. Maybe in January but right now no. Alright maybe 150K tops like on the weekend when 2xp.

        • SahrpShooter

          I played BO2 right until Ghosts Launch! then got an Xbox One which i regret cos now i cant play BO2!! Stuck with the worse COD ever! althoguh titan fall has bee ngood.

          • Sal

            You’re talking to someone who also played the shit out of BO2 and admit that it sucked on many aspects.

            And who told you to sold your old Xbox if you knew that X1 doesn’t have backwards compatibility?

    • ColonelBoston

      BO2 has 1/2 the player base Ghosts does. BO2 is uploaded to YouTube more, but who fucking cares about youtubers?

  • Eric Mandzuk

    I can’t wait to prestige again I’m at prestige 2 level 48

  • Rorke File

    Can B02 have some double xp again …

  • IVIelanson

    Here I go Ghosts, Im prestige 10 so this doesn’t matter lol…


      how did you not give up of boredom?

  • Dr. Salim

    Every time there is a 2XP weekend in Ghosts there is also one if BF4.

  • Bartram

    I just wish they would bring black ops 2 to xbox one I sold my 360 I’d settle 4 any older cod game tbh just not ghost I have to wait till November 4 mw4 or what ever it will be called… Thank god for titanfall … I’m glad in a way tho i used to be mainly a cod player n because it’s so rubbish this year I’ve given it a break n brought some games I would never play normally like need for speed assaains creed ( n dare I say it on here …. Battlefield 4) … Theirs more to xbox n ps than cod n it’s took till ghosts 4 me to realise it il be back for next call of duty as well as enjoying other games thank you ghosts

  • Zarky

    I still have the double xp from cod elite.. Does it stack?

  • Bakon

    Does anyone else have a delay from when they hit the reload button to when your soldier starts to reload? If so has this happened for a long time or since the patch. Because I played some Black Ops 2, and now I want to play Ghosts again. The lag is terrible, I’ll shoot someone with five bullets before any hit markers show up, and by then I’m dead. It was fine for me before the patch.

    • Mr Doge

      That’s your internet. Works fine for me.

  • SuckMyDick

    Meanwhile, Call of Duty Players this weekend…

    • Jack Black the real one.

      thats why there was 50000 players on ps4 yesterday

  • Sal

    Just when I prestiged, yay.

  • IceKoldKilla

    PS & PC platforms too, right?

  • abhi

    0 fucks given for ghosts

  • Alex

    I could care less….. I still haven’t hit 1st prestige. I got this shitbox of a game via PSN so to save space on my PS 4 HDD I removed it and will not re-install ever again..
    Money down the toilet .. GAME SUCKS DONKEY DICKS ***** BIG TIME *******

    Lesson ? NEVER BUY A IW COD

    • Guest

      Yeah your KD sucks in other words :/

      • .

        In other words the game is shit open your eyes

  • ColonelBoston

    Tasty. I just got the game a couple of weeks ago, so I could really benefit from some double XP — in terms of prestiging, that is.

  • Guest

    IW, I also require some double weapon XP as it’s like pulling teeth to get a guns gold in this game, yes even with the new updates. Send out some double weapon XP soon.

  • Mo_money27

    GHOST, I must say that this is the WORST respawning game I have ever played. I’m willing to bet that close to half of my deaths have come from respawing in front of a guy who just killed me or I killed. Most times I cant even take 2 steps without getting shot again. I just don’t understand how you make a game that does this. I have also spawned in between two people shooting at each other and have gotten killed only to watch the kill cam and me spawning in the middle of their fire. It is nuts. Needless to say, if they don’t fix this garbage spawning, they wont get any more of my money. I’ll be done with COD. Honestly, in one game I spawned 4 times and died instantly back to back. How can you be proud of your K/D and it isn’t totally legit? If the game is going to kill you from spawning then NO-ONE has a correct K/D. It doesn’t depict your skills. But yea, if the next one or any after plays the same as Ghost, I’m out and never playing COD again. It’s a waste of time and money. And get rid of the cheaters and hackers. They are so pethetic. Getting sniped by an iron sights SMG from the other side of the map? Really? people running around invisible? Really? Glitching into icebergs at the boat? Really…. Get my point Activision?????

  • Eric Mandzuk

    Lookin for a clan on ps4 psn erikis300

  • Great, after 2 months I finally got to level 2