Call of Duty community VIP, oL0RDo just uploaded a pretty neat virtual walk through of what it’s like to be at Call of Duty Championship 2014 which is currently under way in Los Angeles.

  • Zookinator

    Find out how the everyday player can get into these tournaments.

    • oinininin

      The qualifiers for this tournament were first done online and anyone with a team of 4 and an internet connection could play and make it to the us qualifiers in orlando where if they were top 8 would make it to the this. So the everyday players had the opportunity but obviously lost to the pros.

  • Jawn

    Wow. All that for a game.

    • Antal120

      Yep, instead of making a better Call of Duty game with all of that money, Activision has spent it foolishly in a tournament hosted by Xbox.

      • Edwin Cortez

        You speak like if Activision were near bankrupt and insted of financing COD they’re spending the last millions of the company on a tournament… At the end its the developers problem if the game sucks not Activision.