UPDATE: Drop Zone is now available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Drop Zone will be added to PS4 and PS3 on Monday, March 31st.

A new patch for PC players is now live on Ghosts, and this patch finally adds Onslaught DLC maps to regular rotation, which means you can play these maps in all playlists if you have the DLC.

The new patch has also added DropZone game mode back to Call of Duty: Ghosts. This mode was rumored a little while ago, and with the newest patch is now available. Drop Zone was originally introduced in Call of Duty: MW3 as a community mode that revolves around Care Packages.

Patch notes haven’t been released yet; once they are, we’ll update this post.

SOURCE: @L1nkas.

  • Drillz

    I’d prefer Heavy Duty back in.

    • LowkeyBAMZ

      heavy duty + ballistic vests = KEM every match

      • Drillz

        Shid, I used to drop KEMs without them. 😉

  • Tyler

    Did this patch the unlimited tacticals glitch?

    • jk

      wasnt a glitch its a perk called extra tac

      • Jack Black the real one.

        no it was a glitch. he said unlimited not 2. there is a glitch where you can throw an unlimited amount

  • The_Vortex

    Its great that they finally added the maps into the regular rotation

    • Grigori

      Now I can play infected on the new maps! Yay!

    • Mike

      No they appear like they are only in the drop zone playlist… IW does great work agIn

  • BW tK


  • Michael

    My ghost disc broke back in December because my laser fucked upmy disc. I really didnt like ghost that much cause the game modes were pretty boring except for infected. And NOW they add drop zone. Drop zone should have launch when the game was first released. I only played drop zone and infected in mw3 and now that they have both these game modes and I can’t okay it makes me a little upset.

  • jordanxbrookes


  • GinsuVictim

    Just waiting for the 360 update……………….

  • .

    Sweet finally something fun to play

  • Drop Zone


  • Drop Zone

    My favorie gamemode from MW3

  • chiefsfan005


    • iGotJaWz

      It would be about damn time..

  • Mobin Amanzai

    Get ready for and IED storm

    • Paul Thomas

      I was actually more worried about c4 and canister bombs.

    • Plok

      TBH not much different than the clusterfuck it was in MW3.

      And I love it.

  • Jawn

    Ahh, a 12 year old semi free gamemode

  • Did this patch also fix the wall breach on whiteout? Yay for drop zone.

    • Sniper

      Right!!!!! Some guy hit a 79 killstreak on infected with that wall break. So annoying!!!!

      • Grigori

        Those people are just shit

      • Yeah it is always on infected. Loss tons off matches because of that. They always drop kems.

        • Sniper

          How do you even wall break? I drop my KEMs legit.

    • .

      Exactly I just reported a dude for he got over 99 kills using it the cool thing is the activison assist got back to me and they are banning him 🙂

      • action

        Wouldn’t it be easier for them to just fix the map?!

  • GinsuVictim

    Hmmm….did they ditch Hunted FFA in favor of this?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Sadly they did, but Drop Zone is very fast paced.

    • kippy

      The max people I ever saw play on a busy day was like 200

  • Hunter Deal

    WTF for PC? Where’s Xbox update?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Patches normally release first on PC, then to other platforms.

    • xbox is always first

      hows it feel?

  • jk

    when is it out for other consoles?

  • Unknown

    Why would they add onslaugh dlc on regular rotation?

    • jk

      that way you chose the gamemode you want to play instead of getting a random one, and infected will get the maps.

  • Jimmy. Jimmy.

    To everyone with the dlc on pc, Can you disable the dlc now that it is added to the rotation?

    Like in mw3 with the disable button?

  • Clans

    Yes I can finally join clans with my 6 man party whoop whoop whoop whoop thank u Drop Zone

  • NUMB3R5_1N_MY_N4M3_S0_L3G1T

    Hope the Whiteout wallbreach got patched now

  • Jesse

    Still dont see it on Xbox 360.

  • Gdscrtr

    Extinction on PC has new updates also. There are new Prestige symbols and new upgrades in Loadout. A new thing called Armory has 8 things to buy from Sentry armor to start with a Locker Key they cost from 5-40 “teeth”. I’m confused how these “teeth” accumulate something to do with completing a game I think but you can also use with rank times something that is only available every seven days?

    • jk

      TROLL or i am an idiot.

  • K.E.M

    It’s already out on xbox 360.
    I love how it plays. Popped a K.E.M first game.
    All you gotta do is stay back and camp,free kills actually. Another thing though,just pop the smoke and put on thermal it takes everyone out.
    PS: They took hunted out for this.

    • Jasy

      *cough*CAMPER*cough* lol

    • Pinda

      “Popped a K.E.M”
      That makes me want to slap you in the face for some reason..

  • Mike

    The onslaught maps aren’t in regular rotation. They are only in rotation for Drop Zone. Not any other game type

  • Sweet I loved this game type in MW3! I hope they plan to bring hard point in as well even tho it was a BO2 game type it is still CoD after all..

  • And of course PlayStation users are getting it later ……

  • hunted all the way.

    This game mode sucks and for them to take out a game mode that actually took skill to play for sme fucked up game that is mostly for camping is ridiculous its like IW is just telling everyone to camp. Bring hunted back either one is fine with me or hell something similar to it not some other game mode that everyone is just gonna camp on.

    • Jake from State Farm

      Then don’t play it. Do people even think before they post anymore.

  • Tep Kok

    Hopefully all the XxL3g1tMLGn0sc0p3zZzz420xX cancer will fuck off now

  • ElseAndrew

    I find it quite disappointing that the maps aren’t added to regular rotation when they’re released as well as having a playlist just to play those maps.

  • Devin Wolfe

    All or Nothing or bust.

  • Eric Mandzuk

    Ps4 looking for a clan psn erikis300

  • BAMozzy69 .

    The Maps are not in the standard rotation on the Xbox One!!!!

    • BAMozzy69 .

      I think it was a lie so that I would play it again! Don’t think I will bother now – well until the Devastation Maps drop but if they still keep all DLC separate, I will probably be bored of playing just them after a few hours and I HATE moshpit modes!!

  • It’s Monday the 31st and Drop Zone isn’t there for me on PS4 or PS3.

  • mmasb1234567

    At what time today are we getting it?

  • lpexmlp

    does anyone know when the leader board will be out?

    • jk

      is been out.

  • jk

    hahahahahhahahahahaha it says 58 players in playlist

    • HeHe

      on which console???

      • HeHe

        oh the image… lol

  • Flare

    still not on playstation… -_-
    I WANT ZE GAMEMODE on PS right NOW, IW! Y U do dis? >:(

  • iKasai

    Think you got the ps4 and ps3 dates wrong….

  • Dan

    It’s April…still nothing for PS users

  • Taketoe

    when does it come out for the ps3?? It isn’t released yet?

  • Peight

    Dropzone is finally available for PS but why is it not on on private match?… I hope they add it, cause i have more fun playing with friends or bots then playing against sniping campers