Day 1 of the Call of Duty Championship 2014 has come to an end. After long matches, and intense Call of Duty action, two teams from each group have a spot for bracket play.

DAY 1: 

Here’s the break down by each group; two teams from each group advance to bracket play.

  • Group 1: sBusiness Gaming and Vitality Returns advance 
  • Group 2: Complexity Gaming and Revenge Gaming HQ advance 
  • Group 3: Team Kaliber and WiLDGaming advance 
  • Group 4: Trident T1Dotters and FaZe Competitive advance 
  • Group 5: Team EnVyUs and Immunity COD advance 
  • Group 6: Rise.Nation and Vitality Rises
  • Group 7: OpTic Gaming and Epsilon eSports
  • Group 8: Xfinity and TCM

Saturday promises to bring even more excitement, as the remaining teams will move into the double-elimination Playoff Bracket. We’ll see some of the first teams to finish in the money, as well as find out which ones move on for a chance at the World Championship!

Watch the action all weekend long on and Xbox 360 app! We’re also posting updates live on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

  • The Pope

    Great first day. Wish the best of luck to team that you’re backing.

  • immunity vs nv was so amazing

    • AflyingteddyBear

      That 1v3 clutch at the end

  • guest

    i really wanna see tK versus Optic

    • jordanxbrookes

      That match already has happened. OpTic beat KaLiBeR in all 3 games. #GreenWall

      • optic vs sb is gonna be interesting

        • jordanxbrookes

          Indeed it will.

        • Duke of hazard

          Optic won 3-2

      • K.E.M

        *KALiBER sir… the i isn’t capital.

        • jordanxbrookes

          No it’s KaLiBeR.

  • Abraham

    2 bullets and your dead! First player to shoot the other wins the kill!

  • jordanxbrookes


    • Guest

      Optic has fallen apart, why do you still care? NadeShot isn’t that good at COD anyway.

      • jordanxbrookes

        OpTic fallen apart? They have beaten Team KaLiBeR and Strictly Business. OpTic have not fallen apart, they are on a roll. And FYI NaDeSHoT is most definitely a better player than you.

        • Mkondrak

          Lmao dude. I agree with your statement but your burn (that nadeshot is better player than “Josh”) is hysterically weak. lol

          • jordanxbrookes

            Well he most probably is better that Josh, sorry to say.

          • Guest

            Where is this going? How do you know he is better than me? For all you know I could be one of the best players in the world, but doesn’t want to waste my life playing COD all day everyday. Yes, he is probably is better than me but for the level he plays at I would expect more. I’m sorry I forgot you were better than him so it gives you the right to distinguase who is better than another without even knowing me, especially when you use “definitely” it’s such a immature statement to make and I’m sure that Nadeshot is “definitely” better than you too! :p

          • jordanxbrookes

            Bro, I know NaDeSHoT is better than me, and you know what’s funny? I knew you would gonna say that.

          • Guest

            Then why use it in your defence? “NadeShot is most definitely a better player than you” without me saying the same about you. Meaningless argument just forget it – you are clearly in awe of NadeShot so I’ll let you carry on.

        • Guest


      • Mitch

        And then, OpTic beat tK and sB…
        EDIT: And so, OpTic has secured a spot in the Top 3…

      • LOL “Nadeshot isn’t that good at COD” have you been watching lately? He played well at US Regionals and is playing extremely well at Champs.

        • Guest

          Honestly, no I couldn’t care less, Ghosts has just got boring and I cannot be asked to watch apparently “pro” players that aren’t that good anyway. So, no I have not been watching lately.

          • How do you justify “OpTic falling apart” if you haven’t been watching?

          • Guest

            Ok, I have not watched Champs but that is one event, over the past six months they have overall performed poorly and with all the roster changes that is to be expected. I am talking in general and not their performance at one event as you never know what the next one will be like.

  • Drillz93

    OpTicGaming went out there and handled biz despite the small argument between Nadeshot and Clayster. Im rooting for those guys all the way. That’s the hometown team, why wouldn’t I?! #LetsGoBaby #GreenWall

  • Edwin Cortez

    what heatsets do they use on the championship? its says rig but they dont look like a plantronics