Day 2 of Call of Duty Championship 2014 opened with final matches of Group play, then we went straight into the bracket play. We now have the Top 6 teams, and we’re entering Championship Day.

TOP 6:

  • OpTic Gaming 
  • Team EnVyUs
  • FaZe Competitive
  • Complexity Live 
  • Trident Dotters
  • sBusiness Gaming

There was some major upsets, including both UK teams TCM and Epsilon being sent home after losing their matches; TCM played against RiseNation, and lost in Game 5. Epsilon played against EnVyUs and lost Game 5 as well. With both TCM and Epsilon being eliminated, all European teams have been eliminated now. Team KaLiBeR lost to OpTic Gaming 0-3 in their series, and tK then was eliminated after losing to EnVyUs.

OpTic Gaming went on to defeat sBusiness Gaming and Trident Dotters, and will play Complexity in the Upper Bracket Finals. OpTic Gaming and Complexity have already secured a Top 3 placement at Call of Duty Championship 2014. sBusiness Gaming, Trident Dotters, FaZe Pro Team, and Team EnVyUs are guaranteed a Top 6 placement at the Championship.

Here is the latest bracket:

Watch the action all weekend long on and Xbox 360 app! We’re also posting updates live on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! The Final match will take place Sunday, March 30th LIVE on Xbox One, and Xbox 360 app starting at 3pm PT!

  • jordanxbrookes

    OpTic destroyed tK and sB. Now the challenge is CompLexity. #GreenWall

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      1v1 meh

      • jordanxbrookes

        Anytime bro 😛

        • Guest

          I’ll give you a 1v1 as you already apparently know how good I am at COD – “NadeShot is definitely better than you”.

          • jordanxbrookes

            He is bro, don’t be mad 😛

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            Josh 1v1 me

          • Josh

            What console do you have?

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          Gamer tag?

  • Guest

    “There was some major upsets, including both UK teams TCM and Epsilon being sent home after loosing their matches” Loosing? Really? 😉 Fix that

  • cesc-2007

    The green wall is getting bigger.