The 2014 Call of Duty Championship has come to an end. After 3 days of intense matches, some upsets, and more, the second Call of Duty World Champion has been determined.

Congrats to COMPLEXITY on winning 2014 Championship and the $400,000 prize!

TOP 8:

  1. Complexity – $400,000
  2. Team EnVyUs – $200,000
  3. OpTic Gaming – $120,000
  4. sBusiness Gaming – $100,000
  5. Trident Dotters – $70,000
  6. FaZe Competitive – $50,000
  7. The Rise Nation – $35,000
  8. VexX Revenge – $25,000

Recap of some the action from Day 3: 

Team EnVyUs defeated the Australian Team, Trident Dotters, 3-0 in the series to allow them to advance to Top 4. From there, Team EnVyUs went on to play sBusiness Gaming and that series ended with EnVyUs winning and advancing. EnVyUs went to play OpTic Gaming in the Lower Bracket Final and EnVyUs won the Lower Bracket and advanced to play Complexity in the Grand Final.

sBusiness Gaming came in hot today and took out FaZe 3-0 in their series. FaZe went on to play Trident Dotters in a 5th/6th placement decider match and Trident Dotters came out on top and took 5th place.

Thanks for tuning in to our coverage all weekend long! As a reminder, Double XP is still live on Call of Duty: Ghosts for all platforms till Tues. April 1st; on Tuesday, tune in to IGN for Devastation Day stream; and on Thursday, Devastation DLC for Ghosts releases on Xbox platforms!

As for upcoming eSports tournaments, the next one will be MLG PAX Invitational on April 11th and 12th.

  • JayTeee

    Not of fan of coL but gotta hand it to them, they are really good. I don’t see them losing any lan this year.

    • jordanxbrookes

      They’re a great team, but they’re too cocky.

      • Edwin Cortez

        There’s nothing wrong with that…

        • jordanxbrookes

          It’s not good sportsmanship. Or should I say eSportsmanship 😉

          • Edwin Cortez

            They had 400000 reasons why

  • wholetthedogout

    Envis got owned by complexity so Hard!

    • Alexander Thomas


    • jordanxbrookes

      1] It’s EnVyUs
      2] It’s compLexity

      • Edwin Cortez

        I belive you are a sored optic fanboy…

        • jordanxbrookes

          1] It’s believe
          2] It’s OpTic
          3] OpTic placed 3rd, why would I be a sore fanboy?

          • Edwin Cortez

            Third place is losing thats the reason why. Optic again couldn’t take it all the way. And dont worry a capital letter its only used at the beginning of a word 😉 pro tip for you

          • jordanxbrookes

            Oh yeah because getting 3rd place and going home $120k is definitely losing. Pro tip: The name is ‘compLexity’, deal with it.

          • Edwin Cortez

            The capital letters are just for the looks, they don’t mean any different with or without… So if your are trying to correct something that isn’t wrong, your just wasting your time. The name its COMPLEXITY

          • K.E.M

            1.) It’s not It’s believe. He meant I believe. Retard lol.

          • omgurheadsgone

            he was correcting his spelling, not grammar

          • IceKoldKilla

            He WAS right. He meant: It’s “believe” not “belive”. Had nothing to do with “I” or “It’s”.

          • ^DELUSIONAL^

            He was correcting the retard’s spelling but thanks for joining the retard club anyway

          • jordanxbrookes

            When I said ‘It’s believe’ I meant It’s the word ‘believe’. Retard lol.

      • wholetthedogsout

        WHO THE FUCK CARES!? fu** EnVyUs, compLexity FTFW

        • jordanxbrookes

          OpTic FTW!

      • youradickjordanxbrookes

        Omg stfu you fag

  • Dylan DuGirls

    Who would’ve thought after all these past 1st place finishes that coL would win World Champs. Mind blown

  • Guest

    OpTic did fantastic this year. #GreenWall4Life

  • jordanxbrookes

    The ‘S’ isn’t for Superman, it’s for Scumpii, as in OpTic Scumpii.

  • What About It

    Look at Aches… Pathetic fucking nerd

  • K.E.M

    Last year CoL placed 1st and Envy placed 2nd and OpTic 3rd.
    Odd right? Envy needs Saints on their team. OpTic needs to add a second team like Curse does,with Rambo,Big T (though he retired), Proofy, and Jkap.

    • Duke of hazard

      CoL placed 4th last year. Fariko placed 1st

    • Kyle

      Fariko Impact Placed 1st, nV Placed Second, OpTic Placed 3rd, coL Placed 4th. Dumbass

    • You are actually retarded

  • MekkanReff

    can we a get slideshow of all the starving children we could’ve saved with that money? thanks

    • IceKoldKilla

      Hate people that say that. Each person is entitled to do what they want with their shit. It’s their right. Who are you to say what we need to do? If you’re really about helping then AWESOME but go live in Africa and help instead of saying that. People that donate are just lazy as fuck and that money most of the time doesn’t even end up helping because these organizations need it for other shit or the food there gets stolen from crazy people with power. Oh and while I’m on topic, it’s best to offer work and ways to grow food rather than cans of food that won’t last much. Also offering free food means businesses end up closing since people don’t buy. Like I said, better give work, shelter and ways of making food.


      Maybe you should start a huge business worth millions of dollars and then give all your money away to charity. And these pro players need money to survive as well

      • patrickolson

        tweener boys don’t need 400 grand to live on.

        • ^DELUSIONAL^

          Yes they do because since they are practicing all day they don’t have time for another job

          • patrickolson

            Are you 12? You really have no idea what the value if money is do you.

  • Mike Fadamiro

    where was Fariko Impact this championship?


      You are fucking dumb.

      • Mike Fadamiro

        Thanks for the response maam

        • Gabe

          Fariko broke up/were dropped. All of the players parted ways. ie. Parasite went to Curse (LV?)

    • jordanxbrookes

      Did you just seriously ask that question? *facepalm*

      • Mike Fadamiro

        Yeah I did can I get an answer

        • Sasaki

          They didn’t qualify

          • Mike Fadamiro

            Thank you for being a nice person

    • The Fariko Impact are no longer a team; Killa is a free agent, Parasite and MirX are on Curse Las Vegas, and Karma is on CompLexity.

  • IMO MLG Anaheim 1-4 placings:
    1.) OpTic
    2.) compLexity
    3.) Curse Las Vegas
    4.) EnVyUs
    tK is good but I don’t see them top 4.

    • jordanxbrookes

      If OpTic keep on practicing, then this is possible, otherwise I’d say they’d place 2nd.

  • Jippy

    This comment section sounds like a bunch of pissy old men.

    • patrickolson

      better than stupid 12 year olds

  • bsktballmsu1

    congrats to trident dotters on not having to lose money due to tax since they are in a foreign country