Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Design Joe Cecot spoke with DigitalSpy at the Call of Duty Championship. There, they discussed how the new 3 year dev cycle is changing the studio.

It will give us some more time, let us spread our wings a bit and give us time to try some new things,” explained Cecot. “I think you can see, because of that extra time, it’s starting to show in our current DLC, like the stuff with Mike Myers and our upcoming DLC. We’ve had some more time to do something different.”

Cecot went on to say that the 3 year cycle also makes the team need to predict more of how the FPS genre will be different in next several years.

“It will give us some more time, but it’s an interesting challenge too, because we have to plan farther ahead, so we have to predict where first-person shooters are going to be and where Call of Duty is going to be in those three years.

“But for us as developers, there are games that you work with for five or seven years, so it’s still a tight schedule.”

SOURCE: DigitalSpy

  • Matthew

    Yes lets add an invisible maniac streak into the game instead of fixing all the current glitches and over powered guns and streaks. Great thinking, If you have 3 years to make the next CoD then hopefully it shouldn’t be so fucking crap like the poor excuse of a game called Ghosts.

    • TheWalkingDon

      What game are you playing where the streaks are over powered? I’ll give you that I think the MTAR is a bit OP, but streaks are way under powered. When a battle hind only gets 3 kills, it’s under powered.

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        Agreed. Streaks are almost pointless in this game.

      • ThisGuy

        Stupid ass Trinity rocket might kill one person

      • Matthew

        Lets see…dogs that can take 3 sniper bullets to the face and then jump at you from 10m away and kill you insantly? Pretty much all the air streaks are overpowered in a way because aside from shooting them down theres no lock on rocket to shoot it down with. squad mates that seem to have the best aim in the world and 4 times the health you have and still walk around with a riot shield, the odin is stupid, if a guy gets 15 kills in one game no matter how many deaths he gets a juggernaut?? great idea. And don’t get me started on guns, pretty much every LMG with tracker sight or thermal with a silencer has no recoil, silenced AK-12. The list goes on.

        • Eric Mandzuk

          Yea the dogs are way to overpowered

    • jordanxbrookes

      They fixed pretty much everything and your still complaining, just leave. -_-

      • SharpShooter

        Never fixed the actually gameplay. The instance deaths, the campy nature(maybe caused by stupidly big maps) …… just not addticive like previous COD titles.

        • GhostsPS4

          The game is 0% populated with campers here on PS4, the Maps are not too big and not too small. And once again, they can’t change the ‘actual’ gameplay. This is Ghosts, like it or dislike it.

        • fires

          Instant deaths are because of the immensely better connection, where the 3 shot kills actually kill in 3 shots, instead of like 8.

          • Mr Doge

            Haha this is one of the most honest comments I have EVER seen. A lot of guns in Bo2 killed in 3 shots. Ungrateful people complain when they are given what they want.

          • bImperial

            I always see people bitching about TTK when its the LACK of frame skipping…and thats GOOD….means that Ghosts takes skills cause you have to aim….not spray and pray like a retard -_-

        • jordanxbrookes

          Blame the campers on the community for using this cheap tactic, and as for instant deaths, the TTK is lesser than previous games, that’s why you feel instantly killed. Don’t like Ghosts? Move onto to something else.

      • Ben

        Yeah, they fixed pretty much everything, except the poorly optimised PC version.

        • Cloud Flash

          As someone who bought it first day on Steam and has regretted it ever since, I don’t think that will ever be fixed.

        • jordanxbrookes

          I’m not a PC player, but sorry that you’re not having the best for Ghosts.

      • Felipe Rios

        Spawns… Spawns…

  • K

    If they think that even a three year schedule is tight, they must have really been under pressure with the previous two year cycle.
    I hope they can step it back up somehow. Ghosts was a huge disappointment. A new engine that takes advantage of the new systems and advances in tech is desperately needed.

  • Of course it gives them more time….. I mean…. Simple math….

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    The only thing that keeps IW relevant is COD 4 and MW2. They honestly shouldn’t be in the cycle at all.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Honestly, I’d be happy with only Treyarch every few years. That way, instead of rushing to sell the next COD game, they can work more on their current game with patches, microtransactions, and maybe even more/bigger DLC.

    • ccrows

      Right OMA/DC, LS, deathstreaks, nuke boosters, and EZMode QSing was just awesome with MW2. */sarcasm*

      I’ve give you COD4 was a great game, but IMHO MW2 was thrash…

    • jordanxbrookes

      What’s wrong with MW3 and Ghosts?

      • ccrows

        The only problem I had with MW3 was SRP (post patch).

        FFA got ruined because of that, and while it wasn’t as bad in Dom it still sucked if you tried to flank.

        If DS countered SRP then I’d still be playing MW3 on and off just like I do with COD4 and BO2 (along with Ghosts)…

      • in MW3 only 3 guns are good, the ACR, the MP7 and the striker

    • i♥COD

      total agree although i actually loved mw3 too, 20 prestiges. it was just the run and gun play that was addictive in all the titles. Ghosts never had that, campy one hit deats etc

    • fires

      besides, you know, they kinda were the original devs. And you know, introduced pointstreaks, and you know, brought cod into the AAA platform when medal of honor was top dog. Yeah, fuck them, take them out of the cycle, and make it a 2 year cycle again. I mean are you fucking kidding me?! IF you hate IW that much, at least appreciate they give more time to treyarch and sledgehammer.

      • The Old IW left, and joined EA, this is a 3rd party under the Guise of IW in my opinion.

  • Yea, I am pretty sure that everyone is expecting something a little bit more substantial than a little Micheal Myers or Predator map unlock with the new 3 year development cycle. Most importantly a completed, solid, 90% bug free game at release.

    • Guest

      There will always be people that are not satisfied with a game, such is life. That being said, a Beta is required, even if for a select few to test out the game before its release. The more people testing the better. I know IW had people testing Ghosts out prior to release, but clearly not enough as somehow the I.E.D’s and overpowered guard dog animation were missed. It’s also possible that the testers caught some flaws prior to release that we don’t know about. I do rather enjoy Ghosts as a whole and certainly enjoy the DLC and the direction they’ve taken with that. Can’t wait to see what the Dev’s can do with the power of the new consoles for future CODs.

      • The problem is with these so called testers is that they are COD “VIPs” which basically translates to YouTube stars that will never say anything bad about the series or developers for fear of losing their privlidges. They need to invite players from all walks of the game or just go back to having some sort of BETA to get things ironed out and get feedback.

        Honestly though speaking from the PC side. They know what they need to do to gain the respect back from us and that is put some control back in our hands with servers and some sort of tools. Radiant I don’t see happening again due to DLC but if they don’t seriously think about the PC community this time around then they should honestly just stop making the game for PC. It is a ridiculous failure at this point.

  • Ryumoau

    It seems like the 3 year cycle will be better for everyone all around. Can’t imagine what Treyarch has in store, considering their last two games have been my favorite and they only had under 2 years to make them. 🙂

  • Crusf

    Even if they innovate for the next CoD in 3 years with a brand spanking new engine and next gen graphics, You people will STILL hate on Call of Duty. What grinds my gears are the people who cry for change and complain when changes are made. Hype surrounds the game and when they die a ton of times in MP they hate the game as a whole and give us there highly stereotypical “I’m done with CoD same rehashed shit every year*insert detailed complaints about MP here**insert minor nitpicks about other modes here*,” comments.

    • ccrows

      +1 This post is spot on!

      People that enjoy the current COD are too busy having fun playing it.

      People that don’t like the current COD flood the message boards trying to troll it.

      ^ The problem with the latter is that others think that “The sky is falling” when in reality how many months has it been since Ghosts was the best selling game?

      IMO Ghosts is a great game, and the extra year will “hopefully” make the next game even better…

      • kyr95

        Unfortunately, many people just never get satified :/

      • sahzoom

        I think that is correct, but the reason why people complain about ghosts is because they changed a lot of things for the better, like gun balance, animations, etc. But they change more things that should have been left alone, for example, the killstreaks. The field orders in the devastation pack and the previous dlc are the killstreaks that should have been in the base game, like the A10, artillery strikes, etc. DLC will not make up for a bland base game.

        The other two things that people complain about the most are the maps and the pacing. They go hand in hand with each other. When you creat large open maps (stonehaven) and poorly designed maps with lots of places to hide (chasm), you get a very campy, slow pace of gameplay. The other factor in this is the health and IEDs. When you have the same 100 health, but with guns that kill very quickly, you dont want to take risks because you know you will die instantly and have no chance of retreating. and with the invisible 1 second fuse IEDs, there is even more incentive to camp.

        Overall, I like ghosts as a game, its balanced, has cool features, but those features do not outweigh the fact that the killstreaks are boring, the (base) maps arent very good and the pacing is very slow with lots of campers. This equals a very low fun factor compared to every other call of duty. I love COD, so dont get tell me to get off this forumn for hating on COD. Ghosts is just not a step forward. It took 1 step forward and 2 very big steps back

        • kyr95

          I respect your opinion man and to tell you the truth i think yure absolutely right on these points. Ghosts overall isnt neither a great game nor a bad game, its a good game. I really dont blame IW too much , because they really had great ideas that were just implemented wrong. To finish with,im sure SHG will surprise us this year 😉

          • Tayler Hammond

            Sledgehammer wants to make the next call of duty in 3rd person.

          • Guest

            If your statement is correct, I have a very hard time seeing myself forking out $ for a third person shooter. Tried MW2 third person mode out which was okay for a change, but I wouldn’t have spent any $ on it. First person FPS for me, maybe others would enjoy that better than first person. Hopefully they can incorporate both first and third person modes into their game.

          • kyr95

            Actually ,the 3rd person cod youre talking about was a project that shg indeed had in mind but dropped and helped iw in the mw3 singleplayer

          • Mitch

            Incorrect. They had a 3rd person action adventure in development, which was the reason why they joined Activision’s teams in the first place. However, this project got most likely canceled due to a lot of employees leaving IW.

          • Guest

            no, it’s 1st person. Before, they were working on a 3rd person Call of Duty project but it has been canceled and now they are working on a different new CoD

          • 111AlaN111

            I dont think they will do something like that. It would put hate on them

          • HotHam

            you are completely wrong. the game they were working on before mw3 was 3rd person. but it got scarped because activison needed them to help finish mw3 after the law suit and staff members leaving

          • Мальчиков

            it won’t be 3rd person shooter..

        • cesc-2007

          Spot on.

        • Baldmanz_RAGE

          I couldn’t agree with you more. This was very well though out. If more people wrote comments like this no one would come across as a hater, they would just come across as someone who has constructive criticism. “Crusf” was right, people complain that there is no change but when there is they bitch about that. Unfortunately that will probably never change. People hated on BO2 throughout the year after launch but then went back to it when they didn’t like Ghosts. Ghost has a lot of things i like for example, Field orders, sliding, hit detection is great, grip attachment actually helps the gun, etc. But with the good comes the bad(for me), you die too quick which reduces gun skill especially from far away, health of the players should go up a little, maps are too big but i think that was a product of trying to introduce the Marksman Rifle class, Kill streaks are really boring. But what really reduced my playing time was the fact there was no incentive to prestige which was the only thing that allowed me to push past the things that upset me and i am not a big fan on having all the guns available at the start. This should never change from previous models because IMHO it makes you want to level up quicker. Also I lost a little respect with Activision for selling a micro transaction for extra slots when it should of been built into the prestige formula like in previous games. Inexcusable in my book. Having said that, Ghosts is not a bad game it is just different and basically it comes down to personal preference.

        • Justin MD

          {A Better Ghosts} Just for fun.

          Stuff; Squad points is not good. Unlock things as I level up. Unlock attachments as my weapon levels up. Sick of gold being the last camo, chrome would be better. 10 camos total (Snow, Digital Red, Choco, Realtree, Rust, Black Diamond Plate, Sapphire, Leopard, Transparent, & Chrome). 25 headshots to unlock each and every camo. 10 prestige headgear, uniform, and emblem patches. 10th prestige gets you a Medal Of Honor patch, a thumbs up Tina Palacios & Mark Rubin ‘You Did It!’ player card/background, and a ‘Thank You For Reaching 10th Prestige’ duet song sung by Tina Palacios & Mark Rubin. Add Hardpoint, Demolition, and Team Defender. Add Black Hat. Players ammo will decrease rapidly if they don’t cap flags in domination. A new TDM Body Killer game mode. In order to die, you have to get shot in the right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, torso, and head.

          Streaks; Predator missile instead of Trinity Rocket. One 3 kill Sat Com should act like a UAV. No Advanced UAV. Large streaks are unnecessary. Specialist would remain the same. Combination of Support & Assault streaks, both earned like assault, all being 3, 5 & 7 killstreaks. MAAWS, Hind, & Vulture become 7 kill, Vests are 5. Add Remote Sniper, SAM Turret, Assault Drone, Helmet Turret, Revenge Night Owl (Quickly seeks out the last enemy that killed you. BOOM!), & Lethal/Tactical Crate (May contain Tear gas grenades) Killstreaks.

          • Justin MD

            Maps; Every map should have a random time of day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening). On Fog; instead of Michael Meyers, how about Swamp Thing? He uses no weapons. He can break your limbs or pick you up and throw you. Adrienne Barbeau is hidden somewhere in the map. If he finds her, she flashes him to regenerate his health. A water area on the map where if you got too close, an alligator can jump out and kill you. On Flooded; parking ramp is 3 levels, building across from it has four, a mid-map rapid rush of flowing water field order. On Octane; every vehicle should blow up, take out boarded up windows, a WW2 flamethrower field order. On Prison Break; the tumbling logs should be on top of the cliff facing downhill where the action is, a Prison Tower Guards w/ M16 field order. On Siege; an underground tunnel system through the pit, train should go all way next to B-DOM, accessible elevated pipes that go over the train tracks and into the pit.

            For new maps – An actual battlefield map; Trenches, a mortar on each side, watch towers, ammo-limited turrets, respawning on your side only. A forest map with no buildings or shelter, lots of trees and underbrush, a John Rambo Field order. He will yell a lot and use a M60E3 machine gun and a big knife. A sporting goods store map; two-story, elevator, everything is off the rack shootable, campers can hangout in their own department, a 4 Store Security Talking Vulture field order. A farm map; Corn maze, all access inside multi-story grain silos/farm house/barn & equipment buidings, shootable ducks, incoming punkin chunkin field order. A Shipment II map; Multi-level and larger than the original. That would be a good map pack.

            DLC; Each map pack gets a Legend Pack, new weapon, 4 new maps, and a unchanged Classic Map. The extra micro characters should be in game unlockables. Like beating the campaign on regular to get Rorke. Doberman & rottweiler dog skins.

          • Guest

            Got your just for fun sarcasm. Since you mentioned camo unlocks I want to say that the leaning mechanic in Ghosts promotes camping. I don’t want to be leaning to get a camo, it’s annoying to me and probably everyone else. I like to be where the action is. Leaning is fine on its own, it’s unique, but it should not be part of obtaining a camo.

          • Justin MD

            I agree with you on leaning. That’s why I want every camo to be unlocked with headshots (25 for each one).

          • jordanxbrookes

            lol duet song, that made me chuckle haha.

          • damoenjohn

            I like how you said unlocking by leveling up. They should make it to how bit was in blops 1. With that same thing but a currency as well.

          • Justin MD

            Yep. And with a currency there could be wager matches. My friends and I liked those.

        • chris

          I agree with u but u don’t die quick coz I run round the map and get into like 5 gun fights before I die and the ied got patched and Its not a problem anymore

      • TheShadowReaper

        sry for not being hypocritical then. although Ghosts is the first COD that i havent been playing since release. i’m not bashing generally on COD though. thats the difference between a fan of the series and a dog that just barks “omfg the same shit every year, die already COD!” at least i dont do these kind of comment. but Ghosts is bad imo.

    • atomicblast360

      I just want Zombies 🙁

    • Rorke File

      I’m really exited about the next COD made by Sledghammergames

    • jordanxbrookes

      Pardon for my language, but it’s people like that who need to fuck off. I too am fed up of the whole “Infinity Ward fix your game; Infinity Ward your game is broken; Infinity Ward why do you bother making CoD, your game sucks” bullshit. If you seriously dislike Call of Duty that much, why the fuck are you even here? Kudos to you bro.

    • Justin

      Fuck you and your incredibly accurate post about every person that plays this game, I respect you greatly, sir!. You are so fucking spot on it’s not even funny, I hate the people who shit on this game, you suck at it, the game isn’t broken, your ability to adjust to a new game shows that your skill as a gamer is broken. Yes this game was tough at first, bad spawns,big maps, dying fast, whatever, but you adjust and it is one of the best CoDs i have ever played.

  • Michael

    Well let’s lay out the cards here. What the community wants I.W. is for you guys to not fuck up on another cod and give us better spawns to look forward to. (Not getting mad or anything just giving my honest opinion.) also new game modes would be nice. And SMALL MAPS I REPEAT… SMALL MAPS.

    • smayo

      Not only small/medium maps but also open maps without the uncountable buildings in them, maps like afghan, village, firing range, jungle, summit etc maps like that i want to see

      • Michael

        Yeah that’s what I was thinking when I made that comment just didnt add it cause i thought it be to long of a comment. But yeah small to medium and less buildings is what they should focus on when map designing

  • And than bring them out in DLCs.

  • exeterman2

    Hopefully it will bring it back to the good cods (the last of which being BO1). Recently they have been laggy, unbalanced, buggy and just straight up crap.

  • GinsuVictim

    The most annoying thing in that article:


    Really? We’re talking about an icon of horror, not Austin Shrekin’ Powers.

    • That would be pretty funny though. Having they Austin Powers theme playing. *Stab* “OHHHH Behave!”

  • Eric Mandzuk

    I don’t care what any one says I like ghosts a lot it’s fun.

  • Celest1ne

    I like ghosts. They did a lot of good things with this game like balance and trying some new things. However there is almost no skill gap. That is partly because of the high damage weapons and partly because the spawns are so messed. Overall it’s a solid game but with no skill gap it gets frustrating being killed by people that don’t know what they’re doing because they land 2 lucky shots. I like the sliding mechanic, the game modes are solid and they have supported this game better than they ever have before but overall when there is no determining factor between good and bad players it gets really annoying.

    • I agree 100%. I struggle so hard to go positive in this game, and over half of my deaths feel unwarranted. I went 9-48 on a domination on Whiteout last week, raged and shut it off. I hopped on MW3 10 minutes later and I went 30-2 Using an M16 exclusively, no rapid fire. There is absolutely no skill gap. They need to bring Heavy Duty back.

      • Celest1ne

        I stopped playing ghosts almost entirely. Went back to BO2 where I can actually kill people because good player succeed.

      • thebulky1cometh

        9-48? Yeah, Mr. Estrogen is a PERFECT name for you.

        • Did you read the rest of the post, retard? Go download some more RAM you fat fuck.

          • thebulky1cometh

            Yes, I read it. You struggle to go positive, half your deaths feel unwarranted, and you went 9-48. You, sir, are a horrible COD player. You have also revealed yourself to be a classic internet tough guy; a curious case, considering your user name. Finally, I don’t know what Random Access Memory has to do with anything, and I don’t think one can download it.

          • You only cared of the negative. I have positive K/D in every CoD, And you obviously didn’t read the rest of my post or you would have read “I hopped on MW3 10 minutes later and I went 30-2 Using an M16 exclusively, no rapid fire.”. There’s no skill gap in Ghosts. I can get killed just as easily by someone with a .8 K/D than by someone with a 2.0. If you don’t believe me I will be more than happy to post the match on YouTube.

          • thebulky1cometh


  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. New thiiiiiiiiiings……

  • K.E.M

    Just add more game modes (Hardpoint,CTF,War,Grind,etc:.)better dedicated servers,small – medium maps, more variety of guns,better kill streaks, return of character customization with more options, Sniper only playlist,no OP tacticals.
    And we’re good.

  • Sam

    This is not iw its a shit team of staff who didn’t help with the game back when it was mw and mw2 or if they did it was on the basic parts of the game. Respawn are the true iw. Titanfall is great and the true mw3! Plus why did the “iw” team need help with ghosts i can understand mw3 but why ghosts!? The true cod fans know the last great cod was and still is mw2.

  • tom coon

    I reckon that there should now be 2 years worth of cod dlc for each game

  • Abhishek Jain

    they r asking more time just to add cat in the next IW game

  • thebulky1cometh

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- if developers listened to the community, the game would be filled with maps the size of nuke town/dome, overpowered smgs, and overpowered kill streaks. It’s really OK to have bigger maps- switch up your tactics from running/spraying every once in a while.

    The two most legitimate complaints about Ghosts are spawns and time to kill. That’s about it.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      They better not touch that TTK. It’s perfect as it is. This way, my enemies stand no chance to turn around when I shoot them from my camping corner. If they increase the health or nerf the damage of the weapons then it will kill corner camping since people will be able to turn around and have a chance to shoot back.

      It will ruin corner camping and I hope IW won’t give in these ridiculous demands. They better not lose their camping player base.

  • Dave

    Okay I’m not hating on cod. Ive always loved it. Ghosts is an okay game, and the multiplayer is really fun. But I usually buy the game for the story, and this year, the lack of effort showed. The campaign may have been the worst so far. I love you cod, but you let me down this year with the story which you gave so much hype.

  • joey

    infinity ward defo need a 3 year cycle cas cod chost was an insult especially their so called new game mode extinction which was a waste of time stop i mean i played it once and never again they nneed to stop screwing up and give us a proper game cas their last few games i.e mw3 and chost have just been running the franchise to the ground