Beachhead Studio has posted a new update in the Call of Duty app announcing the dates for the next Clan War. The next Bronze-Platinum Clan War takes place on April 2nd.

Call of Duty®: Clan War: Las Vegas – Luck will on get you so far as the next Bronze-Platinum Division Clan War heads to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. Get prepared, as the war will run from 12pm PDT / 8pm BST on Wednesday, April 2nd until 12pm PDT on Monday, April 7th.

The next Diamond Division War will start April 4th.

Spring may be coming elsewhere in the world, but you’ll need your cold weather gear as this week’s Diamond Division Clan War takes us to Siberia. With the War Cry in-game unlocks still up for grabs, and all important Diamond Division leaderboards points there for taking, you’ll want to be ready to compete over the weekend.

Diamond Division runs from April 4th through April 7th with the times:
-Europe: Starts 7pm BST, ends 11pm BST
-Eastern: Starts 7pm EST, ends 11pm EST
-Pacific: Starts 7pm PDT, ends 11pm PDT

SOURCE: Call of Duty App

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Please don’t drop me in with clans that play 10 hours a day again, I like playing maybe an hour or 2 at the latest, I mean you’d think the skill based system would actually work but it’s more of pot luck.

    • Winnebago

      100% agree, solo players who are not on often should not have to face 5/6 party clans who are try harding to the max. The skill based system should be buffed up IMO.

      • Edwin Cortez

        i find it dificult too when you get paired against clans from other consoles.

    • amathy

      there is no skill based system in ghosts

    • WWND

      then join a clan that wont dip on you dont go back if they just drop you

  • Ayran and Kebab

    Does the Top 3 Clans win and get into the same Division if they’re not Diamond or only the first one? (sorry for my bad english)

    • Josh

      Your English is not that bad compared to some of the people on the comments section who can barely construct a sentence correctly or have poor spelling.

  • Sniper

    I hate the clans I’ve been in. The diamond clans were even worse. I want to join a diamond clan that actually wins. Hopefully my clan will win the next clan wars…

    • Sorry for “spamming” but if you or anyone else need a clan that’s serious in Clan Wars and gaming in general check out Reloaded Zone.
      We’re a international 18+ clan, at 😉

    • jsilentjay

      Our clan will be there though

    • Some Guy

      Genesis of Love is my clan, we just signed up for Diamond Division. It’s only me and my friend who play, the others in our clan are there so we are eligible to play Clan Wars. But so far in the ones we’ve been in, we’ve won them all and we’ve been fighting full on clans with 6+ people while we are only 2. Give us a try if you want, my bud excels in TDM and Dom while I excel in Search and Destroy/Rescue and Cranked.

      • Sniper

        Sure. I’ll apply through the clan right now. My psn is Silentchaos01

        • Sniper

          The ghosts app I mean

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    If you guys are running solo and it’s clan wars, I advise you guys to pack two IEDs and camp. I’ve been successful this way and it made clan wars week really fun. I heard countless of clans yelling profanities at me when my IEDs gets them. I also use a Thermal LMG and lie prone on the floor. If my IEDs don’t kill them then my trusty Thermal M27 will finish them off.

    It’s really fun when you get the whole clan focused on getting you. Their frustration and agony fuels my camp fire.

    Pro tip: Try lying on top a body of a fallen victim with Incognito. It confuses a lot of my enemies and it buys me a lot of time to kill them.

    • tom coon

      dude i like your play style = )

    • Colorado Grov

      thank u for sharing that. I’m that one that runs in w blast shield on run/gunning w NO sights.. so now I know where to look. 😉

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        Trust me, it won’t work against my Danger Close loadout. You will still go boom and if you happen to survive, I’ll be in a corner where you least expect me, ADS’d on your direction.

        Camping is the way Ghosts is meant to be played. It should have been obvious to you guys by now. This is how the devs intended the game to be played.

        • uMAD

          Im on both sides of the fence of this.. DOM my K/D suffers but i have 15-20 caps a game… Tops was 22… TDM I set out to camp in crazy places, I fire without a silencer at random so they know where Im at… (Mobile Camper)

    • Winabego

      Best way to deal with a camper don’t go near them, tell you’re mates where they are and avoid that area. Also place an I.E.D or explosive at the rooms exit so when camper gets bored and realizes people are avoiding him, he goes boom when he decides to grow a pair and wants to play.

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        If you’re with a group of randoms, it would not work. Trust me, it won’t. People are still lining up that upper floor above the bakery in Warhawk. I played long enough to know that a team of randoms will get so obsessed trying to get their revenge kill on you.

    • John

      get the fuck out of here nigga. wtf you telling niggas to fudging camp -.-
      that’s some gay shit right there that’s why cod is not fun , camping ass hoes like you.

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        Well, up against a clan in a clan wars week, you have no choice. It’s either you get slaughtered or break even. It’s hard to fight a whole clan when you have a team of randoms. This is why you need to use your brain and camp. You still get a nice KD, you will do decent and you won’t get slaughtered.

        What I’m sharing here is a tried and tested strategy that worked good during clan wars week. If you’re in a clan then good for you but for solo players, you got to do what you got to do or end up road kill for these clans.

        • jsilentjay

          you don’t know how clan wars works do you? Its not like you can win it playing solo so why would you be worried about your KD. You must suck if the only way you can go positive is by camping

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            I know how clan wars work. What I’m talking about here is a strategy for solo players who are NOT in a clan.

          • ToRPiDo-_BLuNTz

            here’s a strategy

            get good

    • i hate campers

      Really?¡¡¡ And I’m sure you’re proud to give these pro player tips¡¡ Awesome¡

      • Run N Gunning Camper

        What;s wrong with sharing some tips? It does work and a lot of people falls for it.

        • stupid

          why do you camp? cause you get killed if you don’t

          get good and you don’t have to camp 😉

          • uMAD

            Probably takes more skill to camp and defend off a team of 6 at a time if they are coordinated then it does run around the map picking off 1 at a time… Just saying

  • Person

    It has West and East coast times but what about Central? When does Central clan wars start?

  • Neil Vince Annang

    Good luck to all of yah.. Whos clan is in Diamond Devison

  • matt c

    I have a note 2 and cant get the app. Where can i find out which game modes are competing in clan wars?

  • Johnaz_Panda

    Anyone else getting problems with the clan war? My app isn’t working properly