Infinity Ward and Activision have posted some new details about some features and goodies available within the new Extinction Mayday map, part of the Devastation DLC pack available April 3rd on Xbox LIVE.

Here’s what’s within the new map:

New Cryptid: Seeder

If you think getting surrounded by Scorpions is bad, just wait until you run into an angry Seeder. New to Episode 2, these nasty Cryptids fire damaging gas projectiles in addition to producing pods that transform into plant-like turrets around the battlefield. If aliens taking swipes at you wasn’t bad enough, you’ll also have to contend with heavy fire from multiple angles.

Obviously, this can lead to some pretty hectic situations. Get your Weapon Specialist to take out the Seeder ASAP and hope that your Medic is fast on their feet if things get out of control.


Where there are new dangers, there are new toys. If you got your hands on the powerful and mysterious Venom-X weapon in Nightfall, you’re definitely going to want to pick it up in Mayday. Episode 2 introduces crafting, allowing players to customize the Venom-X in one of four possible variations. Each variation offers a different means of eradicating Cryptids, which is definitely going to come in handy during difficult encounters.

Enhanced Exploration

Episode 2 takes place in a massive environment, and we want you to explore as much as possible. Multiple side paths have been added to reward players with helpful items such as locker keys, additional attachments, weapons and bonus cash. As your team gets ever closer to approaching the deadly Kraken, you’ll want to be sure that you’re loaded up for the big fight, so try not to miss out on valuable loot along the way.

Parting Words of Wisdom

Each Extinction level offers its own unique set of obstacles to overcome, and Episode 2 is no different. For an effective start, don’t forget to vary your loadouts, especially when it comes to the different available classes. A varied team gets the most out of available traps (Engineer), high-damage focus fire (Weapon Specialist), team healing (Medic) and a meat shield when the swarms start closing in (Tank).

Communicate when drilling hives and always, always do your best to complete Challenges. Those extra skill points can mean the difference between success and failure in the later parts of the level.

SOURCE: Activision

  • Jawn

    Now of only they would add more guns to the loadouts.

    • HenryDF

      More pistols? There aren’t many more to add, and there’s already a decent range – you’ve got two basic semi-autos, one heavy duty Magnum, and a full auto.

      EDIT: My bad, I forgot the M9A1 was 3-burst.

      • DJ JD

        There is no full auto lol it’s a 3 burst dumb

        • Your dumb ass f**k DJ, The very last Pistol is Full Auto. Don’t call someone dumb, when you yourself, is retarded.

          • DJ JD

            How about no just stfu the pdw pistol is burst

          • Dr. Salim

            pdw is not in extinction dumb ass.

          • DJ JD

            I’m not talking about extinction dumbass

          • Alan Sullivan

            We are talking about extinction DJ.

          • I was talking Extinction, not MP, as this is a Extinction Article. Get your head fixed

      • 111AlaN111

        I want to have more extinction killstreaks and that too, but I’m ok, I guess everyone would like that, but its not that easy to add

      • osaid_98

        Actually, all pistols are unique (semi-auto, revolver, 3 round burst, full auto) but they could add a shotty

      • Puppysmith

        Oobi is gay.

  • HenryDF

    Anyone feel like the crafting and the new “Teeth” enhancements you can get should have been included on-disc way back with Point of Contact?

    A lot of this is really nice stuff, as was the addition of Character Customization with Nightfall, but it’s stuff that really should have been there when we bought the game back in November rather than adding it now, 6 months after release.

    • Cryptid447

      Well at least we don’t have to pay for it. It comes with updates.