Infinity Ward has released a new hot fix for Ghosts today that has slightly tweaked how the Pointstreak system in Call of Duty: Ghosts works.


Added killstreak point rewards for KC, DOM and Grind game types to promote objective play:

  • KC: Half point rewarded for collecting tags.
  • DOM: Half point rewarded for changing a flag to Neutral, and another half point from neutral to Captured.
  • Grind: Half point rewarded for each tag banked.

With the new update, you now get half a point for capturing a flag, neutralizing a flag, confirming kills, denying kills, and other objective based things. User @StoneWallTabor sent us over a video of the new changes.

SOURCE: Ghosts via @StoneWallTabor

  • Choppabro2psn

    Ghosts is actually starting to become playable now.

    • Rorke File

      it had to be at launch they have lost a lot of players

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Yeah, kinda too late.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      You don’t know how good you CoD players got it. Wish i could say the same about BF4.

      • Sal

        Don’t mention Titanfall, which was the so-called CoD killer but turned out to be just another futuristic FPS.

        This remembers me of what they said when Brink was coming out.

        • Pela me la puto

          Halo 2 anniversary is the REAL CoD killer. No doubt about it.

      • iAmEFFeX

        I do – I bought BF4 and still have a 50% success rate of even getting into a match. Thankfully, I bought Ghosts too.

    • Chris Mason

      Holy fuck. You actually said something positive about Ghosts. Does that mean unicorns exist, too?

      • Choppabro2psn

        That’s exactly what it means, lol. Playable and good are two completely different things, let’s not forget.

  • James K

    It’s a long time coming but it’s appreciated.

  • jordanxbrookes

    This is fantastic for objective players. But no doubt the CoD community will still complain since they have nothing better to do. Thankyou Infinity Ward, keep up the good work.

    • Rorke File

      People dot care about a half point ..

      • jordanxbrookes

        In Dom, it’s half a point for neutralizing and half a point for capturing, so in total brings up to 1 point, having half a point for grabbing tags is good, meaning you’ll get 1 and half points, providing you killed the guy and confirmed the kill. And it’s don’t, not dot.

        • ColonelBoston

          All I play is killcon & as an objective player, the 1/2 point is noticeable as fuck. 20-25 kills/game & 25-30 tags/game goes a long way. Love the patch!

    • Confirminator

      Increase the health by 50% in all modes.

      • Super_Deluxe

        I sort of agree with you on that. If they bring back that increased health playlist (I forgot the name if it) with even more health say 50% more not a tiny bit like before, they’ll turn some heads again. That’s the one playlist that I wished they kept since there are a lot of people who prefer the extra health. Non the less they’re at least trying to save the game. Personally I think it’s too late for me since I already gave up and traded it in but there are still a lot of others who still have the game and are waiting for some things to change. This was a step in the right direction tho but they still got more work to do.

        • Jako

          Go back to Bo2 there obviously not gonna fix it

          • Ghosts converted

            I didnt like Ghosts at 1st. BO2 die hard. But now I cant quit playing Ghosts. I try playing BO2 but cant. I must say IW and Activision did a great job.They really listen to there fans. Cant wait for the other 2 DLC packs and future games

      • Mitch

        Might as well take the servers offline…
        People who say ”increase the health” have no idea what they’re talking about. It would break 80% of the guns in the game, all explosives and a load of poinstreak rewards.

        • Plato/Tomato

          You gotta take what the CoD community says with a shot of penicillin :p

      • Batman

        The health is fine

        • 111AlaN111

          They just should make more weak the IED, or make a way to always detect it, like bouncing betties, you can just go down. So jumping should save you from IEDs

          • It does

          • 111AlaN111

            No, IEDs are invincible unless you use the Blast Shield

          • iAmEFFeX

            This exact suggestion was already included in a previous patch.

          • 111AlaN111

            Yeah, I know it has been “fixed” but it hasn’t. I jump when finding out there’s an IED but it still kills me from a good distance.

            And again, there should be a way to block IEDs like jumping.

          • They are running danger close… run the blast shield perk.

          • 111AlaN111

            No, the perks appear at the killcam, most times there is no Danger Close, even when I jump I die.

          • IT does now???

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        And they need to nerf all guns so it actually takes skill to ADS and follow a kill. Ghosts is nothing but a twitch shooter. The first to react to movement gets the kill regardless of ADS accuracy. Spray and pray baby!!

        • Sal

          You’re describing BO2… And even then if you shot someone on the back they could turn around and hipfire you.

          • Baldmanz_RAGE

            Exactly. I know you like Ghosts but there were actual gun fights in BO2. The only way you get turned on in BO2(besides lag) is if you stop firing before they are down. If the person you are shooting feels that they are getting hit and starts to move it is up to you to show skill and follow the target until they are down. If i want realism i’ll play battlefield. I want COD to get back to how it used to play. Frantic and fast. That will probably never happen in Ghosts which is fine. I don’t understand what changed from MW2 to Ghosts. The maps were just as big(Afghan), people went down just as quick but people moved. I don’t understand why Ghosts plays so slow and methodical. Ghosts did do some good things but all in all its not a game for me. I guess I’ll have to wait till the next Treyarch game which isn’t a guarantee of a better game either.

          • Sal

            “how it used to play” Hilarious, considering that the CoD that set everything on stone, CoD 4, wasn’t about running and gunning like a headless chicken and getting Nuclears because you had better connection.

            Bo2 was 90% luck and positioning. Nothing else.

          • i♥COD

            COD was the mother of running and gunning, BO2 after patches was actualy a decent game too. MW2 and MW3 were spot on. Its true that the gamers activision talked of that ‘only play COD’ are the ones that dont like ghosts because it simply doesnt play like previous CODs.

          • oyoyoy

            They finally lowered the skillgap enough for Sal

          • clercq1983

            It’s not that hard to understand why it’s slow played… It’s most likely because of the low health. The players on the game have changed. Now they al wait untill someone runs around a corner. While in previous COD’s everybody was walking around (not like a headless chicken, but actually strategicly move) You could read the game. Now if you kill somebody, you dont know where they gonna spawn. Probably in you’re back. Treyarc did a good thing with their UAV’s. If there was one up and people where sitting in a corner, you could see them. The new patch is a good answer to that, so people will actually start to move again. But I have my doubts. The younger community has never played it in a different way (at least most of them). The problem I have with this Ghosts game, is you get wallbanged to much. And it’s not ballenced, you can shoot trough a brick wall, but not through some wooden pallets. Or a bar like in strikezone. If you run while you get shot at, and you are 2-3meters behind a wall, they can still hit you. That’s something that never happend in previous cod’s. Exept if there where lagging issue’s. I for one have gone back to BO2, not really for the faults of the game, but the competitive game modes are much better on that. But that’s probably I like League Play more than this Clan v Clan… I hope for the next COD they keep more simple. Like in the good old days on MW2. No 30 something perks or kill/support streaks. Just a couple of each. And then they can continue to work on the stability and accuracy of the game and not thinking on how to counter one perk with another… Just a simple FPS, so you’re skills can help you get the kills…

        • fires

          because that would help the, “cod is unrealistic” insult. Spray n pray is no skill.

        • i♥COD

          total agree, ghosts took the skill out of the COD palyer which is why it was so loved by its core fans all these years. shame

      • i♥COD

        this would be the instnat fix that would get back most of the lost players that have stopped playing. Ghosts main problem was the health, it doesnt play like previous CODs, it stopped the ability to run and gun and made it play more like battlefield one hit death.

    • ColonelBoston

      Agree completely! To me, Ghosts is proof positive that there is NO pleasing this franchises junior high cafeteria. There’s no continuity to anyone’s complaining either — IW changed what people bitched about in BO2, but they’re still bitching in Ghosts. These devs can’t win.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Ikr. “I hate small maps in Black Ops 2, make the maps bigger” *Infinity Ward make bigger maps* “No, the maps are too big make them smaller” LMAO!

        • Psychomaggot105

          You have to agree there are a few maps that are too big? Right?

          • jordanxbrookes

            Maybe Stonehaven, but apart from that, I love the big maps, especially Overlord.

          • ColonelBoston

            All the maps (except Siege) play much smaller than their layout, imo. Stonehaven is huge, but there’s plenty of action at the village. Same with Storm Front & the mall, Chasm & the restaurant/diner, Overlord & the main building, etc.

        • BUTWHYMOM

          lol we hated the small maps like nuketown, not like raid. nobody asked for fucking battlefield sized maps.

          • ColonelBoston

            None of the maps are anywhere near the size of even one section of Rush. But I agree, hyperbole is fun.

        • Plok

          I think the devs took everyone too literally when we said “make bigger maps”. What we meant by this was “make some maps that are bigger”. Essentially a variety is what is desired. When people say Ghosts maps are too big, of course they aren’t talking about the few smaller maps in the game. They’re talking about how a good number are very large in size and, overall, the ratio of big maps to small needs to be in the middle of the spectrum to make the playstyles more varied and the experiences unique

        • Spectre01N7

          It wouldn’t be so bad if there were more players on the map and the health wasn’t so damn low.

      • The only issue I have is the weapons doing too much damage. My only request is to make base health 150. Everything else is just gravy.

        • iAmEFFeX

          If they did this, my concerns with this game would be over.

        • Make it that way but keep snipers where they are… Would hitmarker almost everything otherwise.

      • Edwin Cortez

        Its like people now complains about health, and if sledgehammer makes time to kill on their game low people will complain too.

        • ColonelBoston

          Doesn’t matter what the devs do, people will bitch… then buy the new game, its season pass & dump 25 days into it bitching the whole time that it’s the worst game ever…

      • evilmurk

        Just look on you tube, and do a random search on ghost hacks on xb1, ps4&xb360….. the game is broken, and this has been going on for ever, the developers do not care, as long as they sell the franchise. That’s why people complain, why play a game that exploits hacking, and nothing is done about it.

        • ColonelBoston

          Don’t have to. Most of that shit must be in private matches b/c I’ve seen one god mode once & NOTHING else.

      • ColMustard

        Not everyone complained about BO2; a lot of people saw it for the master piece that it was. People complain about every COD but 95% of BO2 complaints were unwarranted. Ghosts has these absurdly big maps, quick death, bad spawns, camper friendly, blahblahblah.. Anyone who actually likes Ghosts more is probably a hardcore camper or insane. People would have complained less about Ghosts if some of the good DLC maps were in the base game. Just try watching competitive last year V.S. this year and the difference is obvious. I was so looking forward to BO3 and now we’re getting MW4 next year. The reason Ghosts sold well after people realized it was bad was the sheer lack of games to play on new consoles; IW seems like they were out to exploit that. Comparing Mark Rueben and David Vonderhaar is like comparing a graffiti artist to Da Vinci. D.V. was in touch with what serious players wanted and BO2 reflects that.

        • ColonelBoston

          BO2 had unwarranted complaints? Are you fucking stupid? Look, if you consider it a masterpiece, then by all means enjoy it even if I think it’s the furthest thing from a masterpiece (I rank BO2 8th out of the 9 cods I’ve played since 06). But to say the complaints that surround the game are unwarranted is asinine.

          Valid complaints about BO2:
          -target finders
          -most clipping spots in cod history
          -OP pistols
          -riot shield camping
          -player models rendering too slowly
          etc, etc, etc.

          Again, if you like the game, sweet. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. However, please don’t be a Vahn fanboy & act like the game is w/o a severe amount of issues.

    • ccrows

      Was hoping that they would make this change for Dom.

      LOVE IT!… 🙂

    • NeonPhyzics

      I like the fix, but how about complaining that this SHOULD have been included at launch. How far up their collective asses where the IW developer’s heads. This was a objective mode fix that worked in Bops 2 and IW abandoned it for five months. Now you can barely get lobbies on the XB1 for some modes because so many people have given up on the game

  • LUL.

    still not as good as scorestreaks

    • Edwin Cortez

      Scorestreak system aint perfect either, it was good for objective gamemodes, but for kill based gamemodes (TDM, S&D, FFA) it sucked. They need to create a hybrid system to make it perfect.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I agree 100%. It was awesome for objective modes, not so awesome for kill based modes. However with Pointstreaks, it kinda is a hybrid system, at least it was in Modern Warfare 3. The new hotfix for Pointstreaks in Ghosts right now I really like.

        • Edwin Cortez

          That’s something good that ghosts had, the devs are really doing work to improve their game, something that in other games didn’t happened

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        what about they use the point streak reward like on ghosts for team death match and game modes like that, and the scorestreaks for objective gamemodes, it might just work xD

      • Snotters

        SnD is an objective game mode.

        • Edwin Cortez

          It has an objective but to win you don’t need to complete this objective. Thats why I dont categorize it on that tier.

          • Tom Fairweather

            You realize you got 200 points for planting the bomb and I think 300 if it detonated… Pretty substantial when you consider at 750 you would have a hellstorm and a lightning strike… Plus nearly every public game of search and destory game I have ever played on Ghosts the guy with the bombm just fucks around and never even plants it…

            Give people more points for kills in TDM and FFA and scorestreaks are better than the point system, you don’t even get your streaks quicker on ghosts for things like getting capture kills on a flag

            This is a step in the correct direction for Ghosts but they lost out when they released a game so broken they didn’t even consider rewarding people for actually playing their own game properly

          • Edwin Cortez

            It was a mistake to remove something they had on MW3 (everyone that capped a flag got a point steak) but S&D doesn’t work like that, in BO2 to get a hellstorm like you pointed out only killing would be a pain in the ass basically seven and a half kills, for something in other cods was easier (like getting a Predator missile on MW3 5 kills) I feel the scorestreak was a good addition but not for kill based gamemodes. And some people don’t plant bombs on ghosts because S&D and S&R are trolls favorite gamemodes.

      • TDM, SND, and FFA should have had a 50% scorestreak point increase.

      • LUL.

        snd is an objective game mode, and for tdm and FFA they could just make it so you get 150 for each kill.

      • iAmEFFeX

        Cosign this statement. BO2 system didn’t reward TDM at all. I barely would see killstreaks in these modes because of it. Treyarch forgot that not everyone plays objective modes.

  • Rorke File

    Do something again campers and Cod will be saved for 50%

    • FeboooH

      Like what?
      Campers are in every FPS
      Name one solution that would fix camping?

      • If someone doesn’t move out of a cone of about, 10 feet for 30-45 seconds, a ping will show up on the minimap. I think that would work.

        • crust

          YES!!! I’VE ALWAYS HAD THIS IDEA ^.^

          I think it would work!

        • Guest

          Like your idea, might be cool to see it in a new game mode or something. The game mode “cranked” is fun, but it sucks when you just can’t find someone and you’re rushing frantically. Would be great if they had a ping game mode that would show if someone was still in the same position for a designated amount of time.

      • Guest

        This patch will help some campers finally move their camping butts away from those corners I always seem to find them in. Some may choose to still camp, but this patch will certainly help the aggressive and objective players. Excellent work IW, very much appreciated! Keep them coming! Next suggestion: Please nurf to the Predator killstreak on DLC. The person who kills the Predator should be saved from a death and the Kem should only kill enemies in the predators immediate area. Again, thank you for this excellent update!

        • Guest

          Me again, IW should also increase the amount of deaths to end the game in kill confirmed in a future update as the games will be over much sooner now with players going for tags more frequently.

  • Ed

    when did they add grind?

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s in Private Match, but can’t be played in Public Matches. However, this gives me an indication that we will soon see Grind available to play in Public which I will be looking forward to.

      • Ed

        that explains it. i never play private matches. i’ve been waiting for this gamemode since they showed it before the game came out.

  • IceKoldKilla

    Awesome! I play Domination the most and I’m 90% of the time #1 in captures. I also run n gun so this’ll help get killstreaks faster.

  • IceKoldKilla

    I enjoy Ghosts but BO2 is still better. At least Activision sees how it hasn’t been well received and are constantly putting Ghosts on sale. Basically a permanent price drop but marketed as “ON SALE”.

  • Grenada!

    Now they just need to add HC S&D and give players a little Health Boost and we’ll all be good.

  • Yeezus

    Wtf is Grind and where is it? This game at launch was so incomplete. If all these things were there, maybe people would like it more

    • Zechan

      It can only be played as a private match.


    Good update! Now it’s time to play KC again 😉

  • TuTKoKmoLLi

    The only thing they need to do to make the game perfect is to increase the health or just to put back Heavy Duty

    • alex

      if they increase the health,i ll buy it again.

      • Sal

        The health is the same. 100 units.

        The difference is that Ghosts has a flawless netcode. The damage is the same as MW3’s. Go play Bo2 on a pub, then on a private match against bots. The difference is enormous. With Ghosts, there’s no difference.

        • alex

          ofc is 100 units.fact is that the ttk is extremely short,shorter than every other cod.and thats the reason the game plays so slow.its not the big maps dont fool your selfs.

        • uhuhuh

          “flawless netcode” You don’t know what you’re talking about. You only feel the last bullet in this “flawless netcode,” which is why the TTK feels this way.

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    What I want to know is if only one person still gets the point for capping the flag in dom

    • Super_Deluxe

      I think it’s everyone who helps cap it.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I checked, even if your the first person on the flag, you get half a point.

  • Bob Mit

    I’m happy that people can now PTFO.

  • John Blue


  • Michael

    I’m happy but should have been ready to be released on the launch day.

  • Batman

    I love IW and Ghosts so much, there is no reason to hate it

  • steven Casado

    What is Grind? That isn’t on PS4..

    • Flare

      It’s a privatematch-only gamemode.

  • chris

    this is awesome

  • jordanxbrookes

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Too little, too late. This title was rotten at its core, even by sketchy CoD standards.

  • Dr. Salim

    What about Blitz…

    • jordanxbrookes

      Blitz already has a 1 point objective play. Every time you go into the enemy portal, you get a point towards your pointstreaks.

  • Psychomaggot105

    Should’ve been in thegamefrom the start but better late then never. I like the half point idea too.

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    While I applaud them for making this change, I believe it should have been like this since the beginning.

  • LunatikToon

    is it really to much to ask for them to add the second half of domination to clan vs clan I mean come on how can you add esports rules but not add 2 sides to Dom!!!! That’s my only problem with the game atm

  • BushWookie

    Yeah! ‘Bout time they did this. I love Dom and KC so this makes it even better.

  • BushWookie

    Yeah! I love Dom and KC so this is great.

  • Tom Fairweather

    What about hardpoint and CTF? Ohhh……

    • Chris Mason

      What about them? Unless you mean that IW never came out and said they would add them back…

  • thebulky1cometh

    Anybody else smell a desperate attempt to revive a game that’s on life support with 2 map pack DLCS still to come?

    • John Blue

      Well, it is nice for all of us Season Pass customers that they do anything for it.

      I mean for those who think it sucks and is a total waste these are poor attempts to keep it barely alive but for those of us who actually like the game and play it they are (sometimes) nice improvements.

    • John Blue

      Specifically, this change is one of those I have been hoping for since launch day. I play almost exclusively objective modes.

  • jippy

    Is it just me or did the lower full captures from 350 to 150? I kinda remember it bing 350.

  • Tabor

    Thanks for using me as a source, Charlie Intel! Pretty awesome.

  • Penguin-Kun

    What about WII U… no Gun Game or anything…