Beachhead Studio has posted an update on Reddit regarding Clan Wars. First of all, there will be no clan war over the Easter weekend.

Secondly, after the feedback they have received, Beachhead plans to test out new time slots for Diamond Division:

Additionally, in response to some of your great feedback, we are planning to test out a new diamond division schedule structure on the following weekend. Our current thinking is to try a two-day format, Saturday and Sunday, four hours each day.

And, they are also introducing a new The Battle Royale war that will take place the weekend after Easter:

And finally, for those hyper-sweaty clans who want to prove that they are the true clan wars masters, we are planning to host a Battle Royale on that Saturday/Sunday, to be held in the Euro timezone so that Euro, EDT and PDT clans can all play against each other, in one particular clan war size bracket yet to be determined (but likely in the 46-54). Participating, placing and winning in this bracket will reap rewards and perhaps propel the victors to glory!

We’ll update as we get more information on this.

SOURCE: Reddit via @GTAOnlineNews

  • ;..;

    YES! I hate the war starting at 7:00-11:00 would rather start at 6:00-10:00 this is EDT by the way

    • Ramen

      Why? Is 10 PM past your bedtime?

      • Cantano

        People with a social life (which you don’t have, I can tell by your comment) go out at night during weekends. So, when you live in a time zone +1 or +2, it sucks.

        • UndeadMurderer

          7-11pm is the best possible time for most people on a weekend… 6-10pm cuts into dinner for many Americans.

          • Plato/Tomato

            I love dinner. I’m having pulled-pork sandwiches tonight :3

  • Kyle Evans

    woop, i made it on CI 🙂

    • jordanxbrookes

      Welcome to the 141 😉

      • Mr Doge

        Lol I miss that.

      • Doom on you Mr.Tango!

    • It used to be better (the community).

      • MichiganerE

        You haven’t commented in the longest time, where have you been?

        • I don’t have much to say and I don’t have my PC currently.
          Thanks for noticing <3


    Can’t wait for the Batttle Royal. Gonna be super try-hard

  • mad_charlie123

    cant wait our clan just git into diamond division

  • Bryan Salas

    My clan is getting ready for the Battle Royale. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • LunatikToon

    me and my friend are looking to join a clan entering into diamond division. We play everyday and are just looking for a decent clan to join on the 360. My GT is LunatikBOT

  • Bob Mit

    sweaty clans lol, I love when I destroy try hard clans.

    • fires

      Games have destroyed my body, not physically, but, no shit, if jason were to chase me down, my body would go, “you dont need adrenaline, fuck it”. If i was last one alive in SnD, “Hey guy, i heard you needed to be calm, cool, collected, would be a shame, if your fucking hands cant stay still. Damn, i get a bigger rush being a lone survivor, than watching 69 scary movies at the same time and putting the fear into my mind directly

      • jippy

        What the fuck are you talking about?

        • MichiganerE

          He’s probably high.

        • fires

          that adrenaline only runs in by body via being the last one in a round of Snd, and that Adrenaline cant come to me within the normal circumstances

          • SharpShooter

            try sex?

          • sdaeblana

            or anal masturbation…

      • BoondockSaint

        I agree 100%.

    • Hashtag

      Yeah next joke

  • Clan Wars lol! Battlefield platoons is where it’s at

    • Bob Mit

      No one cares Troll, you probably are net even a Battlefield player.

      • Dice.

        Net? Net even? Lol. Typically CoD Mexicants .

        • Duke of hazard

          Typically? Don’t you mean typical? Typical BF drones.

          • Dice.

            Yeah, someone cannot understand nor read the use of sarcasm, or intentional improper grammar to show that CoD player are horrible.
            CoD is the worst gaming community in the world. 85% of you aren’t old enough to purchase the game without mommy or daddy with you (which also voids your opinion).
            I appreciate the design if the game.
            I hate every single player. Every 6 year d using the word “nigga” or the so-called hackers (Lulz) that think using Cain and able is legit.
            The gamer has ruined it.
            BF4… I don’t have to hear the other team.
            Oh and it’s for mature people.
            It is rated M.
            In fact kids don’t like it. It’s too difficult to work as a team when your mouth is still in the breast.

          • Silent swarm

            That cod player are horrible. Wow you really aren’t helping your case by saying cod players use incorrect grammar when you can’t even put the correct grammar in your comebacks. Good job.

          • He’s a poorly educated chap – one day he will pick up a book that helps him improve to become a better citizen! Just another troll / fan boy..

          • I’m 41 and have been playing Call of Duty games since first release in 2002 / 2003 – Nearly all the players I know are +21 – your comments are merely based on your own views about the game. Place your COD game on the shelf and pass comment else where.

          • Sup3r Solider

            As your username is Dice… A brand which made BattleField hmm I sense a fanboy in our presence

          • Duke of hazard

            The amount of bullshit that you typed right there is overwhelming. Then again your username is Dice so I shouldn’t be surprised by the amount of ignorance and bias in you post.

          • Bryan Salas

            You get paired up with players based on skill. Maybe you should get better at the game so you won’t get paired with little kids. You should judge the entire game not just multiplayer. The campaign is good, and even though extinction feels a bit familiar I love it. Although your opinion is totally dumb, I agree with you about Caín and Abel. And how exactly is battlefield better? That game in my opinion is full of camping snipers and spawn raping jets. It takes no skill to sit and snipe from a distance spawn killing. It also doesn’t take much skill to ride around with Tanks and blow up half the map. Or when you get cross mapped by shotguns. I personally enjoy the shit talk, try hards and people who hate the game but still play it lol

          • Dice.

            Ah, so your the Mexican who thinks he’s tough.
            I would reply to each of the comments, but that would force me to make popcorn and watch the unstable CoD community get at me.
            Listen CoD is horrible, but merely on its community, they dropped the price so that every Mexican can have one or several (we know how they are) in one home.
            Battlefield exceeds CoD in any ways. Amount of weapons, attachments, etc.
            If your being spawn trapped, Dice gives you several perfirrals to bypass that predicament.
            Anyways. I accomplished what I wanted here.
            Thanks guys for this social media experiment. You passed! With flying colors and kill streaks.

          • ^DELUSIONAL^

            I bet you make as much friends in real life as you do on this website! I’m sure your mom will be so proud

          • Bryan Salas

            Well you’re obviously stupid and racist so your comments are automatically null to me. You’re just mad cause a Mexican probably raped your mom.

          • ^DELUSIONAL^

            Incorrect, 10% of call of duty players need their mommy and daddy’s help to buy the the game. I also find it funny how your on a call of duty website when you are a battlefield fanboy and you think you know so much about the ‘cod communtity’ when really you should probably be focusing on School rather than what age cod players are especially when your a battlefield fanboy.

      • ColonelBoston

        Yeah, he probably spends half his time trolling cod forums & the other half playing Ghosts. I be he’s one of those 20+ days already played kids.

    • BF is a good series but BF4 is dog shit.

      • Мальчиков

        Your face is dogshit faggit.


        still not as bad as ghosts though

        • Duke of hazard

          At least ghosts is playable.

          • BUTWHYMOM

            at least bf4 is fast paced, and isn’t a fucking shithole full of campers.

          • Duke of hazard

            ” isn’t a fucking shithole full of campers.” Have you not seen the roofs?

          • BUTWHYMOM

            still isnt anywhere near as bad as ghosts is.

      • exeterman2

        I have very few problems on bf4, the only one is rubber banding when I first join a server.

    • So battlefield platoons is where you “play” with your friends while not playing with them, GENIUS. Its all fun and games till you can’t play in the same match with your friends, Thanks DICE smooth fucking move

  • Kyle Evans

    ohh guys my twitter is @KaPoooW_LE 3 o’s not 2 😉

  • xTSx Clan CJ

    Looking for clan members and hoping to participate in the Battle Royale GT C14YTON2012

  • jippy

    Why does it have to be 4 hours? Why can’t it be all the time so I can actually play it!

  • Lewis David Earl Nixon


  • Dylan DuGirls

    Wicked Elite will kill all the things!

    • Kyle Evans

      Lethal Energy >

      • Dylan DuGirls

        We will see.

        • No I think Wicked will win. But Lethal Gaming will be very close.

          • Or Reddit Black….

          • Kyle Evans

            If lethal gaming even participate, i dont think they said if they are or not yet, i know Lethal Energy and Wicked Elite will be 🙂

          • Dylan DuGirls

            Kyle I know this will be a very weird question but do you live anywhere in the central time zone, as in the south? Your name is familiar lmao it would be cool

  • Sup3r Solider

    This is all I think of when I hear Battle Royale…

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      This is all I think of when I hear Battle Royale…

      • Sup3r Solider

        That is a different type of battle royale where anyone new gets screwed over

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          That’s why you don’t play DayZ before you PLAY ArmA.
          You should first play wasteland on a “small map” like Utes, so that you learn the mechanics and such… Play for about 10h at least, then jump into DayZ. 😀

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Why are the avatars not loading? Or is it just me?

  • Hamza

    The battle!